Did I misread all these signals, how did this happen?

I was nearly 100 percent sure this girl liked me.. Here's a list of all the things she did:

1) Touch my hair

2) Our legs would touch and we'd sit close to each other.

3) She'd "accidentally" touch my hand with hers, and leave it there

4) She'd give me hugs and ask for hugs when saying goodbye

5) She'd touch my arm when I'd touch her knee or anything

6) She started acting differently around me (quieter, I've seen her be loud but she's more reserved around me)

7) She playfully punches me when I joke with her

8) She tries to tease me

9) She fidgets and gets clumsy (drops her pen) when I get real close to her

10) She sits up straight and sticks her chest out

11) She lets me touch her legs, hands, she doesn't tell me to stop when I'm sitting close to her and obviously checking her out and flirting with her

12) She's suggested spending time together, grabbing some food or going to visit her at work

And out of nowhere today, while being flirty texting her, she said that she just wants to be friends and to stop texting her things like that. WTF?

I've been trying to figure out why..there's no way I misread all that? She was giving me signals but what happened
Did I misread all these signals, how did this happen?
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