5 Reasons To Put an Apron On and Get Cooking

5 Reasons To Put an Apron On and Get Cooking

1. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E

A lot of people in relationships with a spouse or significant other who does all the cooking, take that for granted and never even attempt to do any cooking for themselves, but in life, nothing is certain. You could break up, they could be sick or injured for a long time, sadly they could pass, they could be gone on vacation for a week and then what? Having to rely on restaurants, other people, and take-out isn't always the best. You are dependent on their schedule, on them not giving you food poisoning, on them having what you want to eat, and them being open or you must hope that your spouse or significant other always feels like cooking or is able to, which may not be the case.

2. Helps you maintain your weight

Food labels are not always accurate and neither are restaurant calorie lists if they even have them available. It is important on a nutritional level, to know what is going in your body especially if you already have weight issues. Cooking your own food ensures you can control portions and know just how much fat, sugar, and salt is going in.

3. It's darn right impressive

5 Reasons To Put an Apron On and Get Cooking

It is increasingly becoming more rare that people actually cook meals anymore vs. having something dumped out of a can, or from the freezer, or take-out, but if you want to impress someone and endear them to you, make them a meal. Everyone in this life wants to be nurtured and taken care of in some form or another, and this is one skill that helps you do that and connect to those around you through their stomachs.

4. Keep the cooking traditions in your family alive

Nana's famous Christmas cake, your fathers traditional cultural stew, your aunt's soup which is a surefire way to cure any cold...don't let your traditions and your best food memories die out because you don't want to learn. You have the ability to learn these things and then pass them on to future generations.

5. It's easier than ever to learn on your own

5 Reasons To Put an Apron On and Get Cooking

Cooking used to be something a mom, or the chef in the family, or a class would have had to teach you or you'd have to sort through a bunch of dusty cookbooks and try to learn it on your own, but thanks to the internet, even if no one ever tries to teach you, there are so many videos and cooking channels that can walk you through anything step by step. There really is no excuse anymore for not having had a teacher.

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  • I find it strange when people say it's hard. It really isn't.. in the beginning you can literally follow recipes and even youtube videos step by step and get decent results.


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  • Cooking is so easy... those that can't do it or find it difficult... just need to practice, but I'd go as far as questioning their intelligence.

    • I can cooking but not so good at😶🤫

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    • This is something that frustrates me, especially when people say, "oh you're so good at it, I could never," but I'm like, you REALLY should have been there my first couple years as I was learning because what you're witnessing now is the culmination of 24 years later and a lot of trial an error that still happens even to this day because it's a process to learn, as you've pointed out. This is not brain surgery, this is learning to feed oneself which is the most basic of necessities in life which should be just as important as learning to drive or take care of ones health.

    • Yes. If one possesses the ability to read and follow directions... cooking is really that simple. There is some learning and the devil in the details to get down, but nobody is perfect without the practice.

      I've been cooking for years but I still have to learn something new from time to time. Some directions called for 1/4 cup of butter. I was confused because butter isn't liquid. I felt kinda dumb at first because I never learned how many Tbsp. go into a fourth... but hey, now I know a 1/4 cup is a half stick of butter.

      I'm just glad I didn't try to melt it in the microwave to measure it which was my first thought. Thankfully... a quick google search was there to stop me from making more dishes to wash. :-/

  • Great Take. I like to cook a little, but I ain't putting on no apron 😛

    • An apron is just a way not to get your clothes dirty especially if you're cooking for company. Chefs wear them all the time.

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    • Well so does having a giant marinara stain on the front of what should have been a nice clean white shirt. Lesser of two evils :)

    • Who said I cook with my top on. lol jk

      I do cook but I'm not messy or had to deal with getting stains on my clothes. Tbh, I find aprons a bit..."posh" and I like to be more normal if that makes sense. Lol

  • Interesting


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