All things GOAT CHEESE!

Hello EVERYONE!!! :) I’m at it again hehe my love for Goats Cheese was founded over the weekend when I was having dinner at my sister’s house. Maybe I had forgotten about its existence completely, or I haven’t tried it (can’t really remember) But I loved the creaminess and its subtleness taste it left in my mouth. You know how you have the crazy cat ladies? Well, I think I’m going to turn into one but with the love for goats cheese instead haha :P

All things GOAT CHEESE!

Needless to say Goats Cheese is VERY nutritious for you. Of course by saying that, consuming too much of anything is not good for you (but how can I when I love Goats cheese right? O.O) it’s always a good idea to know your limits and not to go overboard when it comes to indulging!

So let’s get started! (Excited excited!!!) I’m going to do quick bullet points, because realistically, who wants to read a paragraph of information and boringness? eh eh wink wink nudge nudge XD

So why Goat’s cheese should be in your BELLYYYY!!!! O.o

· Vitamin B2 (Formerly known as Vitamin G, helps perform normal physiological actions)

· Amino Acids

· Potassium

· Contains 25% more vitamin then normal cow’s milk

· Vitamin A (47% higher)

· Probiotics

· Improves and helps your Immune System

· Removes negative effects that antibiotics can hold

· Help to prevent eczema in youth

· Assists the digestive system

· Reduce incidence of yeast infection, vaginitis and candidiasis

· Great treatment for bad breath

· Lesser calories then Cow’s milk (80 calories and 6 grams of fat per ounce opposed to 100 calories and 10 grams of fat per ounce)

· High in Calcium

· Higher in Protein

· Easier to digest

· Good for your noggin (Aussies word for head>Brain) hehe XP

So it should give you all the more reason to eat it right? Have it with Bruschetta, break it up and eat it with your salad/pizzas, even use it as a spread for your sandwiches and thin plain biscuits!

With so much health benefits, you’d wonder why you haven’t consumed it sooner than later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All things GOAT CHEESE!

All things GOAT CHEESE!


All things GOAT CHEESE!

Thanks for reading :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've tried it, and it wasn't appealing. But as I always say, I am willing to try anything twice, and you seem to know you're foods, so I will absolutely make it something that I give a second try now that I've read your informative 'myTake' on the idea! Maybe it will psyche me into likening it! (*imagining Mooky - eyes roll back in head*) Oops, that was embarrassing! But It does sound a little but better already! LOL!

    But I will sincerely try it this week! and if I can find this page, I'll try to remember to report back!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have never tried goat cheese but I want to! I've had goat milk which I loved. It was so good and much better than cow's milk (in my opinion).

    • Ugh! You have to try the goats cheese lovely! It's so delicious! The texture is like ricotta but it's much more taster. It's got a flavour but comparing it to ricotta, ricotta is quite plain 😬

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    • Omg yes, that sounds amazing. haha I'll have to try it. :)

    • Most definitely! 😬

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  • Very good Take, it's one of my favorite types of cheese, but I also like sheep cheese 👍

  • it's awesome stuff. it's great in a lot of summery dishes. I make stuffed mushrooms with it and my mom does a roasted corn salad with it.

    • OMG! I love mushrooms! Mushrooms and goats cheese sound awesome, I've never thought the pair would be good with each other!

    • yup... oil, salt and pepper the mushrooms and roast them, then stuff with goat cheese and top with toasted bread crumbs and rosemary. insanely good.

    • Totally drooling right now!

  • Have you ever had grilled Halloumi? Stuff is absolutely delicious👍

    • What? NOOOO 😱 Please tell me more

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    • Cheese toasties are so temping when you want a late night snack. Go on be a devil, haha.

    • I know righhhttt!! I'm lazy as right now haha besides its suppose to be bedtime for me -___-

  • Goat cheese sounds beneficial and nutritious, yet be careful about making too many unsubstantiated claims. I'm sure it's yummy too!

  • Mhm, oh yeah, I love it, goat cheese is delicious 👌

  • Had it before. its pretty delicious :)

  • Awesome, I love goat cheese :D

  • Delicious on pasta or in a cypress, for us Itaians


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