How do I let a guy I thought I hated know I love him?

I've known this guy since we were both in play school. He'd always tease me and play pranks on me. Once i bit him after he pulled my hair and it caused as massive hated between us growing up.

He'd always make fun of me for the way i acted and dressed. Because i like to be very feminie and wear Alice band's in my hair. He'd steal them from me and try and get it dirty hoping id chase him.

Wed fight like siblings growing up. We spent many days in detention together because of the drama we'd cause in the class room.

Now were both 17 and he's just started the same college course as me. At first i was dreading it. Because i know im his favourite person to wind up but we've actually been having a really good laugh together. He still teases me but i think he does it on purpose because he thinks it's a funny getting a reaction from me.

My dad recently left my family for another man and I've just came out a very toxic relationship with my ex who loves to cheat. I've felt so alone yet the only guy who's been good to me this year is my old nemesis. He found me crying after i found out my ex cheated again and i asked what was wrong with me. He told me i deserved better and gave me a big long hug whilst i cried all over him. I asked if there nothing wrong with me why he always teases me and he said he actually thinks the way i dress and act is cute and that i look like a princess and deserves to be treated like one too.

We've slowly started to become friends and he's really been helping me heal from all the pain. Going for walks with me and stuff at college. He even pretended to be my boyfriend to piss off my ex. That's when i realised i actually really like this guy and might possibly love him.

He's the only guy to make me laugh and smile in along time and actually cares about me over himself. I've been really wanting to kiss him and hold him but im worried hell reject me or tell me im jumping into a relationship too soon.
How do I let a guy I thought I hated know I love him?
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