Huge crush on a waiter, advice?

So, I went to this restaurant & I absolutely love this restaurant because their food is great! It was like my second or third time there & this really nice and funny waiter served us. He wasn't the cutest waiter there but definitely very flirty, charming, nice,etc. We laughed and joked; by the way I wasn't alone, my sister was with me. He gave me free dessert, brought us some extra sides and at the end he cut our bill VERY short. We left and thought he was the best waiter ever. I ended back there the next day, this time with two of my friends(guy & girl). He acted like nothing. I understand that's his job but if there any possibility that he had a thing for me, like I did for him? Every time I go eat there & he's working that night, he stares but won't say nothing, not even a smile. Then again, I won't either. But I have seen him treat other girls similar; very friendly, flirty, etc. But I really do have a crush on him. What should I do? Is he just doing his job?
Huge crush on a waiter, advice?
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