Why I Hate Being A 'White Boy'

Really I just don't enjoy it, there's a general sense among people that I've hit the lottery but I feel like a casualty of banality & like if this is what being lucky is like, the totality of winning the genetic lottery is an empty concept. I don't think it's Just the white man thing, I’ve got a lot of other shit to be worried about, but I sincerely would rather be something else, though it's spilled milk though (so to speak) so I try not to dwell on it publicly so often.

Why I Hate Being A 'White Boy'Fewer people appear to want my kind of person as years go by. I see a lot of people online censured for saying they like white men. Once on Whisper someone told this white girl asking around for a white boyfriend ‘trying to keep the bloodline pure??’ basically implicating her as some eugenics minded Nazi or something. In fact, recently there was a person who posted this question on GAG professing attraction to them and they almost came at her like a Marvel villain or something, the vitriol about white guys was kneaded out and very palpable.

Why are white boys so hot?

It’s just increasingly clear over time that we represent the worst in modernity to the world outside of ourselves when we age or get high positions, we have this predisposition to contracting melanoma, the political consensus is that my interests are represented by monstrous people like Trump & my opinions are highly scrutinized during these times of pluralistic strife or discounted because of this white privilege narrative that I think has lead so many men like me to just isolate themselves or become these fucking idiots & monsters who actually would vote to rip families apart. I could go on but I'd rather not bleed all over this keyboard every little particular I have with my ethnic experience.

I see so many white males in media represented as less masculine, or they're given these very metrosexual/homosexual appearances, so society views us in a stereotypical sense as less intelligent than Asians but less masculine than the other races. The very term of 'boy' is coupled with 'white' far more often and I do not find this to be an accident. Like, these people who work at like Buzzfeed or network television are often effeminate in a way I just can't relate to. I’m not saying either that "Oh, I’m Not No Qwer I’m Dirty fuckin Harry" but just watch MTV’s new years resolution for white guys video & understand how out place that would make me feel just being in a room with those fucking people.

Why I Hate Being A 'White Boy'


[I would like to make it clear that I am not against effeminate males, the LGBT community, nor metrosexuality, but I feel as though the media rewards attention and direction to people based on that in such a way that reduces the presence of the more masculine white men of note]

But though I am not under this 'Dirty Harry' idealization of myself, as these representations develop I do sometimes have to reach into the past to feel annoyed less by the decisions made in popular media. Sometimes they just replace white male characters with newer demographics like, they turned Thor into a woman or Captain America into a black man in these Marvel comics (and they're dating), they made Guy Montag black in the new Fahrenheit 451 movie, everyone is clamoring to make Idris Elba the new James Bond and its like, I liked Black Panther & I don't think other races shouldn't be given roles but I feel like there's a vague message being sent of 'Less Of You..' and I just see it in so many places, from ads that always feature the same interracial couple to the roles in tv & movies that play on that concept like its still some subversive & edgy shit, as if this is the sixties. Very rarely you'll see a coupling of a hispanic girl with an Asian man, native American man with an arab woman, etc.

Why I Hate Being A 'White Boy'The language of white males (or also white people in general) is also scrutinized in a very particular way, & the Kendrick Lamar incident with the white fangirl just solidified this culturally toxic social pressure that white people Cannot say words like 'nigga' regardless of context or if its in a song. There was this white woman in Britain who was arrested because she posted rap lyrics that said 'nigga' in them in honor of a friend that died in a car crash. & its not like I'm in a cage or anything, but she almost Was (they gave her a fine and 8 weeks of an ankle bracelet).

There’s also this pervasive premise that it’s acceptable to come at people who have abhorrent opinions through their employers, or even not if they express bad thoughts sometimes but if just perceived a certain way these internet hate mobs will move together to weaponize unemployment and get essentially you shitcanned. There was this vegan bakery in Oregon where this black woman walked in after closing hours, & they were serving two white women who apparently were there prior to that time, & when they refused to serve her too she whined on social media & managed to get the two women fired over it. Obviously, a racist police officer or someone who holds the power to inflict very damaging abuse on people they have hatred for should not be employed in that kind of station, but the general consensus is that everyone is a fair target, and I just think it's wrong.

I do not feel like I have any connection to what it was like to be black & living under Jim Crow laws but I nonetheless feel like the world is increasingly at ease with utilizing double standards that I could, one day, be hassled over at the least. I mean, those vegan bakers likely never even thought about it from a racist standpoint and by the sound of their geographic region and occupation they're likely very progressive minded, but the left I find nowadays just eats its own and I feel like I’m stuck between two different sides that each have their own authoritarian axes to grind (one they think on my behalf, the other on behalf of everybody but me), that both make me feel an inherent fight or flight reaction. People are even bringing back the narrative of calling people ‘colored’ even, like the signs said during segregation days, its just decided now that its less offensive because, you say ‘person of color’ instead as its less guttural if you use more words to say it… But its bullshit, its just a way to frame my demographic vs literally anyone else, & I think society is sanctioning so much similar regression in the name of the greater good. Of course it begs the question, who determines the legitimacy of what qualifies as 'colored'? I'm the color of white people, and some people who aren't white are even lighter than me.

I’d just rather be something else, if I had the redo. I understand every race of people has its own challenges but to wear this ugly identity that people are jumping ship from is not a prospect I might choose. It’s not going to be alright, and it certainly should never be alt-right. I’m a very depressed person typically, and generally not noticed by greater society, I’m just another shlubby white guy who nobody that cares about outside of a small circle of people who basically had to be there, and I'm seen directly through like glass in this world, until I were to become too problematic.

I take personal responsibility for that which went wrong with my life that I had control over, but the fact is that nobody is without their tribulations that hinder them in ways they never may wrap their hands around. I don’t care for the life I lead, I don’t think there’s any way for a positive attitude itself to be rewarded and basically we’re all just fucking serfs to corporations who through social engineering and the general manipulation of grievance culture control our systems of governance and very successfully use racial politics to divide & conquer us so that we don’t actually respect each other enough to live peacefully and unite against their heavily financed tyranny. I think there are still white people who think the world would be magically better without jews & probably statistically more people who think the earth would be better without me & my race & frankly, fuck this being a white guy shit anyway, I’d be ecstatic to just have my consciousness uploaded into a quantum computer.


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  • See I don't understand this. I think you're incredibly sensitive to what concerns "white men". There are a couple of people who are racist against you sure, but i've actually met more lowkey white supremacists. 99% of media portray masculine white men, you'd be blind to ignore that.
    Never in my life have I actually seen white men discriminated against, but I have seen it against south Asian, east Asian, aboriginal and black men.

    • Leave the western countries and you get discriminated against.

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    • @hellionthesagereborn And Star Wars takes place in the fantasy of Science Fiction. It doesn't stop you from projecting your own weird racial nonsense and guilt onto the big screen or into a fantasy world. So every movie going forward, they have to check with you to make sure your sensibilities are not violated?

      Get out of town racist weirdo.


    • @RolandCuthbert I don't understand how some one so blatently racist, can be so oblivious to their own racism. Its mind boggling. Also calling me a racist doesn't have an impact on me, even before it was played out I was indifferent (I'm indifferent to name calling in general, it just shows a complete lack of an intellectual argument). But do feel free to continue, but in the mean time, if you attack white people, if you criticize them and treat them as a monolith, then yes you are racist by definition and that is precisely what you are doing (entirely your prerogative, just don't know why you would want to live your life that way, seems like a waste).

  • I completely get where you're coming from. I'm a white girl and it makes things dangerous for me sometimes. Short, white, female. Where I live, all bad combos.

    I live in a predominantly black area in Detroit. Being white, I stick out like a sore thumb. Being a short female, I am a target. I've been followed home a mile form school before. I've been approached. Guys have asked me if I, 'want to take a ride with them', and I tell em to move the fuck on before my dad sticks his.22 where the sun don't shine. There are times I feel I would've been seriously hurt if I didn't have my dog with me simply because I stick out. Driving in Detroit, at night? We have a saying. No cop, no stop. I've blown countless reds, only slowed enough to make sure it was safe first. White girl driving in the bad parts of the city spells disaster. Most white people won't go past the border into the city. But I'm always working in the city, or I have to take the freeways from in the city to get where I need to go.

    I used to wish, and sometimes still do, that I was black simply because it would be safer for me. I might've been picked on less in middle school.

    • Oh please, anybody that ain't cause you a short "White" female.. Anybody that stick out in the hood well be a target LMAO... I know cause I been told that just cause I look like a nice dudes that I would be a easy target.. Even though I come from the hood..

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    • Guys, maybe that girl fears a worst-case scenario than it ever could happen to you?
      And timer after time we see something like that on the news...

    • @AlbertWesker The page we are lookin for doesn't exist, and well we all fear when we go into the hood... LOL... Certain ones anyways..

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  • You keep posting the same drivel over and over again. There are all kinds of non-"White" women along with "White" women here at GaG hoping to land a "White" guy. You won't acknowledge them because it doesn't fit the narrative you want to write for yourself. In that thread, which was probably started by you pretending to be a woman, plenty of people were okay with the choice or the preference made.

    So your whole issue with depression and not finding a woman is something of your own making. You have created a world where you are helpless to change your own fate.

    And that is just a lie.

    To All the Men Who Think They Have Been Friendzoned, Passed Over, etc. Here is a Little Advice... ↗

    • No you might not believe me but that question wasn't me, although I did wonder if that was a troll because it was so surface level and it's rare that white guys get talked up in that way. I see far more posts gushing about black or hispanic men. I think that guy who keeps posting the same question about 'being afraid to approach white women' needs help. I don't like to post about this kind of thing very often because a white guy talking about this kind of thing is seen as like a Trump supporting 'south will rise again' type.

      That post was not the crux of my post, it was just a recent example I took note of. This isn't just about dating.

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    • You're not very bright, are you, son? Chief Joseph was an Indian. He neither understood nor accepted any laws but those of nature. He had no notion of what a federal system of government even entailed, let alone any political philosophy within that system. He lived in a state of chaos in which the only authority he respected came out of the muzzle of a gun.

      The man who blocked you is one of the most intelligent and wise posters on this site. He blocked you because he gave an order that you failed to respect. Besides, all you posted in response was a gif, which made you look like a tween girl throwing a tantrum, not a rational thinker advancing a dissenting argument.

    • @BigJake Like I said you are an idiot.

      Conservativism is not a political movement. It is a belief system.

      Read a dictionary for crying out loud.

      "commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation."

      Chief Joseph was a conservative as they come. He only asked for the feds to leave him and his alone. And they couldn't figure out how to do that. They killed, massacred, and stole from his people until they had it all.

      And maybe that is what you call conservativism. It seems a good fit for you.

      But Chief Joseph wanted nothing from the government. He wanted it out of his business. He wanted the freedom to live in the manner that he wished.

      And make sure you get this straight. I want you to know how much I care about you and OW's hurt feelings.

      I care more that for the turd that I left in the toilet this morning.


  • Be confident in who you are, and just be a happy, confident, masculine man. Don't let a website like Buzzfeed determine how you see yourself. White men are still very masculine in the media, what about Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans in superhero movies for example. Or Calum Von Moger in bodybuilding. There are tonnes of masculine men of European descent in the media to look up to. But that being said, who says a white kid can't look up to Childish Gambino, Chadwick Boseman or Samuel L Jackson? Who cares how the media portrays anything, they don't matter, what matters is that you love yourself, and that you pursue your goals to be the greatest you that you can be

    • I don't have a problem identifying with black characters, I identify with JJ on Good Times, its one of my favorite shows. I don't think everyone I identify with needs to be white, or even male. I identify with Daria too.

      I'm not saying there's no masculine white men in media, it just seems like in a lot of areas they are depicted as scantly or niche as with the country music scene. I just think the experience of celebrities who by their social nature are exceptional is way different from that of the average white guy, who is certainly not presented like Thor all the time.

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  • I knew the comment section was gonna be a shitshow and I still went to it anyway 🤦🏾‍♀️.

    Here's the thing, not one person walking this earth had a choice when it came down to what race they were gonna be. We were all born as what we are and that's that. And we were all born as equals. The problems came when one race decided that it would be superior. White men are and always will be at the top of the food chain. All this white genocide and the extinction of white people is a front. Fuel for supremacists. More divide and conquer tactics. Media works overtime. y'all eat it up. Puppets, dancing on strings. Smh.

    You are you. A white male. You had no part in that. But where you are today, who you are today, you did. So focus on that. Be proud of that. Be proud of your culture. Be more than just a "white boy."

  • I can’t even read all that all I know is you sound whiny 😫

    • It always sounds vaguely whiny when people discuss their attitudes about their races place in the culture, that's why I rarely ever do this.

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    • I admitted that it was an overlong post, but that doesn't make its thesis any less valid. And yes, as a white man, I agree with a lot of what the OP wrote. I am allowed to do so, just as any other group is allowed the freedom to discuss its experience. Just because someone sees something wrong in society doesn't mean he is whining. If that were so, then the entire movement for black civil rights was the largest whinefest in history. It wasn't, though, was it? There were real problems in society that bore discussion. At this point in time, the US is in the process of segregating into two factions, white and non-white. Donald Trump was elected largely because of this factionalization, and if it continues, there will be civil war in this country within 30 years. So it's important that we all discuss what's going on. Non-white people need to understand that white people aren't going to accept marginalization in society simply because non-whites think we should take a backseat now.

    • @BigJake I never said you or the poster are not allowed to have that opinion. I never said it was wrong.

  • Boy please, you and i both know if you woke up black tomorrow, you would shit yourself lol

    • Lol, exactly

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    • @BigJake Oh dear. If I agreed with you then we would both be wrong.

  • So it is ok to feel not good about yourself. You should make a case about it that you actually discriminate against nobody more then your self for being white. Wait a few years and you are happy to be white and let all white people being happy being white because why brag about your percentage negro in your blood if you color quickly? 😳

  • White men are kind off my type. so what looks bad for you may be a wish for someone else

  • It's sad all races have complexes about their culture and look. Just respect yourself.

  • I'm not attracted to white men and white men aren't viewed in a positive light to us minority women. But regardless you should love yourself.

    • Are you black? Because I understand that they don't like white guys but Asians and latinos don't dislike them at all.

  • White guys are hot

  • white guys are cute af tho

    • For real tho

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    • @BigJake You don't read English very well, do you.

      Where in my statement do I imply that "White" privilege does not exist in the West? It is a fact of life and something non-"Whites" simply have to negotiate.

      As for "Whiteness" not being the standard in non-"White" nations, that is a complete and total lie. Read about Apartheid in South Africa, Imperialism in India and East Asia, etc.

      I can give you a suggested reading list if you need one.

    • @RolandCuthbert You're trying to tell me I don't read very well while attributing statements to me that I never made. Nice try, dude.

      People like you don't belong in the West. You want to live in societies created by and for white people, yet you resent the very people who created them. The only part of this world worth living in is that which has been created and built by white people. Africans have proven incapable of building anything of value or substance. They've even managed to destroy South Africa in less than 30 years since whites handed it over to them. Whites built a prosperous nation there, and blacks have turned it into the murder capital of the world. The entirety of Africa is a hellhole, as is every black-controlled city in America, dumps like Detroit, Camden, and Baltimore.

      So if you don't like whites, leave.

  • I unironically agree with this

    • How can you agree with him when you, yourself are attracted to "White" men?

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    • @JDavid25 Yeah that's fair to say

    • @RolandCuthbert No no no, that's the Other guy. You're conflating me with that guy who posts about 'I'm so afraid to approach white women' here again, that's not what I was saying and it goes beyond the dating element. Statistically speaking there is no evidence that white women just totally or even mostly hate white men, I'm not retarded. It was a commentary on the medias ability to impact perceptions and how there is a nascent sense of anti-white guy sentiment that arises from it that Sometimes extends to the dating scene. Even if you feel that that is rare I don't feel that necessarily makes it an unfair thing to comment on. It is regrettable that you're feeling attacked online, but really this isn't a pissing contest over how much stupid shit the culture digests about our races.

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  • I can't speak much to your personal experiences so I won't.

    I do dislike Jane Foster being retooled as a new Thor, but that's mostly because I like Norse Mythology and if they wanted a badass woman in Norse mythology they could've just done Freya and made a cool take on that. Although of course Marvel isn't known for keeping to tradition all that well.

    As far as lgbt and metrosexual representation of white males in the media... I don't know what specifically you're referencing. Thinking back over the shows I've recently been watching the amount of characters that fit this description of yours is minimal at best.

    There are certainly dumb people on social media, and while that sucks it's not really something I care about. I care about institutions and policies that can and are enacted that are discriminatory or applied in a discriminatory manner.

    I've recently seen a meme going around quite frequently that I think adequately sums up where I think the confusion arises. It goes something like, "Saying that you have white privilege is not an insinuation that your life hasn't been hard. It certainly may be. It's a statement that the reason your life is hard has not been because of your skin tone."

  • While it seems that liberals would hold up the construction of a highway because of the discovery of a nest of pigeons, they also seem hell bent on driving the Caucasian race into extinction. Don't expect consistency or logic from the left.

    LIBERALS: My comment is directed to the guy who posted this myTake. It is not directed at you, I don't care what you think, and I don't want to hear any of your brilliant replies. Do not post anything in reply because I don't want to deal with all of the hate you spew.

    • I am going to post you anyway.

      Just to laugh at your insane nutty post.


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    • @BigJake Agreed! That post proved the point I made; liberals enjoy spewing hate.

    • And they're not even capable of advancing a cogent argument. They think it's the height of intellect to post a video of people laughing. That's why they try yo silence conservative speakers. They're incapable of rational debate.

  • The U. S. government has laws on the book that deem white neighborhoods too white, and these neighborhoods are forcefully diversified with people of color using section-8 and subsidized housing. When crime increases within these neighborhoods, white people move out and we are called racist for wanting to live in a neighborhood with less crime. There is even a term for this called white flight.

    This is all part of a Marxist agenda to divide people, tear down the family, and basically make government your daddy. And not to shit on white women, but they eat this Marxist propaganda up. They all listen to rap even though it sounds like the same song over and over again. They are also quick to defend black men, protest for black men, and march for them over every minor grievance, while at the same time holding white men to ridiculous dating standards.

    I'm telling you, all of this is done by design.

    • If it weren't for your profile picture and the fact you present yourself as such a caricature I might be disconcerted by your posts here.

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    • What in the world are you talking about? @Servus09 is only taking your argument to its logical conclusion. Yes, you are absolutely terrifying because you have created a boogeyman that does not exist. Remember you said there is an agenda in changing Thor into Lady Thor. It is not about inclusion so that little girls can start reading more comics. The comic book Thor is so vital to the human race, and to your "White" maleness, they should not touch it. Or change it. Marvel Comics who owns the rights to this fictional character cannot do whatever they want do to with this comic book because it bothers your sensibilities.

      Dude, that is absolutely terrifying. Like the guys who got mad because Stephen King was happy "Roland" was played by idris Elba in the "Gunslinger" movie.

      The movie sucked by the way! But it still got a rise out of racists, who didn't create the character and who never read the books.

    • So yes, it is terrifying. Here you are, in a deep depression because Captain America got killed in the comics and Black Falcon has taken the mantle. The new Afro-Latino Spiderman has you messed up also? Two decades from now over half of all comics may feature women prominently. What is going to happen to you? What are you going to do when that day comes?

      And uhm. . . why in the world are you talking about Section 8? Is that some kind of weird joke?

  • Uuumm "White" guys are still all over the media, and women still largely prefer them the most.. Y'all still at the top of the food chain.. Take a handsome "White" guy, and a Handsome "Black" guy out and changes are (unless the women are "Black") they gon choose the handsome "White" guy more.. When I worked at Macy's the main "interracial" pairin I seen was "White" man/ "Asian" woman... LOL.. I think you just need to get out the basement, and go outside for a few steps.. LMAO..

    • Man people are really latching on to the dating aspect of this. That isn't all that I was trying to even say with this.

      Also, I see a lot nore interracial couples than white and Asian when I'm out and about.

    • I mean "White" guys are still are the top period.. Look who Kim Jung Un met up wit at the summit.. a "White" man.. Trump.. But it don't really matter what you were tryna say wit this.. "White" man ain't generally discriminated against.. Maybe in a few cases but largely? No.. And I see more every now and again too.. But that's what I saw mainly at Macy's..

    • Well I mean, they arrested a girl in Britain over rap lyrics. I don't think there's zero cause for concern there. Also, just because white men aren't discriminated against as much in a legal capacity in majority white countires doesn't necessarily mean discrimination can't manifest itself in other ways. Such as with the weaponization of unemployment against people who get swarmed by hate mobs for acting out of line, even if they are repugnant in what they said or did to get the attention.

      Also, don't forget Dennis Rodman was there mediating the meeting between Kim Jong Un and Trump. I don't think black people have no problems in the United States but I would rather be black here than any color in Somalia for instance. Or black in arab countries where they have black people deployed in basically slave labor still. I think there was news they have open air slave markets in Libya right now.

  • So let me get this straight, you admit to it being corporations and government goals and yet you still make a post like this and agree?

    That's the epitome of sad and you're choosing to be weak and fill this 'role' that you're saying. There is nothing wrong with being white. There is nothing wrong with being any race you happen to be born as.

    -Sincerely, a predominately White MAN with some Spanish in him.

    • This is me saying I don't feel comfortable with the role they're setting for me. The government and corporations are clearly exploiting the situation and propagandizing, but I don't think it doesn't work either. I think people are receptive to it, and that has consequences even for people who don't agree or fit that role.

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    • There's a big culture around calling any white people who have anything negative to say about the white experience 'cucks' and I accept that some people will view this as rolling over but that's not really what I meant in this. This is more of a criticism of the media, I don't think every person buys into these pressed narratives and elements of social engineering, but I do see a lot of them doing it which I think is at least in large part a consequence of the media. I don't think it's wrong to be white but I definitely would consider other options if such a thing were a choice.

    • That's the internet. And not even the main part of the internet. That's places like 4chan and back alleyways of youtube comments. People call anybody who's being negative a cuck, even black people lol
      I think you're not wrong to be upset with the things you're upset about. It's understandable to a degree but you're over analyzing it and letting it get to you on top of not handling it the right way. You'll always be white and nothing will change that, which is good. If you were mexican you'd have issues there too, if you were black you'd have issues. You gotta become comfortable with who you are and realize you're not just a white guy, you're whatever your name is. Even if everyone else in the world at one time said they didn't want to be white, you should STILL not bend to them, because you're internally stronger than that.

  • i think it's because of stereotypes each race made for each other so normally we would just have a certain level of expectation when we meet a different race even though we don't know their background and history. even for me, i would just assume white people never got beat by their parents and were just sent to their room as discipline while growing up and all kids of other races got their ass beat, or like white people are the only people isn't required to take off their shoes at home and that they made bedspreads and foot protector for beds because white people like to get on the bed with their shoes.

    growing up as an Asian male people of other races who don't know me or our culture would think i know kung fu, i'm good at math, people don't care if you're chinese, japanese or korean but they still call us ching chongs, say we all look alike, people just assume all Asians males are shy with small penises, all Asian females are obedient with tight pussies like wtf? i've see dudes of other races at gym locker rooms walking around with micropenises, i fucked a white girl before and she's more tight than the Asian girl i fucked before her

    so most of these just seems to be stereotypes made up by different races. it makes us have certain expectations when meeting a different race. sometimes we see the news or social media portraying a race or culture a certain way and it does affect us by making us think of them and ourselves differently even though we're all different in many areas of life. it's like how the news only shows black people commiting crimes, but like what about all the black people that sacrificed themselves as a cop, firemen, or soldier and died on the line of duty? they barely even show them on the news and because of that, a lot of the older Asians from various Asian races from the past generations don't actually like black people and only think of them as horrible people because of stereotypes.

  • Quit giving The Enemy the satisfaction of seeing you hurt, kid.

    They lap this shit up, this is amusing to them.

  • I can't say I agree with everything you say, but in general I feel the same way. It's very trendy to hate or disregard people because of they're white and/or male. That being said, I've only run into issues with it personally a few times.

    I feel it's worse for black people, because we're constantly bombarded with emotional appeals about black people. No matter what you think of these appeals, it's very difficult not to let them influence you at all. Even if I want to see a black person as just a person, I can't help but think of police brutality, rioting and kneeling during the national anthem. I don't want to think these things, because they're unfair stereotypes, but the thoughts are hard to control and make normal conversation difficult. I also think it's tough for black people because they are often encouraged to fit into a stereotypical "black culture", and individuality that breaks from that mold is often ostracized.

    When I was a kid, one of my heroes was LaVar Burton. He was so cool, he taught kids about things but also had this awesome job playing as a crewman on a spaceship in an adult show (Star Trek). Neither were "black" roles, or "male" roles. They were just the parts he played. I feel that in many ways we've regressed since that time and have started aligning ourselves by our race and gender again.

  • Why would you hate being white? Shouldn't you hate racism? The double standards? The claims that you are some how not you but rather a representative of an entire people and thus share their guilt for crimes real and imagined? I agree with what your saying and its not in your head, this is happening, but that shouldn't make you hate being you or your race because well that wouldn't be acceptable if it was any other group of people, it shouldn't be acceptable for you. Fight back, point out the bigotry and the racism where you see it, the only reason that its gotten as bad as it has is because people acquiesced over and over again allowing themselves to be emasculated and beaten down until most have just internalized the hatred and learned to hate themselves. Just stop the cycle, you don't have to be a neo Nazi or a white supremacist (who play the same shitty game just on a different team) to stand up for yourself or the racism directed at whites, just get educated and be willing to point out the lies when you see them and the racism where you see it.

  • https://i.imgur.com/TWgvzFt.gif

    I knew this song would come in useful!


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