Why can "hot guys" get away with anything, in terms of dating?

One of my friends has the Brad Pitt looks and girls simply love him, he doesn't pay attention to them and he is really easy going and quiet. If he was a average or a ugly girls would call him "boring" or "weird" "creep" but since he is hot he is "Mysterious" "bad boy". I've never seeing him in action until recently.

There was a new girl in our group we were both interested in her.

I talked to her since I'm a out going person and made her laugh and things like that. He on the other hand didn't talk to her for about 2 weeks and when he did he asked her something that made her totally uncomfortable and upset, he then begin flirting with her like that, making statements to make her blush I though she hated that, she was always calling him "that Stupid pervert friends of yours" then he begin following around and acting like he was already her boyfriend. I never though she was going to fall for him but she did. I don't hate the guy and now I know that he really likes her, and the girl has a strong personality and is really intelligent

but still I don't understand how it is acceptable for a attractive guy to act talk and do has he pleases and still get the girl
Why can "hot guys" get away with anything, in terms of dating?
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