Why You Should Buy Preserved Food (Canned, Dried, Frozen, Salted, Pickled)


Preserved foods last longer in the pantry

The thing with preserved foods is that they are preserved. So naturally, they have a long shelf life. Fresh foods are prone to rotting, but preserved foods can be stored in the pantry, basement or freezer for weeks, months or maybe even a year. Plus, if the can is still in good condition, then the contents may still be edible.

Long shelf life!
Long shelf life!

Preserved foods are usually picked during peak ripeness

Canned and frozen produce are typically picked when they are fully ripe and ready to eat. They are immediately processed into cans and bags. In contrast, that fresh fruit or vegetable you are eating may be picked before ripening, hence not ready to eat.

Preserved foods can be used just like fresh foods

Frozen fruits can be used in smoothies and fruit sorbets or as toppings on other desserts. You can also eat them right from the bag as a treat or dessert. Frozen vegetables can be used in stir-frys, casseroles, soups and stews.

This bag of frozen berries can be eaten like ice cream
This bag of frozen berries can be eaten like ice cream

Preserved foods can be found everywhere, including Dollar Stores

You can find preserved foods everywhere, including dollar stores. Dollar Tree has canned, dried, salted, pickled, and if there is a freezer aisle, frozen produce. But, I won't recommend them, because these foods may be of lower quality. The dried beans and rice are okay and edible, but the cans may be lined with BPA, the dried fruits may contain too many additives and the frozen fruits and veggies look very unappealing. While the dried beans and rice are of good quality, the price is not any cheaper than what you'll find in a regular grocery store.

However, if you are really stranded in the middle of a Food Desert and there is a Dollar Tree nearby, then you have no choice but to shop at Dollar Tree for groceries, unless you want to take the bus to a full-service supermarket that is 30-60 minutes away.

Dollar Tree has canned, dried, salted, pickled and sometimes even frozen produce
Dollar Tree has canned, dried, salted, pickled and sometimes even frozen produce

Preserved foods taste great

Canned fruits, dried fruits, salted meats, pickled vegetables, and frozen fruits taste delicious and can be used as snacks between meals or part of a complete meal.

Kimchi - a Korean household staple
Kimchi - a Korean household staple

If you are growing food yourself, then you need to preserve food anyway

If you are growing food in your private garden, then by harvest time, you have to eat them right away, the moment that they are picked, but if your bountiful harvest is too large for your belly, then you have to find proper ways to store them. You can can them, dry them, salt them, pickle them and freeze them. Then, you may have food for the coming winter.

Even if you don't grow any food yourself, then you can just eat the food that is grown and preserved by others. Many agricultural companies may have employees harvest the crops as soon as they are ripe and process the produce into preserved goods. Commercially sold preserved goods are what you should eat, by the way, because commercial fresh goods are usually picked before they are even ripe, may be stored for a long period of time before they are even sold on the market, and are not shelf-stable (unless you put them in the freezer). The only time when you should eat actual fresh produce is when you know the fresh produce have been picked on the day that you are eating them or maybe a few days prior. That's how you know the food is actually fresh.

Why You Should Buy Preserved Food (Canned, Dried, Frozen, Salted, Pickled)
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  • SexyAshh
    I alwaya do organic frozen veggies and fruit, id i dont it always go bad before i finish it🙈
    Is this still revelant?

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  • hahahmm
    I appreciate that you want to help people. But you need to understand that:
    1. Most processed preserved food is loaded with salt (and sometimes sugat). This is potentially bad if you don’t carefully balance your diet.
    1b. Same for food coloring. Some are linked to health issues, especially in children.
    2. BPA is a dangerous preservative found in some canned food. Look for BPA free.
    3. Storage temperature affects shelf life of canned food. Unless you buy special canned food made for hot climates.
    4. Get a vacuum sealer and seal your own food. No preservatives required. Frozen vacuum sealed food will easily last 2+ years in most cases BUT you have to research because each food type has a different shelf life. Some people use jars but I haven’t tried that yet.
    • Anonymous

      Did you even read my article?

      1. Kroger's SimpleTruth organic beans are made with real, simple ingredients. They are mostly just beans, water, and salt.
      2. Most frozen fruits out there are actually just fruits. No food coloring and other additives.
      3. The myTake already mentions BPA lining in canned food. Yes, I already know about BPA-free cans. Read the actual myTake.
      4. Most commenters don't even bother with reading the actual myTake. They just skim and scan and guess what the myTake about. As it appears, you are one of them. Welcome to the no-read club.

    • hahahmm

      TLDR. Your subject line pushes canned food.

  • EssenceOfLight
    Preserved food can be tricky. Read exactly what is inside. Look at pickled cucumber as example. Usually it's an easy recipe. Water, cucumber, sugar, vinegar and spices. Unfortunately majority of pickles in supermarket don't contain sugar but and artificial sweetener. Why does food industry that?
    1- cost factor, corn syrup or similar sweetener are cheaper than sugar
    2- cucumber with a shot of saccharin can be preserved much longer without being mushy and this stuff is extremely sweet that reduces other sweetener costs again.

    Frozen veggies don't contain lot of undesired stuff, but keeping deep frozen food over months in freezer costs electricity. You will pay for this electricity while you buy this product and this isn't especially good for environment. Of course peeling and chopping carrots or beets is much more work than taking frozen products, but it cost less, is better for environment and fresh veggies taste really better. Therefore using frozen veggies with exception of seasonal fruits that can't be preserved for longer time without freezing is a lazy option but surely not a smart one.
    • Anonymous

      If you grow your own garden, then how would you preserve the produce?

  • Wewladdy
    Preserved foods are poison. The shit lining cans, bottles, etc. All testosterone blockers. Part of why this generation of "men" is so weak and frail, effeminate. Not to mention the sugar problem.

    You eat your poison. I'm trying to stick to natural food as all men should.
    • Jltakk

      Why anyone would give a thumbs down is anyone's guess. This is a fact.

  • shreejan
    What a nonsense opinion is this. It's looks like the women was high on weed while writing this.
    And what fucking nonsense arguments has she made. Fresh food is more expensive than canned food but it is much more healthier. The health benefits of canned food are no where close to what fresh food can offer you.
  • inb0x908
    And food preservatives are very healthy to eat, is that what you say? Smh
    • Anonymous

      I never said that food preservatives are very healthy to eat.
      The whole point of the myTake is to point out that preserved food in the form of canned, dried, frozen, salted and pickled food can be part of a healthy diet.
      Ripe fruits and vegetables may be placed into cans. Some people avoid these cans, because they may contain BPA lining, which may then leech into the food. However, there are BPA-free cans and sugar-free alternatives. Kroger and Dole make the best preserved food products. The cans are BPA-free, and the canned fruits may be preserved with 100% fruit juice instead of syrup.

    • inb0x908

      These methods are convenient for different occasions. It doesn't mean they should be preferred over fresh ones. They are doing it to reduce the waste, also to have them year along

  • Darcia
    Fresh foods is better to consume, you get all nutrition from it. Preserved is not always the best choice for nutrition.
    • Anonymous

      Actually, the lycopene from canned tomatoes is much more absorbable. Vitamin C from canned fruits is also preserved far longer than the so-called "fresh produce" in supermarkets, because the supermarket's fresh produce isn't really that fresh. Another form of preserving food is freezing, and frozen fruits and vegetables are found to be higher in micronutrients than fresh ones.

      Supermarket "fresh" is not the same thing as garden "fresh".

  • mrgspoter
    No thanks don't want my food in tin or meatal I find it's pointless all the goodness dies in dried or canned I don't believe it's healthy for most things it makes me ill anyways low quality, now if done properly at home in glass jars might be ok.
  • jshm2
    You forgot to add that preserved food is cancerous, and the extra chemicals shorten your lifespan while ironically prolonging the life of the fruit or vegetable.

    By using that food to cook, you add a further cocktail of chemicals- most of which burn in the food. Also the high salt content of preserved food is the leading cause of heart disease and kidney problems.

    in fact, most medical advice is for preserved/processed food to be used very sparingly and a natural food diet is much better for overall health.
    • Anonymous

      You obviously didn't even read the myTake, and apparently, don't even know what "food preservation" is. In the myTake and the title, I explicitly mentioned frozen goods (such as frozen berries). Frozen produce usually don't need any food preservatives, additives or colorings; and they are usually packaged as themselves, without any other additives, preservatives or colorings. Plus, they are picked at peak ripeness, while fresh produce are usually picked much earlier and shipped long distances, unless you buy them locally. If you have your own personal garden, then fresh is best. But, if you don't, like most people in industrialized/urbanized nations, then frozen fruits/veggies are the next best thing.

      Furthermore, I never did say that you should only buy preserved food. People buy canned coconut cream and milk to make coconut ice cream; people do buy dried fruits and nuts as snacks; people use frozen fruits in smoothies/shakes or make ice cream out of them. People may salt and pickle cabbages to make sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and other pickled goods. All of these preserved goods can be HOME-MADE.

    I don't see the point of this post. This is a one way ticket to an early grave.

    We aren't re -writing the diary of Ann Frank locked up down below waiting for worst so this post isn't necessary.

    Its 2020 not 1942 even with this 'virus' we don't need to be stocking up on tin food which is nothing more then a tin of crap there is nothing good in a can that's been locked up for decades.

    I am sorry you wasted how ever long this took you. That is time you unfortunately just won't get back
  • worldscolide
    I'd agree with this if we were in the middle of an apocalypse.. But no fresh foods retain more nutrients than canned goods.
  • Jltakk
    Its the least healthy option vs eating fresh, unless you want high blood pressure. The ONLY benefits are that they last longer and are good for emergency situations.
  • In_Trance
    Canned food is not healthy. Not sure why you'd think otherwise
    • Anonymous

      You'd be surprised.

      Studies have shown that frozen fruits and vegetables (a form of preserved food) have more micronutrients than fresh fruits and vegetables, but for some micronutrients like Vitamin C, canned fruits win over fresh fruits. Vitamin C can be lost through the air, but it is well preserved in cans.

    • In_Trance

      Can Foods typically have high amounts of preservative sodium and BPA. Any health benefit is lost. Stay away from them

    • Anonymous

      Kroger sells canned fruit without any added sugar and in BPA-free cans. So does Dole.

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  • jimmy2
    Good stuff young lady
  • Anonymous
    To prepare for doomsday, otherwise I generally use fresh
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    “The thing with preserved foods is that they are preserved.” How “articulate” and “original” of you?