Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?

Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?

This isn't a hate article; more importantly, this isn't a "men are better than women" article. I am writing this article, because I want to hear from women why they date the men that they do. I could have wrote a simple question... BUT I wouldn't be able to articulate all of my thoughts with such limited details. So, as you read this article, please do not get offended by what I am saying. I am just speaking my mind and looked for answers. Let's begin with the reason why I am writing this article.


Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?

About a few years ago, I met this girl and she was really smart. She was working on a college education, getting her life together and was very intelligent. She was the type of woman that could have went places in life. The last time I saw that girl was a few years ago, and then we eventually lost contact.

Do you notice how I am using past tense? Well, I was watching the news recently, and I saw her on the news. I came to find out that her boyfriend murdered her. I was shocked and stunned because I recall talking to that same girl a few years back... and now she is gone. I did some more research on the case and I got a good look at guy she was dating. Here is a basic description of him:

-Tatted up and had some face tattoos

-Big Clothing

-Criminal Record

-No real job

I've been thinking about this for a while... and it doesn't make much sense to me. Obviously... this is a sad case; however, thinking about life, I always see women dating loser men. This is what I would like to discuss in this "myTake".


Qualities of a "Less Than Reputable Men"

Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?

Before I share my opinion, let me tell you another story. I recently went on a date with a girl. Conversation was good, she had a great personality, she was confident, wanted to do well in life and she seemed like the whole package. HOWEVER, towards the end of our date, she dropped a bomb on me. Here is exactly what she told me:

-She had a 7 month boy (doesn't sound too bad)

-The baby's father is still in his life (at least he is helping out, right?)

-The baby's father doesn't work (bad)

-The baby's father doesn't have a car (bad)

-The baby's father only source of income is the drugs he sells (extremely bad)

-The baby's father, this girl's ex, only got her pregnant because he wanted to "keep is legacy going". Once he got her pregnant, he left her and got a few more women pregnant (extremely bad).

-He has 4 other kids and 4 other baby mamas (wow...)

-He has no real job training, no college education and has been in and out of jail (extremely bad)

Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?

She told me that she has been dating this guy on and off for the past 8 years. She told me that when she goes out with new guys, he gets jealous and "claims" he wants her back... BUT he has other women on the side. So, he "traps" these women by getting them pregnant and that is his way of having a lot of women in his life and always keeping them around.

Do you see the traits this guy has? Do you think he is a "winner"? I often see women hanging off the arms of men like this. They act like a guy like this is a "real man". He is a "real man", because he is edgy, does whatever the f*ck he wants and other women want to be around him and are always trying to get his attention.

Fun Fact - I've seen a lot of "losers" in my life. The funny thing about men like this, is that they always have a "supply of women". I always see men like this with beautiful women or women who are vying for their attention. WHY?! What makes these men worthy of your time and energy?


Qualities of "Reputable Men"

Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?

Before I share my opinion, here is another story for you.

I have a friend, and he is now a lawyer for a law firm. He is a very successful and driven dude and has all the potential in the world. He is very well traveled, did some time in the military, is educated, well mannered, articulate, well dressed, charming, very respectable and has a great job. Obviously, when describing a guy like this, you would think that women would be all over him. WRONG.

I was eating lunch with him one day, and he told me how women are never interested in him and how he has been single for a couple years. He could talk to a girl about a variety of topics, tell the girl about his travels, really try to get to know the girl... but the girl would either show lack of interest, tell him there was no connection or they ghost him after the date.

Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?

Do you see the traits this guy has? Do you think he is a "winner"? I often see women ignoring this type of men or they make him work harder than the "less than reputable men" and they don't seek the attention of this kind of man.

Fun Fact - All of my friends, the people I hang around, are winners. They are the type of men who went to school, have careers, are successful and are looking for a good woman to spend their life with and start a family with. However... women seem to ignore these type of guys. The call these type of men boring and then they ask, "Why is this guy single? He seems like such a good man". I see this far too often.


When I look at society, it's full of single moms these days. Society is also full of kids with no manners and who grow up to be future criminals. Do you know why so many kids have issues today and why so many kids turn to crime? It's because it's in their DNA.

I always see women having children with "losers" as with the story I mentioned above and then the cycle continues. The reason why society is so messed up is because women keep having "relations" with these kind of men and bringing up a child in that kind of drama.

Actually... I saw this video online. Go to the one minute mark and watch all the way to 2:08.

So... what fascinates you ladies about loser men?

Why Are Women So Fascinated With Losers?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    Think of all the women who surround you. Now, imagine you get to fuck one of them, no strings attached, as much as you want for a week or two.

    Pick one. Who would it be?

    ... I bet it sure as hell isn't the one who'd make the best "wife material". Heeellllll no.

    If you could rank all of those women in order of wife-material, I'd bet good money that the one you picked is in the bottom half.
    Isn't she.


    Consider the above. We're all human. Our sexual desires aren't always -- or even usually -- in line with our higher motives.

    Now, think about what you are probably missing here, which is that women are living, breathing human beings, too -- with sexual desires that are just as dirty, nasty, and imperfect as yours. If not more so.

    Women are not prizes awarded to men who tick off the right boxes in terms of jobs, income, lack of criminal records, and so on.
    We have... our own desires. Our own lusts. We WANT.

    And some women want what they want... so badly that they let it fuck up their lives.


    How much have you ever stopped to think about... what makes women wet?
    What makes us WANT... to FUCK?

    It sure as hell isn't "stability", I'll tell you that much.
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    • Djaaaaay

      Well... for the first time... I disagreed with you because the men you're mentioning are still the thug type guys and young. Us mature (STABLE ) men will (never ) even want a woman at that lower level EVER. And by the way... with my status I could get the best pick of the litter anywhere anytime any girl I may be interested in... just saying 😊

    • Mrwoo99

      @Djaaaaay you mean women want you for only your money

    • @redeyemindtricks

      I hate to disagree with you of all people, but I have to point out that actually most guys (the virgin hunters are the exceptions) do sort of prefer to fuck "wife material" women, we just happen to lower our standards for casual sex because otherwise most of us wouldn't get casual sex, ever... Most guys certainly wouldn't have a kid and an 8-year on-off relationship with some trashy good-for-nothing skank like OP describes (but gender-swapped). But of course some men would, and do, just like some women are self-destructive/stupid enough to go for thugs.

      But yeah, I agree stability isn't an aphrodisiac, still neither is being a thug/skank, at least to a healthy person, especially if, as the OP describes they aren't particularly charming, funny, or even good-looking. These guys aren't even regular charming bad boys. I think it's a dominance thing for these women who have self-esteem problems among other mental issues.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Love_Is_Eternal
    Most women today have no brains. The stupidity of people today, especially women, is so depressing that I just have to switch off and do my best to ignore it. We now live in a world where insanity has become normal. Everything is subverted. Up is called down, right is called wrong, truth is called a lie, good is called evil etc. Western women today are just bat shit crazy and are very dangerous. Act like a gentleman and women reject you. Act like a bad boy tosser and women will love you. Mad mad world.
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  • Relentless_Hippie
    I don't have any interest in the bad boy thug types. A man with knowledge, manners, values, etc that's the kind of man I want. Your friends sound dreamy. Truthfully the kind of women who go for the bad boy types are really just the female versions of them. They might come in pretty little packages but at they're core they're as rotten as the guys they're with. Quality women seek out quality men.
    • mits777

      Also he is mistaking something that being successful isn't enough for a man if he is a mommy boy and not confident. First of all someone needs to be a real man, secondly successful

    • @mits777 I've notice a lot of people who lack in the personality department like to blame the result on others instead of seeking inwardly. I guess it's always easier to say it's everyone else's fault instead of our own.

    • mits777

      @Relentless_Hippie Yup, you got it right. Being successful doesn't mean being a great person and having a good personality. Actually many successful persons think only of themselves, are busy and treat others like shit. Again, many not all. I am successful myself and still very loving and caring toward my people. I still have my best friends since 6 years old, find time to Skype anyone even that I live in another country and so on. What is inside matters

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  • Luci92
    Women with issues are attracted to men who you call 'losers'. Whether it be self esteem issues, being drawn to danger, or metal issues etc.
  • Fanteezy
    This is an exceedingly judgmental and misleading article and question. It's pretty racially prejudiced too.

    People are attracted to "losers" as you called them, because of their own upbringing, issues, and lies they tell themselves. Everyone is desperate to feel connected, but also to do, be, and buy everything that TV has told us is important.

    We often seek out significant others based on what our parents showed us, not necessarily taught us. We find the same flaws, anxieties, and pain irresistible when we see it in others. It feels familiar. It's home. These women you mentioned in your examples are only understood based on how you saw them. We don't know about their upbringing, or their trauma or even their self worth. All we know is that you judged their self worth based on what you decided was significant, with very little detail as to who these women are and where they come from or the type of pain they've endured in life.

    That pain is significant, because trauma and anxiety makes us do all sorts of things that aren't in our best interest or look for love where there isn't any. BEcause there's plenty of those so called "Reputable men" that are engaged in all manner of evil, deplorable things. But since they're white guys in suits with "good jobs" and "degrees" who are "well dressed" and "charming" so it's assumed they aren't losers.

    I understand that this is a short article used to frame your question, but the criteria used tot dictate who's a loser and who is reputable is pretty shallow and thin. It makes broad, sweeping generalizations about who is worthy and who isn't then frames that as if women are just choosing "losers" over these other guys.

    Then you have the audacity to make a bunch of blanket statements about "society" and "kids today" as if we're under siege by roving packs of teenage gangs out to murder us all for drug money. And then you have the gaul to say some eugenics laden bullshit like crime is in people's DNA? Come on man. Even your pictures have criminals of color and every so called "reputable" person is white. You either did that on purpose because you're into eugenics and white supremacist rhetoric, or you didn't even realize you did it because its' baked in so far you don't even know it. I'm not sure which is worse.

    The problem isn't the women. It's you. It's how you see women. it's how you understand success. It's how you interact and what you expect from people. It's your friends. It's your judgmental worldview
  • Darkfairie17
    I like good men. The problem with your example is that this guy sounds super busy. I want a guy who is going to make time for me and our relationship. I know a guy who is a lawyer and he works long hours. Which is great for his career, but not so good for his relationship.

    I think the real problem is not that women are picking these bad men for their qualities that are bad. Its' because a lot of these bad men have ways of manipulating women to get with them and stay. Like in your example, this guy would "trap" women by getting them pregnant. I've seen this all too often. A guy will get a woman pregnant to trap her. They can also trap them by marrying them or abusing them. It's all about control. I was in an abusive relationship, i know all about being controlled and manipulation.

    My ex who was verbally and emotionally abusive was a great guy on the outside. He's very charismatic, he has many friends! The thing is, only a few people know about how he really is. That's because he has this charismatic side to hide it. He's incredibly likeable.

    The problem is, people misrepresent themselves all the time. It's easy for people to dig their hooks into you, get you attached and then once you've invested time, they start being a crappy partner. I think this is where the problem lies.

    It's not easy to leave someone, especially when you have a kid or are living together. Trust me! I'm not a mom, but I did live with my ex. It took a lot to leave safely. Most women want to be with the father of their kids. Because society still judges you much on those sorts of things. And that judgement and fear of doing it on your own is enough to make a person stay unfortunately.

    It sounds simple, don't pick the bad ones. Don't stay with an abuser, don't stay if you are unhappy. But it's totally different from being in that situation and trying to dig your way out.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your insight.

    • cth96190

      A man cannot be successful and have a lot of free time, especially when he is young and working to establish himself.
      That is something that women generally do not understand.
      In my field (journalism) the divorce rate among the men is close to 100 per cent.
      Because the women sit at home and complain about being 'neglected', because their husband/boyfriend is working long and irregular hours. Not for a moment do they understand the reality that the house in which they are sitting and whining is made possible by those long and irregular hours.
      Most women do not understand that success comes at the price of time.
      Aside from a few men who have been fortunate enough to die, or commit suicide, before they have been arse raped by a divorce court, I have seen many colleagues destroyed by their 'neglected' wives who walked out and used the Family Court to steal everything.

    • @cth96190 I realize that work takes time. But you can't neglect your family. Maybe instead of buying a humongous house, live more modestly. That would give you less to have to pay for and more time with your family.

      Now I know not everyone likes to live a modest life. But I've chosen a modest life for myself. I plan on buying a small home and growing my own vegetables and making a lot of my own things. That maybe sounds eccentric or crazy to some people. But I get joy from working on projects.

      I feel like too many people get caught up with having things that they lose sight of what is really important now a days. Plus I work full-time too. I don't expect a guy to see me 24/7. But if a guy only has enough time to see me once every 3 months, then what's the point?

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  • AhGojira
    You're funny... Yeah people with tats or big clothing are losers, yet you're the one that keeps getting the short end of the stick... I know your mom keeps telling you you're a winner, but maybe you should ask her if she's talking same game spud...
    • Anonymous

      I mean... I'm not sure what to tell you. I am sorry you got pissed off over what I said about men like this:


      Grown men don't dress like this. I was just loosely describing the guy. If you have a lot of tattoos, wear big clothes, have a criminal record and no job... I'm sorry.

    • AhGojira

      This isn't about me and I'm not bothered. It's about you. They're doing something that's getting them what you want and apparently don't have but for some reason you think they are the loser. That's called being delusional...

    • Anonymous

      If you think a thug who has nothing but a hot woman is a winner, you're sadly mistaken. While I am curious about this, a winner in life isn't just about having a hot woman by your side.

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  • LizzyLiz
    its Simple.
    you can't help who you fall for and everyone in some stage of their lives have fallen for a loser or a person who just doesn't deserve all your love and affection.

    eventually we ought to learn to choose better partners cos some people tend to attract losers over and over again.
    • Jersey2

      The key I think is to keep away from these guys and then women won't fall for them. But who is that smart when they are young I guess.

  • LittleSally
    Isn't everyone?
    You love watching animals at the Zoo... more than that - in their natural habitat.
    Why? Because it's interesting... and something you don't see every day.

    Doesn't mean you want them as pets.
  • Negrodamuss
    So when a girl gives a guy with little/nothing to his name a chance, she's a nutcase. When she goes after a guy with status, she's a gold digger. The logic of gag men who SUCK with women is astounding. These takes are always about shaming women into looking in your direction because you're too pathetic to go after the girl the hard way and face rejection
  • NyomiMcClinton
    Really enjoyed reading this article. And i feel the same way as you. I see so many women especially single mothers being so clingy when it comes to dating men. They tend to take anyone who comes there way. I have a big problem with women who play "house" to soon and then want to cry about why they are being used and taking advantage of. Women fail to realize that when you constantly give and give to a man, some men do not appreciate that.
  • Because women are naive and weak personalities by nature. They fear social exculsion more than death and would do anything to avoid it, even staying with losers like the ones you mention. They can't help it. It is in their nature to do so. They always follow the mainstream and do what is considered trendy, cool and socially acceptable. In Cologne last January, after the major sexual assaults by Afroasians, they staretd an action and gave flowers to their own rapists.
    I too know a girl who dates someone who may be succesful in life, but she constantly complains how she cannot imagine a life with him. Yet she stays with him because she's afraid of a single life. That guy by the way has mental problems since he was a child because his father (guess what) murdered his mother in law and (guess what) his wife (the guy's mother) stood with him and supported him in court. The murderer of course is an Arab muslim. And all this was just fine for his woman. The girl doesn't know anything of this and I bet even if she finds out, she will be terrified but stay with her boyfriend and her criminal father in law anyway.
  • Djaaaaay
    Women who are attracted to that type of guy are no different inside themselfs then the guy they feel attracted to. We men have to reconize that quality women never are attracted to such guy , and that there is the difference.( Birds of a feather ) isn't a myth.
    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your input. You are right.

  • IceCubedude
    i have noticed some women tend to do this as well, iam not generalising here but it seems like an American thing, it happens everyhwere thats for sure but in america its like a super big issue that needs to be fixed.

    me personally when i was really nice and super friendly i would get no attention and i had women hurt me, then i changed i grew up and becamse hotter, grew a beard, got an edgy and cool hairtcut, changed my entire wardrobe and got a couple tattoes (not to impess girls i just like to have tattooes) and what do you know i get attention left and right , iam not as nice as before but still friendly and respectful , much more confidet and i dont give second chances or chase girls or seek their approval, if she hurts me she can go fk herself (no offense).

    i look like an edgy guy who is dangerous and can do some shit even though iam not edgy at all and i follow the law and actualyl studying to get a degree, but they look at me and they like what they see, point is you are right, women go for manly men and usually such men are losers, but other times they are actually good men who happen to act in a manly matter.
  • chigurl33
    It's the books, I swear it's the books. I read a lot and many girls fantasize about changing their local bad boy. I personally am not into the loser type but a lot of girls are, I think it's all about priority.

    Personally I would like somebody who can hang out with me without talking but at least pretend to listen to me when I'm talking. I have zero personal space and can let you smell my farts but do we really need to talk or go out all the time.
  • Telekinetic-Potato
    I saw the title and loved the take before I even read it. I totally see where you're coming from, I've wondered the same ting. I do all the time and your conclusion was a powerful message that I think was a much needed hard hit of reality. I have never read something on this site that was this smart, well written and spot on. And you presented a point of view at the end that had really never even crossed my mind which almost never happens to me.

    Well done!

  • SovereignessofVamps
    Loser guys can act like toddlers so it could be that a lot of women feel like they're in control of the relationship with them. Like they can just do whatever with him and be a 'mom' and have a guy who will do whatever they want for her...

    Except toddler guys also lose control so then there's drama or even abuse. I think the women like the idea of having control but it doesn't work out... or they could like the drama and just don't see the consequences.
  • peachblossomluck
    I wish you weren't anon because this is one of the only complaints on here which is actually legit! My theory is these guys are exciting and women crave excitement.. or they feel they have the upper hand in these relationships because they are the cerebral superior (yes, I see the irony too). Or these guys know how to fuck them they way they crave. The guys are probably good in bed because they have nothing else to offer. The women may like taking risks and they have few other outlets.
    • My most plausible theory is that these women have low self-esteem, which creates personal problems in every area of life.

    • SuitAndTie

      I agree with you. The thing is, if these are the kind of guys that excite women and this is the type of excitement women crave, then these women must have some horribly painful boring lives. Are their lives THAT dead that these are the only guys that can get them excited? I may have an unpopular opinion here but I get turned off by girls who's previous relationships are with guys like the ones above. I lose a lot of respect for them.

    • @SuitAndTie I see what you mean but guys, normal ones, need to learn how to take a girl out and show her a good time so she isn't hard up for action with deadbeats and other bottom feeders.

  • ObscuredBeyond
    Funny. I have a job, but certainly am not the pristine figure described above. I've seen some of my aspirations soar while others crashed and burned. I'm attracted to manic pixie types. But I've discovered with many gals, it's a mask. Some gals can be real Jekyll Hydes.
  • GreatnessBack
    "Society is also full of kids with no manners and who grow up to be future criminals. "

    I grew up in a single family home, I'm not a criminal.
    I work in IT, have a wife and two precious children.
    I don't want to hear I'm the exception to the rule, because your rule doesn't exist.
  • DodgersGM
    Let's just assume that some women are batshit crazy. (we all know that there are plenty of crazy men and women out there, so this isn't exactly a stretch lol)

    Why would you, a supposed 'reputable man,' want to date them anyway?
  • kellyg83
    you know what's funny about this is that there are guys who have almost the same double standard for women. they blow off the good girl because she's "boring" and won't give him the exciting sexual experience that a "slut" would. but when he reaches his 30's or 40's, and is ready to settle down, he crawls back to the good girl as a last resort because he doesn't want a "slut" raising his kids. but he still isn't satisfied and often times ends up cheating.

    as far as this thing with bad boys and betas goes, there are some girls who have the same issue as the type of men mentioned above. it's like society has flipped around and now the women are doing exactly what those kinds of men do. or some of them have self esteem issues. it depends more on the person, but it really boils down to the same double standard.
    • having double standards is a fact of living cause if you're putting in a 100% in living then why settle for less

    • I'm a good girl as far as loyal, don't cheat, I'm a slut when when i t Comes to my x. But he's on some shit that has fucked his head up. n my heart. Started hurting me more physical and emotional. I found a scarf in his car n nail polish. Plus he casino junkie, and looses all the $. I don't know what to do with myself. I know I can do better.

  • Marinepilot
    I must say (Sadly) you're 100 % right. Women run with the bad boys. Get knocked up an ruin their bodies, looks and used most of their energy on
    thug ass losers ! And then have the unmitigated gall to expect men of
    substance and character to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
    Fuck that shit ! Any man worth his salt will not give these used up
    wretches the time of day. We deserve better than settling for some
    thuggy ass gang banger's left overs. I quit driving used cars many
    years ago.
  • soffffixaz
    Personally, not drawn to "losers" but I can see the appeal, they're more likely to be spontaneous and spend more time with you then a guy who works a 9-5 and wants you to make him spaghetti every day and then go to bed because he's tired. Some women prefer the fun, exciting type rather than the boring , reliable but nice type which is fair enough, everyone has their preferences.

    Also it's unfair to call the "losers" losers because some of them do not get to chose the life they have and are born into a family who deal with drugs or rely on crime for income etc and the same goes for the women. Sometimes all they see is the people around them cheating, doing drugs, committing crimes so its normal for them. You can't put someone down for being a product of their environment.
    • I couldn't decide if you were being serious. So I just lol'd. Your 19, too so... yeah. Your stereotype of the working man, and justification of the playas was too funny. And yet disturbingly predictable. Have fun with those playas, Im sure they'll treat you great. And Im sure you'll be just fine when they're through using you :)

    • soffffixaz

      @JesseBrooks im guessing your a working man, who hurt you? lmfao "playas"

    • Exactly the response a 19 y/o would make. "playas", "thugs", "losers" whatever you wanna call em are the type of guy your obviously into. Go ahead IDGAF what you 'think' is gonna happen, because I already know. Your in for a treat :) And who knows, when your 30 something, you might even land a "Captain save a ho" to help you pick up the pieces of your miserable life. Call me butthurt all you want. A narcissistic woman, deserves an equally narcissistic man. Enjoy

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  • Shuge
    80% of men AND women are losers. Women hide it pretty good but at the end of the day they know that they belong with a loser. You expect too much of women. When you see 8 out of 10 women with losers that should be totally normal to you. Are you trying to find a wife or just hook up because you can always pretend to be a meth dealer for a night. Good luck with the wife thing though...
  • chriss
    every girl is different.

    if every girl liked the same type off guy then almost everyone would be single
  • This_is_my_username
    If you're attracted to bad boys you probably are a bad girl or whatever the fuck they call themselves. I think they call themselves bad bitches. They attract people of this sort. And then it's like a tug of war. And in the end when you're old you've done nothing in your life. NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS! women like confident men yes. Just like men like confident women. These so called girls that go for men like this aren't confident in themselves therefore going after lowlife boys. There's also this rescue trait they have. Or this taming trait. this mentality of " I CAN TAME him" because for some unknown reason you're special which by the way you aren't. Which causes this whole scenario. Do me a favor instead of ranting about women like this.. when you see em. go the other way and look for matured women who are secure within themselves. THE END!
    • cth96190

      Not all women were like that, you said.
      I agree with you, but I would also say that most are like that.
      That statement is based on what I have experienced and observed.
      My best guess is that, until they are about 30 years old, about 80 per cent of women are like that.
      Then, at age 30, they hit the wall. The bad boys stop calling and paying attention to them.
      The women begin to re-evaluate their lives and, for the most part, realise that they have made some extraordinarily poor decisions, in terms of their choice of male company and for whom they have spread their legs.
      At that point, she begins to be interested in the good men, the sort of men who were not 'exciting' enough for her when she was 20.
      I watch this behaviour with a feeling of wonder, in the way that one might watch a serious car crash in slow motion.
      They actually expect that the good men hung around waiting for her to be 'ready for a good man'.
      What they are finding is that an increasing number have gone MGTOW.

  • pr3ttybr0wn
    All women are different and not all of us like this kind of guy.

    I've heard guys like this say that all women want is money and a rich man.

    I think what it is, is that when a guy gets rejected, he immediatedly assumes women dont like him because he isn't x guy. everyone gets rejected sometimes. you dont think losers ever get turned down? losers and bums get rejected by women too. i would much rather date a successful guy with his life together vs a guy who i have to take care of. but not every body makes good choices all the time.
  • JesseBrooks
    Having dealt with this before, its hard to be their savior down the road after they kicked you to the curb years before. Im not MGTOW, but I won't be a womens knight in shining armor after getting shit on by them over some thug life playas, or 'losers' or whatever. We were the ones getting shit on for for trying to be hard working stand up guys, getting called the losers. Some of the womens comments depict it perfectly. THANK GOD not all women are into straight up pond scum like them. Yet I've seen very few of them which is a shame :(
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Because, being loser girls themselves, they mistake confidence for arrogance. It's called mimicry.
    • That video, that fag did a "fabulous" job of making gaming look gay. Who ta fuq says are you a pole dancer to random girls? His "d*** save" wasn't game, girls was just looking for an out. Is that what you tards want? A girl who flaunts her body fto strangers for money? Stupid. He doesn't have game either.

  • JensonStatement
    I Quote the Redheadguy: "You're the hottest fuckin bitch tonight"
    Girl which he is dancing with: "Like you make me feel so special tonight!"

    Like wtf...
  • NatashaBeauty
    My fiance is respectful respectable man. He graduated high school early and now attends HLS. I love him very much and we are expecting our first child soon. PM me for more details
  • pizzawithchicken
    Those "reputable men" tend to be bigger losers than the so called losers up there. Wearing a suit does not change who you are,.
  • JohnDoe3000
    All I can say is stay away from women like these: they are damaged goods and not worth your time.
  • JustWorthlessMe
    it's all about looks... women will want a pedophile if he is good-looking enough. (ooohh... i'm sure he didn't do it etc)
  • DizzyAster
    Nice post, but it's off.
    Women like men who can make a move.
    Unfortunately, the lawyer guy you talked about probably didn't know how to do so.
    Women are not easily woo-ed or swayed by stuff, if the guy is a knob-end.
    They like to be excited.
    Unfortunately, again, the bad boy with their, whatever, does that.

    Also, your friend was killed by a bad man. Doesn't matter if he was a drug dealer or car dealer, bad people are bad.
    I knew plenty on both sides of the spectrum who wouldn't kill their woman. Another man? most definitely, but not a woman.
  • Shaft50
    I see some of this, not to the extent that you are talking about. I don't agree that the choices of a father are then embedded in the DNA of the child. Some things can be passed on, such as addictions, due to environmental and societal influences, but for a child to grow up to be a criminal, they must inevitably make the choices that will take them down that path. As for the women falling for the wrong guy, I have seen cases like this, just as I have seen cases of guys falling for the wrong girl, with both scenarios sometimes turning out well, and sometimes turning out poorly...
  • SuitAndTie
    I lose respect for a girl when I find out her dating history involves the "loser" type guys that you've mentioned. It turns me right off. One of the ways I determine whether I want to date a girl or not is by looking at her past relationships. You can learn a lot about someone by looking at their life choices. Sure, some girls may make this mistake once or twice but their are many girls I've known who just keep going back to the same type of guy, the "loser". It's borderline deal breaker for me. It's like when girls get turned off or lose respect for a guy when they find out he's visited prostitutes.
  • scooogy
    I heard that they often try to change the guy for the better
  • Sel22
    Loserguys are blessed with the big penis
  • jacquesvol
    Definition of 'loser', please.
  • Animals attract animals.
  • bruce3
  • Adigelunar
    nice job
  • FireChick9701
    I like bikers not men that wear suits
  • StiffLeg
    Only a loser would perceive things in this way.
    • Anonymous

      Enlighten me.

  • Anonymous
    I love Charles Manson... just sayin
    • dontknow12

      What made you fascinated by him?

    • Anonymous

      @dontknow12 I'm not fascinated. I just want him!

    • dontknow12

      Like marry him?

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  • Anonymous
    I wanna date a black guy
  • Anonymous
    Men complain when women want an well educated men who have a good work, etc... Then they also complain when women like losers. Honestly I'm confuse right now.
    • Peskyn3gr0

      They just can't get a girl to their dick, that's all.

    • Anonymous

      @Peskyn3gr0 yes, i think it's that too

  • Anonymous
    Well, not all women are "winners" themselves.

    Men often make the mistake of ranking women by their sexual desirability and deciding her personality and character must then be linked in that same ranking.

    Hot women can be cruel.
    Hot women can be addicts.
    Hot women can be dangerous.

    Two of my cousins are in prison for meth-related charges. They are stereotypical "dirty white boys" to go against the pic you used above. They are good looking and they date good looking women, but these women are not the sort you wanna meet in a dark alley. One of them's "main" was recently put in jail herself.

    Looks don't equal character or behavior.
    • Anonymous

      When women don't display these negative qualities themselves, often they still grew up in negative households. They may overcompensate by trying to be "perfect" but that early trauma makes them think poor behavior in your partner is the norm.

    • but not everyone is the same we don't live in a world where everybody is the exact same and that's the kind of thinking that's creating all of these problems

  • Anonymous
    Same reason all these dudes keep getting these hoes pregnant I guess. some people have no self respect, self worth, self love, or some just have no standards.
  • Anonymous
    Because they're stupid and love "bad boys" and they want the guy to be "exciting" or whatever so they get what they deserve when they get murdered or raped or abused.
    • We have to be very careful when we start talking about what we think others "deserve." Doesn't excuse a gal exercising poor judgment, but that doesn't mean we let rapists and murderers off the hook either.