The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want


The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want

What type of man do I think most women want?

Is it the man that is "too nice" or is it the man that is "too bad"?

Does a woman have to choose one or the other?

Isn't there such a thing, as a man who is well-balanced?

I believe so.

By the end of this article, you will know what type of man I believe most women would like on their arm.


The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want

This man is not only appealing in appearance but his personality has got the women wanting to learn him more. He is nothing short of fascinating! He is the type of guy most parents have told their little girls to stay away from.

  • He may have some bad habits such as smoking and drinking.
  • He may be the rebellious type (He doesn't care much for the law).
  • He may even be incapable of keeping a steady job.
  • He may even disrespect his woman or call her out of her name, when flying off of the handle.

I know most people, are probably thinking with all of that said, "What could possibly be so irresistible about this type of man?"

The "bad guy" is very likeable in the fact that, he possesses character traits that are amazing! Some of which may allow one to be blind sighted (if they are deeply infatuated or in love). The women who choose to pursue a relationship with the "bad guy" tend to ignore his negative qualities, and put their major focus on the positive ones.

This is negative because it can lead to a woman feeling regret in the future with her decision to date him.

"Mr. Bad guy" is usually great in bed. Even though he has a hard cut image, there's this little soft spot inside of him that is hard to resist. He is caring, thoughtful, and a great listener when not pushed to the edge. It's quite hard for "outsiders" to understand why this woman is so caught up.

She can't help herself.

She just is.

The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want

Like a fish, this man continues to wheel the ladies in, not leaving much selection for the "nice guys".


The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want

This man is safe on the rocks. He doesn't take much risks in life. He would rather do things in a well-thought out, and methodical way.

I am sure, that his parents are very proud.

But, where does that get him when he is trying to pursue a relationship?

This guy's usual role in a woman's life is a "friend" and nothing more.

He doesn't appear exciting enough, for some women to spark a romantic interest in.

Although he may possess character traits that are well worth getting to know,

"Mr. Nice guy" doesn't fail to come across as:

  • Boring
  • Dull
  • Predictable

Usually, the only women he is able to strike an interest in, are those who are very similar to himself.

Of course, the selection of women that want him does not consist of many.

He is completely the polar opposite of the "bad guy" image.



The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want

This man is a combination of both "Mr. Nice Guy" and "Mr. Bad guy" except he can keep a stable job, and he abides by the law. He may drink or smoke but not to the point where he is spiraling out of control. He takes risks in life because he seeks enjoyment. He also understands that some things aren't worth doing, because the consequences of those actions hold much greater than the experience itself. He is an intelligent guy, who has a very mature outlook towards life.

The type of man I think most women want is the well-balanced guy.

He is a man who is interesting enough to keep most women awake.

And a man, not "too nice" to where one wonders, "What enjoyment could he possibly,

be receiving out of life?"


The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want

Sure, Mr. Bad guy may be a lot of fun, but as a woman matures she will realize how much time she has wasted on this road that leads to no where. (If this was her original selection)

Yes, Mr. Nice guy is fantastic but he is often overlooked, usually a woman may take interest in him when she matures or grows tired of the "bad guys". (Mr. Nice guy has a lot of work to do, he has a sea of broken hearts!)

Mr. Well-balanced guy, is a great option because he has the edge that's appealing, and he maintains his composture which is sexy.

This the type of guy I prefer.

Ladies, how about you?

Men, what kind of a guy would you describe yourself as?

The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want

Thanks for reading!

Please see previous article,

The Type Of Man I Think Most Women Want
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    I'd describe myself as the nice guy. It makes more sense to me to be nice and friendly to people I care about.

    The thing is, I've experienced all of the nice guy problems you mentioned. But, it's what makes sense to me. To me, the "bad boy" lifestyle has never been worth it. In school, it didn't seem worth it to make the teachers' day hell and spend my afternoons in detention. I tried cigarettes and they tasted nasty. I tried weed but it was boring. I've never had much interest in binge drinking, hard drug use such as cocaine and heroin, tattoos, stealing, and destroying property. None of that sounds like that much fun that it's worth the risk. It seems like a short walk off a tall cliff. What good is being "cool" going to do me if I've been shot, overdosed on drugs, or rotting in jail?

    Even if I manage not to get killed, paralyzed, or jailed, being a "bad boy" seems really immature and low-brow. I don't want to be a simpleton, I was taught to aim higher. I don't want to be like those I look down on because they think it's cool to be an asshole or cool to fail. I didn't want to give my parents heart attacks because I came from a good home, and it just seems really dumb to live your life for nothing but picking fights and destroying things others have built or worked for, or breaking the rules just to be seen breaking them. And I hate cocky people.

    But, I keep running into those nice guy problems. How do you suppose I could be more interesting, while still being a nice guy?

    Is this still revelant?
    • Stacyzee

      Nice guys are fantastic but the well balanced guy is him just with more edge.

      Just take risks in life so to speak and that will be considered edgy enough.

      Try things you wouldn't usually example -

      If you've never gone rock climbing and your girl wants to do it , try it etc (just try things out of your normal practice that pretty much won't kill you). That's interesting to pretty much any one.

      I agree bad boys are unappealing. I knew a woman that dated one. He would cheat and beat her , but she kept going back. When I asked why she said it's because he's great in bed. I just did not understand the logic.

    • Anonymous

      @Stacyzee , so the point is to be nice AND interesting. I think I can do it this way by going for what I want in life more, instead of saying everything's too hard.

      I'm glad I don't have to be some kind of douchebag or criminal. Even when I was a kid, I never liked people who knowingly enjoyed making life unpleasant for others.

      Thanks for your reply :)

    • Stacyzee

      No problem

Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    Yes, I agree with this. There's so much controversy surrounding the ideas of the "bad boy" and the "nice guy." However, I don't want either one of those "types." I prefer the man who is well-balanced, like you said.

    I want someone who is fun to be around, makes me laugh, is not afraid to take risks, is somewhat unpredictable, but also stable in his job/career, is kind hearted, sweet, and caring towards me. A guy like that is the whole package. He can give me a thrill when I need it but also a stable foundation when I need it as well. This guy is intelligent and mature as well as completely honest about his feelings, thoughts, and opinions. That's the type of guy I want :)
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    • theFIN13

      Yes I agree with you! A guy like that would be amazing!

    • Balance suggests a perfect equilibrium. You essentially want perfection.

    • @alfonsosloan45 Not at all, there's no such thing as "perfect."

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • redeyemindtricks
    I note, with interest, that you've pointed out exactly 0 downsides of the bad boy, here.


    You have not enumerated a single downside, of the bad boy.

    Of course, I agree with you completely, honey. <3 ... But I don't think that was yr point.
    • Stacyzee

      Read Again. I did. I put his negative qualities.

    • Oh, those things in italics, were supposed to be BAD things. Like, bad bad things, not just bad boy things. Oh, okay.

      I mean, the last italic thing could be a somewhat-kind-of-bad thing, but that kind of loss-of-control isn't characteristic of real badboys. That shit's poser shit.
      Plus, rubber, glue, etc. Bounces off me, sticks to you?
      I mean, if name-calling and intermittent unemployment's as bad as it gets, hon, then, yeah, I stick by my statement. 0 downsides listed.

    • Stacyzee

      If you have responsibilities in life like rent , kids , bills it's terrible

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  • HikerDude
    Are you really serious with this stuff? It's like something a 10th-grader would think.
    • Stacyzee

      You didn't read. You commented along with another guy talking about physical appearance. If I were you before commenting, I'd actually read the content.
      Maybe it's too difficult for you.

    • BigJake

      @HikerDude I know, I really hope the age tags on some of these profiles are inflated. It's hard to believe that a 30 yo really thinks this way about men. Reminds me of Holly LOL.

    • HikerDude

      @BigJake yeah, she was a piece of work.

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  • krash2002
    I'm absolutely 100% a well-balanced guy. I use to be an extremely overabundant nice guy, but made sure to get outside of that realm after college. Seeing that I was the guy who was "too nice" to girls, but also not getting the girls. Which made me realize that I was missing something.

    After college I made a few big risks by moving to different major cities around the US, and taking big leaps in my career. Most of which were extremely dangerous as I was taking roles I wasn't ready for, but made sure to put in the hours to make it work. From there, I began to enjoy socializing, and taking on new adventures such as traveling around the world.

    Once I settled down a tad at the job I'm at now, and making a pretty decent income with a stable life, but yet still adventurous. My now wife came along, and jumped on the train with me at full speed, and we're very much in love, and enjoying every part of one another.

    My advice to other nice guys or bad guys. Look at your polar opposite, and learn from them. Make a T chart, take the pros from both sides, mix them, and become that as best as you can, but be authentic about it. Don't force it, but strive for it with the desire to better yourself. You cannot change over night, and you definitely cannot better yourself without the desire to do so.

    Side Note: Go to the gym either way. It's a great way to boosts ones confidence, and no girl is going to complain about a guy with abs. Just saying...
  • Humping_Tornadoes
    So girls want the bad boys, ok we get it. And if they aren't able to catch them then they will settle with the nice guy or if they're lucky, the balanced guy.

    You seem to go with a lot for looks too, since you made sure to put good looking men on the pictures lol
    • Stacyzee

      Do u see magazine covers real life with every day average looking women? How about on commercials? Ads?

      This is no different than what you'd see typically if this were a page in a magazine.

    • It doesn't mean it isn't misrepresenting. Honestly, if a nice guy looked like the picture you picked it wouldn't mind if he had an IQ of 50, girls would still chase him. I'm just saying, in this particular case it put me off of the things you were trying to say. Just an honest opinion.

    • Stacyzee

      But some nice guys do look like that , they aren't all unattractive men. Was I supposed to put the stereotypical image of someone below average looking while the bad boy is hot? Then everyone would conclude I am saying all nice guys are ugly. I wanted to be fair in representation.

      In all fairness , looks only get you laid but it's not enough to allow someone to stay. Most women seen substance. What you are referring to is something that will lead someone down a dead end road.

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  • cyndyrene
    Good thing you said 'I think' in the title because oh boy.

    How old are we that the bad boy and nice guy are still labels that we use. I wish we would stop putting each others boxes and categories, it would make dating so much easier.
    • Stacyzee

      Realistically , the whole human language is labeled. The "chair" you are sitting in is a label. The "computer" you are using is a label. Your "race" is a label. Literally everything is, its unrealistic for one to say they don't want labels or categories. It is any living things form of communication, expression and identifying.

      So , saying you want labels to be abolished is impossible.

      As long as we breathe , we will be labeled. Instead of one complaining simply choose not to listen to it Also,
      I create takes for a wide variety of ages including teens , keep that in mind. As an editor I am writing for all , not just my 20s- 30s age group

    • Stacyzee

      And for you to admit you don't want a guy who has his shit together is beyond mind boggling to me , but to each their own !

  • Chief16
    Me? I'm still a boy. I've much to learn. Truthfully, I don't wanna be any of the three. Because I feel like I'll be playing all three roles depending the instances of my life. Thanks for keeping it simple though. Nice MyTake.
    • Stacyzee

      Generally so to speak , no one wants to be a role. But we can't act like there isn't a separation between men that are bad (terrible on character ) and those who are not <3

    • Chief16


  • IronChinnyChin
    Women don't know what they want and couldn't spot a decent guy when he's right in front of them which is why there are so many single Mother and bastard children in this world.
    • Yes, women are also responsible for starvation all over the world. Can't the ystart breast feeding all the nice mouths that need nutrients instead of being so lunatic about everything.

    • @Sponsachtige Can I have that in English please?

  • supernerd99
    thankfully not many women think like you. none of these stereotypes is true. and whoever judges a book by its cover projects his own intelligence. so these women that think so superficially are thankfully a minority. thats what my experience and common sense dictates.
    • Stacyzee

      I didn't make this up. This is based on complaints of both sexes, but nice try.

    • BUT if you mean that a man should be balanced in the sense of not pedestalising women and becoming a carpet, but also being considerate and attentive then yes. but generally your sterotypical archetypes seem like they came from some cheesy women's magazine article written by a clueless teen girl.

    • no no these are made of INTERNET complaints. not real life. no mature person believes these stuff.

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  • Polocrew
    I want that dude in first pic, holy shit bro is huge. Wonder what his penor look like..

  • 26ukdude
    Im a nice guy, and im not changing for anyone. No one should have to pretend to be someone else, that applies to women as well as men.
    • Stacyzee

      You're right just be who you are. Nice guys are great but often overlooked. Has this been your experience ,

    • 26ukdude

      Yes, you're a lovely guy but...
      Kind, sweet, caring but...
      Friendzone most of the time. Well the girls i've been interested in have put me there, there have been some that have liked me but i've not felt the same way about them

  • pezzonovante88
    Except the "nice guy in the picture is very good-looking and likely would have no issue "pulling" chicks no matter what his personality was like (within reason).
    • Stacyzee

      So, are you saying real life you have to be good looking in order to succeed with women? That's not entirely true. Good looks only gets you noticed. But if there's no substance in personality , you're not going to build much foundation with any woman

    • I'm just saying is that when I picture the stereotypical "nice guy" he usually doesn't have model looks and that with a guy like that, having the unsuccessful-with-woman "nice guy" personality is really doesn't matter in his case. And this is all clearly just generalization after generalization that really has no science or credibility behind any of it :)

    • Stacyzee

      I was thinking about putting someone more average looking for the "nice guy" but since I put attractive men for every other picture , one would conclude that I am assuming nice guys are unattractive if I posted an average or below average photo.
      I wanted to play fair.

      You're pretty much saying women go after looks and nothing else. As a woman I can say that's not true on my part. I'd take an average looking guy with a great personality over one with hot looks who I had nothing in common with. Eye candy is only great for playing with , but what else after that?

      No myTakes havs science behind them, hello the name "my"take I think people fail to realize that they are going to get the a writers views and that is all. However , based on my observations with these "roles" they've been true for the most part.

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  • Hannah591
    1. I want a guy with a job, that doesn't get in trouble with the law and doesn't smoke. That's not a "bad" boy, that's a wasteman. A proper "bad boy" is more of an alpha male - confident, intimidates other men without even trying, knows how to handle a woman etc.

    2. We've all come to the conclusion that self proclaimed "nice guys" aren't at all. They have no qualms in calling their crush a bitch for not liking them, like they're totally irresistible and are surprised women aren't falling at their feet because they're so "nice". Being nice and especially faking it, won't do much.

    3. That's exactly the guy we're looking for. He isn't afraid to take risks but knows when he needs to stop. That's a man who can take responsibility. A mature grown man!
    • Hannah591

      3. And he treats you with kindness and respect because he WANTS to, not because he's expecting something in return.

    • Stacyzee

      Very nice and detailed description. This sounds like the well-balanced guy to me.

    • Bysshe

      "A proper "bad boy" is more of an alpha male - confident, intimidates other men without even trying, knows how to handle a woman etc. "

      What's bad about that? A bad boy is your byronic hero, not a flawless hero.

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  • Rawrzz
    Hm. I'm not well balanced. I'm not the bad guy, anymore. Not the nice guy. I guess I exist in a sort of parallel dimensional purgatory.
    • Stacyzee

      Ahh, you're not balanced! You're tipping over.

    • You're just trying to be different.

    • Rawrzz

      @Stacyzee Possibly. Possibly.

      @skyrunner2000 How am I trying to be different?

  • shortandsweet24
    I already know at my age that I would love to meet someone I could spend time with, that I feel comfortable opening up to, someone that I consider a friend. Even though I happen to be very attracted to them. Love shouldn't be something you settle with... :(
  • brain5000
    Excellent Take. I am not sure whether I am the Nice Guy or the Balanced Guy. Would you discuss the difference between the two in more detail please?
    • Stacyzee

      Sorry for my delayed response & Thanks for the compliment.
      Well "The Nice guy" is caring, thoughtful, usually sensitive, and sweet. He is not a risk-taker and often does not take chances in life. He is usually soft-spoken and does not have a back bone. Usually women, are able to walk all over him or take advantage of him (due to his very nice guy personalty). He has a lot of great attributes to offer but is often friend-zoned. This is what separates him the MOST from the "well balanced guy".
      The "Balanced guy" is those things, but is almost the same as the nice guy except he has a stronger personality. He usually does not allow himself to be walked over. He has an edge to him (he's willing to live outside of his box). He is able to spark an interest in a fair amount of women. His personality isn't so bland that he is usually not considered for dating reasons.

  • Moose2coolvargas
    It's funny one thing I've noticed is that #3 is what all girls and up with after all the time they spend trying to chase down the bad boy, they realize that what they were looking for was exactly opposite Just give it time fellas if yiure in this stage in your life, watch and wait you'll see
    • the greatest women i've met never chased the bad boy not even in their teens. not that a "bad boy" category of a person exists anyway. i've seen "bad boys" sewing with their grandma in the weekends and "nice guys" selling drugs to kids. nothing is as simple as it seems.

  • Lolomon
    Lol, I'm about to get hate for this but... the bad guy is who you have sex with, the good guy is who you have good conversations with and can trust... the balanced guy is the boyfriend. Most girls choose the balanced guy later in life.
    • The way you put it, I feel like I have been all three of the guys at some point in my life. Am I bi-tri Polar?

    • That works for most men and women, they get old and settle which is why the divorce rate is so high.

    • Lolomon

      @IronChinnyChin no one said you have to settle for the balanced guy, some girl settle for nice guy or bad boy. And then realize her infatuation has ended, plus a lot of woman marry someone they aren't really attracted to physically or sexually. I think balanced is a better choice and men marry whom they find physically attractive , and I think it ends there so, men ans women need to be more picky in marriage

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  • RedThread
    I think I'm the good guy. I don't take risks and I always plan everything out in detail. I'm the guy women realize they want to settle down with someday but doesn't want to have fun with when they're young. I'm biding my time but it will come 👍🏼😅

    They'll come around to the safe, responsible, respectful option eventually ✌🏻️💩
    • 9mfeo

      You might be balanced without realizing it - never forget that it's a subjective thing. Unless of course, your idea of fun is filing your tax return. Yikes.

    • RedThread

      @9mfeo nah that isn't my idea of fun. Maybe I am more balanced than I thought. You're right that it is pretty subjective. Thanks :)

    • 9mfeo

      I'm always right.

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  • Skeye89
    A guy can be nice and quite exciting, as well as interestingly spontaneous I know I am.
    Again nice take.👍👍
    • Stacyzee

      Thanks ! that sounds like the well balanced guy go me.

    • Stacyzee

      *to me

    • Stacyzee

      The nice guy although noted that he has great personality traits he is usually perceived as boring which is why he doesn't have much luck with the ladies.

      There's a reason why "nice guy finishes last" saying exists unfortunately

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  • utopianromance
    So a guy who is both has no category? Women be judgin him - good girls are afraid to get to know him... so bad girls is all he's had and he's basically done with women now - after havin his kids taken he's been driven to insanity and he messed up horrifically.

    These labels stereotypes and expectations are completely detrimental to society.
    • Stacyzee

      Well balanced guy

    • Stacyzee

      Stereotypes have truth behind them. Of course , they aren't true for "all" but they usually hold a fair amount of accuracy pertaining to the group that is being spoken about. I think people get angry over stereotypes because usually people use then to generalize when in fact there are exceptions to the rule in all cases.

    • Stacyzee


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  • davidpossey
    i am getting to the balanced guy lol i am a nice guy but i dont take shit from people i also take risks and is exercising my courage i have a purpose and a dream that im focused on and this past year im have been working on myself pretty hard i dont do it to get girls i just do it cuz i wanna be the best version of myself which is my purpose and i have learned that purpose always come first
  • AleDeEurope
    I can tell you tend to go more for the bad guys.

    I myself was once a bad guy, but as I mature, I grew away from the bad guy image, but obviously, you can't leave your past behind. So now I'd consider myself a well-balanced guy.

    In my opinion, this is the type of guy a girl wants:
    • Stacyzee

      Actually, i stated I love myself a well-balanced man, that's what is most appealing of all to me.

    • Yeah, but given how you wrote the Take, how you basically didn't say anything positive about the Nice Guy, and how you did say it for the Bad Guy, I figured you either went for the Bad Guys when you were younger, or the Bad Guys still grab your attention more than a Nice Guy, even though in the end you prefer a well-balanced guy.

    • And it's fine, I'm not saying it's wrong.

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  • Zombie-Killa
    The kind that doesn't exist.

    But some guys are really good at lying, And women are REALLY good at believing those lies!
    • Stacyzee

      Are you sure he doesn't exist? Because I've been with a well balanced guy for quite some time now.

    • Yeah, You can find a normal and stable guy. But he won't ever be the ideal you had in your head, You will just think he is lol

    • Stacyzee

      I don't think so. I've been with my well-balanced guy for 9 years. I know him well enough.

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  • PT1911
    I describe myself as the type that's sworn off dating or pursuing girls in their early twenties.

    Since then i have two degrees, a stable job, every single benefit ranging from medical to a 401k.

    Yeah life couldn't be better.

    The moment anyone places their validation on the opposite gender, they're doomed to fail.
    • 9mfeo

      I think you could even extend that to "the moment anyone places their validation on another person, they're doomed to fail." Validation should come from within, no?

    • PT1911


      True, to both remarks you made

  • ArchDruidMordred
    I'm the nice guy who's working on getting a balance.
    • Stacyzee

      Life is all about shaping and molding ourselves. We are all a work in progress.

    • Thanks for the support.

  • GreatnessPersonified
    Any guy who doesn't agree with the well-balanced man and the conclusion deserves to die alone. Seriously, fuck you.

    "Men, what kind of a guy would you describe yourself as?"

    A guy.
  • Bandit74
    So basically the cliche is true.

    Women want a bad boy who is good just for her and men want a good girl who is bad just for him.
  • 9mfeo
    Have you ever heard the expression "men want a good girl who is bad just for them, and women want a bad boy who is good just for her"? I think that mostly applies when you're young.

    Sure, an adventurous partner is important because why would I ever want to be with someone who doesn't want to experience anything new? At the same time, adventure can't be the only goal - having fun isn't going to pay the rent.

    We all need balance, whether it be in our lives as a person or as a romantic partner.
    • ArtDent

      I want a woman who is so unconcerned about 'paying the rent' that she'd be willing to live on a bus.

      It's quite telling that only one woman on this thread can separate a man's worth from his success in an unsustainable economic system headed for collapse.

    • 9mfeo

      @ArtDent so I should just waste my engineering education and live on a bus?

    • ArtDent

      Lol the system you worship is unsustainable. That you're educated yet can't grasp that truth is a big negative.

      I see no balance in your outlook, full on programmed, you are.

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  • orphan
    howcome your choice of pictures to caption your category of guy are all good looking guys?
    • Stacyzee

      Was I supposed to pick unattractive men?

    • orphan

      I think since you're speaking to the public, your images should reflect what regular ordinary people relate to.

    • Stacyzee

      Men only seem to find a problem with this when it's other men being displayed. There's women displayed on a everyday basis on TV , magazines , mainstream porn that doesn't reflect the image of average everyday women but no one days anything. Perhaps you feel incompetent

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  • Crapulux
  • Mishae
    Whatever he is, it's the guy in the first picture. When I saw his picture I started taking my clothes off. I'm naked now where is he
  • Laynierae
    Well balanced for sure! Where are all of you guys hiding? Lol
    • ArtDent

      There is no such animal. The traits that make a bad boy bad and a good man good cannot coexist in the same individual. Just stick with the bad boys that tickle your fancy and clean up your own messes.

  • Homebakedcookies
    I'm the nice guy pretending to be the well balanced guy. It's not that difficult to pull off.
    • Stacyzee

      It's not.

      But one can only pretend for so long.

    • Oh no no. It's really not that difficult. I just have to do something douchy once in a while.

    • Stacyzee

      Well that doesn't seem like a well balanced guy to me. He isn't douchy according to what I wrote.

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  • Hollywood-Glam
    That's so true 👌
    I want the well balanced guy, like every other girl.
  • tony72722
    Well every single one of these men in the pictures is extremely attractive lol.
  • red324
    Some guys like me are a bit cautious in the beginning, so their true personality is hidden for a few months, so every girl the guy meets just thinks he's boring and shy.
  • Riverock
    Good take.

    I'd say I'm a nice guy. I'm pretty boring and don't do much exciting though the female friends I have say I'm cute and most of the people I know say that I'm fun to talk to and can make people laugh. So I'm nice in a funny adn nerdy kind of way which is probably ok. I do need to work on my confidence though. Not just for dating.

    By the way, I can see why women would be attracted to unpredicatbility, we all are. That said, some guys get bitter because the idea that the women "matures or grows tired of the "bad guys"" and then turns to the Nice Guys sounds like she choose one because of attraction and then the second when she wants help paying the mortgage or having kids.
  • theFIN13
    I think you are right! A well balanced guy would be the best way to go!
    I would much rather date a guy who is open to trying new things and having fun but knows the limit and doesn't go over the top! A guy with a witty sense of humor that never fails to make me smile! Someone I can adventure with and experience new things but also someone I can relax with and just simply cuddle. But for me the main thing is I want a guy who believes in me and encourages me to better myself and to go for my dreams!
  • CBryan
    So... Basically they want the bad boy that is nice enough to keep a job. Please tell me this was satire!
  • dudeman
    but once a women waste her best years on bad men, why would a decent man want her? makes no sense.
    • brain5000

      Nothing about this business makes sense my friend.

    • brain5000

      Nothing about it is logical. It all comes from the heart. Attraction is primal in both men and women.

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  • Reflexy
    Cool take. I've always thought if i was going to get a tattoo it would be on my abs because i think that can look very cool :)
  • RomansToPhilemon
    Well, I am obviously gonna say I'm the balanced guy b/c you made him out to be the best. So duh!
  • Smells-like-lavender
    I guess the closes type I can describe my self is well balanced, maybe kinda well balanced, I definitely don't have those muscles those two had in the first pics, if someone knows how to get like that rip let me know..
  • chriss
    it doesn't exist everyone has different personalities with different tastes
  • kat_gran
    I totally disagree with this article.. Half way through I stopped reading. This is putting men in black and white categories which is totally not the case. I don't know where you live but where I live, nice guys also have a touch of cool.

    I've never been attracted to bad boys... I see nothing appealing about someone who is a total douche and has no respect for anything or anyone. The only persons going after this person are the emotionally broken. Like attracts like.

    Nice guys are also adventurous, so I don't really agree with this article. There are all kinds of people, boring nice guys, exciting and fun nice guys, charming guys, dull guys, rude guys, bad guys, etc. putting them to 2 labels is like telling us the only two colors on the color spectrum are b&w.
    • Stacyzee

      Society is a label.
      Literally everything is.
      Does every one fit only into a box? There are exceptions.
      I know nice guys can be adventurous, but my article is purely stating how most of them are perceived.
      Take it from a woman who has herself a nice guy, who has been rejected his entire life.
      Also, there's a lot of men on this site, that confirmed what I was saying (as a fellow nice guy themselves). Dating is harder for them because they are often over looked.

    • kat_gran

      I don't agree that this is how most of them are perceived. As I said, I assume that depends on where you live. I don't mean to bash your article but I just think it is too black and white. Yes, society is filled with labels in some places more than others, but contributing to this is not helping anyone, especially not the nice nor the bad guys.
      Anyway, I do agree that nice guys are often overlooked... but that is a whole other topic.

    • Stacyzee

      "Nice guys being overlooked" Is the main focus of my article. Why do you think so much women have love mishaps? That's because they've been chasing the wrong men all along. Every body wants a person that is well-balanced in life, that's an appealing trait.
      When these women change their perspective of "nice men" and actually give them attention, then these posters won't validate what I say.

      Thanks for reading!
      I encourage opinions outside of my own, so no offense taken.

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  • StewieRH
    I like a nice guy actually. I was best friends with my boyfriend before we started going out. When he finally admitted he liked me and I confessed I liked him back he was so shocked he actually asked me 2 or 3 times if I was joking, it was really cute.

    When I was in my younger teen years I was more into bad boys but my ideas there were unrealistic - I wanted a bad boy because I thought they were cool and would be able to protect me and I also wanted a boyfriend who was loyal.

    The reason this was unrealistic is that if he is a bad boy then he probably wouldn't protect me, he would be the one hurting me. It is also silly I wanted a bad boy boyfriend who was loyal, the clue is in the name "Bad boy" that they are not loyal.

    Now I say give me a nice loyal caring guy over a mean cheating scumbag any day.
  • udolipixie
    Ladies, how about you?
    I prefer Mr. Bad Boy as he is the most attractive to me.

    In my opinion males are generally the same it is like having a bunch of the same exact presents just in different wrapping paper. In my perception:
    The Bad Guy, The Nice Guy, and The Well Balanced Guy likely only even considered me due to my looks and would probably bail asap if sex wasn't viable (the nice guy may remain in hopes of getting it while he whines/bitches about me and resents me).

    All of them likely have the same mindset towards gals that gals judgment isn't to be trusted and that males know better for gals than gals themselves. For me the only difference is their wrapping aka how they present themselves.
    • schnipdip

      It's really amazing how you were able to make it to 25.

      You literally know nothing about men. Nothing

    • udolipixie

      In your opinion I know nothing about men. In mine it is not suited to take male advice about males. No different than I find most males don't take gal advice about gals.

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  • Tanuron
    I think I always been at war with myself really, between the darker sides and the lighter ones, which dosent seem to get easier with age, bah!. But in either case I guess im more balanced, but its funny how people have seen me anyway. Like people seen me so human when im inhuman and inhuman when im human. But guess its not so weird in many ways. Although I dunno if I always follow the law or are able to keep a steady job, lol. but I never been drunk and certainly always been pretty mature, at pretty early age too. While I dont think highly of myself in many ways, no doubt i think its more alluring for most to have someone who can be a tempation of both sides. Cause yes, you dont need one or the other, you can have both.
  • oldanddecrepid
    I think the full-on bad boy/guy is something that women only want because they know they can never truly have.

    I guess I am somewhat between balanced and a nice guy... I get a little crazy sometimes when I have had a couple of drinks like climb palm trees and jump onto first floor balconies and yell "here's your coconut you asked for" and throw it into the living room of the suite. But that is just fun... even when the island police and the people who are staying at the club don't think so hahaha... oops! The good thing is I can mainly talk myself out of anything :) even a night in jail lol

    Mostly, I am a stand-up kind of nice guy that treats people with respect and not being a dumbass all the time!
  • alice55
    I don't have a preference, as long as he is kind and honest with me all is good.