Why do a lot of girls treat men like kids/dogs?

Ive been noticing that a lot of girls have this (in my opinion) bad attitude towards the men they date or will potentially date and I don't understand why.

I was in class the other day and some girls were talking about men. What came out if their mouth was "he better buy me this " or "he better take me here" and I couldn't help but ask them "are you talking about your kid or your man?"

Of course I got the weird looks and the whole eye rolling thing but I asked because I'm genuinely confused. Would it not make more sense to treat a man like a man not a dog?

Then they started talking about things he couldn't do. He couldn't go out with his friends, can't play his xbox 360 (I'm a hardcore gamergirl so that really annoyed me) can't buy what he wants with his own money. I mean come on are you serious?

And God forbid they ask you to split the bill on a date.

Its like most girls (not all obviously) have this whole selfish, stuck up, high maintenance diva (not sexy at all in my opinion) attitude going on and I have no idea where its coming from or why.

I understand that some guys are just plain rude and nasty and only want to use you but not all. And 9 times out of 10 (based on my own experiences) if you treat a man good and let him FEEL like a man you won't have issues where he's lying and cheating and what not. And once its over if it ends, you get a good friend out of it. Ex-boyfriends can turn out to be real good friends.

Maybe its me, maybe my thinking is flawed. I don't know.

Girls and guys let me hear from you. Please try and use proper grammar and spelling so I can understand what you're trying to say. Also, please be mature.
Why do a lot of girls treat men like kids/dogs?
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