Why don't guys dm me but they dm my friends?

There's a public group that me and my friends are in and random guys often join the group, dm the girls they wanna dm, and then leave the group shortly after. My friends be posting screenshots of the funny, weird, hot, creepy, etc messages in the group that they get from the guys and laugh and gossip to each other about etc. But I don't get as many dms as my other friends. Does anyone have an idea why? I'm a beautiful girl, I've been rated a 7-8 sometimes 9/10 on here. And I've had a few people tell me I'm one of the prettiest girls they ever seen. So do the guys not message me cuz they think I'm a catfish since I'm so beautiful? I'm 18 but some people tell me I look 16-17 while others say I look 18-24 etc, so could I look underage to the guys therefore they don't message me? Are they intimidated to dm me cuz I'm so beautiful? Or since I'm very beautiful do they assume I'm fake? Any idea why they skip DMing me but dm my friends instead?
Why don't guys dm me but they dm my friends?
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