Girl I know keeps asking me random personal questions?

So I've known this girl for over 3 years now and until just recently, we've really only been acquaintances. Over this past year however, we slowly come to the point where we've become good friends and see/message each other a lot (btw, I'm 21 and she's 22). We have a lot of common interests and enjoy doing the same things and doing them together. I feel I can really connect with her and really enjoy spending time with her, as she does with me. I also happen to really like her which has become stronger the more I've seen her. However, I have no idea if she sees me as being possible more than just friends because she already has a boyfriend whom she's been dating since before I met her and, from what I can see, she really love him. The thing is, since we've started hanging out more, she's been asking me random questions about myself. Like:

Do you know how to drive stick shift?

Would you ever get a tattoo and why?

Do you drink?

How much do you like me?

Is there any other name you'd prefer to be called? (nickname/shortened version)

Why don't you have a lady? (After I asked her why she wanted to know she said because she thought I was a great guy.)

She also, touches me playfully sometimes on the head or shoulders and she's stepped up on my feet playfully (not in a painful way). She also straitens up my clothes without a seconds thought (like my tie or the strings of my hoody). And she says my name alot. Even when we're texting she'll use my name. I mean, I can understand saying it in person sometimes but she seems to say it anyway even when it's not needed.

So I guess the real question is: Is she just trying to become better friends with me or is she possibly interested in me as more than friends. And should I tell her I like her or just let it be? Or should I hint to her that I like her or tell her? I've thought about saying in passing when we're having a good time that I think she's a great girl and if she wasn't already taken, I probably would have asked her out by now.

P.S. I can't say for sure, but I don't think things are going to smoothly with her and her boyfriend. They don't see each other much anymore, he doesn't come to things she invites in too over Facebook (or at least the events I've also been invited to), and he complains a lot over Facebook about how much his life sucks. He also missed a bunch of the qualities she said she likes in a guy. But the thing is, she loves him, or at least used to love him and is convincing herself that she still does.

Girl I know keeps asking me random personal questions?
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