My ex thinks I'm boring and easy.

Well, pretty much. Basically he tells me I have no interests or makes it sound like I only like sex. He's told me I'm easy because I had sex with him a couple times during our break up. He's the only guy I've ever had sex with! And he's the one who always asks, even begs me. He's shown up at my door begging me for like 30 minutes once and I told him to go home. Yet he'll say "I don't know why we're not together. You're perfect." I'm frustrated because now he's interested in a new girl who "Reminds him of who he really is" which is "someone who is a good guy and not all about sex". His words. Right. I mean he is a great guy despite the above but to pretty much say that I've somehow corrupted him into making him "all about sex" is unbelieveable. Even though he is pursuing this other girl he still says "Well maybe we should get together and have sex" (And no they're not together yet. I don't think he'd cheat on her). And yeah I sometimes go along with it but I have no intention of hooking up with him without something more going on between us. I just want show him that I'm not "easy", and that I do have interests, not that he would notice since he only ever talks to me about sex. I'm sure he's mostly doing it to piss me off but I'm beyond pissed so it's time to get even and move along. Suggestions?

I know head games are stupid. I know it's better to move on. But he needs to realize he can't treat me like this and he needs to feel just a taste of what I'm feeling. I'm fighting fire with fire here. I know he wants me. He tells me different things. Like "You're so funny, gorgeous, amazing in bed" "Don't date an a-hole, I'll kick his a**". Oh and that I should have sex with someone else so he doesn't feel so bad.

Sorry it's long I'm just tired of not knowing what to do. I don't want to completely rid him from my life because we are close otherwise.
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I should also add that while we were together we had a great relationship. Sex ultimately screwed things up between us. This is the first time he's ever been really rude to me. He's gotten really upset about us hooking up during our break up in the past.
My ex thinks I'm boring and easy.
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