If a guy says he's "busy" does that always mean rejection to the girl?

weve all heard that when a typical girl asks the guy she likes where he's been why hasn't he called or talked and he replies, oh I've been "busy"

does that always mean he doesn't have space in his heart for her and his gentle way of letting her down and rejecting her?

it can't mean anything else can it? can I take it literally as a guy stressed out in college trying to make his way with his major and see what he wants to do in life and he's not ready for a relationship? because he hasn't dated anyone else yet, or at least I haven't seen or heard anything...but he claims he's busy...

he does go drinking and goes out with his buds though...hes just still single


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  • It doesn't always mean that. It sometimes means he hasn't gotten himself ready enough for you. You would be amazed at how many times a guy will put off going out with a girl at the time. Only to say yes 2 months later. Why does this fenominon accer.sometimes the guy is trying to get himself ready for you. To iron out all of his flaws so you will be dating the perfecrt guy. And sometimes a girl can win a guy over. Many times a girl I didn't like one week I liked the nexr because of her persistance. A girl who shows she is into a guy is a huge turn on. But he may still feel not perfect enough for you. If you keep at him and show your human watch how quickly things change.

    • Very interestinggg thnank youu =D

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  • "busy" is generally an evasive answer. He could easily say more to create a connection with you.

    however less information keeps you wondering. If you're not sure what's going on, it keeps you interested and he's free to do what he wants in the meantime. You really want to get out of this game. The minute he says busy you should switch to uninterested mode and go and talk to someone else. It turns the tables on him and you have means to discover how interested he is.

  • It means...he was busy. Don't make us guys more complicated than we are.

  • not really, most likely playing hard to get/reach, plus it could also be a quick fix, to a "put on the spot" question

    • How did I put him on the spot?

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    • Ooo I seeee

  • you're analzing this way tooooo emotionally deep..

    guys aren't emotional (per se)

    lol, so he's been busy so what, there's nothing to it, maybe he just really didn't have anything interesting to say so he's like " oh I've been busy" but maybe you should talk to him more and then maybe he will open up a little more to you...

    When guys say things it isn't so emotionally deep in a sense where you analyze it and you think he is being rude or something... could be he is shy around you or he's not all that comfortable around girls yet or etc etc... there are a lot of reasons that are open to interpretations to what he said, but he's not letting her down, not at all. Atleast, I think its definetely not that.

    • I understand what you're saying..but see I'm trying to figure out if he likes me or not...we havnt dated yet..so if he has time to go out with his friends and drink, and on certain days he acts like he likes me but hasn't mde a move yet, and when I try to ask him out and start off by say hey hows it going whatsup, he says he's been busy...dont you think if he liked me he wouldve been more open and inviting and at least contact me when he's not busy...

    • Well I guess it sounds like you are "just a friend" but not in that "full" sense yet. you are gonna have to make a first move or something.

      as for contacting you when he's not busy, a guy doesn't really do that if you are someone he doesn't really talk to. :/

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  • You know, when I tell a guy I like I'm "busy" it almost always means "I'm not interested". If I really am busy and want to see him I'll say "But how about tomorrow night?". If he has time to go out with friends and not you then I think it's safe to say he's not that interested. He could very well not want a relationship at all but either way now isn't the time to pursue anything with him.

  • My exact texting convo with my ex

    me: hey stranger

    him: hey whatsup

    me: nm just got home, you?

    (ten mins later)

    me: alright.. great talking to you maybe we can try again next week...

    him: sorry I've been busy

    me: you're always busy

    him: I've got a lot of shit to do

    me: k

    (next morning)

    him: I really miss you

    so I went to bed all pissed because he was being a weirdo, but I guess there is still something there if I get the "I really miss you" the next morning...


    guys are so confusing !

    • Hahahha awww they areee!!! even my guy he like acts like he likes me andthen he doesn't contact or anything I hav to do the work and he claims he's busy. hmph.

    • Sounds like he still has feelings for you, and he didn't know how to respond, in the "friends only" type of way, that's why he said he was busy, and or he really just was busy

  • He could just be busy. Guys are pretty simple creatures. Ask him what he's busy with. My man has a lot going on right now. He explained that too me. And that's what you need. Dont think he's blowing you off because that might not be the case. Just let him explain and give him sometime

  • sorry to tell you but you just go rejected