When does playing hard to get seem like rejection?

so I'll start by saying that girls almost never check me out and flirt cus I'm broo average I don't stick out. so I was a the gym and my gym has differen sections like arms legs cardio chest and today I was doing a whole body workout some I'm rotating and walking around the whole gym and I noticed that some girl was following meby going to my previous station or the next one and she didn't really seem into her workout we gave echother some stares but no smilesbut since I never get checked out I was like whatever and this went on for about 2 hiurs and I'm pretty eure mst girls don't workout that long andafter 2 hours she just gave up I would have talked to her(she was really. attractive) but I couldn't work up the courage and know I feel really bad:( do you guys think she might talk to me next time I see her or think

i was rejecting or would she reject me back
When does playing hard to get seem like rejection?
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