Benefits of Eating Rice Porridge Everyday


White rice is a very shelf-staple food product that can last in the pantry for up to 5 years. You can buy it almost everywhere in the United States, even convenience stores and Dollar Tree stores. It is cheap. It is delicious. It is also nutritious and filling.

Relatively Thick Rice Porridge
Relatively Thick Rice Porridge

Rice Porridge as a Famine Food

Rice is a staple food in many parts of the world. That means it can be eaten on a regular basis taking the bulk of the daily caloric intake. However, when a society goes through a famine and there is little rice to go around, the remaining rice may be boiled in water to create rice porridge. Rice porridge has a greater water-to-rice ratio than just plain steamed rice in a rice bowl. Rice porridge can be very filling, because it is mostly water.

Rice Porridge as a Weight-Loss Food

Now, because rice porridge can be so low-calorie, it can be a great weight-loss food. Just add some pickled or salted vegetables to the watery rice porridge, and bingo, you have a complete meal!

Other Uses

Rice porridge can also be given to sick individuals with poor digestion and children, because it doesn't require much chewing or digesting.

Benefits of Eating Rice Porridge Everyday
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    When you have a dog that has a bad stomach may be due to breed or age I was once told by these Women who worked with dogs, You can give them ground beef mixed with Rice and this will help them and this has been a home remedy used for many years and If you have a picky dog who will not eat its dog feed, give the dog Rice and Ground Beef

    To prepare a bland diet, use ground meat or whole meat chopped into small bites. Boil the meat until cooked, then drain. Prepare the white rice and mix together in a 50/50 or 65/35 mix of rice to meat. Do not add any oils or seasonings to the mixture,or%20seasonings%20to%20the%20mixture.
    • Some dogs get diarrhea and stomach flu that won't go away well this is something you want to give them

    We make sopa de arroz. Our staples here in my family is rice and beans. Very good for you. Together provides a complete protein.
    Sopa de arroz
    Sopa de arroz
  • goaded
    Whole (brown) rice is better, because it feeds the (good) bacteria in your lower intestine. So does cooked and cooled potato, and wholemeal bread, for example.
  • Vero4567
    After my wisdom tooth surgery, I ate this for a week. It just made me feel hungry and weak.
    • Agape93

      You need actual nutrition and fiber

  • Kurαȷ
    Rice porridge has a GI of about 80, which is more than maple syrup, straight table sugar, or even Coca Cola.
    Rice itself contains very low to no nutritional values other than empty carbs, and when it is so thoroughly broken down by cooking like it is in porridge, it becomes even worse for you because you are making the carbohydrates even faster to metabolize and even better at causing inflammation and spiking your blood sugar levels.

    "Mostly water" literally doesn't mean anything, water does not in any way influence the way food is digested.
    Coca Cola is also "mostly water", but I'm sure we could all agree that it is not healthy for you in any way.

    Not all traditional food is good for you.
    Some traditional food is just really bad, and rice happens to be one of those.
    • Anonymous

      Most people who eat rice porridge consume in small portions for breakfast, along with fiberous vegetables. You get nutrients and dietary fiber from the vegetables.

      In contrast, soda is usually consumed alone, by itself.

      That is the big difference there.

  • ThatGirlsCrazy
    Also you can add extra water then drain some of the water into a bottle later to wash your hair with. This helps damaged scalp, hair growth and prevents split ends. 😉
  • Nayyr
    Great mytake. I'm only gonna eat rice porridge for the rest of my life
  • Marilynjuana
    How is it nutritious?
    • Agape93

      It’s no different than just eating rice, and still uses more water.

  • Nephilim000
    Rice is good but I need variety
  • Agape93
    I love how you only list 3 things
  • jahaims
    It is actually very low in nutrients
    • Anonymous

      You are not supposed to eat rice porridge by itself. Instead, you should consume rice porridge with vegetables, and get nutrients and dietary fiber from those vegetables.

    • jahaims

      What does that have to do with anything. The question asker said it was nutritious.

  • Sketti2021
  • Flakey-Flake
    nice 👌
  • Hellohibyebye
    It is very healty
  • Unatcomail
    Ok thats cool