Things I've Noticed While Living with Women


I have been living with women for 17 years.

Here are some things I have noticed about women.

Of course I haven't lived with all women on planet earth, so if your experiences are different, don't be surprised. This take is strictly about the women I live with, you might find something you can relate to.

Women are very competitive.

Women are very competitive. Let's say right now I said to my sister

"I bet I could hold my breath longer than you can." She would literally pass out before she let me win. They don't like to admit defeat. For What reason? No clue.

They're very emotional.

A lot of things have happened in my life as well as everyone else's that would make anybody emotional, but with women its different. Let's take my mom for example, a tooth of hers fell out the other day, & she cried for at least 2 hours.

They can sometimes be confusing.

A girl will tell you something & mean the exact opposite of what she said. She could say "Leave me alone", but what she means to say is "Please comfort me." I personally have experienced this myself.

I was told to leave, but while I was walking out they told me they didn't really want me to leave. It's complicated.

Women are women

We couldn't live without them.


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  • Did you REALLY only notice THREE things? I do agree with these things to a certain extent, but there is MUCH, MUCH more you're missing. This is my experience growing up with MANY sisters and a mother. Disclaimer: Not ALL girls act this way!

    1. We need to talk about everything!

    Anything sad, exciting, weird, etc.. We need someone else to talk about it with. If we don't find someone to talk to.. We get overwhelmed with emotion. I remember when my college teacher was said something REALLY interesting to me
    .. I called my mom 5+ times so I could tell her! My mom has done that to me PLENTY of times.

    2. We LOVE to gossip.. even is it's about our own family.

    3. We are over dramatic

    4. 90% percent of women hate bugs... we will always make a big fit if we see one.

    5. Yes... we use a lot of tissue, products, etc

    6. We always feel compelled to go to places together.

    My mom and sisters HARDLY if EVER go anywhere by ourselves without at least ONE of us. Even if I'm miles away, she will call me and tell me where she's going and ask me to come. If anyone goes anywhere, we have to ask where they're going..

    7. Everyone is always on some crazy diet and trying to lose weight.

    8. Most of us hate the gym and give up when we don't see results soon enough.. a lot of women hate exercising.

    9. Most of us women are VERY indecisive and change our minds a lot.

    10. If a man is in the house (my brother and father) we can't get completely comfortable... Sitting with our legs open, walking around naked, talking freely, etc.

    11. We are moody

    12. Eventhough we may RANDOMLY want our space and time alone, or we may come off as mean at times... we still love you. Just try coming back in a hour or so.

    Um.. There is PLENTY more, but I'm running out of characters๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Yes there are plent Moreno things I could have included, but when your take is that long people aren't really interested in reading it.

      I know this because I hardly read Takes & if I do, I'll click out if they're too long.

      So I keep it short & to the point

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  • My experience living with women.

    Well, they spend a huge amount of time in front of the mirror doing who knows what. At least seven hours a day is plucking eyebrows. The other 19 hours a day in front of the mirror is a total mystery. Yea, I know, that adds up to 26 hours a day which is an even bigger mystery. Just accept it and things will go much easier.

    She always gets the blankets. Even if you are laying there shivering all night, she gets to keep the blankets.

    When she hears that slightest sound from halfway across the continent in the middle of the night, just get up and check it out. The sooner you do it, the sooner you can get back to bed.

    • I am laughing so hard lol
      This is so relatable๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ so funny!

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  • LMAO AGREED WHOLE-HEARTEDLY but I want to add that the reason so many women say the opposite of what they want is that they want you to be like "No, it's okay you can tell me" (or whatever similar thing that pertains to the situation is). Plus likely they don't want to burden you with their troubles, so they'll say "I'm fine." but really, they want you to comfort them. OR they could actually be fine or want to left alone. Lol it's really difficult to tell, but generally, I find that it's more likely they do want comfort. (Speaking from my own behaviour and past experiences)

  • 1. Women are very competitive.
    Men will instantly think they have the skills and vehicle from formula one racing if prodded by another formula one driver...
    2. They are very emotional
    They are very emotional oh sorry moody grumpy moany old bears this transformation comes with time
    3. They can sometimes be confusing
    They are constantly confused because they are NEVER REALLY EVER BLOODY LISTENING,...
    We can definitely live without them... xx

  • I enjoyed reading your mytake. Thank you for sharing. :)

    And as @404filenotfound said, there are a lot more of these that you did not touch on. :p

  • none of that is gender specific. i've lived with men for 20 years, I've seen the same behavior. by the way 'crying' is not the mark of emotional. its just what the body does when its calming down. fits of rage tantrums loss of control, thats emotional. crying just clears out your eyes.

  • Haha ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Haha love it

  • 0|0
    • He wasn't hating on girls.
      He was stating observations that he had make after living with some of them (his mum and sister) at no point did he explicitly say that he didn't like them he was making comments about his observations.
      The competitive thing I will admit to because I'm extremely competitive.
      The emotional bit I can see reflected in your comment.
      And the confusing bit is probably because we don't want to seen as being weak and therefore lesser because for some reason we prefer to seem detached and unemotional rather than being the emotional and social creatures we really are (our two closest primate relatives are chimpanzees and bonobos- yes, the ones that have sex all the time if that doesn't tell you that we're social creatures then I don't know what will).
      And considering the lack of points suggests that they aren't to create hate because then the article would be longer and would either use more colourful language or discreetly colour our view of it.

    • also, he literally ended with "We couldn't live without them.". Sounds not that hateful to me.

      It's just the oldest and most common stereotypes, so don't know why you have to write a myTake about that. But not really "hating" on girls either.

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  • You said that this is just YOUR experience living with the women in your life, and other people will have different experiences. So, if you're very aware that this is only YOUR experience with women, why make these sweeping generalizations like: "Here are some things I have noticed about women," "Women are very competitive," "[Women are] very emotional," etc.

    It just seems hypocritical to me that you mark in bold "This take is strictly about the women I live with" yet turn around and make these sweeping statements as if women in general are all like this. I wouldn't advise doing that in the future.

    • Well I put women
      For 2 reasons

      1. I didn't think typing "women that I live with"
      Ever second would be necessary.

      & 2.
      I said women, not all women

    • Yes, AWALT. :)
      Get a clue sonny. LOL

  • Nice my take but I was honestly expecting more from it. I noticed that just by being freinds with women.

  • I had this girlfriend once. She was getting ready for work in the morning and I complimented her on her outfit. (She worked in an office.) She burst into tears and cried: "Why do you always talk to me like that!"

    I kid you not.

    • How exactly was it phrased?
      Some women seem to be incrediably sensitive to compliments for some reason.
      I'm not really sure if it's the kind of thing of "senpai noticed me" or whether it's just because they aren't sure how to react to compliments (people don't really seem to give compliments these days).
      She could have been having an off day or she was trying to play the victim and I assume you are happy that you broke up with her considering what she said.

  • I've been married and living with women for a total of about 40 years, and you're right on. But there are SO many more little quirks and things they ALL do. Go here and read on on why men and women are so different:

    It will improve your game and confidence. The women really hate it when you understand them better than they do themselves. ;)

  • Just don't have sex with any of them... might be rape depending on her mood two weeks later. Sounds like a nightmare. Small doses is all I can take.

  • I've noticed that if I purposely leave the seat up every time than I stop hearing complaints about it.

  • By all I noticed in the past few years about women, I do fear having a relationship far more nowadays

  • Somethings are left out here but I get what you saying.

  • Um, isn't this true about men also?

    • No
      Men don't show emotions like that
      I haven't cried since like 2013 at my uncles death bed.

    • LOL... OK dude.

    • Dont see what's funny

  • There are a lot more than those!

  • yes but we still love them

  • You just described me lol. Humans are such, not only women.

  • What do you mean we couldn't live without them?

  • I noticed I gotta buy a lot more toilet-paper.
    Between the occasional tears and whatever they do in the bathroom, that shit is hard to keep stalked.

    • It's because women have to wipe EVERYTIME they use the bathroom. Lots of men only wipe when they shit

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    • @notallthere98 I didn't think you were complaining though the emphasis did sound like you were annoyed by what was said.
      I was explaining it a little more to the opinion owner about why women have to do it though it probably wasn't necessary for me to do it.
      And my comment was more aimed at the comment owner rather than yourself- I was pointing out that it's one basic rules of feminine hygiene which is why we have to wipe every time we use the toilet.

    • @WildStarMagic Ah I see