How To Make Unhealthy Vegan Meals

People who say that a vegan diet is healthy are misinformed and really do not know what they are talking about. A vegan diet is not intrinsically healthy. It is only healthy, if one has a specific definition of "meat" and "animal product", if one uses real plants as the basis of the diet, and if one rounds out the nutrition in some way using dietary supplements or pills or nutritional yeast (which, by the way, is a fungus and is more similar to an animal than a plant). That said, let me show you how to make unhealthy vegan meals.

Note: I personally do not like using the word "vegan" to describe a dish without "animal products". First of all, the term is politically loaded. Second of all, many traditional ethnic dishes do not use animal products. To use the term "vegan" to describe these traditional dishes would be anachronistic. Third of all, the term "meat" is a culinary term, as much as "vegetable" is a culinary term. The things that vegans use to get vitamin B12 either come from an animal-like single-cell microorganism or some species of fungus (like I said, fungus is more similar to an animal than a plant, if you look at the fact that it is chemoheterotrophic and the biological structure/composition).

The only way to eat a healthy "vegan" diet is to eat WHOLE fruits, vegetables, and grains on a daily basis. Though, that kind of diet is not necessarily vegan. As a matter of fact, that is the foundation of many people's diet's around the world. Strict vegans would avoid food products from cattle, pigs, birds, and fish year-round, but non-vegans can eat these food products monthly to stay healthy or to make sure that they are meeting their daily caloric requirement. The advantage that eating traditional farm animals has over eating legumes is that meat (including eggs and milk) from farm animals tends to be more calorie-dense than legumes.

The higher amount of calories should not be treated as a bad thing. Instead, they should be treated as a good thing, if you want to be resourceful/economical with your money and live an active lifestyle. A very active lifestyle that demands 3000 calories a day may require clean, energy-dense foods, so it may be more economical, sustainable, and cruelty-free as a vegetarian bodybuilder than a vegan bodybuilder. The vegetarian can raise cruelty-free chickens for eggs and get a lot of fat from the egg yolks.

How To Make Unhealthy Vegan Meals

The Sugar Porridge

You may start your day with a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal. You make the porridge very thick to make sure that there is a lot of food content. Then, you add maple syrup and sprinkle table sugar all over the porridge. On the side, you eat deep-fried plantain or banana patties, covered in maple syrup. To finish the meal, you drink a glass of pulp-free orange juice or Sunny D (with high-fructose corn syrup).

How To Make Unhealthy Vegan Meals

Fruit Juice Smoothie with Lots of Added Sugar

You may get some lemons to make lemonade smoothie. You squeeze the lemons into a small bowl and make sure that you only get the juice part, not the flesh or the seeds. The juice is dumped into the blender with ice cubes and a lot of added sugar. The added sugar is to moderate the acidity of the lemony acid, so that the lemonade will not taste too sour. When the blending is done, you drink the lemonade smoothie.

How To Make Unhealthy Vegan Meals

French Fries

You may french some potatoes and soak the potatoes in a sugary solution. Then, you use vegetable oil to cook your French fries. You dip each piece of fries in the wok or deep fryer. When the pieces turn golden brown, you lift them up and place them on a plate. You place a little cup of ketchup (with high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener) on the side.

How To Make Unhealthy Vegan Meals

Deep-Fried Potato Chips with Hydrogenated Oil

You may buy a bag of potato chips with hydrogenated oil. The hydrogenated oil is a great way to add trans fats into your diet and make you fat and sick. But don't worry. If you just consume hydrogenated oil once a year and the rest of the year you consume whole fruits and vegetables to eliminate the trans fats in your body, then you will still be healthy and well.

How To Make Unhealthy Vegan Meals

Sweetened Tea

You may boil some water in a kettle. When the water is steaming, you lift the kettle off the stove and slide in a tea bag. You should allow the tea to diffuse in the hot water. Then, you pour the tea in a pitcher and add a lot of sugar.


The vegan diet is not intrinsically healthy. It is also not the cheapest thing in the world. If you are consuming "vegan" processed foods, then they may be just as bad as regular processed foods (thanks to hydrogenated vegetable oil and vegetable shortening), and because people believe that "vegan" is healthy, these "vegan" processed foods may be priced more expensively than regular processed foods. Furthermore, if you want to maintain your weight but you burn 3000 calories a day due to a lot of muscle mass, then eating a lot of legumes will not meet your daily energy requirement, unless you are very wealthy and can afford a lot of legumes and avocados every day year-round.

It may be more economical, sustainable, cruelty-free, and practical to raise a handful of chickens and ducks in your backyard and get free energy-dense eggs, even though it will cost you some money to pay the veterinarian and food/water. Some hens are fast egg-layers, so they can lay one egg per day. Maybe keep a rooster too to fertilize the hens and get more chickens. Then, the surplus chickens who are older than the rest of the flock can be consumed as food. Don't waste the chicken fat in the skin and bone marrow either! Fat is very energy-dense and can increase the calories for your vegetable dishes.


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