Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2


Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

I made my first post about this a few years ago on GaG, and have had more to say since then but haven’t been sure how to post it, because I don’t want to present to you another cliche 1,2,3 list. But I figured out how I wanted to do this with a little more free time on my hands these days.

So this Take details both the good and the bad that I’ve learned about females throughout my life. I didn't want to include anything really intimate in this particular one because I wanted to stay focused on more of the every day stuff here. Some of you may have learned the same things and some others of you will of course want to disagree, and either is fine.

Women seem to like conflict...

Over the years I've seemed to notice that females have a tendency to want to argue or create dramatic situations that they can argue about, even if it's in texting. They can decide one moment that they want to get in their feelings about something and be angry and want to argue. That’s why you see shit like that happen in public where the woman wants to make a scene and the man is trying to be calm or ignore her. Men generally do not want to have arguments about stuff but would rather try to talk it through if it really is serious, and definitely not in public. Some men are like women and want to be dramatic, angry, or confrontational, but that’s not most men.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

Women also like fighting because they think it makes them look like a real couple, like two people in love who still have their problems at times. But for most men, this is not sexy at all.

- Women like seeing colors on men. I always get looks, smiles, and compliments from women about the colorful shirts I wear.

Females have a way of being funny without trying…

Often times females do or say something funny without actually intending for it to be funny, or they did mean to be funny but didn’t know what they said was going to make the rest of us really laugh so hard. I think it’s something about a female voice or character saying something goofy or simple and it just happens to create a hell of a reaction. I see it all the time, especially if they’re actually saying something funny but saying it in a serious tone.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

- Women like talking more about guys they’ve rejected or aren’t interested in than ones they’re into, a sideways form of bragging that they’ve had guys be into them, and relishing in how they weren’t interested back.

Women are the worst towards customer service employees…

Whether you’re a cashier, store manager, phone rep, or waiter/waitress it is by far women who treat all of these types of workers the absolute worst. I’ve worked in customer service before and I have a number of my own horror stories.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

Women seem to think that just because they’re customers/patrons it gives them power or the right to treat these workers like total shit, an entitlement complex because they have money to shop, eat, etc. Coupons won’t apply, the item isn’t BOGO, the food is taking too long, the lines are too long, or her shitty day at work are all justification for her to assert bitchery on you who controls none of it. Oh, and don’t forget they “want to talk to a manager” for eeeeverything that isn’t going right *rolls eyes*.

- Females have cooler usernames on the Internet, whereas it seems like a lot of guys try to be too cool when they create theirs. Women’s usernames, and even blog page titles, often seem cleverly crafted out of thin air without thinking too hard about it.

- Sometimes female laughter in a people situation is covert malice towards someone they don’t like or who they can tell is a better or smarter person than they are, so they use it out of fear of what they’re not understanding in the other person or are not able to handle; weakness disguised as indifference, derision, or belittling.

Females have an immature thing about thinking a guy is "weird"/"creepy"…

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

And unfortunately this is something women of most ages have about them though is still vastly a thing in younger women. I actually find it to be simple-minded the way they will think a guy is “weird,” “annoying,” or “creepy” just because his personality and behavior is different or simply because he spoke to you. Yes, there are some legit creepy and annoying guys out there, and I know some myself, but females tend to have a simple-minded readiness to label almost any guy that way just because she can’t vibe with him or get his personality, his jokes, or the way he carries himself. And it doesn't make him weird or creepy just because he asked you out and you weren't interested either.

Women don’t have a problem cleaning up the house, they just don’t like it when men won’t help out…

This really is true for women with a healthy habit of keeping their environments clean and in order. They do it and they expect you to be the same, and I really can’t blame them. And you have men who take advantage of that and are lazy and want to treat women like housekeepers: “I don’t have to do that, she’ll take care of it for me.” Even I as a man cannot stand other men like that, even my brother is a little bit like that. They have the attitude that they contribute in this way or that way, so that justifies them for why they don’t want to have to clean up after themselves or help out around the house.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

Women who clean up don’t mind doing it, but they don’t want to be treated like slaves either and don’t want everyone else to expect them to wipe their asses. Now, some women really don’t want men helping out because they feel like they can do it better themselves, and some men complain that their women won’t let them help, but I think these are minority situations.

Females never grow out of watching people...

I always notice how females still have the child-like tendency of needing to observe or study you when they think you don't know it, yet get uncomfortable when they can tell somebody is watching them, and you can see it in their body language and eyes that they know you're observing them.

To this day I still don't understand why females feel compelled to study or watch somebody like little kids.

Sometimes a woman is only talking to you because you're her only option at the moment...

And especially when she has a desperation for sex if she hasn't had it in awhile or isn't having any good sex. She'll be driven to be into you simply because she's going through a "dry spell" with men, is discontent in her current relationship, or is insecure about being single and suddenly shows you much interest, but when another guy finally comes along who is more exciting for her or gives her the sex she wanted she will lose interest in you just as quickly as it started and then start acting like she doesn't want to speak to you anymore or as if you're annoying for even being around.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

This actually is quite common with women. Females are extremely prone to bouts of ADHD interest in guys, and even more so when a desperation for sex is involved, which - whether women will admit it or believe it or not - is very real and not uncommon.

- Women who like sports can still be focused on other things, unlike guys who are crazy about sports. There are plenty of women who love football or other games but still know how to talk about other things and don't judge you if you're not into it, and I really do appreciate that.

Females are easily influenced...

Which is one of the worst parts. Females much more often than men think in groups and allow others to influence or persuade their thinking and decisions, especially by other women and by men who can see which women are not very strong. It seems to be that females need the word of other people to help them think, yet when it's the right word being given they're less inclined to follow it. Throughout my life when women have asked me for advice, or I offered it, they didn't really want to go with it, but when guys have needed it they were much more likely to listen, sometimes later even coming back and saying, "Hey, man, I did what you said, you were right."

More women than men have followed cult leaders because of having weak minds. More women than men let their female friends or other groups dictate their decisions. And more women than men will do what a lover says even to crime.

Women do like seeing men happy...

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

It is true that women like seeing that a man is happy, even though it can be a little annoying sometimes. I've noticed when I've been with family, friends, or even on the job with female co-workers, if I'm talking or lively or in a good mood they seem to like that and get livelier themselves, but if you're quiet or maybe not smiling or lively a whole lot they think something must be on you're mind or are worried that you're unhappy.

Females do have bigger egos than males…

And many women actually do realize this. I think men have bigger egos in the sense of thinking they’re a know-it-all about something, or because they have muscles and a career that they’re more important than anyone else, but in an overall sense women have bigger, more pigheaded egos about just being women.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

Men think they’re right because they have knowledge, women think they’re right just because they’re women. Women believe most guys who are interacting with them is because they’re interested or looking for sex. Men think women who are interacting with them are just being friendly. Women believe that most men are or will be available to them for sex at any time. Men don’t think women are. Women are the ones who think they're powerful enough or self-sufficient enough to not need a man. Men don't feel that way about women. Women think that showing open interest in a guy is weakness or that it will go to his head when in truth women who have guys show them interest are more flighty and arrogant than the guy who ever had 1 or 2 women actively pursue him. And it’s women who have a God complex of thinking they can or should try to change a man, as if they are actually good and moral enough to do so. Most men don’t think they need to try to change a woman.

- Women don’t understand, and take longer to learn, that expectation is the root of disappointment. Expectation is also one of the faces of the Ego. What ever gave you the idea that what you expect is necessarily what you deserve, or that you are actually worthy of what you expect?

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

Sometimes you can see a woman’s behavior through her daughter…

And it can be kinda scary. Especially if her daughter is a very young girl acting in a way that is reflective of her mother's behavior or character. I remember one time at the grocery store a little blonde girl was walking towards me in a sultry kind of way with an adult look in her eyes trying to make eye contact with me. At first I thought this girl was lost or something, and I said, “Is that your mother over there?” when I saw someone I thought might be her, and the girl smiled and kept walking. Her behavior had to be something she’s watched her mother do with grown men before or some other adult woman in her life, and it honestly freaked me out to see a little girl acting like that.

Females do tend to be more optimistic…

It is true that women do tend to be more optimistic about things while men more often are so used to the hard realities of life that we tend to look at things as “It is what it is.” Neither gender is necessarily wrong about their attitudes but I can say that women more often have a positive outlook on the future, though sometimes that outlook can be unrealistic or a little naive.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

Women are not really that good at flirting…

The common theory is that women are great at flirting while men suck at it, and that a woman knows when she’s being flirted with while a man can’t tell when a woman is flirting with him. Actually the opposite. Women tend to perceive men as flirting with them more often than they really are because they egotistically believe that most men who ever talk to them are only trying to make a move on them. A lot of us guys are not stupid and know very well when a woman is being flirty, and we will act oblivious if we are not interested, especially if we’re already in a relationship or she's just not that attractive.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

But if you call yourself flirting and most guys are not seeing it, then you’re just not good at it. Don’t try to write it off as guys being so clueless. When you’re actually a good flirt the other person will know beyond a doubt that they’re being flirted with.

- When women want to be an ass to a man or scream and shout it’s okay and she feels justified, but when he pushes back and gets just as vocal she gets in her feelings and wants to feel offended or says he's overreacting.

It's definitely true that women have a stronger sense of smell...

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

When I was growing up my mom and my sister always seemed to smell things that I didn't, or they complained that something smelled too strong while it was just fine for me. And even as I met other women throughout my life this trend has maintained itself among them too. It really is true that females have stronger olfactory senses and can at times even be overpowered by certain scents. For me now in adulthood, my sense of smell is stronger in that it is much more sexually responsive. Certain smells can trigger horniness for me immediately, mostly female smells and odors like sweat or natural body smells of theirs that's neither pleasant or unpleasant but very arousing.

Whenever women are talking about “drama” on social media it’s usually because they’re guilty of gossip or something sexual…

You said something about another woman you shouldn’t have, you slept with her man or some other man, or you’re the one who got a whole war with her started in the first place, and now it’s blowing up in your face and people know about what you did and you’re ashamed of it, so now you try to make it like it’s everyone else stirring up lies and drama and you wanna post away about not listening to it, how you're being hated because you "must be doing something right," or how it’s not gonna bother you or tear you down when the fact is you’re posting because it does bother you.

Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2

Females' actions/behaviors with other people tells you the most about them...

Which I have discussed repeatedly on GaG and mostly to guys. Women would like to believe that they are more complicated to read and understand and that guys can't see it, when in truth women may actually be more transparent than anyone because of their differing actions with other people.

Things with a female can be very clearly seen by her behavior with others versus with you. Most guys are usually even keeled with most people unless they have a serious issue with somebody, but women openly act differently with different people, and that tells you a lot about them and the faces they wear.


You learn a lot about others, but especially the opposite sex when you observe and take note of their actions and character, both up close and from a distance. My experiences with women have taught me not only what I know but also how to approach, behave, or deal with them on a regular basis. The more you learn the better it can even make you.

There were more things I actually did want to add but this Take already turned out long enough, lol. But there may possibly be a Vol.3 at some point😉


Things I've Learned About Females Throughout My Life, Vol.2
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