Guys, if he says I'm cool does he like me?

So, for the past 7 MONTHS, I've been going to my old job seeing my friends but also to see my crush.

When I'm there, HE always approaches me first, and we talk for a little bit but not too long so I don't get him in trouble.

My guy friend came to pick me up once, and my crush thought he was my date so that when I came back later, my crush asked me "how did your date go with that guy you were with earlier?"

He introduced himself to my best friend and got to know her a little bit, but if she goes into his work by herself, he only comes up to ask her where I am and if I'm not there he doesn't continue the conversation.

I partied with him a couple weeks ago, and when I just saw him again recently we were talking about the party, and what each of us did afterwards. When he asked what I did, I smirked a little bit (because I'd had to spend the night there since I was drunk) and he said "or WHO were you doing?" when I wouldn't explain why I was smirking he kept saying "come on, just tell me."

Tonight, I had my friend that works with him ask him what he thought of me and all he told her was that I'm a "cool girl".

So does he like me?
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uhm.that's tacky, and you are not getting best answer so far.
Guys, if he says I'm cool does he like me?
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