He's looking at other women?

He's 23 years old and he's totally useless. We work in a dine in and takeaway coffee shop. Both of us have same shifts so we spend time together. He's very funny, cheerful and lively and since both of us are from Spain, it's easy to communicate.

Lately, I ve noticed he has taken fancy to a particular female customer who is a regular at our shop. She goes to a nearby uni and frequents the shop nearly 2-3 times a day. He used to stare a lot at her and would come up to talk to her while I or another colleague would serve her. Usually he's the one who serves her. She orders a very specific drink and he knows that. He even oversees where she is and what she's ordering.

He takes the girls drink himself as she wasn't able to make it to the counter and he took the drink from me and kept it with him until the girl came upto his counter, and gave her the favorite drink for free. Yesterday, while on shift, he refused to charge her for the cookies. When she asked him to charge her for them, he told her it's OK not need to. She looked a bit shocked and was like really and he just shook his head and nodded.

I also saw the girl gave him a gift too which he accepted. I mean he doesn't see her much like maybe 3-4 times a week or sometimes even 1 days a week as he does less hours now. So it's not like he actually likes her?

I hate him and want to report him. What can I do? Why is he doing this? Why fancy a female customer?
He's looking at other women?
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