Why will an attractive girl settle for an ugly guy but an attractive guy won't settle for an ugly girl?

I think it's really odd how you'll always see beautiful women with not so attractive men, Yet, you'll never see a couple where the guy is hot and the girl is ugly. I've seen an okay looking guy with what most people would consider an ugly girl, but nothing more than that. Why is it like this?


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  • Because a man's attractiveness is not based solely on looks. I think you will find that when it comes to longer term relationships, women prefer the intangible qualities of a person such as a sense a humor, kindness, and generosity to name a few, to good looks. Women are less shallow (at times) than men and can see beyond physical features.

    Guys, well we want the intangibles too but we want it wrapped in a nice package. Perhaps that's why guys like porn so much. If they end up with an average looking girl with the intangible qualities then they're still wanting to have the package and get it by watching porn.


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  • Women don't base a guy on his looks as much as his personality, so a hot girl with go with a not so attractive guy, but when it comes to guys we go for looks over personality

  • Money can definitely be a factor. The biggest thing though is that guys are usually the ones to approach girls and a guy probably isn't going to approach a girl that he doesn't think is at least as attractive as he is. You don't really get to know a persons personality until you approach them and start talking to them. It may seem shallow but that's how the system works. You can't talk to every single girl and get to know their personality but you can easily check out the girls around you. If you are uncomfortable with this girls then maybe you should start making the first move.

  • I have a few conjectures:

    (1) The girl has no self esteem, and she takes the first man she sees. She wants somebody to be next to her, but she applies no thought process in determining who. She does not have patience about finding a man. She has no sense of independence or self-security, and that is why she feels the need to have a man next to her right away. Thus, she falls for the first man she sees.

    (2) The girl is just lonely and she lowered her standards on looks. She just wants somebody to have pleasant conversations with and keep her good company. The thing I noticed is that after college girls are easier to get, because they are more lonely. Since they graduated, they are no longer in a highly social environment that college brings. The girl still applies caution to guys who are not good for her. But if the guy is nice to her and is nice to talk to, then she will take him.

  • Nope, I disagree I don't go for looks. You can be a kinny chick with no boobs and no butt, but if you have the personality I'm looking for, then I will fall for you. :)

    • But then I've also see you say that you like skinny girls over bigger girls....so looks DO have something to do with it, right?

    • Apparently you're not allowed to have any preference.

  • Money.

    • Dude...

      what do you want, a golddigger that's hot, or a sweet, kind, soulful girl that's poor and maybe not as pretty?

      You decide, stupid.

    • Methinks you misundertsood either the question, or my response, or perhaps even both. The fact of the matter is, other than that a woman be reasonably height/weight proportionate as I am, and preferrably black, I have no other physical criteria when considering a woman for a possible long-term committment. It's what lies beneath the skin that interrests me most. And never resort to name-calling, as many take it as a sure sign of a withered intellect. ; - )

  • its because those unattractive men might have personalities. Women seem to care more about that. Sadly men don't. I mean even nice guys "well she's smart and funny but I couildn't date someone who looks like they eat a truckload of food a day" or something like that. I try not to care about looks so much, but it's mainly because I ain't so good looking myself, and I don't want some poor girl just settling for me, or vice versa

  • Think about it, how many fat but funny and confident guys in high school were able to pull girls like none other while no one even talked to the DUFFs. Its sad but that is just how it is, guys are much more superficial.


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  • check the man's wallet.

    I mean, being a 'gold digger' is HUGE and completely realistic these days. It also does happen the other way around today, but it's just not as common for a guy to compromise looks for bank accounts.

    Sociology and biology do really answer this question on a serious level, however. We, as women, are hardwired to find a suitable mate who can create and provide for a healthy family. On a chemical level, we react to indicators of success (i.e. - he'll be a breadwinner), emotional compatibility, being able to create a stable environment for our children, and whether he has the ability to be a father figure. None of those really point to physical factors, allowing us to fudge around with more ease on that aspect if we're getting a great deal on the other stuff.

    Men, however, are wired to find a woman that can carry babies. Simple as that. It's no coincidence that guys are turned on by the reproductive and baby-rearing parts of our bodies. We can go ga-ga over things like hands or six packs, but when they look at our bodies? They see curves, cleanliness, etc. all as signs of fertility, along with larger breasts as a clear indicator of the ability to breast-feed. This all happens on an extremely subconscious level, but it's there.

    • Yep yep yep

    • This here is your best answer. I'm so glad littlelewallie wrote this down so I didn't have to. Of course the culture and personal come into play, but we are after all animals.

  • because guys are shallow and girls aren't.

    kidding! kinda...but guys do go for girls initially for their looks while girls go for guys usually not just for their looks - if at all - but for other reasons [personality, economic status, etc.] also I find there are a whole lot more attractive girls than guys.

    • I disagree; girls are just as shallow. As you said, many girls go for economic status. Men are visual creatures so go for looks first, but will stick with a girl earning far less.

      And a lot of girls attractiveness is achieved by the beauty industry. Where I live so many of the girls are getting drunker, fatter and lazier (a little curvaceousness is ok, but beer-bellies!) OTOH, the men are looking after themselves, not quite Michelangelo's David, but they're generally more athletic.

    • In case you missed it I was kidding in my first part. and you said it yourself that men "are visual creatures so go for looks first..." which is basically what I had written.

    • Ok. I thought the 'kidding' part was just a get-out in case someone picked up on your sweeping generalisation; I didn't realise you actually meant it. :-)

  • Guys will settle for an ugly girl if she's a butterface..lol

    Its just cause there are more guys who are 'butterfaces' than girls. A skinny lanky guy can pick up some barbells and achieve a super hot body.

    While a girl can achieve a flat stomach but if your not born with nice boobs, ass, or curves in the right places - working out is NOT gonna change that!

    for those who don't know "Butterface" Everythings nice but-her-face.

    Oh of course than comes personality. I think girls stick around a lot longer to see if someone has a good personality than guys do.

  • Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But remember men are more visual than women.

    • In that case, an ugly girl has it so much harder than an ugly guy. :(

    • Yep I think so-it seems that girls are a lot more lenient than men and prefer personality while for men it's all about the looks.