Why I'm So Obsessed With White Men

Okay, several people on here have PMed me asking what's up with my obsession with white guys. Why am I not attracted to my own kind? What's so special about white men? So I'm gonna answer all of you with the same post.

1) White guys are more relaxed. One thing I can not stand about guys of my own ethnicity is why they have to be so "up-tight" about everything. White guys tend to be more casual and laid-back. I've turned down latinos and black men too, and every time they freaked out and acted like it was the end of the world. I've turned down a few white guys too, but they calmly accepted it and went on. Latinos freak out about EVERYTHING, but white guys are more like, "Yeah? Okay."
2) White guys have better composure and are more mature. By far, a lot of the most mature men I know are white. Unlike white guys, most guys will lose their composure too quickly.
3) White guys are more respectful. They're not all up on you trying to touch you the first time they see you, they are a lot more precise with how they talk to a girl, and they're a lot more considerate.
4) White guys know how to dress. This is a big part of it. I'm not trying to date some gangster. A lot of guys can't keep their pants pulled up, and they like to wear their pants on their knees. What makes you think this is attractive? Not only that, but I very rarely see another guy dress nice. If I'm gonna go on a date with a guy, I don't want him in a t-shirt.
5) White guys are mad fine. Okay, for the physical part... Blonde hair is gorgeous, hands down. I absolutely can not resist the thought of a tall, ripped, blue-eyed blonde man. There is nothing on this planet finer than a tall blonde guy with a six-pack and blue eyes.
6) White guys are more sexually desirable. Speaking of hair, thin hair is perfect for grabbing. Oh, and dicks... yeah, I'm going there. Okay, I have no desire to see any dick at all if it looks like a turd (to me, in my opinion). I know to some that might sound harsh, so I'm sorry if you find it offensive. I'm just giving my opinion.

So that's my take on it. The girl in this video really explains some of these things better to an extent, if you want to watch the video.


Tbh I fantasize about going to Norway and kidnapping a guy and bringing him home to make him my lover and sex slave. Not that I would ever do it, as that would be crazy and evil. It's just a fantasy :)

Why I'm So Obsessed With White Men
Why I'm So Obsessed With White Men
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Most Helpful Girls

  • MissKittyz

    Just like I prefer white men as well even though I'm mixed (half black and half white) and I've been told so many times that I should be dating black men lol both my sisters are only attracted to black men while I prefer white men. My boyfriend is white lol I completely agree with #4!! The gangster style turns me off soooooo much. And for #5, I'm personally not a fan of blonde hair but I do love a white guy that has brown hair with Blue eyes. Now that's extremely gorgeous in my opinion. Interesting myTake though :) we all have our own preferences!

  • Anonymous

    Well i find brown / black hair more attractive through i like green eye's (dad have green eyes ) but i still think that brown look amazing i don't find blue eyes that attractive i prefer my own people even in Europe i find South European men more attractive than northern one everyone have different preference

    • Anonymous

      Also Latino men are hot white guy's are boring for me

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    • She's a white Latina so was raised that white is right and dark is ugly. That's why Latinas wear umbrellas in the sun. Because they don't wanna get dark. I saw one Latina on here worrying about her pussy getting dark

    • Whenever a Latina likes a black guy it's wrong, especially if it we're your sister or girlfriend but as soon as they like white guys it's no issue with you

Most Helpful Guys

  • ravenengr

    kind of silly that you have to defend yourself... while I love all women, Latina women are by far my kryptonite. Maybe if people stopped trying to find the littlest things to hate on, we'd all get a long a little bit better.

    • What do I have to defend? This was more like an answer to all the people who message me about it.

    • ravenengr

      That people made you have to explain yourself... if you are attracted to white guys you are. Everyone has a type. I am sure some people were like WTF is she thinking...

    • People are gonna be like that over ANY opinion. It’s just an opinion, and some are gonna disagree. It’s not like it’s a fact.

  • Poormanscomedian

    You could be a comedian. You are a little harsh on the "Brown " guys. What is funny is that I am into Latina women. They are more loyal that white women. Video was cute.

    • Yeah I like her videos. She’s a famous YouTuber and she’s hilarious.

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    • @ZeussLightningBolt Oh, What happens?

    • "How am I supposed to know when you change the time in your country?"


      "You know, in America this would never happened, and employee would never talk to a customer like this."

      "THIS IS CHILÈ!"

      "Ey, cabron! You can't drive here!"

      "My boyfriend cheated on me, but we're still friends."
      "Oh my God! You're still friends with him? I would've fucking run him over with a fucking bike!"

      "Okay. I'll leave you girls alone."



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  • Porcelaine

    You look white in the photo so I don't see why someone would find it weird. Unless you are latino ir hispanic, those are not a different races, just ethnicities so they can be white too. Anyway it's just your preference. You are allowed to have your own taste, all the people who complain have their own preference too

  • buttcrackjoe

    Lol 😂 seems legit

  • FatherJack

    Hang on !! ... I thought white men were reposbile for ALL the evils in the world !! It's nice to get complimented for once... and even though I will never be dating again ( single dad , working FT ) I like Latina ladies , both Southern European and from the Americas too , my ex is Southern Italian , my daughter definitely looks Latina. The feminists will HATE your post !!

  • DiegoO

    Perhaps you should question your thoughts. I feel extremely attracted to white women's. That attraction doesn't come from good judgment, is a result of centuries of Eurocentric impositions of beauty and feminity in The Americas. Since I've come to realize that European women, and euro descendants women are not more beautiful than women of other racial origins, I understood that the attraction I felt is only a result of mono-ethnic, racial and monocultural propaganda.

  • JDavid25

    Well, considerin "Latinas/White men" are the most common "interracial" pairin, there is nothin uncommon about you likin "White" men.. LOL.. Especially bein on this site.. Also, this sounds pretty bias, fetishy and is generalizin hard.. Most of this besides the blond hair and blue eyes can be attributed to any guy.. Not to mention hints of prejudice in this take.. XD.. But you do you..

  • Johnnie1000

    I understand your preferences and the reasons for most. I think you sound like you have preferences in style, and don't like many of these was you like to be treated and w2hat is pleasing to your eyes. i have found many women of other races to have cultural differences that make them loud,, argumentative and a look too sluttish dress and mouth. My preferences have nothing to with race but with unappealing characteristicss.

  • humanearth

    I'm a white man and now I feel like I'm food waiting to be eatten.

    • LOL My bad if it came across that way

    • humanearth

      Thats okay. Sometimes it nice to feel wanted. Even if your the main dish on the menu.

  • Dalisay

    I agree with so much of this. All that gangsta nonsense, and the macho cars, etc. Makes them seem like they are compensating for something. Give me a nice guy with self confidence and manners. Oh, and a big D, lol.

  • Alyssa_K

    That's good you stay true to yourself and have your own preference, I am Asian and I love Asian men not just because they're smart, a lot of them tend to be more attractive than any other race and a lot of us don't look our age (younger) but that's in my opinion. But good explanation, let em' know it girl! Lol

  • Twerk4Me

    That's your preference. I personally can't stand white females and I've never had any interest In them whatsoever. Every chick I've ever been into was Latina or biracial. My first love was puerto rican. By the way, do you live in a wealthy neighborhood? One of the things I love about Latinas is that they aren't so generalizing of others. You got some rich white girl mentality going on lol.

  • bklynbadboy1

    First of I'm black but I just want to tell you I'm proud of you for staying true to yourself and not letting anyone away your opinion. You like what you like and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • Decachroma

    Personal preference sure, but i sense a social bias and inexpereince.

  • Tyffen


    There's a lot behind this obsession, it seems. 👀

  • Secret6620

    I can't agree with everything here but I am attracted to white guys as well. I mostly blame Disney. All the princes are white. So I need a white prince 💚💜💙

  • 5yrup


    • 5yrup

      who's holding you hostage and forcing you to say this stuff?

    • It’s just my honest opinion

  • GFNimbuscloud

    (Yes, as a white guy), I think parts of your reasoning are generalizations that are flawed. Umbrella terms like these just always make me feel a little uncomfortable. I've lived in cities with majority black populations most of my life, and I certainly get where you're coming from, but not everyone's gonna fill out the stereotypes.

    This also isn't that uncommon an opinion, from what I've seen browsing around... and while I'm kinda flattered, you guys need to be careful or it's gonna go to our heads! xD

    But thanks for making me feel sexy. Almost makes me regret dying my hair not-blonde. Almost. Finally, the white man gets a leg (or two~) up in the world, amirite guys? x3

    Norway's a long way off. I hope you don't have to go that far!

  • Guardian45

    Wow! Very interesting to hear your perspective. You give me hope for finding a brown woman. LOL!

  • patrickstarz

    Enjoy their tiny pink penis I. Your tiny ass and vagina

  • ZeussLightningBolt

    If I wrote this kind of MyTake I would get accused of racism

    But yeah, we're AWESOME!
    Latinas love us

    You should've posted pictures

    "YAY, de White man!"

  • CoffeeWC

    You can date whoever you want, but it's ignorant to think that whites are the only ones who have these good traits.

  • JamesBlackDragon

    Everything you posted here sounds like people I know of other "races" I guess it's the person not the "race"

  • justcurious2019

    there is noting wrong with you being obsessed with us white men

  • FrenchyRomain

    i don't agree with all of what you said by mere principle (and some of it by experience). Basically you have a preference for white men ;)

  • grega239

    If someone told me that they like me for my skin color I'd spit in their face

  • monkeynutts

    Cute, I'm sure all is white guys love you just as much.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad

    Thanks for sharing your MyTake , This was very well written and
    i think everyone should be allowed to date or have a relationship
    with whatever race that their seeking and no one should judge them
    i think Latina / Hispanic and ladies of other race are attractive i recalled
    going to this one doctors office and this girl working there was
    Puerto Rico she was very attractive and she locked eyes with me
    i been told by many Women they love my eye color that it just
    makes a them think how attractive they are and they are like a
    light blue color but i have self esteem issues with accepting
    compliments. But thanks again for sharing this with us :) :)
    Best Wishes

  • lostMahou

    Just date white men if you like white men. It's a preference as like jungle fever or yellow fever.

  • SpanishGuy12

    white men are awesome
    But if a woman deserves to be offended they will insult them

  • BirdFan360

    *Sad Asian Noises*

  • casey13

    that's why there is vanilla and chocolate

    • Hey, as far as candy goes, I love chocolate. Especially with caramel 😊 but men are completely different lol

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    • @patrickstarz Well to me if I fit their criteria then that’s all that matters and I have every reason to be happy about it 😁 lol adios 👋🏻

    • Alex0999

      Wow looks like someone is pissed that they aren't white and can't get sexy Latinas like you LOL

  • AHughMongous

    We are pretty great.

  • SexyAshh

    Great mytake!

    I ❤️ white men also


  • furiousrat

    Well hello

  • AlexanderBrunnrgaard

    Thank you for your reverence.

  • wilcross

    If that is your preference, do your thing.

  • AkshiJanjua

    Lol people on this site are racist as fuck!!

  • KinksandCurls

    I am black and enjoy white cock

  • CT_CD

    I'm obsessed with white guys too

  • Rangers

    Well alright then...

  • MoneyBeets

    Whites also built America :)

  • kakaloo

    Great MyTake 😊 understandable 😊

  • kali_hacker

    Aw shucks. I'm blushing.

  • Pineapple_Boy

    Good Take.

  • QuietRunner

    thank you for dating us

  • NovissimumVirorum


  • ghostingz

    go back to mexico

    • Mh1999

      She is Puerto Rican lol territory of USA

    • ghostingz

      @Mh1999 oh cool, im partly puerto rican too

  • Anonymous

    So racist not about your preference but you really stereotyped everyone WTF. "but white guys are more like, "Yeah? Okay." We are not your go happy joe we also feel down when rejected.
    "White guys know how to dress" Huh ? do you live in the ghetto? I have Latino friends who have an extremely nice fashion sense and no they don't sag their pants. Let me tell you what white men think about you easy pussy/meat when it doesn't go well with another white girl we go for girls like you :)

  • Anonymous

    Does your friends think so

  • Anonymous

    Do not kidnap anyone I'm here.

    White guy with blond hair and 6pack, just green eyes will have to be OK...

    • Yet you would go anonymous so that proves a lot doesn’t it 😂 lol

    • Anonymous

      I can write you in private...

      What does it prove?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many other hot, intelligent Latinas love us.