Is it a good idea to say "hi" to a woman who always ignores you ?

There is a girl in the neighboring department that I like. We have never talked to each other. I used to stare at her because she is beautiful. Couple of times, there was an eye contact during our stare.

She ignores me when she walks past me. Does this mean that she does not like me ? Should I start ignoring her too ?

Girls, please advice me what kind of girls should I befriend ? What body language should I look out for in a girl with which I can safely assume that she is into me.
Yes. There is no harm in being friendly with her. :-)
No. She does not like you. :-(
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But when I try to make eye contact, she looks away


Is this a good sign or a bad sign ?
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Every time when I look at her, she always looks away and avoids eye contact. She does not maintain eye contact even for a fraction of a second.

As far as I think, a woman will at least maintain an eye contact for 1 second if she likes the guy.

Is it still okay to say "hi" if she looks away or avoids eye contact ? :-/
Is it a good idea to say "hi" to a woman who always ignores you ?
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