What does "let's be friends for now" mean?

This guy at my high school and I have dated twice over spring break . On the first date he kissed me, which is okay for high school dating, and the following day he took me to his tumbling session, like he was inviting me into his world more. However I think his friends think I'm awkward.

The two weeks we got back in school, he didn't talk to me very much in class, but to other sophomores (I'm a sophomore, he's a senior) in my grade. One day I took him outside of the classroom for a chat, and told him that I felt he was projecting feelings of hostility towards me. He assured me that this was just in my head. In fear of getting my feelings hurt, I told him I wanted us to still be friends.

All he said was, "same, friends, for now." What am I supposed to take from this? Does it mean he is the one that feels rejected, or that when he graduates, to just stops being friends? For now I seriously don't know what I want in the relationship, but if I could just get a clue to what "friends for now" means, that would be nice!
What does "let's be friends for now" mean?
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