Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!


I've been with many gals in my still short time on planet earth, though I've been with none of them long enough to properly let into my life... And thank fuck I didn't, for while not all of them were "Bad", many of them in their own little ways, were *BAT SHIT CRAZY*. And by crazy, I will also include;

Deeply Insecure; Narcissistic; Egotistical; Immature; Irresponsible and Downright Dangerous; Deceptively Opaque; and just generally Low Quality Humans In Character & Spirit....

Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!

Now I've always been blessed in that apparently, I'm a handsome kinda guy, I strive to be best version of me: The Best Man I Can Be. It isn't very Politically Correct to do so anymore, but I aim to synthesize the best of all archetypal forms of manhood:

Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!

If You Don't Understand: Then Go Bury Your Head in the Sand!!

Trying to do this in the modern era, where the majority of men are weak, empty, emasculated shells when compared to their ancestors, is often met with polar extremes. Guys like me are very well liked and admired in circles that understand and appreciate what it is that men like me represent, and the rest?


They can't stand it! And given that I don't deal with any of the bullshit many of you women (girls?) who throw out their bullshit to try and subdue the modern man, I become a complete HEADFUCK to you, as you fail to realise the simplicity of what it is I, and men like me, desire from a decent bell...

Sooooooooooo... I'll share a short story about a chick I was once out with, and how she highlights everything wrong with the modern woman (and man even more so!!); and hopefully some of you can learn a little from it...


Over a year ago I met this hot chick from Sweden, at a bar, and was immediately impressed; she was one of the best looking girls I'd come across, stereotypical Nordic beauty, well dressed, fashionable, but not whorish, little to no makeup, spoke multiple languages, seemed reasonably intelligent and well informed... As close a man could get to a "natural 10". Now guys like me have never struggled in picking women up, I was not thunderstruck by her, but very pleasantly surprised.

Ooooooo yeah baby!! 😎
Ooooooo yeah baby!! 😎

So we're chatting (us both with a couple of our friends) all night, flirting and all the good shit. She was really putting the feelers out as if it was more a long term relationship she was looking for, talking about our interests and things we wanted to do in life, music tastes and a little drop of sexual innuendo ;)

So I played it cool the first night, upon having only just met her, and her seeming like she wasn't out to just get laid - by all means we could've fucked hours before... Ya know? But after all that shit, at the end of the night, I went to take her number and she gets kinda squiffy, tells me to add on Facebook. I tell her I don't use social media (I really don't) and she was surprised by that, and I pull out the joke of being a "man of many mysteries" as it always gets a laugh. So we hugged and left on "good" terms. I got a my friend to add her, kept it all casual at first.

*Note... my friends a good kid, not a cock-blocking little beta by any stretch... If a little innocent and naive to the world haha!

I decided to play along with it, thinking it was just a shit test, and being as pleasantly surprised as I was, was certain she'd come out for a few drinks again... And she did! I'm good at reading people, and women especially...

A few weeks later (I was a busy man at that time with some shit going down, I couldn't make it sooner), we go out again... Small group of us...

And shit goes wacky as fuck!

Dun Dun Dun...!!!!
Dun Dun Dun...!!!!

I take her to a few bars around the town, we watched jokingly as her annoying friend got trashed, so we sent him home... Yes, *him*, one of those tag-along-cucks that not-so-secretly wanted her, and lacked just about every form of masculine virtue a "man" could possibly lack...

The term we're looking for here, is RAT.

But by now as the night progresses with this little annoyance out the way, I've got on my hands a dangerous mix of things going down...


Sitting in a beer garden, "My girl" was still poaching for more relationship type answers from me, dropping sexual innuendo, whilst increasingly getting stupid in her game playing. As we're enjoying the moment, she starts trying to make me jealous at the other guys around drooling at her, whilst irritating the girls jealous at the fact I'm with this chick and not them. And by all accounts was way more naturally attractive.

So now I've got the jealousy of drunk cry baby's that want what I've got, too pussy to challenge me head on, and too low quality to get it, especially when sober! But in the last bar before we go clubbing, this pack of 150lb slack-jaws (bearing in mind at that time I'm almost 300lbs and virtually all muscle), do their best to passive-aggressively start fights with me, challenging me in very beta ways...


Not long before we leave the beer garden, a huge spider crawls onto my friend, he screams like a little girl, bless the silly fucker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!! These slack-jaws think its me, start shouting "FUCKING PUSSY" at me/us...

I then get up to buy a new drink, they see the size of me and how I look whilst I blow kisses at them, realising it was my friend and not me screaming like a bitch (sorry bro!)...

They scarpered off... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I've also now got jealous girls bitching at "My Girl" because their jealous of what she's got in front of her... me... and the fact that looks wise, this chicks about as close to a natural 10 as you'd get. These girls were the types that'd ordinarily glance at me, in the hopes I'd coming crawling over to them like most modern males do, with my cock in my hands (so to speak), seeking their approval... And crying when I didn't... When they had very little else to offer anyway...!

So the sexual tension and frustration between us, is building to its apex... She's now doing more shots with me (teqqqquuuiiillaaaa!!!) and kissing and hugging me, playfully teasing me with one of her makeup brush thingy, as she's touching herself up, before we get into the club.




*****But sadly, this is where it all goes wrong, and she fucks it all up...

As we get in, put our jackets away in the cloak room, get the first round of drinks again, I'm edging towards letting her know I was into her. She was getting annoyed and anxious about all the other ditzy bints scouring at her out of that two-way jealousy I've already mentioned. As the bartender is pouring our shit I grab her by the waist from behind, laughing, telling her it was ok, that she was way hotter than them anyhow...

She's diggin' it, and then comes...*The Tipping Point*

My friends chatting to one of these gals that was trying to weigh in on us, backing me up, deflecting her away. "My Girl" then leans into me like we're gonna smooch, then pulls off cheekily, telling me we should "get back at them and make them jealous"... I laughed and obliged, but I'm no fool, she meant "MAKE ME JEALOUS"... Or damn well try haha!

Silly girl...

I've seen many girls do this, just to the same level...!
I've seen many girls do this, just to the same level...!

All I'm gonna say here, for the lack of room, is that the rest of the night was spent watching her and me pull up to random groups (with my good friend drunkenly trailing along... gotta respect the kid he's a good lad!), and her dancing with guys just enough for them to think they were getting it... Waiting for me to come steaming in like the bruiser that I am... Then as they get a little too confident with themselves, trying to cop a feel, she then scrams, elbowing them off, running back to me... I just laugh every time...

It was so bad and done so much, that I nearly got into several fights all in one night, the entire fucking club was following us around, the guys wanting her, the girls wanting me... Plenty of the local girls who wouldn't normally have the balls to come up to me, were doing it left and right, dancing with me, grinding me and all that shit...

The amount of fights I nearly had with the usual miserable slack-jaws that wouldn't say boo to me on the streets was incredible... One particularly bad moment was some kid who was out of his mind, kept trying to get her to drink his shit laced with what I thought was MDMA, she was many things but not a drug user, that much I knew... So I get him to fuck off... With a little force... And his friends shit themselves and get moved along. The power of sexual urges, booze and drugs eh?!

In this joint I knew a lot of the doormen from other venues, they kinda had my back where they could too, which was nice. So we move to a quieter room for a few, whilst my friend takes a piss, me and her get cozy again...


She asks if we "should go somewhere more quiet"...

Silly... Silly Girl!
Silly... Silly Girl!

By this point I'm so wound up, and agitated, that sex was the fucking last thing on my mind!!!

No woman, no woman at all, no matter how hot, is worth all that shit, not for a 30 minute bang... The audacity of her!! Mwahahaha!!! I said "nah we should dance a little more" and I could see she got upset and angry that all the antics she'd already pulled, hadn't worked, hadn't made me jealous enough to go running after her...

This is the thing about you girls isn't it... At least you insecure ones... You *HAVE* to try and manipualte men, you can't be straight down the line with what it is that you actually fucking want...

Let me tell you what it is that you *NEED*:

But here's the thing...

You, being a woman, doesn't immediately entitle you to this...




After that night ended, with neither of us getting laid, I then bumped into her about two weeks later out with a rather stereotypical modern man... The skinny jeans, the baby face, a waxed body... easy to control...

The look of terror on her face when I walk into this bar with a crew of about 15 friends and associates... LOOOOL


I'll end it here by just telling you this...

I told the entire group I was with that that was *her*... The crazy chick...

We proceeded to terrorise the guy she was with, then had our night socialising, playing a little 8Ball, as we were about to leave for another club, she then comes running out after me!!!!!

She drags this simp along who had no clue what the hell had just hit him, still playing that sorry old game, or trying to anyhow...

The rest I leave up to you to decide what happens next...

Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!
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  • Spawnface
    People wonder where the whole "Men are pigs" trope comes from. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you've got these cock burglers whom are pretty attractive coming to certain men in droves throwing their vag's out like cock vacuums and these same girls aren't really worth bringing home to mom or dad. These poor guys are just taking advantage of a commodity without a charge and these respectable ladies go on without the slightest distaste thrown at them. Ofcoarse slut shaming is a thing now..

    These betas, which I've got some beta in me too by the way, they seem to think theyre on the girls side when theyre not.. First, girls dont want them. Second, the consequence of chasing girls who are trash is incentivising girls to be trash and disincentivising girls from being decent people. Like women retain sex from men in order to demand better character out of them, which in turns yeilds higher resources they can take. Men let women be flat gross and as a result it's always men paying out of pocket.

    I think we need to slut shame guys if neccessary. Its not that slut shaming is bad for men but we gotta get that bar raised for what we tolerate from women.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thanks for sharing!
      I can certainly go along with what you say, as I've said elsewhere it is the weakness of men (betas scoring pussy points) that greatly exacerbates the degeneracy of the modern woman.

      If by slut shaming, you mean beta males then certainly! They need to be weeded out the gene pool before we can ever even begin to clean up the acts of women. I believe that chastisement and even physical punishment for their cowardice would soon stop these cling-along-cucks in their tracks.

    • Spawnface

      Ya, I've gotten to the point where I don't even hold chicks accountable anymore. Doesn't matter what you tell them to do because the cling-along-cucks are giving them every reason to be that way. That goes with the so called alpha males with nothing but meat for a brain. You know, the same ones postulating the size of their labido "MY DICKS HUUGE". In my opinion, those guys are just cucks in sheeps clothing. They aren't helping either.

      But really, there's not much resistance going on. Guys complain about 90% women going after the top 10% of guys, well shit, it's because those 10% actually act like men. There's such a minority of guys that are willing to point out womens bullshit. The rest of them cow tow to every little plea girls make. They can't be bothered to stick to principle. Girls dont really like that either, girls know how simple their tricks are. They look at those guys as little pawns, sure they fuckable, but they got owned by a silly little girl. That's not very prestigous.

      On top of that you got women as a whole collaberating to push their own psycholical warfare subordinating men, and you got cucks fighting against their own self interests. At this point we got a few brave and strong vs the throngs of simpletons. Our bulwark holding back the invasion is surviving on the few men remotely scattered through the world.

      So, if need be. We need to get oven-y with these cucks. Its getting to that point.

    • Man... Your speaking on the same sort of page that I do!

      I think that we should hold women accountable for their actions though, but in the wider context of what we're speaking of here, I do agree. These beta males (or faux alphas) are a disgusting mix of arrogance, ignorance, stupidity and fall prey, like cattle, to what is the rather simple "mind-fuckery" that degenerate "women" play upon.

      I've got a great example of the kind of beta male "fuckboi" simps we're talking about... On GAG itself; some time back I see a troll question some anon put up about "is my dick big... it's like 12 inches?"...

      So I'm scrolling the nonsense and come across some American guy who felt he needed to impress all of our virtual selves by posting pictures of "muh massive dick bitchezz". So called him out on it, got into a nebulous argument of bullshit with him, for the fact I called him a cuck... I'll get to the point here lol...

      As I'm making this guy feel increasingly insecure about himself, he went on a rampage, posting pictures of all these cum guzzling "sloots" (I kid you not, this guy was trying to impress me with his gym bruh lingo) that he fucked, of his waxed and 'roided body, of his small arsenal of firearms, and his Interceptor Armor vest to prove he'd been in the army for a short period, and was now joining the police (that didn't stack up anyway, as he also said he'd only left college/university a short while ago)...

      He then went onto this homoerotic rampage of trying to goad me into posting pics of my dick for comparison, of the scars I'd accumulated from being fights myself, and other such nonsense. This was ofc what I told him, that I also lifted, was into boxing, came from tough parts, was also university educated, and never struggled in picking up chicks.

      He failed to realise though that the pussy he was getting was low-tier, whorish, as he was easily manipulated by them, whereas I stand firm to my principles, and don't sell myself (or my cock) out for approval.

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  • mattdzz
    I can't believe you wrote such a long MGTOW synopsis, but you're preaching to the choir here.
    How to handle a crazy woman: (1) always have a summary of what they do to you (screetshot crazy texts, keep phone logs, and make sure any bruises, threats, social media assaults you keep track of just to protect yourself. You'll also want to keep some sort of GPS thing on your phone to keep track of your movements (as someone who was falsely accused of physical assault this helped tremendously, but know the justice system won't punish the girl for lying, including at the civil level).
    This is to make sure she can't go after you legally. Also, (2) don't give them access to your financial information, don't give them joint access to your bank account, don't even let them know an exact figure of how much you make. They'll use it against you.
    Don't tell them where your extra key is stored.
    If they ever hit you call the cops immediately, and even if they don't prosecute (which they probably won't, bc the justice system is SOFT AF on women), file a PPO to keep her away. And if they are confronting you with physical violence, and you can't get away to call the cops, punch them in the stomach. This won't leave a mark, and will pretty quickly stop the conflict. Yes, HIT them, if they are attacking you.
    Don't be afraid to yell at them as loud as you can, and make sure that everyone knows that is an above average crazy person. These girls rely on guys not gossiping about how crazy they are; so, they can lure the next victim into their abusive self-serving cycle.
    You're right to be weary of women.
    • Sorry man, I appreciate the comment, but I'm not pushing MGTOW here.

      As I said to another commenter, it's about being stoic, and these women will naturally fade away anyway. At the end of the day I still got my grim kicks... She submitted to me.

      But did I hang around and let her into my life... Fuck no.

      The last thing I want men to do is run away from women, women need to experience masculine energy... They're gagging for it...

      I do not excuse the degenerate behaviour of these kinds of gals, but it is the weakness of men (or lack thereof) that has sprung such a whirlwind of retardation in so many of them.

      And sometimes descriptions need to be detailed... GAG wouldn't have put in the word count for it otherwise.

  • Daphne_Naiad
    • Ahaha at least there's one more girl who doesn't take herself too seriously!

    • Hahaha life's more fun that way! Interesting take

    • It really is, tells a man like me who's more genuine ;) ! And thanks, hope you got something from it.

  • englisc
    Sounds like a lot of work with little reward if you ask me. I would have left her alone as soon as she offered facebook, fuck playing these silly games.
    • Aye, this whirlwind of a girl obviously had many personal issues that no man could fix. Young N' Dumb right? I've got other things that have happened more recently which outshine this story in pure banality...

      But this bird was singularly the best walking, talking and fucking (quite literally) personification of everything that is morally and spiritually bankrupt in us Europeans today.

      That's why I invited you given conversations we've had more recently on Donovan andpaganism etc. Much as I can do the whole rock n roller thing, I still carry myself with honour, mastery, strength and courage. Indeed a little pride too.

      The message I put out on here was not meant for everyone to understand, nor to discourage true men from getting their hands and dicks a little dirty in the modern dating game; but to reinforce and encourage those who aspire to "be like the God's", to establish themselves firmly in front of these women

      Weeding out the wheat from chaff... Ya know...

  • PsychoKiller
    How to handle crazy women - DON'T. Crazy bitches are good for getting your nut off then dumping them and getting as far away from them as possible. Only retarded incels are desperate enough to actually want a relationship with this type. Any normal man stays the fuck away from crazy bitches.
    • Pretty much the tone of the message here boy...

      I like to see if people can read between the lines.

    • I keep saying this to people...


      And that is not to be conflated with letting a crazy bint mug you off.

  • InTimoreDei
    Same kind of shit happened to me as well. Except that I don't go out partying anymore because that's where all these moronic women hang out.
    • I know exactly what you mean my friend. Have you seen the virtue signalling by cucked "mature" guys here? It's gross, they just reinforce everything I've already said here. Same for the "women"...

      Indeed there is a lot of trash for people that you'll find when clubbing. But these days there's just trash for people, full stop. Just keep rolling forward man.

    • @FreshOutaIdeas Keep rolling forward too, mate. Oh I know... those cucks are an embarrassment. They're too blind to see what they're doing is just proving your point even more.

    • They really are! Much obliged friend, as they used to say;

      Strength and Honour!

  • D_Bone_Steak
    Not sure what to think after reading that... it just reminds me why 9 times out of 10 I don't like or respect anyone I meet in clubs... too many agendas, scheamers, cock blockers, and attention whores (all both male and female in each category) in one spot for me to tolerate when I'd rather just have a beer by a campfire. Don't get me wrong, I like metal music when I lift weights, but the kind of noise and the whole scene, like where I'm expected to play dress up kinda places... uuuuggghh. Fuck that shit I'm out.
    • Your right when you say that clubs generally are full of shit heads! Though society generally these days is full of shisters anyway! Ironically when I was out with this chick, she was more of a mainstream kinda girl, so I took her round more mainstream places, full of mainstream shitheads haha!

      Lol don't confuse metal kids with rock n rollers πŸ˜‰. They sometimes look similar but metal kids normally listen to slipknot or cannibal corpse or some shit, they normally are world of warcraft nerds who have little to no experience with women. The kinda dives and digs I hang in is more Motorhead, black Sabbath, black label society, slayer etc etc. That crowd is generally older and much more... Roudy...

      But in all the best ways possible πŸ»πŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ.

      All the trouble I had in this take was with skinny jeans and baby faced 20/30 year olds, from window cleaners and rich city slickers alike...

      But never the less I agree with what you say man! Nothing like a chill night, bottle of Jack, a woman (or two), friends and some Monster Magnet in the background 🍻

    • Fuck yeah my dude. Well put.

  • Philyouup
    Well, at 23, you are hardly a man. And Hardley knowledgeable enough to claim to be a beginner man. What you sound like is a INCEL or a MGTOW.

    Hurt little boys that hide behind "Alpha manhood" Me, a beta?, fucking hardly.. My life style placed me on top of the food chain, and you misogynistic views are bootlickingly pathetic.( My Boots!)

    I have no issues with women, I love them, and you would only wish to stand next to the women in my life. I am their Man, I am their "Alpha" without being a douchebag, and my quality of women cannot be surpassed. So at 23, you know fuck all... really... A squirt of piss in my ocean of knowledge..
    • Calm down grandpa, the blood pressure pills are in the other cabinet!

      Your waffling hyperbole for a response, here, was nothing but a rearguard-defensive rant at what I've wrote, as if it were to you personally...

      Listen old (but not so wise) man, I would love to go into detail about how I've lived more in my short life, than most "mature adults" (like yourself) have lived, or ever will live. But that'd be a waste of both our times, knowing that like the old faggot that you are, you'll only ever reply with increasing hostility...

      If an attempt at condescension (via age) and this vague, opaque nonsense about how much of a man you are, is all you've got to offer here... Then... It's pretty clear all that I've described of how beta, shit-tier males behave socially and sexually, has touched a *very* sensitive nerve of yours.

      I'm sorry (not) if this take made you feel so incredibly inadequate, reminding you of your flaws in how you treat the not-so-fairer sex, but it'll never change the fact that I've most likely been with many more women than guys like you, in a much shorter space of time than you'll ever have. Nor, therefore, can I change the simple fact that in so many ways, I'd have gainer a greater insight into how women work, more than you, or most modern "men" in general.

      IT professional, right? That'd explain a lot.

      I'm happy for you, genuinely, if you've got some good women in your life, all power to you... It's just I've got this itch that tells me you wouldn't have flattered me with such a non-sensical response, if it weren't for the fact that I've highlighted aspects of low quality female behaviour, and how most "men" kneel to this alter... Like the cucked, slack-jawed Homer Simpson's that they really are...

      Peace and love 😘

    • Oh and please ignore this extra reply, it isn't intended for you.

      Anyone else that comes across this and see's @Pamina responses; she got called out on attention seeking, and now has run away not allowing me to reply. I think she realises that she's just reinforced everything I've said in this take...

      Fucking pathetic.

  • Tron5678
    Crack a whip? Just kidding lol

    Best is to tell them enough is enough and avoid them as in that they don't exist :)
    • Hahaha show her who the master is eh? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      I felt like writing this as its not only a tragically funny memory/experience mine, but that I want to encourage other men to stand firm in the face of the whirlwind that is known as the modern woman.

      Ofc by standing firm (stoic) I don't mean put up with it! Like me I got rid of this girl after that second night. Never looked back!

    • Tron5678

      Exactly! Today's young men like us are mostly lost and sort of lost their purpose in their life.

    • Its an utterly tragic truth. Modern high tech civilisation, and many of its laws and customs, has stripped away the correct conditions for men (and women) to truly thrive.

      People often joke about how great it is to be "civilised", because we don't "live our stone age ancestors duuude!"... Little do they know we are just prisoners with a few luxury items today. Our ancestors were truly free, in every sense of the word.

      But that's no excuse for us modern men, we are the creators of societies, we must tear down this rotten civilization and build anew!

  • DDpsy
    TLDR. You have a pic of Lemmy there so I will assume your take is legit.
    • Lemmy is God.
      Life couldn't take Lemmy, Lemmy was only Killed By Death.
      He was Born To Lose, Lived To Win!

      No doubt this absolute legend of a man is ripping shit up with the Norsemen in Valhalla as we speak!

      Gotta keep his flame alive in this realm man, the world is a grimmer place without him!

    • DDpsy

      Indeed. He was The Man.

    • Keep raising that No.7 in his name, friend 🍻

  • MzAsh
    Sounds like a typical manospherian revenge fantasy story.

    What men say and what they go for are two different things. And men love crazy bitches.
    • Huh? Your a little late to the party on this one, this is an old thread now...

      No. Crazy women love big strong men, they just simply don't deserve them. From what I remember writing here, by crazy I meant that silly girls play attention seeking games, and get butthurt when the big man don't buckle like a faggot. You wouldn't be attention seeking by any chance, would you? πŸ§πŸ‘

    • MzAsh

      Didn’t realize this was an old thread. I found it under β€œlive feed” because I guess someone else replied to it recently.

    • Oh really? Funny how things resurface now and again. So tell me, why does this sound like a "revenge fantasy" to you? Define "crazy bitches".

  • SkipStop
    Cool story. You would make a great actor.
  • illkillu
    (who else is getting mad incel vibes)
    • Jealous... are we?

    • Pamina

      Now don't be silly. Who would be jealous of an incel?

    • @Pamina
      As I already said, stop attention seeking.

      If your definition of incel is someone like me, then I can only say one thing; your either a retard, or know that this describes you...

  • Pamina
    Interesting story, thanks. I love fiction.
    • Lol.

      Stop attention seeking.

    • Pamina

      Replying to your fiction story is attention seeking, but your fiction story consisting of nothing but a list attempts at hiding your obvious insecurities behind pathetically bragging about how awesome and above everything you supposedly were (you made most of that story up, we both know that), is not attention seeking? You go, champ.

      You are an incel. Maybe you've had sex or some sort of awkward intimacy with girl (or guy?) before, but I doubt it. But you definitely are an incel. Everything about your post screams "I am an incel" between the lines. You are very obviously a bitter man who fails at connecting with women. So of course you do what incels do best - you go online and post anti-women nonsense like this.

      I'll give you some advice - take a deep look in the mirror. Try to find your own flaws (there obviously are plenty) first, instead of attacking women for your failures at romance and sex.

      P. S.: Spare yourself the effort of replying to me in an update, I'm muting this thread and won't see it anyway. Don't care. Bye bye.

    • MzAsh

      This guy reads of red pill losers. He’s got all their juvenile jargon in one go. Quite funny.

  • unomilkis1
    Hahaha its so funny to see guys thumbing down all girls comments and vice versa LOL.
    • Yeah your not wrong lol. Strangely enough most of the negative responses have been from "mature" men and women... I think the most worrying thing is that I've exploded how fucked and cucked many men and women are, and how they've lived most their lives being as such.

    • Exposed*

  • thothahuramazda
    Muhamed has a teaching hand to help her find her place.
    • Lol...

      Muhammed the warlord also liked little children, smoking old skool bongs, and pretended to see YHWH/Allah...

      I don't need a pedophile to keep my women in line thanks ;)

  • LegateLanius
    Beta does not exist.
    • The alpha-beta dichotomy is often overused, and little-understood by most of the simps that use them.

      But are there higher quality, and lower quality men and women? That should be obvious.

    • englisc

      Betas always say that beta doesn't exist, and they always have anime profile pics.

  • Anonymous
    Find another chick and take a dump on their front doorstepAdvice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!
  • Anonymous
    Well, I can handle any crazy man the same way ;)
    • I'll give you a like for being the right kinda crazy 😈! Haha.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks :)

  • Anonymous
    So everyone is a beta feminized sissy or a crazy cum dumpster bitch but only you are the nice supreme alpha king.

    I have heard this before somewhere

    Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!
    • Ahahahahahaha!


      I know that you, like a few other anons that posted here, are just butt hurt slack-jaws, so I won't waste my time reiterating all that I've said. But I will say the difference between "alphas" like me, and *betas* like you... Is that I've got an increasing amount of life experiences to share, whilst weak untermensch like you sit their crying that no woman wants you...

    • Anonymous

      You have proven my point, Elliot Rodger junior.

    • Glass houses my friend.

  • Anonymous
    I learned long ago that the type of TRUE MAN that always tells everyone how much of a TRUE MAN he is... is usually nothing close. Often a very insecure little boy making a lot of noise to hide how pathetic and weak he feels that he is.Advice for the True (Non-PC) Men out there: How to Handle Crazy Women!
    • Ok "45 plus".

      I had another grandad on here also spouting nonsense. I merely highlighted the flaws in both genders when it comes down to dating and the expressions of our sexualities. To conflate this with me "bragging" is just a lazy attempt at belittling the truth in what I've described.

      Read my conversations with other (younger) guys on here...

  • Anonymous
    Good rant. Are you happy now?