Do you think that people misinterpret kindness for flirting?

I see a lot of questions on here saying, "this girl seemed really into me- but she won't answer my texts!" or "we hit it off great, but now he won't answer". In fact, the last question I saw was "this girl was crossing her legs and shaking them in my direction, does this mean she likes me?"

I work at something similar to a customer service desk. I have to be polite, answer any questions someone may have, etc. This guy came up to me and lingered around my desk for over an hour until my shift ended. We had small talk. He asked questions about the desk I run and I answered them. He told me his plans for the weekend and I barely returned the conversation. He asked for my number and I said that would be unprofessional of me and politely declined. He came back to my work the week after and hung around again. Tried to hug me, and asked to walk me outside but I declined. He told me he's interested and he thought I was, too. WHY? Because I SPOKE to him? Because I did my job? I didn't lead this guy on at all. I didn't do anything wrong and I know it. I'm not a flirty person by nature, it's not like I was doing it and not realizing.

I personally think people mistake kindness for flirting all the time. Then they wonder why the other person isn't reciprocating these feelings.. when in reality, they were only being nice to begin with. What do you guys and girls think?
Do you think that people misinterpret kindness for flirting?
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