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How do you react to I Love You?

I have been friends with this guy for over 3 years now, we had our fights and ignoring phases of course as he said he loved me and I didn't love him back. At the beginning of this year, I started liking him, I think, I was jealous when I saw him with other girls, I thought about him a lot, but I didn't say I liked him.. Lately, we kind of started dating but we both know that the relationship isn't going anywhere so we will break up eventually, we don't sleep together as it's forbidden for me and I don't want to do it, we meet, watch movies together, spend quality time together but he keeps hugging me whenever he gets a chance and he knows that I hate being touched, I let him hug me as he keeps thanking me for being in his life and everything but I feel uncomfortable most of the time. Right about now, he said I love you and I sent a sticker saying talk to the hand as a joke and now he's upset, I can't lie cause I don't think I love him, I just like him and I don't know how to explain myself since everything I say will be misunderstood. In short, I like the guy, he's my best friend but I hate cringy talks and being touched even if it's just hugs! What do you think I should do?
How do you react to I Love You?
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