Laurie's Exhaustive Guide to Ghosting!


WHAT is Ghosting?

"The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication".

WHO will Ghost you?

It could be anyone, but most often it is a Significant Other, like a boyfriend, girlfriend or just a friend, when suddenly, and out of the blue, you just no longer exist ...

What's that all about? Or, What just happened?

Laurie's Exhaustive Guide to Ghosting!

Hey, things happen, right? But still the question lingers ...

Why did I get ghosted?

He, or she, has decided they don't want to be your friend, partner, soul mate, significant other, friends with benefits, or any number of other relationships you may have with them.

But, really ...WHY?

Well it could be a fight or disagreement that you were in, or a feeling of being trapped in a relationship that has overcome them with a feeling of insecurity, or of being smothered. For some it could be the tiniest thing that makes them withdraw.

Do they have Bipolar Disorder? ...if so, that could do it in a heartbeat!

Laurie's Exhaustive Guide to Ghosting!

What does Ghosting consist of? does it work?

They will cut off all communication with you. They will block you, un-friend you, delete you, ignore you, take you out of their contact list on their phone and email list. And if it is serious enough, they may even change their cell number to prevent you from leaving voice messages and texting them.

You have just got to hear Sister Sparrow's song about ghosting her boyfriend, it is great! ...I'M NOT KIDDING! ...

What can you do about Ghosting?

Well, if they are completely disappearing and removing all methods of contact it is best to remain silent yourself. If you are not aware of the reason and it startles you that they would do such a thing, then maybe ask around to mutual friends and see what they may know about it.

Many times it results from stress or a possible illness, including some form of psychological trauma that could have caused them to take such drastic action.

Wait for them to settle down and see if they will show back up in your life again. If you were good to them and they were a good friend, all should end up well in the long run.

If, on the other hand, you were not such a good friend to them then maybe you have lost them and it is time for you to re-evaluate how you are treating people. Ask others for advise on how you can better yourself and your understanding of others.

Always be kind and caring to those around you and you will succeed where others have failed.

Laurie's Exhaustive Guide to Ghosting!

To learn even more about the psychology of Ghosting, read this excellent article on it from "Psychology Today" ...

Now to all my GHOST friends on GAG ...please remember to "RE-APPEAR" for my next myTake! ...PLEASE?

Laurie's Exhaustive Guide to Ghosting!
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