Does rejecting a first kiss from a guy automatically screw thing up?

I went to this guys house I barely knew I'm 18 he just turned 20 & it was almost like a blind date. I'd met him once before and my boss gave him my number. We were having a good time just watching movies, talking, laughing. & he asked if he could kiss me & I said I would mind but...& he had started to lean in then I said I can't kiss you I can't do it. & I explained to him I've only had 1 boyfriend and have only kissed 2 guys so its a big deal and he told me that's fine he doesn't want me feeling uncomfortable and he respects that. & I just laid on his shoulder the rest of the night. He told me he thought I was very pretty and the things I did like dance with my feet were cute and he said he's glad that I came down and he wants me to come back. He text me the next day a little & yesterday and I haven't talked to him since like 1.30 yesterday. A few of my girl friends are saying I crushed his ego by rejecting him and he's not interested but by the way he reacted I mean he said he's been rejected before but after explaining things to him he understood and the rest of the night was great. Everyone is saying not to text him but I don't know how guys think and someone said, who is a guy, not to text him because it'll make me the guy in the relationship. I dk what to do. What you guys' or gals perceive of the situation? I thinking about texting him tomorrow afternoon just to say hi how's it going so I mean he still knows I'm interested but I'm also not being overwhelming you know?

Thanks for the help
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I meant to say I wouldn't mind if he kissed...but then I told him I couldn't kiss him
Does rejecting a first kiss from a guy automatically screw thing up?
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