Should I reply to his apology or ignore it? :(

Today I got a text, from my ex boyfriend...we had a really hard break up. He called me and basically cursed me out and then called me all sorts of mean words, that I've never been called before and it tore me apart and I've not been crying about the breakup, but the harsh words he said.

Anyhow we haven't been speaking to each other since, lol it's been like 3 days. He texts me today saying that he apologizes for what he said to me the other day and that he just feels guilty and upset about the whole thing, and he needed to get that off his chest...I haven't said anything. I want to tell him it's okay and that it really hurt me. But I don't know if I should...

Would replying imply that I still care about him.

Or is it best to just not reply?

I've been waiting for him to apologize for quite a while, that's all I really wanted and now I feel closure.
Should I reply to his apology or ignore it? :(
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