He says he's bad news but I see something more in him. Should I pursue it?

This is a bit of a lengthy explanation, so I'm sorry!

So this guy I met a few weeks ago caught my eye at the bar. He was with some friends and kept glancing my way. Eventually he came closer to me and I asked him what his name was. We talked a bit and he was pretty flirty but still sweet. Saying things like, "you're so aesthetically pleasing" and other compliments along those lines. He never tried to make a move. he took me to get food, bought it for me, and walked me home.

We've seen each other when I meet up with his friends at bars a few times since then, but now he says he's "the kind of guy my parents warned me about" and he's "bad news" and I should stay away. But he always ends up wandering over to where I am at multiple points during the night.

Each time we're at the same place, he'll take me home (without trying anything) and usually buys me a drink or something along those lines.

Last night when I saw him, he said to stay away because he was bad news, just like always. So I did, again, as always. If he's not interested I'm not one to chase. Though I did keep an eye on him, because I find him intriguing. And he's pretty attractive which doesn't hurt.

All night girls were trying to dance with him and be all over him and stuff but he just kept moving away and pretending to go somewhere else. by the end of the night he was by my side again, asking me to dance. He asked if he could kiss me, which I found weird because the typical "player" wouldn't usually do that. Or so I thought.

So basically, he says he's a player, but he always seems to move away from girls who make themselves available to him. I ended up kissing him and even though we were both pretty drunk, he texted me this morning to check in.

I can't tell if he's a player but just comes back to me because I don't chase him around or act like a big slut, or if he's not really a player but doesn't want anything serious or doesn't want to hurt me or something.

Any thoughts on whether this is just something I should have fun with or if I should run for the hills? Or if he's worth getting to know better? I usually have a good sense of intuition, and I feel like there's more to him than what he says.

He says he's bad news but I see something more in him. Should I pursue it?
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