You Girls Are AMAZING

My take on why I really love girls a lot and their importance in my life

You Girls Are AMAZING

Namaste! It's been over two years since I last shared a myTake here. Life is long busy road. It takes away everything you love in your life and shifts away your focus and make you wait to reach your destination, after all, it is full of hurdles like rumble strips and potholes (not making innuendos on women's bodies). But then, you meet some amazing women on your journey which makes it a hell worth of experience and here's what I'm going to share what I like in women. In fact, there's a woman who motivated me to write this. I thank you @alinakhanx0x for the nomination. I always wanted to write on this but I was waiting for a special moment like hitting 200 followers (It may not be a big deal for you, but I believe I earned each of them as I'm not an influencer) out of which more than a 100 of them are girls. I'm still at 195 but here I'm writing this because...

Girls Make Me Get Out Of My Comfort Zone

You Girls Are AMAZING

Like this one, a girl motivated me to pick up my pen (keyboard) and start writing. I very much prefer the girls who get the most out of me, who make me a better man than I used to be. If it weren't to be the girls in my life, I'd have never bothered to care about my looks, fashion sense, being a better conversationalist, perspicacious, listener and most importantly, a confident man. I never had guts to approach girls, but then, girls started to approach me and made me feel better about myself. They showed me that I'm worth more than I think about myself. I can be handsome, smart, leader... I can be a... man.

Girls Are Way Stronger

You Girls Are AMAZING

Girls are often considered weaker compared to the guys, but that's so wrong. They have some ridiculous willpower. I've seen a lot of girls continuing when most of the guys gave up and that's what I prefer. A girl with mental stability teaches the guys some serious lessons they will never forget. Honestly though, they're weaker in physical strength but they can make you run out of your money when it comes to emotional strength, pain tolerance, lower body strength and immunity.

I don't want a Victoria's Secret model. I want a girl who can pick one up and squat her

Girls Not Only Look Beautiful, They Do Beautiful

You Girls Are AMAZING

Sure, no one likes a bossy girl. But everyone likes a girl with success. Success demands hard work and talent and I really-really-really dig it in a girl. If a girl can dance, sing, play an instrument, give a speech, jump higher, run faster, write a great piece, draw, charity, drift a car or simply educate the people (etc.), they are the walking gems I always try to hunt.

Full Of L.I.F.E. (Love, Intelligence, Fertility, Expression)

You Girls Are AMAZING

I really love a girl who knows her shit and isn't afraid to show it. If she loves me, she shows it. If she has an opinion, she tells it. If she's beautiful, she flaunts it. So many girls fail to express their qualities. But then, there are girls who show the world what they possess. I really have a thing for the girls who can talk on complicated things and share a long nosebleeding input even on trivial matters.

There is absolutely no way I can be with a girl who is not open to me. I want someone I'd talk with whole night long. Sure, talking is not the only thing we will do, but successful conversations ensure that we love each other. Someone who can make me comfortable, who understands my depths. An anodyne for my miseries. A good sense of humour is probably the best thing I like in a girl.

Of course, being shy doesn't mean you lack confidence. We all have a thing for shy girls.

Confidence is the best make-up you could ever wear

God Is A Girl

People say god is one who created us, I was created by a girl. And I want someone who can create one for me. Who can give me the most precious gift of my life. A loving, caring and fulfilling girl is everything a guy needs in his life.

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You Girls Are AMAZING

Thank you so much. It's so good to write again. I hope I didn't sound like a white knight here. I hope I'll soon write one for the guys too.

So, this was my input to #WhatIFindAttractiveChallenge

Concludingly, I would nominate the following awesome people to write a similar myTake on what they find attractive:






And last but certainly not the least... The Readers.

How about you? I would like you to share your input. What do you think about mine? Loved it? Hated it? Share your opinions below, I'd love to hear from you.

Game on folks, believe!


Most Helpful Girls

  • Thanks, it's sweet. Not going to lie it gave me a "Nice guy" vibe at first. The "I love women so much, you're so amazing *She rejects you* Omg women are such bitches! After what I did for her!" kind of thing. But I think you're genuine and just trying to show some females love since we do get a lot of random hate. Especially on GAG lately.

    • I can totally understand. Well, I'm a... good guy? (hope this helps me not being a "nice guy" nor an asshole xD).

      There will always be haters. In fact, it's good that we have them. If we don't have haters, it means we are doing something wrong ;)

    • That's true haha. Haters are just a given in life. And I'm glad you're a genuinely good guy. It's a breath of fresh air here on GAG.

  • Tenk you.

    You forgot to write how tasty sandwiches we make in kitchen tho.

    Okay, jokes apart but great take 👌👌. Especially considering that you wrote it in short time 😇

    • I wanted to add "cooking" in the third point, but I thought it'd triggered lots of snowflakes haha

      Anyway, thanks for reading. This was my quickest myTake ever.

Most Helpful Guys

    I too love love LLLOOOVVVEEE the women 👩👩👩❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
    I really love women so much, that i'm not even trying to hide it! Well, almost, I just keep it low until i can explode to a girlfriend and smother her in affections.

    Women have helped me big time to make me better - just like you. (and I used to be a MGHOW before. Crazy, right?)

    And don't worry, you're not being a white knight, so long you are not being a doormat or let women walk all over you or kiss their butt. Mostly MGTOW, bitter virgin neckbeards and misogynists call us white knights.

    Give me women 🦄💞
    Strong 'n independent women, robotic women, beautiful women, nice women, sweet women and awesome women.

    Hope we find ourselves the good women! Very good article!

  • You are destined for a world of hurt. NEVER, and I mean NEVER put a woman on a pedestal. They're just regular people, just like you and me.
    If you worship a woman she'll NEVER respect you. Expect she'll shut down sexually, cheat bail or any combination. And you'll be sitting there crying in your beer wondering what the hell you did wrong since you did everything in your power to do right. That's just not how it works.
    And you need better game. I would encourage you to learn here:
    Rollo is a fine coach on how to deal with women and all their quirks. Worshiping them is definitely not the answer.
    And don't go all 'you're a woman-hater' bullshit on me cuz that's just not how it is - very much love women and in fact have been married a couple of times for a total of about forty years.
    Live and learn my friend.

    • I agree with what you said but admiring someone doesn't mean I'm worshipping them. I'm often called a misogynistic pig. Am I doing it right then?

    • Oh, they'll call any guy that if they don't think you're an ass-kisser. LOL
      I admire them too, especially if they're hot. Wifey of thirty years even points them out. Like yoga pants. LOL And we have a contest to see who can tell if tits are real or fake.
      Women are so vain.

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  • I absolutely loved this. Thank you sooooo much for appreciating girls and encouraging me and making me and a whole lot of other girls smile. Absolutely beautiful, darling.

    • The pleasure is all mine :)
      And thank you for reading and the compliment. Posts like these encourage me to keep writing.

    • You're welcome and you keep writing. You do well at it.

  • Thank u for accepting my challenge. And u nailed it 👍

  • How about your Favorite MHO QUEEN FROM BACK IN THE DAY, BAAE?

  • Satire?

    • Better call it following the bandwagon xD
      I appreciate a good personality tho :)

  • So sweet! Why aren't the guys I know this nice?

  • thank you. great mytake. your awesome as well

  • Awe thank you as a girl xD
    ~ Mrs Manson

  • Thank you for mentioning us! :)

  • the most ass kissing, pedestalising, beta simp crap i've read in years. ewww is the only thing i have to say.


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