White men are NOT better than black! What I think about racism.


Would you judge someone by the amount of melatonin in their skin? If so that is called racism. Why would anyone do that?

Who would want to hurt this little cutie?
Who would want to hurt this little cutie?

Racism has been in existence since time in memorial. It refers to the division between people of different races. Racism can be defined as a factor that separates people in to various categories; those of superiors and inferior races, tribal differences, social status, etc. While many people think that racism is about skin colors, racism goes beyond the differences in outward appearances. Racists believe that people who belong in different categories should never mingle but remain in segregation each in its own setting. For instance, racist believe that white people can never stay together with black people (Feaginand McKinney 150).

Ethnic background differences are one of the leading aspects that have affected the coming together of many people. While human interaction is meant to enhance development and growth, racism separates the human race in to distinct categories with hatred that runs for many generations (Feaginand McKinney 137). This notion has led to many problems between people of different ethnic backgrounds and races as the seed of hatred is planted in people.

Racism is one of the negative trends that have existed since the human race begun. It is an element that has caused a significant divide and hates that has led to conflicts, which have affected relationships from one race to another. It is one of the factors, which have contributed remarkably to the rising of various wars and international conflicts. The results of racism have thus been devastating and have pulled back social and economic aspects. For instance, racism as led to a distinct divide between the black and white (Africans and Europeans). These are two races that have not mingled completely and their divide between has separated the interests of the two continentsfor manycenturies. For a long time the black people have been subjected to ruling of the white whereby whites have been a superior race while blacks are inferior people. As a result, many black people are often subjects of the whites. History records how whites mistreated black people in America. This created hatred as the white believed that black people were meant to be servants (Feagin and McKinney 49). Consequently, this school of thought still holds on until today.

Racism has contributed to the separation of many people. This is the principal factor that has led to inequity and discrimination between people. Many people have been segregated in the past and present due to their backgrounds. While others cannot have their rights, others are forced to live a life of fear because of the superior races. The effect of such a separation becomes evident when some people are living free while others are in bondage. Such an effect is evident amongst people who have different cultures. While some may be free to practice the beliefs and practices other are likely to be neglected and denied the freedom to do their practices, e.g. there are some countries, which do not appreciate other religious practice apart from the native religion or tradition. In the same capacity, a new people in such a place cannot speak their foreign language. This is because it marks their difference that leads to their segregation in public.

It has led to separation between people of remarkable influence at the global level. This is in light with the people who affect worldwidetrends such as trade. It is imperative that people of different races meet on common ground to device a way of exchanging service. Nonetheless, racism has been an obstacle because there are nations and countries that cannot meet to exchange the goods and services due to prejudices and discrimination.

For instance, some nations have blocked certain trade links in to their countries due to particular racial disparities. Alternatively, others have been deprived of their rights to have particular access to handling some businesses thus they encounter challenges that cause them not to practice international trade. Such issues have been a significant barrier towards economic growth across the globe.

Given the argument above, it is evident that racism still exists in all people across the glob. While racism is highly noticed in some communities, others disregard racial discrimination. People of different background have in the same capacity suffered due to racial disparities. Consequently, it is paramount for people of all nations stand against any aspect of racism. It is crucial that every person stands on the look out to eradicate any thoughts and attitude that supports racism, and support unity of the human race.

In Conclusion, racism is an act that has to be stopped in order to put an end to the continuous divide between people. This act requires immediate response because the division due to race disparities is continually being passed to the next generation. Therefore, it is imperative that people agree that every person is equally important. Similarly, all people should appreciate one another even in their various racial background and differences. Additionally, people should embrace one another and agree to assist each other in building global unity and peace. As a result, a remarkable society will arise that will lead to considerable rise in economy and social wellness, which is primary to human survival. Failure to this, the society will keep dividing and wars will rise that result to destruction of the human race.

White men are NOT better than black! What I think about racism.
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  • PositiveNote
    I am truly sorry that too many do not have the opportunity to get to have friends of different races. I have been so blessed to have served in the US armed forces where we can all be brothers in uniform. If it were not for that experience, I may have "hid out" for a lifetime away from mingling with those I did not understand.

    My life is so much richer having gotten to know Blacks, Asians, Latinos, and other Caucasian nationalities. It makes my life wider and broader than I could have had within my own family heritage.
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  • Dchrls78104
    Racism is a tired old practice that should be put out of our misery... for good. Judging people by skin colour or hair texture should have gone the way of the Model T. Racism is like a derelict vehicle that should be headed for the scrapyard; only fools and mental dwarves spend time or money to keep it running.
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  • Wade12345
    Hey moderators: I'm about to offend you and your audience, but if you think I'm lying, I'd be happy to provide links to real-world I. Q. test data and crime data to support my position that I'm about to present.

    Real- world crime statistics show blacks commit twice as much violent crime as whites. Most murders in the United States are actually black-on-black crime. That's not racism, that's blacks killing blacks. That fact alone already shows blacks are morally inferior to whites.

    Real- world education statistics in Louisiana show majority black schools have an average GPA of D- while majority white schools have an average GPA of B+.
    A few months ago, Washington state lowered their education standards because black people couldn't compete with whites and kept failing High School. Think of how ass backwards that is. You don't lower standards because the inferior race is inferior. You should raise standards and expect even more from both races. There's no excuse in the modern world for people who can't even make coin change at the cash register. Guess what? When I was in High School I was taking 15 hours per week of martial arts, I was on the Armed Exhibition Drill team in JROTC, and I read an entire math or science book from the school library nearly every day, sometimes two per day, and I maintained Honors all at the same time. What's the excuse for black kids averaging a D- WITH a freaking curved grade? They actually FAILED the material in every subject, but the teachers curve their grade to give them a free pass to the next grade level. That's real- world data. That's not my opinion.

    Sexual immorality and irresponsible parenting are much higher among blacks than whites too, it's part of the reason so many blacks are on Earned Income Credit compared to whites. It's why they have 3 or 4 illegitimate children, and they don't even know the father of the children. Immorality and stupid immorality are black norms. You want equality? Get the hell off Earned Income Credit and food stamps. Get a job. Get an education and get a better job. Get two jobs. Feed your own damned family that you spawned through your ungodly lifestyle.

    By the way, there are far, far more racial differences between blacks and whites than just their skin color, and anyone with a shred of intellect and integrity would understand that. Blacks have lower average I. Q. and are designed to speak and think with a reversed subject-verb-predicate order compared to whites, which is part of the reason most of them struggle to learn to speak, read, and write English correctly. The average African American has an I. Q. 15 to 20 points lower than the average White or Asian American. The average Native African has an I. Q. a full 40 points lower than the average White or Asian world-wide... even though I. Q. tests are given in your native language, and even though the Raven's Squares portion of the test, which is the problem-solving portion, is not even a language arts test.
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    • Gee Golly I wonder why that might be? Hmmmmmm…. Let me think about this…… takes a genius to figure this one out….. hmmmmmm…. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they’ve been enslaved and oppressed. What a fucking moron.

    • bigbluey

      @Wade12345 I’m not talking about all that crap I’m talking specifically about racism stick to the subject

  • HighValue
    And Black people deserve no privileges, like extra exclusive money for college, getting jobs, promotions, and college entrance when they are less qualified either. They often get preferences based solely on their race, but I don't see any of them doing anything to stop that. they like racism when it favors them.
    That is not an opinion, that is a fact that is proven by laws and policies that still remain today that are racist against both Whites and Asians in the USA.
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    • well said and true.

    • DesiUwU

      and white people do not deserve a say in what we need, since you don’t know anything obviously. THIS is the reason we have stuff like that, you’re only helping us more when you put out more racist bullshit comments like this, so thank you 😊

    • @DesiUwU everyone has a say since its everyone's taxes that pays for these racist programs that put skin color above merit or eccomics. Your just another hypocritical racist black person who just wants free handouts with no effort on your part. Its people like you who hold back your own community. I've known ways to many strong and hard working black men and women to know that your full of shit. Hard working folks of all other races don't care if you lie and call us racist anymore. Now go play with jessie smolet some where else.

  • Sparks32
    I've seen black people do horrible things many times and I've never seen white people do those thing even though I live in a white majority Country. I grew up walking down streets hoping that black people wouldn't see me and beat me up 10 on 1.
    there is a reason I don't like them very much but the places I moved to get away from black people have now become black majority areas. Go back to where you came from and respect white spaces.
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  • anylolone
    Now that you've been stunning and brave, go a bit further.
    "Society forgot the lesson we learned in the 70s" maybe because it never learned it in the first place, at least not the right lesson.

    White men are not inherently better than black men, or the other way around (or any permutation).

    And we should judge each individual for it's own merits and demerits.

    But all Men are not literally created equal. And merit does not care where merit comes from.

    One good example is quotas for "untouchables" in india, which did nothing to help "untouchables" and a lot to harm the institutions.
    It's weird to think something which was supposed to be a social investment end up doing harm instead of doing nothing, as it would be expected.
    But once you understand that people will easily turn to cronyism if they are forced to ignore merit, then it becomes easy to understand.

    The disaster that was the show "woke" shows how it works.
    Imagine firing a black woman because she lacks ideological purity, hire a white guy to be ideologically pure and then put a black guy as a token for the premiere, ending up with one of the worst shows in history and without audience.
    That's how a quota can be used to ignore merit regardless of where it comes from.

    It's essentially not much different from nazi germany, or mao's china killing it's intelectual capital and wondering why it's lagging behind.

    Another fun thing is that nigerian immigrants in britain are on the top achievers and caribbean are on the bottom, or indi on the top and bangladeshi on the bottom.
    Same thing in the US as well. But with proper evaluation, all makes sense even if they might sound counter intuitive at a quick glance.
  • cth96190
    White average IQ around 100*.
    African American average IQ 85*.
    Average black IQ in Africa ranges from 63 (Hotentots, Bushmen, Pygmies) to 75*.
    Whites (specifically Germanics) left footprints on the Moon and created modern technological civilisation.
    Africans did not leave the Stone Age. Their technological contribution to the world has been zero.
    * Herrnstein & Murray 1994, The Bell Curve, Simon & Schuster, NY.
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    • DesiUwU

      Maybe if y’all didn’t get in the way and talk us down and segregate us, we could’ve done something for you and gotten along some, huh?
      My IQ was 125 at age 6

  • Mikemarks97
    I believe there is one race. And that's the human race. I think bringing up your or someone else's racial traights such as skin color should be taboo the only way to move forward as a society is as one race.
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  • seanscoopers
    Am black so I am not saying who's better
    Everyone are equal
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    • bigbluey

      Buddy I’m not asking who’s better my point is that we’re equal

    • Yes of course

  • Throwdownxxx
    Of course racism still exists. It will always exist. It will never go away. Nobody is better or worse based upon their race. If you want to help out black folk, look up your local resources and actually do something to support your local black community.
    • bigbluey

      I do! Stop making me sound like I am some useless teenager! I’m 23 and I actually do something about racism so don’t just assume I don’t since I’m a “stuck up stupid” little girl

    • I didn’t say you were a stuck up stupid little girl, I was agreeing with you.

    • @bigbluey there is some kind of miscommunication happening. I’m open to dialogue. Will add you and shoot you a DM.

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  • CrossroadsDemon
    Just from the title of this proves you are a racist.
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    • bigbluey

      I’m not a racist

    • TwinTonyz

      Running to the defense of 'the oppressed' seems to imply as much though. Throughout your essay it was objective in terms of a western historical context, but then leads with the dissonant idea being the title. Without any such implication of such, your first action was to assert the common belief is white people are considered better. I believe the common modern belief is the opposite, stating that white people are unilaterally evil, corrupt, irreparably racist and have earned nothing by nature of them being white. This being a certainly ludicrous statement is, what I believe, drive your title. You think there's an overwhelming collective of white people who thinks of them themselves as superior. You're correct. There is also an overwhelming collective of black people who thinks of them themselves as superior.

      The problem, one is bad, one is good, so far as your title implies.

    • bigbluey

      @TwinTonyz I’m really sorry if that’s what I implied. I did not mean to it just seemed like in history that the black were treated worse than the white. I was trying to say that we are equal. I apologize if I didn’t come across clearly

  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "White men are NOT better than black"

    She says, hoping her beliefs will finally make daddy notice her.
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    • fjb2021

      Ruh roh.

    • fjb2021

      That is the truth and bomb.

    • @fjb2021

      These women wear their need for validation on their sleeves and act like they're doing such a good job of hiding it lol.

  • midnightmoon05
    You are not better than white man.
    what is your point?
    • bigbluey

      I know I’m not better I’m just trying to say that racism is not right

    • Have you learn that life is not fair? A lot of things are not right?
      Are we creating more unfair treatments or are we above that? To love one another regardless of what color we are.

    • bigbluey

      I have learned that

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  • lightbulb27
    don't know a single person that looks down upon that girl. But her parents, culture, enviornment, wealth status will be highly impactful to her life. can say same about other kids I see, but less so.

    The day we spend more time debating the character, teaching parenting, focusing on values including good family values, and responsibility is the day we get past this.

    Some black preacher dude said something about "content of character" in some big ol speech.

    I didn't overlook the fact that by calling out white males, you've bunched us all together by color as if were a race. I have nothing to do with Hissidic Jews, or Putin... and they are white like me. This is such a false narrative. Expand your mind, read outside the script you've been handed.
  • RationalMale
    When the Left has the guts to also condemn racism against White people, I'll start taking them a little seriously.
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  • Not_Average
    I was raised to discern others based on their character, values, and how they treat others. White men are not better than black, so logical deduction says that black men are better than white? See how judging people by race doesn’t work? We obsess with race far too much in my opinion. Most people don’t care what you are. When I was in the Marine Corps, I worked with every race you can think of. Nobody gave a shit. We were just Marines. This black victim hood bullshit is getting old and it’s cringe at this point.
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  • WhiteBoyChill
    “White men are not better than black”.

    Even though most black men have a habit of treating black women like sh*t.

    Wasn’t it something like 3/4 of black children are fatherless?
  • bamesjond0069
    This is why we need to stand against BLM and other racist organizations.
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  • TheAfrikan
    Nice One but as good as I know and feel fuckin racist morons will always exist on earth that is how true the earth is fucked and some human beings.
  • UdontNeedtoknow
    I have had friends and dated women of every race and one thing is clear. Both positive and negative tendencies exist in every race and culture. It doesn't mean that every individual of that race or culture will fallow these tendencies since we all make our own choices on the individual level.
    However stereotypes are there for a reason, like it or not that is just the reality of this world. Just like how different dog breeds have different instinctive characteristics. The same is true of humans. To never give or to deny a individual a opportunity in employment or college just because of the color of there skin is racist. This is why in my personal opinion any racial quota system is illegal and racist. Especially affirmative action. Affirmative action should be based on economic poverty, not skin color or sex or religion or creed.
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    • Sparks32

      @UdontNeedtoknow true Both positive and negative tendencies exist in every race and culture but not in equal amounts. Far from it Moving to a country like Hungry means you would be less likely to be brutality murdered then you would if you moved to Somalia or Afghanistan and 1000 times at least less likely to have your mother pack raped by 20 or more men.

  • TsAubreyKate
    Doesn’t that make it all the more impressive that white people pulled off slavery tho
  • shepardmaddison
    100000% agree
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