What kind of eater are you?

The Slow Eater - We all know the type: After everyone else has finished their meal, you'll find this person plodding along, eating one little bite at a time. When sitting down at the table, the slow eater takes his or her sweet time -- and is always the last person to finish the meal.

The Fast Eater - There's a good chance you or someone else in your family fits the description of the fast eater -- and if you grew up with a fast eater, you probably developed a habit of fighting for seconds. This person tends to barrel through meals, cleaning the plate before the rest of the table has finished even half of their meal.

The Adventurer - The adventurous eater is always looking for the next gastronomic adventure. When it comes to food -- and probably other areas of life -- this person is a thrill-seeker and a risk-taker.

The Picky Eater - This person may never have grown out of their childhood likes and dislikes, or the tendency to turn up his or her nose at an unfamiliar cuisine. This eater can often be found asking a waiter if the dish can be served without sauce or with dressing on the side.

The Isolationist - One of the more unusual eating types, approaches the plate methodically, eating one food item in its entirety before moving on to the next.

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The Slow Eater
The Fast Eater
The Adventurer
The Picky Eater
The Isolationist
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What kind of eater are you?
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