Is it possible to turn non-romantic love and attraction into romantic love?

I have been in love with my "best friend" for over 4 years now. She knows this, all too well, but somehow I seem to frighten her (possibly with the intensity with which I do love her).

We have talked it through, and I know she loves me and she admits as much but with a hook (a rather important one).

She says she sees me as "family" and she is not "sexually" attracted to me (I know sounds like she's trying to just be nice right? I thought that but experience has shown me its meant from her heart). I am sure this must have happened to a lot of people and I would have been OK with that... but..

She doesn't appear to be "unattracted" to me (though neither is she "massively" attracted to me), nor does she appear not to find me sexy (sometimes). I can say she's probably "more" attracted to a different face shape in a guy. Which is maybe the route of things and why she doesn't see me romantically.

In the early days, when she knew I loved her, she nearly even kissed me on several occasions but stopped herself at the last second (I was just so surprised I hesitated too and this hasn't done much to help me believe its just she doesn't like me that way).

Anyway, why I am here, I need to know:

Can a deep and true "unromantic" love be transformed into a romantic love and how can it be done? What do I need to do.

Continuing to be myself, which I would advise anyone, does make her love me more and more (though does not increase the romantic quotient) and when we spend time together she is so happy (we are so happy). Though, she often wants to keep "distance" between us when we are out together (though partly she does this with everyone including her boyfriends).

There's something she's not telling me, she says she doesn't want to give me the wrong impressions (this is meaning she doesn't want me to think I like her "that way".. at least that's the way all the evidence points).

I feel if I could just make her "see" me as someone who was someone she could see romantically things would be different (I'm not entirely sure this is possible and for anything less than "love of my life" I would just move on.. but she is perfect in every way, we are perfect and we both feel it. Only point we differ on is I can see her as a girlfriend she cannot see me outside the context of friend/family [we are unrelated]).
Is it possible to turn non-romantic love and attraction into romantic love?
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