I have a crush on an apartment janitor, what should I do?

for a while, there is this much older woman who cleans the halls of the apartment complex I live in. she also lives above me.

every time she see me, she always smiles and waves at me. I can be almost a block away and she would see me and wave. if we walk past each other, she would ask 'how are you' and I would reply back and we would continue on our way.

when she vacuums my hallway in the morning, I'm usually waken up and it reminds me of her. sometimes when I'm leaving I run into her vacuuming, and she would stop, smile and wave. there has been a few times where I would invite her inside to have her take a look at something that is broken around the place, then she would tell the maintenance guy (her co-worker) to come by later.

sometimes I have touched her arm or back if I have on accident scared her while she was cleaning while I was leaving my apartment to just briefly console her and apologize.

the only big buffer zone is that...she has a lot of kids. one of her kids is around my age, but a little younger. once she invited me to his 20th b-day party.

she has a daughter whom I suspect is around my age too (who looks JUST like her, I thought maybe they were sisters once, but I'm not sure of that) and she has a kid and a boyfriend too, so that makes this woman a grandmother..

also, I think she has a boyfriend or two. I see guys around my age leave and enter her place frequently. one of them I think lives there and I know he isn't related to her.

because of all of that, I really don't want to date her or have a relationship with her, I just want to...ya know. I think she's very sexy and looks so young for her age (which I'm guessing is in the mid or late 30s).

i'm having so much trouble elevating things to that next step. I can't just say "yo, come in my crib and lets do it". by the way, I'm not focused on her at all...

what do you think I should do? it sucks fantasizing about someone that lives just above you.
I have a crush on an apartment janitor, what should I do?
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