What does it mean when I call someones phone and it says this mailbox is full ?

and cannot accept messages at this time what does it mean I'm so worrieed


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  • it means they need to clear out there messages

    • *whispers in your ear softly...t-h-e-i-r...*

    • LOL. I hate there and their, it always messes me up :P

    • "there" = place. "their" = possession. "They're" = they are. If you're not sure which to use, just stop and think of what you're describing - possession, place, or "they are?" It's how I keep from getting them confused. :)

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  • It means they're a popular person. :p

    Usually they haven't cleared out their old messages in their voice mailbox.

  • It means exactly what it says... The phone only holds a certain number of voice mails, and when you get that, it meant they're at that limit and can't receive anymore until they delete some. It's not that hard to understand.

  • That they have so many voice mail messages, their inbox is at capacity and you won't be able to leave a voice mail until they clear them out.

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