The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

If you give most men sex too fast, they will think you are a slut.

If you hold out on sex too long, then most will think you are a prude.

Oh no,

What is a young lady to do?

I have come to the conclusion, that most men want a woman who is well-balanced.

What does that mean?

It means a woman who doesn't sleep with a man so fast that his impression of her changes.

It also means a woman who doesn't hold out on sex so long, that she makes the man feel as if he is wasting his time.



The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

A woman that sleeps with a man in a short amount of time has got him raising questions to himself:

"If she slept with me this fast, I wonder how many other men she has done the same with?", he will ponder.

From the beginning point, assumptions are drawn about this young lady's character:

  • This woman must not value her body.
  • This woman must be promiscuous.
  • This woman must have a high amount of sex partners.

These are all thoughts that may flood his head.

There now has been an invisible label attached to this woman, based on the actions she decided to exhibit.

It's very possible, this woman was caught up in the moment and doesn't usually engage in sex with men right away. But like they say, first impressions are lasting impressions.

A lot of people hate judgment or labels, but in order to function as a human-being, we must use judgment in order to caution ourselves. Judgment is almost like an instinct. Through any aspect in life, we must use it in order to evaluate each and every situation (this works as a guidance to avoid trouble. It tells us if things/people are safe enough to proceed with).

Of course, not every man will view a woman in a negative light if she is that type of woman, but those that view sex has sacred, most likely will. These are typically men who have a low count of sex partners. Each experience they choose to share with one is extremely meaningful to them.

On the contrary though,

There are men with a fair amount of sex partner's that feel this way as well. Some of them have had their fun of playing out in the field and bedding different women.

But would most of these men ever consider being in a serious committed relationship with a girl that is possibly the same as them? The answer is no.

Some people may find this to be hypocritical.

The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

This further reinforces the double standard that men can be promiscuous but women cannot.



The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

A woman that holds off on sex too long, has got some men feeling as if their relationship is at a stand still.

"Will things be like this forever?", a man may ask himself.

A relationship is all about growth and development. If a considerable amount of time has passed and there isn't any indication that progress has been made, then what would make this guy want to stay?

  • How can he be certain that you really love him?
  • How can he be certain that you are not using him?
  • How can he be sure that he is "the one" you want to eventually share intimacy with?

Sure, some men are willing to stick around wait, especially if they are a virgin themselves or one who withstains from sex for a great amount of time.

But ladies, if this is the path you choose please let a man have reassurance that the both of you, will eventually get to a point where you will experience the joy of sexual freedom with each other.

  • Be honest and open with this guy.
  • Let him know why you are waiting, and exactly what for.
  • Do not be dismissive when the subject comes up or agitated.



The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

This is the type of woman I feel most men want. She is very relatable in nature. She lets it be known that she has a strong desire for the man of her choice. She creates a reasonable set of boundaries, which does not allow the guy to draw negativity about her sexuality. She gives sex to the man but it's not so fast that he will think negatively of her, and it's not too long, to where he will wonder where things are going.She is very direct in nature. The man usually has no questions about her approach. The relationship blossoms at a reasonable pace.


The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

A lot of these "types" of women are defined by a string of words that are bought together by ones vocabulary. It's very possible, these women are not an accurate representation of themselves.

The "prudish woman" could very well be the "slutty woman" in disguise. (She sleeps with every one, but makes it seem as if she wants to take things slow with the man she is trying to pursue).

The "slutty woman" could very well be the "well-balanced woman" in disguise. (This woman has a sexual past but with some change in her life, she is nowing leaning towards making choices opposite of what she used to).

The fact of the matter is, what you see isn't always what you get.

Yes, there are flaws in assumption but a lot of the times they hold very valid accuracy.

The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want

  • Men, what kind of woman do you want when you are looking to pursue someone?
  • Ladies, what category do you believe you fall in? Do men often get the wrong impression of you because of the way you present yourself to them?
The Type Of Woman I Think Most Men Want
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Most Helpful Girl

  • 9mfeo

    One teeny tiny issue: why is sex something that a woman *gives* to a man, instead of something that they share? It's giving me the impression that sex shouldn't be something that women engage in, which I'm sure was not your intention because that's ridiculous. Sex is awesome and everyone deserves to be doing things they enjoy and are comfortable with.

    But overall, I liked it. Great job, as usual.

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    • Stacyzee

      We all know how the "stereotypical man" and "stereotypical woman" is placed in society. Usually the man is the aggressor. He is more forward. He lets it be known what he wants. He is usually the one that initiates their entire relationship. Usually when the topic of sex comes up, it is very common for the man to be the one to lean towards this stage. Whether sex happens or not usually falls on the woman, "Is she ready to make that decision?"

      Yes, sex is something that BOTH people share.
      But however, my phrasing has to do with the roles that are common in society.

    • 9mfeo

      I guess that's a failing in the conversation about sex - a failure in viewing men as aggressors and a failure in destigmatizing female sexuality.

    • Stacyzee

      What can we do to change society? That's really just the way things are. I can't tell you how many girls I've known that like a guy but will never initiate or approach him. If he doesn't build the courage to do so , it's a missed opportunity. I've even noticed that with questions asked here. Some women will know a man likes her , but she's waiting for him to approach questioning his masculinity.
      Also, it's common men pay for dates.
      Men are pretty much holding the upper hand while women lay submissive.

      This definitely should change , and with modern times I see improvement. I hope it continues.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • ConsultantIsBack

    I really like the balanced viewpoitns in your take, lots of times you'll see "prudish" women dissing on "slutty" women for example, without realizing that being prudish is also undesirable for many guys.

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  • redeyemindtricks


    In yr taxonomy, I'm a filthy dirty slutty slut. I like fuckin'. I've never "made anyone wait".

    In fact, I think the whole concept of "making someone wait" is stupid and sexist to begin with. Who says women don't like sex? Who says SHE isn't "waiting" just as much? Anyways...

    Yeah. My husband and I waited about 2 hours. About 1hr 59min of that was for logistical reasons.
    ... And we've been married for almost 15 years, now, in the most impossibly satisfying marriage imaginable.

    The point is this:

    People are divided by their fundamental attitude toward sexuality, in this way. They run the gamut, from "high sociosexuality" (roughly, slutty people) to "low sociosexuality" (roughly, prudish people).

    Two people with mismatched sociosexuality WILL be unhappy as a couple. That rift will slowly, insidiously tear them apart. Until the higher-sociosexuality (sluttier) person acts out and destroys the more prudish person... or else just rots inside him/herself.

    There is no reason, at all, for misrepresentation or deception here.

    Two people who are both ready to hop into bed together on a whim, are well matched, and will make better long-term partners for each other than will others.

    Same for two people who view sex as a thing with immense gravitas that Must Wait.

    At best, this article advocates frustrating one's own urges for no real reason beyond a charade.
    At worst, it advocates active deception, which may throw BOTH partners into a downward spiral.

    Nope. This is one area where you should follow your own instincts.

    • Absolutely correct.

      I thought I was the lone person banging on the sociosexuality drum here on GaG.

      This dimension of sexual identity is ignored at ones peril if one hopes for a well matched partner in a fulfilling relationship.

    • Call me.

    • Stacyzee

      I agree with you but for societal reasons if one has no boundaries they will be judged , that's just the way things are. We can choose to ignore it , but judgment is as natural as the air you breathe.

      Someone can choose to not let it bother them or mold themselves accordingly.

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  • martyfellow

    I don't think so, Stacy. Most of us are like women, we want someone who takes our heart and gives hers. Whether or not she sleeps with us at a given time isn't really an issue... That follows after what happens with her heart.

    • Stacyzee

      I've seen plenty of women slut shamed for sleeping around too soon You opposite in regards to this, but there's no denying that this does not happen.

    • CoolSky01

      the number of sexual partners does matter to lots of guys i know so it does exist

    • Metlahaed

      RIGHT! Well said.

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  • MrOracle

    MOST people are the MOST happy when things are balanced. "Middle"/"average" is what most people actually want - which is why those things are average in the first place.

    Some people can't seem to grasp that concept, though, and those people are often "less-than-successful" at life in general. Such people want to only be at one extreme or the other. If you tell them to be less shy, they think the only other alternative is to be wild-and-crazy/in-your-face. If you tell them not to be "too nice", they think the only other alternative is to be an asshole. If you tell them not to be so judgmental, they think the only other alternative is to be totally permissive of everything. If you tell them not to be a slut/player, they think the only other alternative is to be celibate. Etc.

    Happiness is almost always found in the MIDDLE GROUND, where you can have some balance between the extremes. This isn't talked about very much in the media (of any type) because balance rarely generates drama and discord, and drama and discord is what gets ratings and sells ads. This is especially true of "reality TV" (I doubt anything has ever had such a misleading name!), where producers do everything they can to create drama and fan the flames to increase ratings - even editing footage to "invent" events that never actually took place as depicted.

    If you want to be happy and fulfilled, you'll learn to find the middle ground, and to make BALANCE your life's goal, because living in one extreme or another will make you miserable - not to mention anyone around you.

    • Stacyzee

      You always have the greatest opinions.

  • It is tempting to pontificate and talk about lofty ideals but sex is an important part of a relationship for most men. A hot looking slut may be fun for a few nights but most of us will never take that girl home to meet momma. If we are dating a prude, we respect her for not giving it up easily, but. . . I am asking myself why I have a girlfriend and I am not getting any of my sexual needs fulfilled. Yes, balance is what I look for. At my age, if a woman is a virgin, she is a nun or she is going to die a virgin. Every woman I date has been married, has children, etc. That's okay. I'm not a virgin and I don't expect to find a virgin or even a woman who has only had one or two partners. What I do hope to find is a woman who has not had more than 2-3 partners in the past 5 years, one who only has sex within the confines of a committed relationship, a woman who wants to make love instead of just fucking. When I am inside her, I want to know that she is doing this because of how she feels about me as a person and not just because an orgasm feels good.

    Nice myTake.

  • sheisintoyou

    I know this may not help BUT I think that there IS NO PARTICULAR ANSWER. It depends on the guy.

    We like all of them. However..

    In my opinion, if I am genuinely interested in a girl, her wanting to have sex right away or not, is not important. If she wants to have sex, GREAT. If she does not, I still like her and want to be with her. If I am happy with her, makes me laugh, I have chemistry with and can kiss her etc, then SEX should not get in the way.

    For this reason I think it is best for a girl to be true to her values and principles. You will be happier and someone will value you for who you really are :).

    Some girls like to hook up with many guys on first dates, some others want to be virgins till marriage, some others do not think about it and just go with the flow, there is nothing wrong (ethically) with any of these. It all depends on what you want to do, what do you feel is best for you?

    And again, and please girls take this advice, if a guy really likes you and cares for you, he will not leave you because you want to wait AND NEITHER will he leave you because you already slept with him. Believe it or not, men (or at least the decent and real ones ;) ) value and love you for many other things besides sex.

    Hope this helps.

  • Metlahaed

    I want a woman who doesn't care what men think of her for being slutty, I want her to be true to herself and not bother with society's skewed and retarded ideals. Girls who concerns themselves with the opinions of others are the one who I think don't value their bodies, or themselves. Being slutty has nothing to do with it.

    Stacy, you usually have pretty insightful ideas and thoughts, but I must say, this My take disappointed me greatly.

    • Stacyzee

      I am objective in this article and writing out my observations.

      When people learn I am not inserting my personal views of what I think is right or what I think is wrong , only then will they be able to truly an article and understand "Okay, this really does exist. Perhaps the problem lies with society and not the writer themselves ".

    • Stacyzee

      *able to truly read an article

    • Stacyzee

      All I am doing is bringing something to light that has existed for hundreds of years. My subjective views are no where to be found in this take.

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  • Dubhlann

    I like the woman who is the lady you'd like to meet your mother when she's in the living room with your parents and the slut your mother warned you about when you close the bedroom door. She has to know when to be which.

    • Dubhlann

      The reverse is true also. I try to be the model respectful gentleman when in public and the forceful Dom when the bedroom door is closed. She seems to really like that.

    • Stacyzee

      Yes, I described this type of woman in my previous take!

    • Stacyzee

      Lady in the streets but a freak in the bed :)

  • Riverock

    I think both genders normally want the best of both worlds, or at least a balance of both as you said.

    Women are normally seen as wanting a guy who is tough and dominant around others but has a soft side that only they get to see, meaning the guy can be sweet and intimate with them, making them feel special.

    Men are normally seen as wanting a women who is, as a female comedian once said, a "lady in the streets and freak in the sheets". A woman who is a 'prude' to other guys and always projects class but becomes a raw sex Goddess with them.

    Personally, I'm pretty 'inexperienced' when it comes to relationships so I'm pretty open minded either way (or at least try to be). If I had to say, I'd probably lean towards the women who takes it slower, purely because it matches what I'd like to do but as you said, a balance is best.

    That said, there's nothing wrong with women enjoying sex. It's stupid to think that women become somehow devalued or worth less for having sex. Sex is something both partners (or all partners if you're lucky :P) should do together and for each other.

  • Missy1994

    Sigh... So over these opinions! Time means nothing what REALLY matters is the person themselves. I've had serious relationships that have stemmed from one nighters, we met, we slept together, we had a lot in common and had a great time, we become boyfriend and girlfriend. If you're really concerned on if a girl sleeps with you to fast and that makes you think less of her you're actually ridiculous...
    These opinions make me so angry

    • Blonde401

      Agree 100% with everything you said. I get angry at this kind of bullshit too. It's once again oppressing women because nobody seems to be saying anything about how long a guy holds out for? Thank you for posting this 👏

    • Missy1994

      @Blonde401 not a problem! I couldn't not share my opinion on this... X

    • Blonde401

      I find I agree with pretty much everything you say, so not surprised I agreed with you here too! X

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  • lonerider

    If only the majority f women knew this. Withholding sex and bitching about girls who give into sex are common things for girls with low self esteem who want to prove that they are PURE or something. We don't judge girls like that. We want to be with a woman with whom we feel like the relationship is going forward. ANyway, extremely awesome take.. nicely written. Eager to read some more from you.

  • peachblossomluck

    It's healthy to have boundaries and still be open enough to enjoy what life has to offer. Sex is not a bad thing but it's ok to make sure you're sharing it with the right person♡

  • kathrina

    Who cares what men want like love and dont want. I dont understand why women get themselves into competition s over what a man wants and needs. They are not worthy. If they could have all the money and
    woman in the world they would take it in a heartbeat, so that tells you everything you need to know about the men women obsess about. They do not care about what you want so why do you.

    • Calex

      You must have met the wrong kind of men

    • Eric644

      you have either only dated bad boys or you have been brainwashed into man hating radical feminism

    • bobbyxx

      Who cares what women want or think.

  • godfatherfan

    What have we learned from this? That women need to stop trying to think they understand how men think. The whole "she slept with me too soon" is hogwash. However, the woman that says "I won't sleep with him for XX length of time" is much lower on the pole then the first date woman. The best time to have sex is when it feels right. You don't know that until the time feels right. If that is the first date, then it is. However, if you get to the 7 to 10th date and nothing has happened, it is not the right fit and sex is not likely to ever happen. but also age plays a big part in that. a young woman is not likely to have sex on the 3rd date as an more experienced woman. but the 3rd date is the one that sex is considered "on the table".

    • Stacyzee

      Pretending that these views don't exist contributes to the ongoing problem.

      Noting that they exist and expanding our view points from that spot is what will allow true progression.

      Pretending that this behaviors and stereotypes are fragments of one's imagination does nothing to help as a whole.

    • I see a statement by you "... I've seen plenty of women slut shamed for sleeping around too soon..."
      are you in high school? who are these "people". Sorry, that just doesn't exist. Nobody knows your business but you. Unless your going around telling everyone you jump on every cock you come across nobody is "slut shaming" you. (obv not you personally)

    • Stacyzee

      I am writing an objective view on a very popular subject. When one writes an article they must take into account the ages of their audience.
      What I write is aimed for a variety of ages including those that are 12 to 13 years old (who may be curious or new to approaches with the opposite sex)
      Writing objectively does not insert my personal view on things. It allows me to discuss something and look at it from an outsiders view.

      Realistically, as a young adult a lot of men may not say it but many of them still feel this way about a woman in their 20s- 30s. There's just a type of woman which they will never marry which is a slut.
      If I were to tell someone I am 29 with 80 partners (an example) most would run (this is a topic that comes up). If I were to tell those I am 29 and a virgin they'd wonder what's wrong. There comes a point where acceptable becomes questioned.

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  • hellionthesage

    One is always judged on their actions this is not only inevitable but necessary. If a woman acts impulsively now then their is a high probability of her being impulsive in the future, and likely to the mans detriment ergo you stay away from these types of women if you want something long term. As for the double standard, it doesn't exist. Men are not high fived and fawned over for their promisciuty, if they are its only by women as women seem to want an "experienced" guy, or so I have heard on this site. Generally the response of a man having sex is indifference (with the exception of highschool). My usual response is something along the lines of "Oh, you had sex? Just like your father and his father and his fathers father and 90% of life on earth from insects and reptiles to mammals and humans? Such a trend setter, you should be proud." ie men really don't care one they leave their teen years so why this persists I have no idea. Then you have the fact that their are two very different expectations for men and women. A man is expected to ask the women out (taking all the risk) wine and dine her (paying and planning the event), ask her out again (again taking the risk for the chance to prove his worth to her) and so on and so forth until they are a couple, he will be expected to shower her with attention, buy flowers jewelery etc. She will be expected to do pretty much nothing but except these things until he has sufficiently proved his value to her at which point she is expected to provide sex. So, a woman who gives sex away is a woman who does not value herself nearly as much as she expects the man to value her, a woman who is promiscuis is essentially giving away for free (to men she hardly/doesnt know) what she expects the man she supposedly has feelings for to pay for thus devaluing him to an extreme degree. If he gives away sex for free, but is willing to go through all of this for her he has only increased her value ie he can get it for free but wants to pay for her he wants to invest in her their fore she must be of greater value then all others. This is why their is no double standard because the expectations are completely different. Now that this is out of the way I think this was a good take and I would agree entirely a woman needs to be well balanced, and yes if a woman holds out she needs to be straight forward about why so that he understands that he is not being used. And I think I explained why promiscuity is bad already. Overall good take.

    • ArtDent

      This take was written for the sole purpose to justify slutty behaviour by trying to engage in false equivalency. Everything else in the take was filler.

  • Mishae

    Sounds like Dr. Ruth. This is bullshit. No guy evaluates a woman with that degree of intellectual and academic perfection. It is all up to the woman if she wants him going get it. Dr. Ruth – well forget it I think Dr. is in bed with the first guy she sees

    • Stacyzee

      Look, you're a stripper and a prostitute im familiar with your posts

    • Stacyzee

      You are biased to. this whole thing ,. no. surprise here

    • "No guy evaluates a woman with that degree of intellectual and academic perfection."
      Wrong. If that were true, I wouldn't exist.

  • Bandit74

    "If she slept with me this fast, I wonder how many other men she has done the same with?", he will ponder.

    That is true, a man isn't turned off that you were easy for HIM, he's turned off because he thinks you were easy for other guys.

    I think its stupid because it also leads to the opposite train of thought. "If she makes me wait that must mean she's hard to get and hasn't slept around". Now that is bullshit. I know its very common for women to act slutty with guys they meet at clubs or on tinder and then play the hard to get good girl when they meet a stable guy they see a future with. So even if she makes you wait 2 months for sex its very likely she's spread her legs by the third date for at least 1-3 guys before she met you.

    I think its really rare to meet a girl who is always easy to get but its also rare to meet a girl who is always hard to get. The average girl has had 6-8 partners, probably half of them had to wait, half of them got sex right away. If a girl sleeps with you right away, that means you were one of the guys who she was the most excited to sleep with. So I think guys should do the reverse. Instead of losing interest in girls who sleep with you right away, you should lose interest in girls who dont sleep with you right away.

    • pooper89

      " If a girl sleeps with you right away, that means you were one of the guys who she was the most excited to sleep with. "
      very true

    • Hwlsop

      I actually heard that the average girl has sex with 3 guys in her lifetime.

    • Bandit74

      Im pretty sure its more than 3

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  • dudeman

    i want a women not brainwashed by feminist rhetoric. that means i have to go to asia or south america.

    • Stacyzee

      It's infamous @dudeman !!!

    • dudeman

      what do you mean?

    • Stacyzee

      ... you and your bold comments as always :P

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  • krash2002

    You're viewpoints are spot, and wonderfully written. I think there's definitely a slutty/prudish label that is sadly set in stone with all guys. Even guys with low sex counts think this way too. As most of my guy friends think this way. Even religious ones think that as well.

  • Zorax

    I guess I'm not like "most men", I prefer sporty women ;)
    But the well balanced woman is ok too.
    Nice Take by the way :)

    • Stacyzee


      But there are 3 types of women according to this. What you are describing is a physical type which I haven't mentioned, but nice to know anyway.

    • Zorax

      You're welcome :D

  • vishna

    I think this is a very well written, fair MyTake that takes the time to not play into stereotypes.
    I think I'm a balanced woman. I think guys who never dated me might think I'm a virgin, every guy that I've dated has always thought that in the beginning. But I think there's a difference between virginal and prude.

  • burlen

    In addition to your brilliant conclusion, there is no shred of evidence that says guys generally prefer to date girls who engage in sex early, late or so-called "balanced" whatever.

    Having sex early or late in a relationship depends on the needs of the individuals and contextual factors.

    Phrases such as "in a short amount of time" and "a considerable amount of time" are vague and subjective.

    The post seems to assume guys carry with them a set of assumptions about girls who submit to sex early or late. It perpetuates the stereotype that women gives sex to satisfy men.

    After reading the post, one is left wondering whether women don't think negative or positive about men that submit to sex early or late?

  • Jo_Bunny

    I am tired of this shit. When you stop caring about what you think someone wants you to be, thats when you get the most respect.

  • MargaritaPeach

    I've been all three at one time or another. It really depends on the guy, what type of relationship I was pursuing at the time, and how comfortable I felt with him. I trust my instincts when deciding how to proceed; if he doesn't like it and he wants to judge or label me, that's his bag of chips.

  • What I'm looking for isn't about our possible sexual relationship. (Which will be after marriage)
    I want a girl with similar interests. Someone fun and interesting. Someone who can be a great friend all the time in addition to the rest of our relationship aspects.
    Sex can wait. I need to love her inside and out, in that order.

  • alphadoggystyle

    Its not a double standard that easy women are looked down upon compared to men who sleeps around a lot. You already know this but it takes a lot more effort for a guy to get laid compared to a woman, and only a small percentage of men are attractive enough to sleep around as easily as the average woman can if she wants to. This is because women are more selective and dont have as high of a sex drive as men.

  • ArchDruidMordred

    In regards to your comment on the prudish woman.

    "But ladies, if this is the path you choose please let a man have reassurance that the both of you, will eventually get to a point where you will experience the joy of sexual freedom with each other."

    Best paragraph of advice I ever read as far as advice to girls go. If you want to wait to push forward, make sure he doesn't think you're just throwing a brick wall in front of him. Otherwise, why should he want to stay?

  • lacorine197

    Where does all this, hunk, superguy greatness come from? I'm pretty sure it's all hyped up on the internet and/or in movies cause where I'm from, not much guys are congratulated on fucking any girl..

    • Stacyzee

      I have seen guys get high fived over this. I'm shocked this doesn't happen where you live.

    • I'm shocked this is happening anywhere at all, such a stupid thing to get high fived over.. it's not even an accomplishment, Graduating from school is an accomplishment, getting a promotion to your career is an accomplishment, fucking people, damn people really have those type of standards? haha so shocking :o

    • Stacyzee

      You're very mature in your thinking.

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  • PapersNorder

    First of all the number of guys I have slept with is none of your business. I am talking to my date not the general audience here. While I appreciate the categorization of what I would consider, "sexuality" I do agree that labeling is unnecessary. It is more of a no I correct me it is a socio-logic approach that I imagine is good for writing papers but I do not believe labeling is as constructive as people think. Especially sociologists.
    I have slept with guys on the first date. They were hot and I connected with them on both a physical and emotional label. I like them they like me. If I feel that I need to come up with some number of dates before I sleep with a guy that I'm not being true to myself. If I were to think that I was not going to have sex with a guy until let's say eight dates, I would drop him. The reason being it was obvious I did not feel a connection with the guy so I continue going out. Just to make a certain number so I can have sex with him? I didn't want sex with them in the first place. I do not know what moderate means although probably a moderate. It is rare I sleep with a guy on the first day but that is mainly because I haven't decided whether I want to or not not because a certain number has to be reached. Again if I number comes into my mind I don't think I want to be with the guy. I guess two or three is my magic number.3 the guy and I just don't make it.
    Now for the big BUT. No not that kind of butt. If a guy pushes for sex from the get-go or projection inferred sexuality that is a definite turnoff. I am not a woman's libber or bra burner but as far as I'm concerned, I control when we have sex. At 25 I don't claim to know everything but what I do claim is I'm not 17 and you can con me into bed. There have been many guys who have tried. The more you try the con the more you get a wave good night. So from that standpoint I'm a prude. My interpretation of the guy is that me out for one reason only. Now here is where it gets easy although it sounds complicated. Every girl should know that a guy wants to sleep with them. That's the initial physical attraction. You don't ask a girl out so you can discuss wave equations. Your initial look at the girl is chemical and sexual. I know that and most girls know that almost girl should know that. If that is all you thinking about and you push sex then it is a sign from a I don't want to be with you. I I'm not a walking vagina. With all of the above said am I a slut, prude or moderate?

    • bobbyxx

      No it is a partner business how many men you have slept with. And why should you control when you and your partner have sex. You are highly selfish. Honestly, another one. Your like cancerous cells mutating.

    • @bobbyxx I believe you have that wrong. If I am not in the mood and my partner wants sex then there is no sex. I am in control of when I want to have sex just as my partner is in control as to whether he wants sex. The actual act, the physical part we share. But if I am not in the mood then I just would be spreading my legs and allowing them to insert. Other people have agreed with me. It involves being in the mood, not being selfish. The rest of your comments are ridiculous. I expressed an opinion, my opinion regarding the article by Stacy. Jumping on me as a cancerous being is ridiculous. Perhaps I should've used a different word than control. Instead let me use the word "decide" I decide when I'm going to have sex with a guy. That is what this article was about.
      The person who reads the electric meter does not read my "vagina meter"regarding how many partners I have had. It is you that is selfish for you who insist upon input, evaluation and judgment concerning a woman's private lif

  • RedRobin

    What if you're a virgin and waiting till you get married? Does that still mean you're a prude and should have sex with a guy earlier then that?

    • Stacyzee

      I don't think you're a prude. You have morals and are willing to stick to them. I think it makes you strong. If you're expressive to the man you are with about these things and do not avoid the topic of sex then I don't think you are one. Although someone who is judgmental and only after the goods may view you that way.

    • Eric644

      yes, you are a prude, that is the opinion of most people. in my opinion virginity shouldn't be valued, loosing your virginity is like throwing trash away

    • RedRobin

      @Eric644 it's not trash to me

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  • pavlove

    Lol this would have been the perfect take to get my input you dork

    • Stacyzee

      Hey there , I have a million ideas !! Just message me

    • Stacyzee

      Still waiting for your response , you kept me hanging for a while bro !

  • Sky-Marie

    Since i am a transgender women that is in transition to be a full women only an always will be attracted to only females i like women that are thick in all the right places tat don't mind showing their figures off and are sexual even out of the bed well as at home even when company is over she is sexual with me also even in front of them and at home with me and around company she loves wears nothing buta thong or G-String with sexy 6 inch heels
    Summer time she loves to wear tight simpy things out of the house an show some skin an even breast cleavage and little butt cheek in what she wears also some butt sleavage in thigh jeans and little belly in winter she wears tight things like leggings or yoga pants and mini dress with leggings under them that the mini dresses shows all most her butt cheeks with sex heels
    I love those kind of women that are into transgendr women and id you know only in to women or in to both genders but loves women more an she must be thick close to bbw, but not considered bbw and over five feet eight inches or really short women under 4 feet 7 inches and thick in the right place those kinds of women are very attractive
    Plus i love the kinds of women that would uhale thing after at 3 weeks of dating kind of women to women kind of gal that is a lipstick lesbian gal : Only women that are seriously in to only women would know what i mean by this U-HAUL THING

    THAT'S MY KIND OF LIPSTICK GAL ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  • skykidx1

    No what man want is a loyal girlfriend who sticks by them no matter what. I find in today's what women n some man are always looking for something better instend of forcing on how to make their relationship better.

  • nimbus24

    If someone loves you, they will love you. It doesn't matter if you sleep with then too quick or you made them wait too long.

    • Stacyzee

      Realistically , love takes a while to happen.
      Whether we like it or not judgment is something that is as natural as the air one breathes.
      It's just best people try to steer clear of those who don't associate them with stigmas if they want to feel free to sleep with whomever they can. If they want to hold off for a while they can. It's just be people find those they are most compatible with then they will not have to pretend.

  • Xoxoxooo123

    I dont pursue a relationship unless i think it will last and i believe its good for me and him. I dont even think i fall under a label, either i feel him and i want to build something good with him or the vibes aren't there for a long term relationship and we aren't going anywhere.

  • Scrambledagain

    Promiscuous or not. If I wait for a month to get laid (for example) with a girl and I find out that she slept with her ex or something on the first date, that's a deal breaker for me. Clearly I am not as hot as said ex and am one of those "safety" men. Would grate my balls every morning knowing that.


      That is why you will never know about her tinder exploits.

    • @KENKONG I assume every girl has been fucked loads of times before meeting me (tinder included) she just musnt expect me to be content if I found out that she made me wait and not the others. Deal breaker.

  • genericname85

    how about: don´t care what he thinks and do whatever you like?

  • aggresor

    You are wrong.

    Men want women who have standards in the men they fcuk.

    For example, no man would call you a slut if you slept with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Leo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Aston Kutcher, Channing Tautum or even Mark Zuckerberg within a week.

    I really wouldn't mind if girls slept with 100 "high-value" and good looking guys.

    But what we would be disgusted by, is when girls have no standards and poor judgement and sleep with some ugly inferior sleazy sh1thead who are just inferior human being.

    • Stacyzee

      I'm not wrong.

      This is true based on my observation.

      No one sits down and makes up things about how the world works.

    • Stacyzee

      If there were no such thing as what I am speaking about the word "slut" and stereotypes about women wouldn't exist.

    • aggresor

      No, you are wrong.

      your observation, is just that. An observation.

      You observed a rich man pointing his finger at the sky, and you concluded pointing your finger at the sky is what will turn you into a rich man.

      That is pretty much what you are doing here.

      Me on the other hand, doesn't need observation.
      I am a man. I am telling you how I feel and see the world as a matter of fact.

      I don't care if the woman hold out for long or short regarding giving sex.

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  • Sabretooth

    i just want an old fashioned woman, who, after marriage is a freak in the sheets.

    • Stacyzee

      Yes, that type of woman is ideal for a great majority of men.

    • Sabretooth

      although, with all the sick, twisted fetishes out there, i suppose it would be more appropriate to say ''mild''. y'know: oral, anal, assjobs, and titjobs.

    • Stacyzee

      Lol, Yes! I feel you! I'm not into the overly kinky shit either.

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  • ThisDudeHere

    Most women want a gentleman on the streets but a caveman in bed the same way most men want a lady on the streets but a freak under the sheets.

  • davidpossey

    importantly tho it depends if i just want to have sex i would prefer the slutty women if i wanna be in a sexless relationship then the prudes lol so it mostly depends on what the man is looking for and who that man is

  • Stephen10

    I gave up on women a long time ago, when I was 20. I'm now 31 and I still can't stand women.

  • candyaurora

    A balanced approach is the best in almost all the aspects of life- diet, work, job and yes- sex.
    I am a happy virgin but the moment I get married to a guy I feel happy with- I will try to become a slut for him only LOL

  • boobookittyfuqk

    And this is why I should probably start dating women now. Men, is it really all about sex? Jesus fucking Christ -.-

    • Eric644

      sex is a very important part of a relationship people want a relationship not a friendship.

    • @Eric644 Yeah but that's only a fraction of the relationship. My longest relationship was 5 years, I know what I'm talking about.

    • Eric644

      it's a pretty important fraction of the relationship. most people do not want to be in a sexless relationship

  • dogman8073

    If I can sleep around why is it different for a woman. Own your escapades don't lie about them. If a single woman asks to have another guy in the mix because she likes it means she had it. She's not a great lover because she read it in a book or daw it in a movie. If she's wild she's experienced the same as me. And I'll take wild anytime

  • Skeye89

    Love your writings there always objective and as much as possible unbiased, you generalize with exception than specifically say "these are the behavior of this set of individuals" is very well put together. 😁😁💞💟

    Now I have no problem being with a whore as long as she's my whore, don't want this notion to be taken the wrong way now. A persons pass is their pass as long as they plan not to return their, hence this is my preference in order:


    Balanced Women


    Anyone can sure work either way with the appropriate lifestyle adjustments.

    • Skeye89

      @Stacyzee I forgot to mention I also love the interactive questions at the end of your MyTake.

    • Stacyzee

      Thanks ! :)

  • Transigence

    I don't care for this take. It's too reductive. The amount of time a woman waits before she will have sex isn't a very big factor in what I want. If the relationship doesn't progress to a sexual point within at least some ridiculous amount of time (six months?) then it's stagnated. But there's nothing wrong with sex at the end of the first date. I will not assume she's a slut. I don't even have a concept of what a slut is. I care not. Seriously.

    But there are other things that are WAY more important than this that most women seem to want to ignore or pretend doesn't exist. The gun in the room is one example. Sex roles are another. Deeply asymmetric expectations for herself and her man are another.

  • beautiful_secret_

    well i don't want to lose my virginty over a guy who is not going to last.. i will only lose it when i get married

    • Eric644

      virginity is not a prize, it is a burden. the moment i lost it, i felt like throwing trash away

  • Rei02

    I think that in the end, we don't have to worry about the labels, because if we do, we Will only show Who we aren't for real. Like in the alpha and beta system.

    We can show our slutty side or our prudy side, but most importantly, we need to Know ourselves Who we are and accept ourselves. Keep the inner balance.

    For both genders:

    Everyone is different, so everyone wants different things, goals in life, being With different people, etc. If the guy or girl whom one dates is not interested or doesn't want to have a relationship with you, That won't mean That you are not bad, it is Just That you are not his/her type, please don't adjust to the others' needs and likes, first love and respect yourself.

  • Xseed

    It's true. A slutty guy wouldn't want a serious relationship with a slutty wiman and vice versa. It makes sense. The way I see it though, everyone is capable of being a Slut and everyone is capable of being a prude. In fact, I believe we all go through all three titles of slutty, prude, and balance. It all depends on the situation and the point in our lives. For example, I didn't have sex until I was 21 and when I did I became a Slut and went crazy. Then I met a girl I really liked and when she broke my heart I became a prude and disnt trust women again for a long time. Then I got over it but I still had the experience of my past, so now I wait enough to make sure I dont waste my time before bedding a woman. Also As I get over I might explore my slutty personality again before becoming a prude and we'll balanced again.

  • Azara

    Women shot;ld be who they are and do what they feel comfortable doing. she will meet a guy worth of her instead of one she molds herself for.

    • Azara

      at least there's dignity in being yourself.