Should I give her the v-day gift even after rejection?

We're both 18 in HS btw.

So I kinda jumped the gun and thought this girl was really into me and already did my v-day shopping for her. It was cute and cheap:

-a card with my thoughts about her in it

-a chocolate rose

- a Pokemon plushie(she's a pokemon fan)

-various flavors of those little Skittles bags that are like .89 cents at your convenience store(It's her FAVORITE candy, so yeah)

All put into a small cute gift bag

However though.. I got the just be friends speech when I asked her on a date for this weekend. Me and this girl have a major history, but to sum it up I've been persitent but laid back and not overbearing with her for the past 5 months and decided to try for one last time.

Now since this "one last time" was shot down I gave her a lengthy speech of why I honestly can't be her friend anymore because it's too hard and bla bla other cute things. I also told her if she'd ever change her mind the offer is still on the table, but I said that in a cool and confident way

Anyway since I knew we wouldn't talk again I sent her a pict of the goodie bag I made and she thought it was "literally the cutest thing anyone was gonna do for my honestly". I spent a lot of time and thought into making this for her. Should I still give it to her on v-day and leave it at that?
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Quick note: to all the people wondering why I sent her a pict of it:

I thought I'd never talk to her again since I was ending the friendship. So I confessed all my feelings and even sent her a pict of the gift as that's what I had planned, assuming I didn't get rejected.

Now she knows about the gift, and I also managed to tactfully restore our friendship. I'm def debating on either yes/no to give it to her :D
Should I give her the v-day gift even after rejection?
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