How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

There are bad women in the world. Plain and simple. While I have done a fair share of growing up this past month after recent events, I have also learned that women cannot be placed up on a pedestal anymore. Make no mistake, I do not support generalizations -- though we may often be tempted to make them -- as I recognize that there are also many good women out there, such as my mother. But in the world of dating and opposite sex interactions, men are going to encounter a variety of different sorts of women. Thus, inevitably they are going to come across the bad kind, and that is precisely the point of this article: to teach men to protect themselves from the bad ones. Not just economically -- as in the case of gold diggers -- but also sexually as well as socially.

Sexuality: Think Protection!

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

It is no secret that the wrong sort of woman can completely jeopardize a man's life. From making up lies to blackmail and crying wolf, there are many tools in the arsenal of a bad woman. Just look at what happened to me. One girl was able to completely destroy my reputation at work all because I tried planning a date. Now I am stuck dealing with constant threats, middle fingers, dirty looks, and fear because of her lies. More than that, nowhere is this more important than in the case of sexuality. Men, remember this -- remember it as if it were the Word of God -- this is THE definitive most important thing that I want you to take away from this article: you are guilty until proven innocent. Forget about due process, the Constitution, and being innocent until proven guilty. As far as sexuality is concerned, men are at a disadvantage from the get-go. Society is dominated by a mob mentality that demonizes men as always being guilty; women are always going to be viewed as the innocent party that can do no wrong. If a woman accuses you of rape or sexual assault, then that is the end. You are doomed. This is the most powerful tool in the bad woman's arsenal: the ability to cry rape or sexual assault the way the little boy cried wolf.

You are guilty until proven innocent

In no way is this meant to trivialize and/or downplay the heinous nature of rape when it really occurs, or the genuine trauma that its victims have to endure. Rather, the point is to emphasize the fact that a false sexual assault allegation -- especially rape -- can completely destroy a man's life, even if he is perfectly innocent and there is evidence to prove his innocence. The fact that #HillaryClinton is poised to win this #election makes the issue that much more pressing, because she is a liberal feminist who will almost certainly undermine due process even more.

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

So upon recognizing this unfortunate reality for what it truly is, what is a man supposed to do? Honestly, if it were up to me, my advice would be to not even have sex outside of marriage. Simply put, I think that fornication has become too risky for the average male nowadays. Understand that every time you have sex with a woman, you are taking a risk. You are forfeiting your right to due process and putting yourself completely at her mercy. Again, for a good woman, this is not a problem because she will not abuse this power over you. But for a bad woman, this can literally be a death sentence. You do NOT want a bad woman to have this power over you. Thus other than marriage, men really have no safe avenue for sex where a bad woman can get him in trouble.

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

Well actually we do: prostitution. But not the bad, illegal kind as exists across most of the nation. Not only can that get you in trouble, but more pressingly however, it is often a form of human trafficking barely above slavery, and morally I think we would all feel opposed to that, even those among us who support prostitution in theory. Instead I am referring to the safely regulated, *legal* prostitution as exists in places like Nevada. Other than this and marriage, men have no safe avenue for sex. Since I am religious, I have chosen marriage. But I would encourage other, more secular men to choose prostitution. Even so, I recognize that the majority of you will not heed to my advice. You are going to have casual sex the "regular" way no matter how much of a risk it is.

Just remember, every time you have sex with a woman outside of marriage and/or prostitution, you are taking a risk. You are forfeiting your right to due process and putting yourself at the complete mercy of the woman.

However, there are still a *few* tips that can make the experience safer for you. But in no way are they guarantees. I will share a few of the most important ones below.

#1) Always Ask For Identification! We live in a world where 25 year old women look like they are 12 and 12 year olds can look like they are 25. Chock it up to Monsanto and the Industrial Revolution, but women are maturing at a much earlier age than ever before. Thus it is more important than ever before to confirm that a woman is legal, because even if she consents, you can still be charged for rape if she is below the legal age. Thus ALWAYS ask to see a woman's ID or Driver's License. No exceptions.

#2) Watch the Type of Women You Have Sex With! As a rule of thumb, do not have sex with liberal feminists or atheists. You know, the type who dominate tumblr and replace the word "virginity" with "sexual debut." They are precisely the women responsible for the mess that our gender is in today, and thus are likeliest to be the type who would utilize it to get you in trouble.

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

Atheists because the vast majority of them tend to be liberal feminists, as atheism is an inherently "progressive," left leaning ideology. Objectivism as espoused by philosopher Ayn Rand is the sole exception. But the point is that if a woman considers herself an outspoken "progressive" and/or is a liberal feminist, you should avoid her because she may have an axe to grind against men.

#3) Record Her Consent! While this may sound like overkill, it is perfectly rational in light of the fact that so many men are falsely imprisoned for rape simply because they could not establish proof of consent. Never mind due process and the fact that the burden of proof is on the plaintiff alone and not the defendant, the fact remains that a false rape allegation can completely shatter a man's life. Thus you need to be able to prove your innocence in case it ever comes to that. Fortunately, most smartphones are equipped with at least a rudimentary recorder, so all you need to do is explicitly ask the woman in question if she wants to have sex, and then record her saying "Yes."

#4) Avoid Alcohol Like the Plague! Even if it is just a single glass of wine at a fancy Italian restaurant, women and alcohol is an extremely volatile combination, especially when it comes to sexual matters. In light of "Yes Means Yes" and the fact that many feminists are pushing to alter the law so that drunk sex is considered rape, you do not by any means want to involve alcohol with a woman you plan on having sex with. Even if you have proof of consent like a recording, it will be automatically dismissed as invalid if it surfaces that alcohol was involved.

In conclusion, not only should you refrain from having sex outside of marriage and/or prostitution, but you should also refrain from ever even putting yourself in a situation with women where sex would be possible. For example, never go anywhere alone with them for an extended period of time. Always ensure that there are witnesses and/or friends around. Do not stay overnight at each other's homes. Do not sleep in motels together. Do not even stay in the car alone together for too long. There is such a thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and all it takes is for one little lie on the part of one rotten woman to get you in a world of trouble. Do not even afford them the opportunity to lie.

Economics: Avoid Gold Diggers!

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

This should go without saying, but every man should be on guard against gold diggers. If the only reason a woman appears to be showing any interest in you at all is because of your money, then that should immediately raise alarm bells. Granted, oftentimes women genuinely do fall in love with a wealthy and/or generous man. And we should not assume that just because an attractive woman is with a less than attractive man that she is only after his money -- oftentimes beautiful women do fall for men way below their league, like my mother did with my father -- but if a woman's interest in you only seems to revolve around your money, then more likely than not she is a gold digger. And frankly, if you are stupid enough to fall for it, then you deserve whatever damage she does to your bank account. But even so, there are some important things that every man should know.

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

The first is to keep your penis in check, because sex is the most powerful tool in a gold digger's arsenal against men and they know it. From always looking good to allowing you to indulge in your deepest fantasies and desires, these women are experts at utilizing sex for their personal gain. Thus it is absolutely pivotal that you do not fall like so many men have fallen before you -- I cannot emphasize this enough: do not underestimate the power of sex. You must keep yourself in check and watch your penis, the irrational little son of a bitch that it is. Resist the wiles of the gold digger, and do not ever make an important decision while you are aroused. Relieve yourself first, and then make it. Otherwise you will forfeit your money like Esau did his birthright for a measly bowl of soup.

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

Moreover, sex is NOT the only tool in the gold digger's arsenal, although it is the most powerful. Hence you need to learn to be on guard against everything that such a woman might utilize against you. Here are some good, all-around tips for being on guard against their treachery.

#1) Avoid Purchasing Expensive Gifts! Unless the woman in question happens to be your wife, she does not deserve expensive gifts nor is she entitled to your money. Let wives' gifts be wives' gifts and understand that a girlfriend is not a wife. Doing so will weed out most of the gold diggers because they will not stay with you if they are not receiving large sums of money. Furthermore the good women will stay with you because they will not care about the money or the assets. They will stay with you because they genuinely love you, which is much preferable to a gold digger.

#2) Always Use Your Own Condoms! Never trust that a woman is on the pill. For that matter, never trust condoms provided by a woman as well. There are women out there who will genuinely try to hook a man through getting pregnant so that she can live off of the child support and alimony.

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

They will poke holes in the condoms that they provide. They will lie. They will purposely "forget" to take the pill, etc. Simply put, it is too risky to trust a woman by virtue of her word alone. Always bring your own protection, and for that matter, always ensure that it is never left unsupervised. Do not trust your own condom if it could have been tampered with. Keep it in a safe place and keep it on your person at all times. Never leave it unsupervised around a woman you plan on having sex with.

#3) Research the Law! Even if you do not marry a woman, many states have a form of "common law" marriage wherein if two people have been living together for a certain amount of years, they are considered "married" before the eyes of the law. Thus the woman becomes entitled to your assets as if she were a wife. Hence it is your responsibility to research the law wherever you are living and to take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure that this does not happen.

Finally, remember that reality is not like television, though television often tries to portray itself as reality. The truth is that not every bad woman is going to come with a sign that reads "Gold Digger!" She can look -- and behave -- like everyone else. So you must be on guard at all times. Furthermore, sex, broken condoms, and even the full weight of the law are not the only tools in their arsenal. Many of them may take advantage of you precisely because you are insecure and/or struggling with your emotions. If you are the shy sort of man who has always struggled with women and lacked self-confidence, gold diggers can detect this like blood in the ocean.

They will do and say the right thing in just the right way at just the right time in order to weasel their way into your wallet.

They will stroke your ego. They will tell you that they love you. They will make you feel like you are on top of the world. But in reality they are only after your money. They will not care if they completely break your heart and drive you to suicide, or if you genuinely loved and trusted them. Hence, many sincere nice guys can and have been taken advantage of by gold diggers. Be on guard.

The Social Life: Your Reputation Counts!

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

Nothing hurts more than betrayal and dishonesty, especially at the hands of someone you once held dear to your heart. From the betrayal of Jesus Christ at the hands of Judas Iscariot in the Bible to Julius Caesar of Rome being assassinated by his best friend Brutus, associating with the wrong person can really screw up your life. Especially when women are involved. Because, you see, there are some rotten women out there who thrive on attention -- and for whatever reason -- will stab a man in the back if it benefits her personally. Such a woman will completely destroy your reputation, and apart from the emotional turmoil, it can have dire implications for work and school. As stated earlier, a false rape allegation is the worst way a woman can completely destroy a man's life.

Even if you are found innocent, the stigma will follow you.

There will always be those people who believe that you are guilty, and women will be especially wary in your presence. You can lose your job. You can be forced to transfer schools. Someone can call your new place of employment and tell them the rumors about you, resulting in the loss of your job yet again. In other words, shit follows you, and so your reputation is invaluable and must be maintained at all costs. The thing to understand about women is that -- as also stated earlier -- they will always have the upper hand. Society will always assume that the woman is innocent, and take her word over yours. Hence, it is important that you keep your social life in check, and follow these steps to ensure that the wrong kind of woman is afforded no opportunity to destroy your reputation.

#1) Never Delete Your Texts! For that matter, you should not even be texting a woman in the first place, especially as it pertains to matters of dating and romance. Simply put, it is too risky. Texts can be manipulated, taken out of context, and misconstrued in such a way to make you look guilty. This is what the lying cunt at my workplace did to me, claiming that I was "stalking" her just for trying to plan a date, even though she volitionally gave me her phone number in person after I approached her for it and made known my interest in going out with her. Your texts can prove your innocence, as can your recordings of consent, so if you must text a woman, be sure to save all of them.

#2) Always Put Family First! From your parents to your siblings, aunts, and uncles, family is perhaps the most invaluable relationship that you will ever have. Forget about friendship, because *most* friends will eventually stab you in the back and/or not be there for you when you need them.

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

Only family and family alone will always be there for you unconditionally. Thus, it is pivotal that you consolidate your relationship with your family. Because if shit ever hits the fan, you are going to need them. They may be your only support network. Especially in the case of divorce and/or a false rape allegation. NEVER put a woman before your family. I repeat, let wives be wives and recognize that a girlfriend is not a wife. No girlfriend is worth choosing over your family. Only a wife is entitled to that, and even then, only because she has become a part of your family via marriage.

#3) Keep Your Life Compartmentalized! And for that matter, keep the different aspects of your life a secret. No woman needs to know your place of employment, Church, or school on the first date. Divulging such details can be dangerous for the sake of your reputation. Do not allow these aspects of your life to overlap as well, since turmoil in one can easily corrupt the other. You should not date women from your place of employment, nor should you give out your number easily.

Divorce: A Special Note

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

Finally, something special needs to be said about divorce. Because unlike anything else the wrong woman may ever put you through, divorce is the only one that can destroy your life in all three aspects. It can destroy you sexually if she makes false rape allegations in court, economically if she is awarded your assets and alimony, and socially as people will now view you as a failed husband. That is not even mentioning the emotional turmoil of losing custody of your children -- the worst nightmare any parent can possibly endure. Yet, the divorce court is completely stacked against you.

Approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce, and at least 70% of those divorces are initiated by the woman (Source).

Hence, you must be extremely careful about the woman you decide to marry. Many men would suggest getting a prenup. But the way I see it is that if you cannot trust a woman enough to not have her sign a prenup, then you should not be marrying her in the first place. Furthermore, many divorce courts will throw out a prenuptial agreement, especially if the judge happens to be a liberal feminist. So you should be especially careful about the woman you decide to marry, because marriage to the wrong woman can truly destroy your life on an unprecedented level. Marriage is a greater risk for the man than it is for the woman, thanks to feminism and "equality." So do not enter into that risk lightly.

In Conclusion,

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!

Not every woman is a bad one. In fact, I would wager that there are more good women in the world than there are bad ones. I specified this point at the beginning of my article, but I digress. Some readers are always going to complain, and *some* women are always going to take offense at everything I write about their sex, even if I specify from the outset that it only applies to the bad members. But the truth must be made known. Women have Cosmopolitan which teaches them important real-life truths about men and relationships -- even if it has been dumbed down in recent years -- so it is only fair that men should be afforded the same. Finally, it should be noted that just as the wrong sort of woman can completely destroy your life -- especially in the case of marriage/divorce -- so the right sort of woman can completely bless your life.

A good woman is the greatest blessing of all.

The right sort of woman is the one who is truly entitled to your money, love, and care. You should cherish her as a treasure more worthy than anything else you will ever have -- the greatest thing in your entire life. More than that, you should grant her the honor of marriage, and becoming a part of your family. For just as divorce can ruin all three aspects of your life, so marriage to a good woman can bless your life in all three aspects. But in order to find a good woman, you must inevitably navigate your way through all of the bad ones that you are destined to encounter.

What are some other good, real-life tips that every man should know?

How to Avoid Bad Women: What Every Man NEEDS to Know!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • macAmillion
    Most of the women I've dated have been non-religious. I've honestly had better luck in relationships with them than with the "Jesus freaks" I've been with.

    In fact, the same woman who smashed my brand new iphone for liking my COUSINS picture on Facebook, also had me kicked out of a house that I paid for and nearly arrested one night because she said I hit her. In reality, SHE had kicked ME in the balls and slapped me in the face, and I had the red handprint to prove it (of course the police believed her when she said that was self defense because I supposedly tried to choke her, for which she had no mark whatsoever). It all started when she attacked me because I told her not to touch my phone (since she smashed the last one she touched and I had JUST gotten it replaced). She said I was "obviously" cheating on her and just went psycho on me. She even told the police she thought I was possessed by a minion of Satan. I was dumbfounded. This is a girl who goes to church every Sunday and tells anyone who will listen about how she is a "child of God" and Jesus is her savior. Manipulative crazy cunt.

    So, I refuse to date religious women after that. Atheists are much safer, and in my opinion more intelligent (generally speaking). Just my experience.
    Is this still revelant?
    • nirala_na

      I understand where you are coming from, but remember that being religious and being a "Jesus freak" is 2 different things, with the last one being taken to the extreme.

    • @nirala_na I understand. I just have come to prefer nonbelievers as dating partners. A relatively mild religious belief wouldn't be a deal breaker, but I definitely am attracted to women who don't subscribe to any religious doctrine, as a general rule.

    • Gotta watch out for those"love thy neighbor" types. That could mean a multitude of things.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Eevee2026
    Funny how all the girls got their panties in a bunch. Men have to watch themselves these days, woman can be manipulative. It's sad that we have to deal with these issues nowadays. Dating use to be fun and now it's just complicated and stressful. You have to always be on edge and guess the other persons motive or if their actions are honest and true. It's hard to find the good ones out there. Both men and woman.
    Is this still revelant?
    • skykidx1

      I believe i got a good one now the ex was goodat first but was very manipulative

    • Eevee2026

      Good to hear that, I hope it works out with her and I'm glad you got away from the other one.

    • Guess women can't accept the fact that they're as fallible as men.

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  • JudgmentDay
    Dude, just call it quits and learn to cope and live a life all on your own, forget about women altogether, it's completely optional anyway. Focus on your own life, your own career, your own survival, and forget about everyone and everything else since you really can't solely depend upon any other people and trust them completely or even forever.

    People's loyalty are hard to come by, more often than not, they are only loyal to their "need (s)" of you, and once their "need (s)" have changed, then so does their loyalty, and that is COMPLETELY REGARDLESS OF GENDER.

    I kind of believe that when the Joker said that "People are only as good as the world allows them to be", and more specifically " They need you right now. But when they don't, they'll cast you out, like a leper. See, their morals, their code... it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble." is relevant to that quote I had described above. When they need you, you're of value and useful to them, but when they don't they turn on you and completely ignore you such as when you need THEIR help or attention.
    • Unit1

      Good advise JudgmentDay! Words of wisdom right here.

    • @Unit1 That's why the first golden rule is TRUST NO ONE. Even when someone is really close to you and you've always trusted them, you still have to be careful and never ever let your guard down. Even family members betray, hurt and abuse each other, or anyone of kin or blood-related. Therefore it can happen regardless if you're related, close or not. He's right about the "Et Tu, Brute?" when Brutus betrayed Caesar, as that was his most trusted friend and ally and even Brutus turned on him when he had least expected him to, because Brutus beliefs and mindset has changed and thus his loyalty had changed. I think it was because he became really concerned and had feared that Caesar would become corrupt with absolute authority as an emperor and needed to be stopped at all cost to prevent a possible tyranny and oppressive new government in Rome at the time or something.

    • Thank you friend. I appreciate your advice, and certainly do consider it invaluable. I've found that focusing on myself alone has benefited me greatly, and ironically seems to bring about less problems with women. They even seem to be respecting me more.

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  • Sara413
    You know what?

    As ridiculous as I find 99% of this take and the premises, I'm cool with the advice you give guys who are paranoid of false accusations to just not have sex. They're generally the type women would like to avoid anyways.
    • 0112358

      But... that's pointless advice. They can still get accused anyway.

    • 0112358

      I should add i'm not saying that's something likely. Just assuming you're not committing rape, you don't avoid false accusations necessarily by not having sex.

    • This make no sense.

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  • Hopefuldreamer8
    I'm glad to see that you've recognised that girl at work doesn't represent all women. I remember reading your last Take. Not sure if I agree with all your points, but I am glad that you're moving on from her. I think it's ridiculous that people at your workplace are still acting like assholes towards you too. I hope you continue to move on from this, and I truly hope you meet the girl you're looking for. You're still quite young, so I believe you do have the chance.
    • Thank you. I appreciate your kind words, and I made very careful to ensure that I specified that this take was not directed toward all women. Only the bad ones, whom I wagered were probably the minority. I still hope that I will someday be blessed enough to marry a good woman.

  • damnwinter
    Damn. What is the world coming to? This post and the truthfulness of it is just a realistic and depressing picture of society today. Instead of the 2 genders being brought closer to each other, we are set light years apart...
    • I think it is because of the lack of structure. It used to be that both sexes had *mutual* obligations toward the other and that if they were not being fulfilled, they were entitled to complain and/or end the marriage. Now it seems like feminists have destroyed any sense of obligation on the part of the women, and many men in turn no longer see in reason for to follow any obligations themselves. Everyone is looking out for themselves alone now and not thinking about cooperation or what they can do for each other.

  • wankiam
    as a 49 yr old i hope you dont mind me telling you as a 20 yr old that you know nothing... its one hell of a theory and your arguments do stand up but if you go on like this you will never get fucked again unless you come out the closet
    • Alallalaa

      A girl said " I don't fuck Catholic people that is all I was saying". I responded to her "Catholic guys don't fuck sluts".

    • wankiam

      @Alallalaa in the uk catholic guys fuck little boys instead

    • Alallalaa

      Have you seen?

  • yellowgirl00d
    Hahahahaha a women getting pregnant for money because she can get more money like that omg nice one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm actually dead.

    Oh wait you're serious. I'm speechless.
    • skykidx1

      That's not a lie my mom friend admit she did this to her boyfriend

    • Unfortunately, there are women who do that.

    • Most women whose children have multiple fathers have done that, in the hopes of either hooking the man and/or living off of his money. Needless to say, that does not excuse fathers from their parental duty to their children -- a deadbeat father is just as bad -- but it is certainly a very rotten thing for a woman to do, and it is a very real thing that some of them do.

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  • Library
    Just because a woman is liberal or atheist, it doesn't make her a bad woman. Maybe it's just not your type. However, these days it's so hard to avoid bad women. It makes me wish I was gay.
    • How has no one just unloaded on you yet? 😂😂😂

    • Alallalaa

      A girl said " I don't fuck Catholic people that is all I was saying". I responded to her "Catholic guys don't fuck sluts".

  • SovereignessofVamps
    But... you had a bad rep, and you didn't have sex with that chick right? So not having sex with women won't change much...
    • Hence my statement about how a man should not even allow himself to be in situations with a woman where sex would be possible, but should afford her no opportunities to lie to begin with. If one wrong woman was able to ruin my life that much when sex was not involved, imagine how much she could have ruined it if sex was involved.

    • @JRICHARDS1996 I don't know what to say honestly.

    • You don't have to say anything. I just hope that my future experiences with women are better. I have faith that they will be, and that I will eventually meet someone nice like you and the other women who have been good to me in my life.

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  • apple24
    What a load of internet garbage! hahahah! *Walks out...
  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    I think it's a crock of shit when some women play the rape card and it wasn't rape. Women like that should be locked up for making a false accusation. Yeah the whole situation lately has gotten out of hand. Well most guys wouldn't have to worry about that with me since sex would be a negotiated act and I'm compensated financially for it. Yes I'm a Whore.

    However the rape situation is not always jaded in favor of the woman. The day after Christmas last year I was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. I had also just been beaten and raped by 3 men while disrobing me the nurse saw the rape signs and asked me had I been raped. I replied I had been raped. The cops were called and they twisted it to I was asking to be raped and got just what I deserved. Their lame excuse was because I was wearing a dress I was sexually enticing men to have sex with me. This occurred in a community in which I do not ply my trade and they did not know I'm a Whore. Cops are all under the impression Whores can not be raped.

    For the most part however though men are usually presumed guilty of any sex offense until proven innocent. I have a friend who was wrongly accused of molesting a young girl, I was there and it never happened. I was willing to testify at his trial but the prosecuting attorney said being a Whore I was not a credible witness so my testimony was not allowed in court. So now a man has to register as a sex offender even though he never even touched the girl.
  • sovetskii13
    Awesome article or mytake. I never thought about some of these things. I have zero experience with women outside of school. So this is very helpful. Thanks. Glad I joined MGTOW. If only my family could understand.
  • Unit1
    You warned us about gold diggers but then you said

    "The right sort of woman is the one who is truly entitled to your money"
    Are you serious?
    I discarded everything I have read.
    • Trifulnoop

      I'm guess he meant she FEELS entitled.

  • goaded
    If you spend some time to really get to know the woman before sleeping with her, you will probably have a good idea of the risk you're running.
    • Tony1974

      IF they let you "get to know them"...

    • goaded

      @Tony1974 Maybe you should also get to know her friends and relatives as well.

    • Tony1974

      Agreed. IF you can. IF I was serious thinking of settling down it's a MUST to know her parents and their relationship dynamics because those were her role models.

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  • pr3ttybr0wn
    I was reading this "expecting" to get pissed off and read some misogynist drivel, but you actually gave smart ideas to guys. If I ever have a son I'll definetely advise him of a lot of the things you said. Lots of guys fuck their lives up due to choices like this, then turn around and be bitter towards all women based on the bad ones they picked in the past.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    This is kinda fucked up that it has come to this lol
    But I don't think there was ever much peace between the genders, so we can complain that its terrible now, but in reality it has always been bad.

    And liberal and atheists aren't against men. We're not against traditional, we are against it being FORCED. If she wants to be that way, fine, but don't give her no other choice than to be SAHM and then act like you're doing us a favor.
    • I think it became worse in recent years with feminism only adding fuel to the fire. The problem is that feminists want to free women of every and any form of obligations and/or traditional gender roles while still expecting for men to abide their own gender's obligations and traditional gender roles. Hence the family court, which bad women are able to exploit. Many men are getting fed up with this apparent discrepancy and hypocrisy, so are giving up on women and relationships altogether.

    • You're acting like before it was great for women. Oh yes, let's marry girls to men 3x their age for financial stability.
      So either raped as a teen by a 30-40yr old man or exploited in court and have your custody rights taken?

      Yea, it's always been bad between genders

  • martyfellow
    Never approach women at work, where all the factors you mention are magnified. You don't have even the pretense of 'innocent until proven guilty' there. All the women will take the side of a woman against you, and a lot of men will run for the hills. Management will be afraid of the stacked legal deck against a man, and the ease with which cases can be brought against the company itself by allegedly 'wronged' women, and often get rid of you even when they know the woman is lying about you.

    Your mistake was getting involved with a woman at work without taking all the steps you mention to protect yourself. But even if you HAD taken every precaution, you would probably have been in big trouble, as apparently you are now.
    • I agree with everything you stated except for one thing. Ironically all of the women seem to be taking MY side while all of the men seem to be taking her side. I think that men are more likely to be White Knights who will betray one of their own, while the women in this case may be more willing to stick up for what is truly right -- which happens to be siding with me.

    • Djaaaaaay

      Asker... Your easly gulable !!

    • DizzyAster

      I used to date women primarily from work with no problems. Granted we were all interns at the time and only there for the summer, so yeah.

      I never went for a hired woman as a hired man. Too much stuff if it goes south. lol.
      unless it's like damn near marriage level stuff.

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  • Klara-Hitler
    Being cultured and uncultured is irrelevant to being religious. By putting religiosity before social class, education, and financial state, you are defeating the cause which is apparently advising men who want to have stable families.

    And atheism is not inherently progressive left. New-Atheism of the average young person is, and that is because the average person of the new generation goes towards Atheism under the influence of Dialectical Materialism. Even the leaders of New-Atheism aren't leftists. Hitchens was, Harris and Dawkins are mostly near center. Leaders' political views vary and they don't usually promote their political views. they are mostly concerned with the nature of religion itself. The source of leftism between the new masses of Atheists is in other places not particularly atheism. Samuel Harris is constantly attacked by Feminists and Liberals for criticising Islam and He is one of the main New-Atheist icons.

    And Classical atheism is a totally different thing.
    • But both atheism and "progressivism" as espoused by the Political Left are the products of the Enlightenment. So there certainly is a link. It may not be causal, but they do share a common ancestor, hence their many similarities and inevitable overlaps. Both for example are extremely individual-focused, wary of tradition, skeptical of authority, and empirical in their focus. Granted, I hold a deep admiration for both Samuel Harris and Christopher Hitchens for having the courage to criticize Islam to the extent that they did/do, despite the political backlash they received from SJWs and liberals who are too afraid to speak the truth.

  • Bandit74
    Well this was another classic, shit-storm enducing, myTake 😂
  • Blonde401
    'Bad women are in the minority' ...'don't have sex with atheists or liberal girls'. What the fuck? I'm not a liberal, I'm a socialist but I am an atheist and I would never accuse anyone of rape who didn't actually fucking rape me. You completely demonise two groups of women because you don't agree with their politics, so which is it? Half of the women of the world are bad or only the minority? I really think you need to go outside and experience life and actual dating before you pen anymore takes.
    • Atheists and liberal feminists are a tiny minority ;)

    • Blonde401

      We're really not. But then you live in America and don't know much about the rest of the world do you? America isn't the only country in the world. there's a vast number of women in Europe and U. K. Who are liberal or atheist or both. But there you go demonising an entire range of people when you've hardly met a vast number of people now have you. You're pushing your own political ideology onto this as always.

    • In the UK, atheists really aren't a minority, at all. Here we're the majority, which explains why literally almost everyone I know is an atheist.

  • CharlieDev
    Ummm, you haven't done as great a job as you think of growing up. You sound exactly like the type of guy a woman should avoid. From the way you communicate I doubt you have a high ability to understand this, however. I think that you blame your own failures and problems in life on women. You are angry about feminism and "equality" because it gives you less control, and that scares you. I think you have been more offended than most at rejection, and therefore think that any rejection you receive is wrong instead of the other person's right. Your story about the girl being upset when you tried to arrange a date is odd and incomplete. Had she ever agreed to a date? Truly agreed? If not, then maybe you were being too aggressive with your advances in the workplace. And that is really unfair and even cruel to the other person (they need to be there everyday, making it uncomfortable for them makes you an unacceptable person to have to work with).

    Unhealthy people attract unhealthy people, so you can either decide to work on yourself, and it sounds like that will be a lot of work, or unhealthy relationships will likely be your pattern. But this has nothing to do with women, bad or good. It is about you; your own anger, your own decisions and actions, and your own inability to deal with the romantic failures YOU have been a part of..

    I do agree about using condoms, however. It is not a woman's job to protect you from unplanned pregnancy. She is protecting herself, YOU are responsible for protecting you. You can't complain too loudly when you and a woman get pregnant when you chose to be passive about preventing pregnancy. Saying that, in an actual relationship it is ok to talk together about how you both want to address birth control and preventing STI's. In that situation, hopefully you have built enough trust to come to a good plan for this.
  • lost_alice
    don't have sex with atheists lol good I don't want a guy praying while he fuck me
    • Gewicht

      What about a guy making you say "Oh god I'm going to cum"?

    • lost_alice

      @ayylamo at least I don't waste time looking for stupid pics

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  • LoveHorses
    Have fun with a dull girl that does not have a life while I find one that likes to live life.
    • Alallalaa

      A girl said " I don't fuck Catholic people that is all I was saying". I responded to her "Catholic guys don't fuck sluts".

    • LoveHorses

      @Alallalaa Nice try troll

  • CasaNorba
    kick ass article bro, I really wished I could of read this when I was 14!

    for once someone is in the same page as me when it comes to the rape card, I think its kinda funny how everybody thinks I'm paranoid whenever I talk about this. this is why I love going to the strip club whenever I feel horny.
  • MissDyno
    Life is truly a disaster if this is what the world has come to. If these are the procedures to avoid bad women, I wonder what the procedures would be to avoid bad men... Or bad people in general.
    • Not talk to anyone for weeks straight. That's the procedure I follow. :D

  • Decentguy
    im laughing as hell while looking at girls opinions hahahaha xD
    Awesome take
  • krash2002
    Give or take a few mentioned items in this MyTake. I will say that I wish I had read this before I started High School. Could have saved myself a lot of drama.
  • feminismisnarcissism
    women today are increasingly narcissistic due to feminist fallacies invading our culture. Learn the red flags of a narcissist and you can easily avoid the psychopathic women you describe. :)
  • JustWorthlessMe
    brave man...99% of the women will jump on you and ALL of the white knights will attack you in a pathetic attempt to win brownie points.
    • I agree. But the truth must be made known, because unlike women, we have no support network other than our family. There is no male Cosmo. No laws in place for us. We will always be at the disadvantage.

  • jameson187
    You need to cool down and just enjoy life. Your so worked up with rules to how to live life thst your missing out. If sex and drinking aren't ok with you due to religion that's cool. But you go Gung ho about dating women to men shouldn't have sex or even buy a women a gift because you were rejected. You should actually date and grt life expierence in thst before you jump to such extreme assumptions.

    Granted if your story holds true I do feel bad but you should have known what you were getting into with a minor. It's messed up what happened but you need to move on. You just need to get out there and date and enjoy yourself. Your 20 enjoy it and don't be so morbid cause you haven't married a virgin yet.
  • Loveherbut
    Wow u r so paranoid women are not scary at all if u get all paranoid what do i left for women to fear lol
  • Sovereignty
    My answer is far simpler... you avoid bad women by dating a couple.
  • 10dsw
    If I was naive human being... I would consider this take ridiculous. Instead, I sadly agree with many of the points here.

    When I was 20 I hooked up with a girl. I decided to take the used condom home so I could chuck it elsewhere because I was always warned about the dangers of leaving your "genetic material" around. Lo and behold, I guess the girl checked her garbage can and noticed no condom. She started asking where it went. I lied and I said I flushed it. She said she didn't hear the toilet flush once. Let's just say it went downhill from there.
    • Your story is invaluable. So many women will deny that this sort of stuff happens, even though there are a plethora of men such as yourself who know from personal experience that it is in fact a reality. Men MUST be on guard against this sort of stuff, because everything else is completely stacked against them.

    • 10dsw

      Yep absolutely, and a disturbing reality at that.

      The women in my life have denied all sorts of things. Regardless of what any woman has said to me, I do as I see fit in terms of my safety and well being and I would advise all men do the same.

      I am in a healthy relationship with my current girlfriend however I have put my foot down and made certain things very clear to her from the get go, such as no marriage, no kids, etc. I explained to her the reasons why and she actually has been very understanding.

      Cheers man

  • mutedaisy
    I'm a Satanist.
    • sp33d

      That's a reply right in my alley :D Let's have kids and a house and a white picket fence and a barbeque and a dog and 2 4wds.

    • I can get on board with that.

    • Whoa good jk lol

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  • dwiller943
    Most of this is accurate. But a lot of it is very inaccurate.
  • Castleguy25
    Doesn't support making generalizations, makes ones about liberals, and atheists.

    You just make it too easy to mock you, so here, take this "L"
    • Alallalaa

      A girl said " I don't fuck Catholic people that is all I was saying". I responded to her "Catholic guys don't fuck sluts".

  • Djaaaaaay
    I will never tell any man the whole secret , although I'll give a hint.. And never dismiss this either as a opinion, because it's a fact.. Not a opinion. What seems very logical here in your opinion , is really not true depending on what type of man you are as far as others are concerned. What seems so logically true here.. About certain types of women are totally wrong as well. It never starts with a woman first.. Unless YOU allow it that way. They will preach and protest , get furious, argue , call false hood upon you and etc.. In thier own greviences. The other half of this hint will be pink down votes that will enforce this fact... The rest of this hint... You'll have to PM me asker
  • Alex88F
    lesson i learn in life - if she says she have daddy issues , self harm , used drugs
    • krash2002

      Daddy Issue's = Amazing in Bed.
      Self Harm = No self Esteem = Amazing in Bed.
      Uses non-prescribed medications (other than weed) = Run for the hills.
      If she has all of the above = Do you like holding plutonium without gloves?

    • Alex88F

      @krash2002 If she has all of the above = Do you like holding plutonium without gloves?
      lol oh yeah. totally.

  • GreatnessBack
    I don't know what world you live in, because none of this shit has EVER happened to me.
  • Table20
    This is an amazing take. Very well written and well done.
    • Table20

      @Alallalaa sooo what's the point here?

  • YourFutureEx
    I just hope Hilary doesn't win. Take was on point.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Some parts I agree with, some I don't
  • Sasha07
    It's so great being non-Murican...
  • sjoes006
    This was is why you are alone.
  • 1GuyOpinion
    What the fuck
  • Rahdle
    • Alallalaa

      A girl said " I don't fuck Catholic people that is all I was saying". I responded to her "Catholic guys don't fuck sluts".

    • Rahdle

      @Alallalaa hahaha nice!

  • sp33d
    No woman is... uhum.."entitled"... to my money.
  • Dimmu
    follow your brains not your dick
  • lazermazer
    Great take 👌🏻
    • Alallalaa

      A girl said " I don't fuck Catholic people that is all I was saying". I responded to her "Catholic guys don't fuck sluts".

    • lazermazer

      @Alallalaa Where it came from? And if you are offended, you are taking this take too seriously.

  • Anonymous
    This is a great take.
  • Anonymous
    Women write all the time about them having to protect themselves at all turns and literally everyone supports them and agrees. But when a guy does it. I'm sorry. You're dumb and can't be taken seriously.
    • It is okay. Eventually the smart ones will learn the hard way.