7 Things Men Really Think About Us When We've Dated Them For Over A Year

A relationship is like a business.

It's stressful, yet rewarding, and has its ups and downs. Once you've finally reached that one year anniversary, you feel proud that you two meshed well for an entire 365 days. But, what we don't know about men is that they too have their moments of truth. To us, it might just seem like a match-made in heaven, but to them it could be heaven/hell. I've asked a group of young men between the ages of 18-28 how they feel about their S.O.'s. So the big question....

What do men really think about us when we've dated them for over a year?

1. When will she change her style up some?

Men are very straightforward people, they don't necessarily beat around the bush and they too get sick of the same old hairstyle, and the same outfit of choice to a date. Men like a woman who can be bold but gentle. Try to mix it up some, occasionally wear up dos, a new haircut, new choices of color. Maybe June you go blonde, or September go brunette for a change!
"Men like a woman who can be bold but gentle."

2. I wish we had more action/excitement in the sack!

Well this one is a no-brainer. Men LOVE excitement in the sheets and the same old sex routine for an entire year or more can bore them to death. Why not spice it up? How about a nice visit to a lingerie store with your significant other? Let him be the boss of what turns him on the most?

3. She's worn the same perfume since I met her

Believe it or not, men love a woman with a scent. Maybe the scent that once attracted you to him is wearing off. Switch it up. A day at the mall with your girlfriends, head out to the perfume shop and look for different body butters, body mists or new fragrances. Nothing turns on a guy like a fresh feminine fragrance!

4. I wish she wasn't so shy around my friends

Now a entire year past by and you're still so shy and stand-offish towards his friends? He's the man of your dreams and a good way to make a guy feel special is to act at least interested around his buds. Not only will his friends open up to you, but you two will have a bound and maybe start to formulate mutual friendships. A step closer to a deeper bonding.

5. I wish she would cook me a gourmet dish

I know we all heard the good old saying " A way to a mans heart is through his stomach". Its true. Men love food....then again who doesn't? A nice dish would be greatly appreciated by the man you love. Not just any dish, fries and a burger is always a nice shot, but a nice dish would be perfect. Make it a ta-ta night in the kitchen. Maybe even have him help you cut the onions. How cute....

Gogus olculeri

6. I wish she would stop overdoing it with the makeup. I already find her amazingly beaufiful.

I'm pretty sure if he's been with you for at least a year, he knows your pretty and your ugly, but he still finds both beautiful. Why? Because after awhile men don't tend to dwell only on the looks of the woman that they love, but they start to see what she can bring to the table. Wearing a pound of make-up isn't always the snake-charmer anymore. He wants to see the more natural you, because he had an entire year to embrace you as a person, not a Barbie doll.

7. Is this the girl for me?

Last but not least, the biggest question that men have floating around in their male brains...Yes, its true. If he is willing to commit to you for an entire year, then he can potentially commit to you for longer...a lifetime. Some men see us as potential "wifey material" if we follow all of the things on his check-list of course. It may or may not take him a year or even more to figure this one out, but yes long-term relationships can lasts longer.

Thank you for reading my story. Hoped this helped solve your questions regarding men. I wish everyone's relationship good luck, because you never know what you've had until it is gone. Hopefully it lasts a lifetime :D
7 Things Men Really Think About Us When We've Dated Them For Over A Year
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Most Helpful Girl

  • toulouse
    You started off claiming to believe, are straightforward, don't beat around the bush.

    If that's the case, why would you also think it necessary, to write an article, revealing the 'real' inner thoughts, bfs are supposedly thinking . I e NOT straightforwardly, no bush beating telling their gfs.

    As for the immature guys you spoke to. I wouldn't date any of them. if a person can't respect, or isn't interested in the choices their partner makes about their own body, they are not good bf/ girlfriend material.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • stubbsy
    I think about the luck I found in meeting her, I also realize that taking things for granted is a weakness, because she is still with me because she wants to be, I think about all the things I would become without her, and that scares the hell out of me, and I think, after a year, then should I be stepping up and taking it to another level, but I will be thinking about how to do this without scaring the hell out of her lol, and I will also think daily that I have finaly met someone I miss daily.
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  • HardAppleCider
    Um... actually most of the men I know (myself included) take it as a bit of a shock when style changes in the woman we're dating.

    "I wish she would give me more time to myself" is a common one as well. Men are hobbiests, and women tend to get jealous of men's hobbies stealing attention away.

    Other ones I've seen a lot of "I wish she would get a hobby." (surprising how many women don't have hobbies; I tend not to date the ones that don't) and "I wish she would just say what she means."
  • OpenClose
    Brilliant list, actually. As for cooking, I don't think of her making me a gourmet dish, I think of making us a gourmet dish myself, or both of us together. It's a nice bit of teamwork that brings us together.

    This excites me for my next relationship, whenever it may be.
  • franksshack
    i usually waited for and anticipated their crazy little habits. in my experience they can hold off a long time before they reveal the full extent of their insanity. then if that is something I can live with we stayed together for a long time.
  • Yeahhbro
    I disagree with this, what kind of men did you ask: metrosexual or gay men? Men don't care about specifics like that at all, we actually only care about a coupel of things: Being spoiled, have a lot of sex, have fun with her and that she doesn't get fat (but even some men don't care about that either) this is truly all we care about. This sounds more like 7 things women really think about men after a year of relationship.
  • eldamien
    One thing you should add to this list - if we've been telling you we think you're beautiful for the last 5 years, WE PROBABLY MEAN IT. Stop saying "You're just saying that" or "No I'm not".
  • UberTroll
    #1 is about her style? Maybe the men you asked happened to give that as their top answer, but I think this wouldn't even crack the top ten for most guys. Interesting read though.
  • Spirit156
    i made my girlfriend read this and demanded a nice dish.. Didn't get it and she dyed her hair blonde.. It worked on that part
  • Frostie
    6/7 of those I don't worry about. The 7th one isn't really a question that needs to be asked if she sticks around, or gives me a reason to split.
  • honeyltsme
    At best, the priority order is backwards. #7 is top, followed by 6 and 5

    the rest are true for some, but by and large are shots in the dark
  • kheserthorpe
    Most men I know are happy if their partner keeps the same hairstyle for 50 years. It's part of what attracted him to her in the first place.
  • inquisitiveemt
    I agree with the first commenter-girlsareconfusing...this most def send like women think of men
  • ketfoen
    to bad I wasn't in the group of men you interviewed.
  • Blackmoth
    if she hasn't losened up at this point (wearing relaxing " I din't canre" type of clothes with no makeup)

    then it feels like she feels insecure around me
    • There are some women that don't prefer to wear "I don't care clothes and no makeup"...

  • jiffy123
    I disagree with how you say men are straight forward, they like you to change your hairstyle, and they want you to be less shy around the guys friends? It's the opposite for most people
  • crazybastard
    articles written by women For women make no sense.
  • Kiraskrazy180
    Ok thanks for the feedback.
  • lan18
    Good work! You should post more...:)
  • getupkids
    true! so true :) I agree with all of it. :)
  • Anonymous
    good take