7 Things I, an American, Learned About Pizza in Italy


1. There is more than one kind of pizza

Pizza is originally from Naples, Italy. Napoletana style pizza isn't something you see very often in the USA, unless you're lucky enough to have a local pizzeria that knows their stuff. Napoletana style has big fluffy crust with pieces of white mozzarella and a more soupy tomato sauce. It is a very light pizza though, eating the whole thing isn't that big of a challenge. In Rome many places cook their pizza in a square pan and serve by the slice. They cut the slice right in front of you and you will pay based on how much it weighs, you can get amazing pizza very cheap this way. Also, many restaurants offer pizzas very similar to New York style, a flat crust pizza with a coat of mozzarella. Every type is good but the Roman slices are my favorite.

Here is a video from a well known Roman pizzeria. You can see them cutting a slice with scissors!

2. Every pizza is a personal pizza

In the USA we consider pizza a family dish where everyone takes a slice and eats but in Italy you get the whole pie to yourself. Eating it with a fork and knife is perfectly ok, too.

7 Things I, an American, Learned About Pizza in Italy

3. Pizza can be found in almost every restaurant...

... and it's usually the cheapest part of the menu. You get a ton of food for not a lot of Euro, and it's very good generally as well. Enough said.

4. The calzones are awesome

They're sometimes called inside out pizzas, I grew up eating these in America and even though they are mostly the same in Italy, the Italians still do it better. Mostly because their Ricotta cheese is vastly better to any I've had in the States. Also they give a different experience than eating a regular pie, if that's what you need.

7 Things I, an American, Learned About Pizza in Italy

5. Italians aren't purists about their toppings

But they do have good taste, and so should you. You simply can't beat a piece of pizza with a slice of prosciutto on it. Leave the pineapples for you pina colada.

7 Things I, an American, Learned About Pizza in Italy

6. White pizza is more common in Italy

And it's actually pretty good, I say that as someone who thinks the best part of a pizza is the tomato sauce. In my experience these pizzas tend to pick one flavor and stick with it, rather than a huge collab of ingredients. Just like how every dog has its day, white pizza hits the spot when you need it.

Four cheese pizza, it's as good as it sounds
Four cheese pizza, it's as good as it sounds

7. Good pizza can be found in the USA, too.

Lots of people like to disparage American pizza as being inauthentic, gross, or just plain wrong. That's not always true though, there are lots of pizzerias owned by families that make great food worth your consideration. We do things differently here but that doesn't make it automatically bad.

7 Things I, an American, Learned About Pizza in Italy
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  • BeMuse
    I guess you grew up under a rock, because we had six main styles of pizza were I grew up. We had restaurants that offered personal pizzas, family size pizzas, and pizza by the slice. There are plenty are amazing calzones here. White pizza is pretty common here. My main pizzeria growing up had all you can eat pizza at lunch for $7 and there was white pizza every day. Augy use to just make a bunch of random pies and put them out on the counter every couple of minutes. Where do you live, on a deserted road in Oklahoma?
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    • Nope. I'm from Philadelphia, the calzones here are good too. Here you can usually find slices or whole pies, but depending where you go your 1 slice will be the size of 2 really

  • Damiano_
    "Pizza is originally from Naples"

    Actually the oldest record of the word "pizza" is from the city of Gaeta in 997 AD, and after that in other cities in central and southern Italy.
    Despite what Neapolitans say, neapolitan is just one of the different variety of pizza you can find in Italy.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Киттйлинк
    I tried real Italian pizza. Did not like it one bit!
    The lasagna as well.
    Soooooo much sauce!! Drowning in sauce.. yuck I cannot! XD. ... I prefer more dryer food, enough sauce to give it flavor, but not soaked in it.

    I prefer Italian imitation foods rather than the authentic 100%!!! D:
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    • r u sure u real tried Italian food, before having your opinion on Italoan food?

    • @bellamossa yup! My Italian teacher even took us all. It was super cute small house. I loved the feel of it. Almost like the old Mexican lifestyle

      The food was drowned in sauce!
      He said that’s how real Italian food is made.
      I said ok maybe it will taste good.. but nope! It tasted just how it looked. Saucey. No thanks! I prefer the altered fake Italian food any day!

    • maybe it was just that location?

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  • Izumiblu
    Honestly New York style pizza took authentic pizza up a notch. It’s the one thing nyc has going for it.
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    • Wharvey98

      Agreed. New York style pizza is one of the few good things to come out of New York.

    • I'm from Philadelphia and we also have good pizza here so yeah I'm not going to say anything bad about American pizza. It just depends where you are.

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  • taterthot
    I’ve been to Milan and I can tell u pizza over there is actually healthy Lmfaoo they make it with a lot of sauce though as if it is spaghetti you have to eat it with a fork, not this cardboard trash over here, although I’ll admit I love the shit over here lol
  • BrittBratt2416
    I haven't been to italy so I've never tried real Italian pizza. I usually just stick with DiGiorno, which is fairly nice for a store bought pizza. It really does tend to taste like some of pizzas you can order. I also like dominos pizza and I still eat tortino's pizza to this day. I use to smash those as a kid and still.
  • Ronald_25
    I believe pizza was created by the Italians but co opted by the rest of the world. You can get hot dog stuffed pizza, and whenever I eat it, I think, thank you god for making Americans...🙌7 Things I, an American, Learned About Pizza in Italy
    • Boppy

      with a FREE /Mustard Drizzle/

    • Ronald_25

      That's right lad, don't mess about 😏

  • MissGeorgia
    Proper, Italian pizza cannot be beaten. It's all about quality over quantity.
    I stopped eating Piazza outside of Italy for fear of being disappointed
    • *Pizza* , sorry.

    • There's a Italian pizzeria in St. Paul Minnesota called cossettas they have been in business since the 1940s. They make their dough from scratch it's a actual hand tossed , they make the pizza sauce from scratch they use block cheese instead of pre shredded. It's a pizzaria and small Italian grocery store in one. As soon as you walk in you hear Italian music playing it's on West 7th Ave in St. Paul Minnesota. It's good quality you see the pizza made in front of you behind the counter. So if you visit Minnesota give it a try.
      Or the Shamrock in Superior Wisconsin on tower Ave.
      Not as good as cossettas but still a really good pizza

    • I'm laughing because your typo "piazza" means plaza in Italian. An actual word. 😂

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  • Likes2drive
    Nice mytake on pizza, yeah I’ve tasted pizza in different parts of the USA and New York has the best and lucky for me I’m not far from New York City but I do have my favorite spots on Long Island. One day I’ll get to Italy and try theirs
    • Linda625

      Wow we have the same thought

    • Linda625

      I will also like to get to Italy and try theirs one day

    • Likes2drive

      @Linda625 The thing that is mostly stopping me from going is not having a travel partner or girlfriend to go with , I can get the time off from work and can save up for it so that’s what is holding me back

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  • ManOnFire
    This was fun to read. I was aware of a lot of this already, yes, but it was still a good post. I do know that a lot of other people think American pizza is gross or wrong - and it probably is - but I grew up on it and I can't help but love a good supreme or meat lover's pizza.

    Did you also know that spaghetti started as the poor Italian immigrant's dish in America? And we all love it!
  • akiflyer
    Oh you Americans and your lack of world knowledge, always makes me laugh. Tell you what though, Brazilian or pizza from New York is really good and tastes different from Italian pizza. I wonder what they do it...
  • blutwolfe
    Well I love my Chicago style lol, it's different actually having it in Chicago vs other parts, kinda like NY style. Was never a fan of NY style though I don't know why it's so popular. There's plenty of types of pizza in between and I enjoy trying them.

    Italian pizza is pretty good too but like it said its a light pizza. It feels more like something you enjoy rather than filling if that makes sense.
    • I have never tried real deep dish pizza but I respect it. If I ever go to Chicago I'll make a point to get some

  • Bananaman177
    You forgot to mention how insanely overpriced they are.

    Each one of those small pizzas you posted costs around $50.

    • What are you talking about they usually run around €8-15 you can run into some more expensive places but wasn't too bad last time I went.

    • @SuperMoist I don't know where you went, but In Rome, everything costs out the ass. Maybe the difference is that you look Italian, so they give you the local discount, but me, I got the tourist prices.

      I bought one pizza and it was not that good and it was almost $50 fucking dollars for a tiny little 8 inch pie.

    • Most pizzas I had were less than 10 euro, depending what toppings you got

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  • N192K001
    Yeah, 1day I plan to go to Italy to taste their actual dishes.

    I've had 'Italian' pizzas & pastas from Asia & the U. S. and, admittedly they were delicious. But tasting the original is something I hope to do as well.
  • bolverk
    Its the same in the UK, but funnily enough some of the best pizzas I've had have come from Turkish Kebab Grill restaurants here in the UK. My "go to" pizza after a long work day is a 12" chicken calzone accompanied by a couple of pints German Beer say Dortmunder Union or Becks.
  • Rob171977
    American food just flat out sucks especially when they try mimicking foods from other countries. Most Americans can't cook for shit and it shows in most of the restaurants I've eaten in. Best way to get authentic foreign food is to visit that country and eat food there.
  • Reaperbot666
    Pizza was originally from Greek people. Italians modified the idea to what we know pizza to be today.
  • TsundereMatrix
    I don’t like tomato sauce so I go with pizza that has Alfredo sauce or anything else but tomato sauce. People call me crazy because I don’t like pizza with tomato sauce. Preference.
    • alfredo sauce 😂😁🤣😃😅 doesn't exist in italy. we have no clue of what's about

    • It’s a North American invention

    • @bellamossa in USA Alfredo sauce is heavy cream, Parmesan cheese and butter. It is much heavier than Italian alfredo

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  • Massageman
    I suddenly have the urge to visit Italy- I just can't figure out why - - - - -
    (make mine a Margherita).
  • lightbulb27
    Just the title "Italy pizza" got a thumbs up. you lucky !@#!@@!@#...:) manga manga!
  • Oram52
    These pizzas also look healthier and not drowned in cheese. I can see they taste delicious.
    Love pizza.
  • 0112358
    Wood burning oven style thin crust pizza is the best.

    But NY style is pretty tasty, its' more junky though.

    Chicago style is really overrated. Come at me Illinois.
    • Linda625

      Are you sure you want someone to come Illinois

  • bimmy5000
    Gaaawwwwd. Lived in italy for over 6 years their pizza hust can't be compared!
  • Chadnelson1973
    The oldest pizzeria is in Naples Italy opened its doors in 1738
  • ChefCurry
    I worked in a restaurant where pizzas are made like that. They're great but not my favorite thing in the world.
  • John_Doesnt
    The worst pizza in the world comes from Uranus. Pecking order!
  • Kaazsz
    I’ve had pizza all across the US and I hope one day to go to Italy and try all kinds over there.

    Here in the US the best pizzas are in NYC and Chicago. Also Connecticut has its own brand of pizza that is quite good. Can be hard to find pizzerias with that style of pizza. It’s not well known or anything people really talk about. But it’s there and it’s better than other states pizza except nyc and Chicago.

    Most states just have a generic kind of pizza. A sort of nyc pizza copycat that isn’t very good.

    California has a huge variety of pizza, tho in my experience most wasn’t that good. But they do like to experiment so that’s still cool on my book.

    Mostly the best pizza places in the US scattered across the country are the mom and pops style places or family owned or come from other countries or from Italy itself. You gotta google and find those hidden gems, but they are everywhere!
  • nobodysprincess
    🥺 Yummy! I want ‘em

    And I never eat the crust, but a big fluffy crust sounds good
  • -Asca-
    You don't eat an entire Pizza for yourself in america? The fuck? I am so disappointed in you.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Those are cool things to learn. I am ready to eat some pizza.
  • OfDeath
    Yeah I've been to italy too and around that part of Europe.
    The best pizza I ever experienced was in Switzerland
    • OfDeath

      Just on a side note, pineapple is meant for pizza.

  • ShadowofRegret
    I had heard about italian pizza, but it is nice to read in depth about it, good take sir!
    I love the history of food and I believe most country had some type of of pizza it's a very easy way to of holding food so it only makes since
  • pizzalovershouse
    i like pizza but do they make an crust that have diffrent types of flour like count flour or almond flour an good post 👍
    • OfDeath

      Some places might these days

  • MarkellaScorpio01
    Best Pizza I had was in NYC the worst here in L. A. I think it’s the water.
    • lol 😂 I think it's just L. A in general

    • That's just LA. NYC has a lot of Italian immigrants and shares their heritage. LA just has the rich celebrities


    Thank you, haha.
  • Funlovingdude
    I haven't had the pleasure of going to Italy and trying pizza there. However, I love Italian food and have eaten Italian food at Italian friends houses that was prepared by their mothers and grandmother's and the food was phenomenal. When I eat pizza in the U. S. I always have extra sauce put on it so I think I would thoroughly enjoy pizza in Italy. One of my favorite places to eat pizza is in Austin, TX. at Conan's. It is deep dish pizza but it not like a deep dish at Pizza Hut the amount of toppings on it is unbelievable.
  • Why do Suburban Middle Americans think everything is so special outside of the USA? I've been to Europe and Italy. "True" Italian pizza is the EXACT same pizza you get in any brickoven Italian restaurant in New York and most of the Northeast. I've had amazing pizza in Paris, in you guessed it, an Italian restaurant. NYC pizza shops are amazing and it's a different taste, not bad or 'worse', just different. "Real" pizza is a small personal pizza that's cooked at high heat (normally in a brick oven). NOTHING about how it's done in Italy is different than how it's made in the rest of Europe or New York.
  • nicholas197643
    the best pizza in the world is lampost pizza in yorba linda california
  • Its_Phil_HQ
    Pizza is legit better than anything else in the world.
  • Mrblooo
    I'm not really that picky about pizza but if anything pizza hut is good enough for me
  • Ninjazzed
    Beautiful culture, flavorful cuisine, 11/10.
  • Glass_Heart
    I like pizza.
  • Interesting. And Im a NYer who lived off of pizza
    • Linda625

      You really miss a lot without living near

  • elite665
    Why I love my ancestors I can’t wait to go there
  • Thatsamazing
    I am now hungry. Thank you.
  • ninaneedshelp
    Now all I want is pizza😭
  • ZebraWarrior
    Now I'm hungry for a good pizza!
  • Jesse0
    Brooklyn style pizza!
  • MysteriousDarkness
    I knew all of that an I have never been to Italy.
  • alance99
    Pizzas are very delicious in italy
  • oofypoofy
    I like this my take 🍕 🤤
  • Nadim171
    Great mytake! I love pizza!
  • harishSimbu
    I want one pizza