Adapting your cooking so diets are not too punishing

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Adapting your cooking so diets are not too punishing

I try to follow a low carb diet for two purposes. I always need to control my weight and losing a few pounds would be beneficial. I also have a family history of Diabetes Type II and I don't want to develop that as I get older. Therefore, I usually follow a low carb diet.

There are many advantages to a low carb diet but, frankly, there are a few foods that I love which are carbs. I can pass by cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, but I am a sucker for ice cream. I love macaroni and cheese! And I love pizza.

There are some "low carb" options for many items, including pizza, but they still contain more carbs than I want to consume, so I have created my own option: breadless pizza.

I begin with an aluminum baking dish, the kind that come with prepared frozen entrees. I cover the inside of the dish with aluminum foil, just to reduce the cleanup. I layer the pan with sliced pepperoni until the bottom is absolutely covered. Then I add a small amount of the lowest carb tomato sauce I can find:

Adapting your cooking so diets are not too punishing

I then sprinkle the sauce with oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and onion powder. Next I add whatever toppings I might want: mushrooms (fresh or canned,) sliced black olives, sun dried tomatoes, and minced onions. Finally, I top with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese.

If the final product has some thickness to it, and particularly if I have fresh onion or mushrooms on the pizza, I will bake it at 300° F. for 15 minutes. Then I turn on the broiler and leave it under the broiler for about 3 minutes, just long enough to brown the cheese. If I don't have many toppings and the uncooked dish is relatively thin, four minutes under the broiler may be sufficient.

The final product is just like pizza but without the bread, and it satisfies my craving for a spicy, tomato-based dinner. It can be prepared in less than 5 minutes and is a great thing to have in the bachelor's arsenal of quick, no fuss meals.

Adapting your cooking so diets are not too punishing
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  • Anonymous
    I’m also doing a low carb diet and it’s honestly not as hard as I thought it would be. The only time it’s hard is when I go out with friends and they vote on a food place that barely has healthy options. I’d also say that my cravings and hunger have went down tremendously. No more late snacking lol.

    The carbs I miss the most are pasta and rice, but I’ve swapped zucchini noodles (zoodles) for pasta and cauliflower rice for real rice. It’s actually really good in my opinion.
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    • Anonymous

      Cauliflower crust is a good option for low carb pizza. I’m going to try to make that soon.

    • I have seen some prepared pizzas with a cauliflower crust but they still have too many carbs for me.

    • t-8900

      make pizza from fat free greek yogurt instead!

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  • Massageman
    Sounds good. And you aren't stuck with a pile of uneaten crusts on your plate at the end of the meal.
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  • meetkitty123
    I'm on a low carb diet too. I love it. I was quitw heavy 5/6 years ago. And I was on the border of being a pre-diabetic or having type 2 diabetes. I was only off by 1 to 3 points each time I had lab work done to test my sugars. This was until I switched to low carb. There are so many options now a days compared to 5 or 6 years ago. I am familiar with the type of pizza you made. I've made it before for myself. Now I add a crust I make by grinding raw almonds and unsweetened coconut flakes. This mix is a great replacement for Flour. It goes good for "breaded" chicken or pie crust as well.
    I never feel deprived on a low-carb diet there are too many new products out there to feel deprived I also love pizza ice cream and mac b cheese. I eat all three on my low carb diet.
    For pasta I use Shirataki noodles, squash zucchini spirals, or pasta from this website
    For Icecream I enjoy enlightened or Rebel. I am currently working on a recipe to make crackers I have not quite yet perfected it but I'm sure I will figure it out. Crackers before bakingBaked Crackers
    Cauliflower Spanish "rice"
    Cauliflower Spanish "rice"
    A few of my low carb Foods
    A few of my low carb Foods
    I enjoy Catalina Crunch its a low carb cereal quest chips replace the urge for Doritos. I love Lily's chocolate. Cauliflower rice from green giant has been a lifesaver. Quest makes pizza cookies and so much more.
    Honestly I feel like i'm the lucky one 🙂 when I see people eating regular high carb food. Especially when I see them eating Donuts I once recently took a bite of a donut and regretted it as I realized it tasted like nothing but starch oil greasy and fat. Now with being in ketosis I'm able to truly taste what a donut is and it's gross 🤢.
    Now I enjoy all sorts of better tasting low carb desserts such as pumpkin pie cheesecake and yogurt parfait. haven't necessarily lost my sweet tooth but now I get to enjoy healthier sweets.
    Talking about sweets I use pure monk fruit from Amazon to sweeten my food or coffee. 😋
    Thanks for sharing your pizza pic and your story! It's awesome to meet another low-carber!
    • What brand of monk fruit do you recommend. I've wanted to try that recently.

    • I love this one because its PURE monk fruit
      And its EXTREMELY sweet unlike some others. After all ripe monk fruit i suppose to 300 xs sweeter than sugar

    • It lasts me about a year. Around nov I usu6 need replacement because of the baking I do for the holidays

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  • Jaximus-Lion
    SO! Here is what i always answer when someone asks me that. Make a list of all low carb foods you like, i have nothing in my black list, i eat everything, as long it's gluten free. So after you make the list! Time to find the recipes, you make a weekly schedule and you stick exactly to the recipe, after a while! Start free styling here and there, make few changes, mix the things you think might work the way you like it. A cheat day is always nice, explore more, try more. Soups are amazing, oven baked root vegetables, salads are the ultimate choice here (cold meals of course), turkey or chicken works pretty good with all of that. Try to make your own ice cream at home, take ½ amount of sugar that it's in the recipe, that works fine every time. My favorite is cauliflower soup , no need to fry anything just put cauliflower, onions and garlic with tomatoes purée and use the spices you like, very easy and i don't get tired of it, same thing goes for my salad that has tomatoes, cucumbers, iceberg salad or arugula, kidney beans, feta cheese, quinoa, chili and lime/lemon juice with few drops of olive oil and some salt of course. I am a chef that works at elders home, if you need anything when it comes to food, just ask 😉
  • HikerDude
    When I went to eating massive amount of fresh and lightly cooked vegetables, everything changed for the better. My energy shot up, my sex drive increased, and my body didn't look as puffy as it did before, especially in the mornings. Diet can definitely either be the greatest benefit to your life or the greatest detriment. Good post.
  • DrunkAss
    I'm also a pizza lover and I am not sure if it applies to other people, but I find it satisfied with chile con carne. At least for homemade versions, you can make that super healthy and as spicy and savory as you like... add a modest amount of cheese on top. I find it sorta satisfies my pizza craving. Indian food can also hit the same spot for me with less calorie-dense and less addictive alternatives than pizza.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Low carb dishes usually taste too rich for me. I need starch. That doesn't mean 90 of i eat is starch. Id rather have small portions than to eat anything without starch on it. Good thing im just really indifferent about desserts and sugary drinks. I can live without them. Not starch.
  • t-8900
    I'm Italian,

    The struggle is real. BUT there is hope! For pizza dough check out fat free greek yogurt dough. Its REALLY GOOD! Also when it comes to pastas check out Ronzoni Super Greens. Yes it has carbs but it has fibers too. You need to figure the difference. tastes pretty good though!
    • Low carb diet is not a low fat diet. A bread dough that is fat free but contains flour is a low carb no-no. And I do miss bread!

    • t-8900

      you get plenty of fats still. Dont forget the cheese and meat on the pizza!

  • Arabella_Rose
    you're 66 and still consider yourself a bachelor?
    haha what has this world come to?
  • imeoths
    appetiteI just eat one decently sized meal a day. People will rant and rave it’s bad but I post 112 pounds doing it and feel great as well. I have full control over my Appetite as well. And I can eat whatever I want as my one meal. Lots of water too. That’s how I beat dieting by dieting.
    • imeoths

      I don't know how I messed up that many words but you’ll figure it out

  • Smashingdoozy
    I've been doing low carb for a couple months now. But weekends are typically my cheat days so ill have a regular pizza (im making my own right now)
  • wenzi1988
    I like good food. But I don't know how to do it. Hope to learn
    • Do you cook Chinese food? I am dating a lady from southern China and I am getting a bit burned out on eating seaweed. :) :) :)

    • wenzi1988

      I know a little. We can learn from each other

  • Sounds very good and a good healthy alternative. Thanks for sharing,!
  • CubsterShura
    Can't talk much about calories, but I tend to stay up at night these days and whenever I got hungry I made myself something when I get really hungry at dawn. Eventually I got too lazy and I started snacking on fruit instead. I can't believe that laziness was my ticket to healthier eating habits. I also have to eat a good quantity to actually be satisfied and full so I am easily eating 3-4 different fruits daily.

    I can't cook, I was on a call with a friend who was telling me that if I am studying in a college abroad I must learn to cook so that I can make my own meals. I jokingly tell him that I can live on mostly raw fruits and vegetables so that I save time on cooking and get healthier. It was a joke, but I am serious that I will actually incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet when I get there.
  • Twinrova
    Great take and very interesting. I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for posting.
  • ScotishLegend
    Thank your for this take. I found it very infortmatice.
  • najekim
    I'm also trying to lose some extra poundage. But I only reduce the size of serving since I'm very particular on the food I eat. So far it's working.
  • Iron_Man
    I’m gonna have to come over and take a bite out of that lasagna 😊
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing now this might helps me cause I need help with my carbs
  • lovedejj_xo
    I’m following a meal plan right now I’m not too happy because it’s pretty restrictive no fruit no milk only eggs for breakfast etc. kind of cranky because of it but I’m going to try to complete it.
    • The best thinking about diets goes like this:

      1. You weigh too much because of bad eating habit
      2. If you lose weight and then return to your old eating habits, you will again gain the weight
      3. Therefore, any diet plan should result in a permanent modification of your eating habits
      4. If a diet is overly restrictive or punishing, you are far less likely to adopt it as a permanent plan
      5. Therefore, the best diets for you will be those which allow you some flexibility and will not deprive you of all of your favorite foods

  • shade_19
    How do we save we this post?
    I'm not a pizza lover but my friends and clise ones do seem to enjoy pizza... this could be a good try for them
  • Glasgow55
    I'm exactly the same. Just made some vegetable soup. Good luck.
  • Feelicks
    I tried keto, can't do it, it's murder on my kidneys, so I just count calories and have whatever.
  • thank you, that's a great post!
  • worldscolide
    Yeah I'm saving this one.
  • Ooooo cool
  • Cool
  • SaIgın
    I'm going to go hungry for 30 days.
  • msc545
    Nice, thanks!
  • legalboxers
    low salt too?
    • I use very little salt in cooking as a matter of my preferences, and I have been that way for decades. One box of salt could last me for at least 10 years.

    • interesting. I found pink Himalayan salt. just a pinch, it gives it a good taste

  • Anonymous
    its called fasting you idiots
  • Anonymous
    god forgive but the first picture looks a very scary. Lol
    • It may not be the best picture, but it looks like the top of a lasagna when it comes out of the oven.

    • Anonymous

      I do not think so. If you say so

    • I've seen it in person and you haven't. Yes, this one is a bit more browned than usual but it was not burned and did not taste overcooked.

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