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Brie Larson wants to be the victim so bad

I tried to be as objective as possible when writing this. I’m a woman,.I don’t hate her but oh my God

Men-hating comments aside, her simple attitude alone is enough to show arrogance.

Brie Larson wants to be the victim so bad

Now, we all know this interview caused much backlash towards Brie. While Chris Hemsworth praised his stunt doubles and trainers, Brie jumped in and said,

“See, this is the thing - I did my stunts because I thought that everyone did!”

Bad choice of words. Really, really bad. Her response contrasted sharply against Chris’s. He was putting himself down and then suddenly Brie tried to put herself up above Chris. Things would have been better if Brie had also given her appreciation to people that helped her in the movie or said something else. Anything else would’ve been better. But she didn’t. This created a black-and-white image to audiences: Chris is a humble man, Brie is an arrogant woman.

For me, she came across as thirsty for compliments and seeking recognition.She tried to show that she’s unique - but in a wrong way

Also, there was a chance to fix her wrongdoings when Chris compared her to Tom Cruise. She could’ve praised Tom for his stunt actions, or even if she doesn’t agree, she could’ve explained what stunt she did that differentiates her from the Mission: Impossible actor, or she could’ve at least made another joke, but she didn’t. Instead, she got offended.

“No, I’ll be the first ME, not Tom Cruise.”

In her eyes, it seems EVERYTHING is negative. She got really defensive over simple, harmless things, like how she got salty over people wondering whether she works out or not.

“Is that a personal attack or something?”

This makes people annoyed - when you just want to know something that isn’t offensive or say something that wouldn’t hurt a soul, and then someone comes up and interprets it as something negative, wouldn’t it piss you off?

But she’s an amazing actress - no denying that. She did lots of charity work and is a role model for many young girls. I hope she can fix that attitude and become a better person.

I simply analyze her behavior and how I interpret it. My negative comments are based on her attitude alone and not because she’s a woman or anything else, because i too am a woman.

Whether you agree or not, it’s your choice.

Brie Larson wants to be the victim so bad
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  • LogicBomber

    Brie lArsehole is a typical mentally challenged feminist wannabe victim.
    They always have something to be triggered by or upset by, they want to claim they are superior to males, etc.
    She isn't unique in any way, she is droll and bland, has no personality outside of her stereotypical feminist retardation, she is narcissistic, and she is generally not likable in any way.

    And no she is NOT an amazing actress. She is easily replaceable.
    She should definitely NOT be a role model for anyone, especially young girls. Young girls are already given the feminist indoctrination at school about how they are victims of fictional things, they don't need it in their role models.

    People can hate her because of her mentality, it has nothing to do with gender. A soy pathetic male is just as intolerable.
    Don't give her false credit just because she has a vagina. She is simply awful.

    • res13

      It's important to note that there are different types of feminism, instead of asserting one view for a divided topic. Not all major views of feminism are so extreme as to advocate the superiority of women over men, or permeated with some toxic victim mindset. I can understand why you said this, however, because many loud feminists are also quite extreme.

    • res13

      I forgot to mention that there are also feminists who believe men and women are equal.

  • ADFSDF1996

    Brie is an embarrassment who needs to get off her high horse, she’s rude, arrogant and ungrateful. It’s not surprising that there are rumors of the avengers cast not being happy with her.

    In my opinion, she ruined the potentially good character of captain marvel. I would of selected Margot Robbie or Amanda Seyfried to play Captain Marvel instead of Brie Larson.

    Just look at her passive aggressiveness.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Britantic

    Whatever it is about a lot of celebrities once they make the big time they get delusions of grandeur and think their opinions matter more than anyones.

  • SnoodlePoodle

    Yeah, looks like someone forgot to grow out of her bratty years.

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  • Grobmate

    Having met Chris and Tom Hiddleston I can say they are two lovely guys. They care more about others than they do themselves.

    Especially kids. They both love children. I saw the faces on the kids in the hospital. They met their heroes. (I think the nurses did too).

    They are humble and kind.

  • kelsey_disney

    Okay sure but she’s a woman she has the right to be pissed. She earns 78% of what her male coworkers earn (if not less) and she has to deal with a ton of sexism. You shouldn’t hate on a fellow woman smh

    • Grobmate

      He's not hating on women.. he is hating on a person. She is a stuck up, conceited left wing activist who enjoys nothing more than being a professional victim. Where did he suggest that all women were like that? This is a great mytake.

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    • Yes I did, you talk about how she tries to show she’s better than Chris hemsworth and other shit and always gets personally attacked but that’s true. Most women in the entertainment industry are attacked and degraded by men. That’s my whole point.

    • Please stop the stupid "she makes less than her male coworkers" trope.

      This is her first appearance as Mary Sue... I mean Captian Feminist, I mean Agenda Marvel...
      She made $5 million for this role. Robert Downey made $500, 000 for his first Iron man.
      She also made more than Chadwick Boseman’s $2 million for Black Panther.

      However, she won’t be making more than Scarlett Johansson for her upcoming solo Black Widow movie, which she is reportedly getting $15 million for. Johansson’s earnings compare to Chris Evans’ for Captain America: Civil War and Chris Hemsworth’s for Thor: Ragnarok, who were also paid $15 million.

      But if she is making less than Robert Downey is NOW, it's because he is fucking IRON MAN and has been for years. He brings in more money for the company and should make more money.
      If she makes less money than any of the other Avengers the same thing applies.
      She played a shit mary sue role in a shit feminist backed movie, her character is a forced garbage agenda masked as a character. so the movie flopped because of it... her character didn't bring in as much as the male Avengers have. PERIOD!

  • EpicDweeb

    Hmm this is quite interesting. I don't really do youtube videos but after watching Endgame I want to do a video that analyzes how Infinity War did women's empowerment right while End Game did it wrong.

    The sad thing to me is that while Captain Marvel could have been a pivotal character within Endgame the way she is written means she could have been left out of the movie and nothing would change. SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET...
    So... when she saves Tony and Nebula she wasn't needed. The writers pretty easily could have had tony rig up an arc reactor to the engines to get them back home especially since tony doesn't need the arc reactor to power his suit anymore.

    When Captain Marvel helps them against Thanos when he's retired, due to the fact that they have Thor who has been shown more than capable of killing Thanos with Stormbreaker, she wouldn't have been needed.

    And, since there is only about one more time in the movie when she's relevant, when she destroys a couple of the ships from Thanos' fleet on reentry it actually fails to accomplish anything real other than give a triumphant moment of turning the tide of battle. The problem with that is... we already got one. Whether you want to pick the portals opening up to reveal our beloved heroes or Scarlett Witch being her badass self, we had the moments we needed to feel a heroic turn to the tide of battle. When it comes down to it I think the scene would have been better without her as we could feel a certain sense of hopelessness and finally confirm that Tony's sacrifice is the one way for them to win after he's dusted all of Thanos' army. And, due to the dusting of Thanos' army, we didn't actually need Captain Marvel to destroy anything, she wasn't helpful in the long run and they could have had literally anyone help spider-man. So yeah, she literally didn't add anything to the plot of the movie... at all.

  • Celtero

    I followed a lot of right wing and manosphere news on her, and thought "she really can't be that bad, these dorks are just exaggerating because they get triggered by anyone slightly left."

    Until I saw Avengers: Endgame, and it was clear she was a bad actor or was unliked by everyone else to the point where she barely got any screen time despite being the most powerful Avenger in the movie.

  • abc3643

    Oh Look! Another "I Hate Brie Larson" question!

    You know what this tells me?
    @asker, you need some pyschotherapy because your obsession is with Brie Larson is worse than Captain Ahab's for the white whale, Moby Dick. It didn't end well for Captain Ahab but Moby Dick made out just fine.

  • supercutebutt

    I never knew this was a "controversy" until just now. Why are you making this a thing? So Brie got a little spicy in an interview. Who cares? Let Brie be Brie and focus on your own behavior.

  • bangyourhead

    She does sound like an insufferable twat. I can't imagine wanting to watch anything she's in. She didn't impress me with her acting as Captain Marvel.

  • Iron_Man

    Don't watch her anymore. I only watch females that are humbled. It's a Shame she has my last nme If all this is true

  • John_Doesnt

    Stop over analyzing shit and this won't happen in the first place. She looks like she's in permanent O face.

  • A_Bell

    Just a fit body and arguably pretty face with a vacuous intellect and unearned self-importance that is a staple in Hollywood these days.

  • Liam_Hayden

    People often play victim when in reality they are just reaping the natural consequences of their own actions.

  • res13

    The youtube video "5 common habits that make people instantly dislike you" analyzes why Larson is so unlikable. It's quite good!

  • FatherJack

    Don't know who she is... but she appears to be an overprivelged , whiny twat !!

  • LuvAsh

    She is SO annoying🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • ivanhunterjo

    Nice mytake

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • SuccessfulHornDog

    I dont see the appeal

  • scribner

    Why care so much about it?

  • blythely

    This grammar is an atrocity.

  • Anonymous

    I guess she needs to get off her high horse or they will replace her if no one wants to work with her

  • Anonymous

    I've seen a lot of people try to offend her by saying she's and introvert and is just awkward. She's just trying to fit in but doing it wrong.
    Load of crap, these peope must have never met introverts

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She is the most insecure person on this planet. She gets offended by everything. I recently read that she doesn't let the sound guys Mic her up because she doesn't want to be touched. She thinks all women in Hollywood should follow this practice. ... like fuck off.