Bimbofication and why it's a threat to young women


Bimbofication is a practice real life women are doing, that started out as an artistic pornographic fetish, or a meme maybe? A big question that is as old as art itself is whether real life copies from art, or art copies from real life?

Bimbofication is an instance where real life has copied from art, and its extremely grotesque.

It usually includes forms of degradation.
It usually includes forms of degradation.

This is a mild image of what bimbofication usually entails. It fetishizes a person who is usually a girl who is perhaps a tomboy, timid, and not particularly sexual. Then her transformation begins.

The idea is that she becomes a dumbed down version of her former self without self respect with nearly uncontrollable sexual urges. The goal is to become the epitome of sexual objectification.

As an artform, it is harmless, or is it?

As I said before, real life can copy from art. There are online fetish communities where women are engaging in bimbofication. They get implants, butt, face, boobs, liposuctions. In extreme cases, removal of ribs, etc. Wear more 'dollled up' make up. Wear scantily clad outfits. And of course, she is to be stupid... therefore she may put herself in a position where she could be exploited by individuals, usually males with ulterior motives.

Lots of the girls who engage in this fetish also engage in 'training'. This entails special conditioning specifically to lower moral boundaries, disregard for social norms and of course anything to try and amplify the sexual drive.

Big community on Instagram
Big community on Instagram

I must add a little caveat here. Most of the girls who actively engage in it, don't do it 100% of the time. Its just a fetish for them to engage in occasionally. Only in more extreme cases do they 'transform' themselves permanently. This includes lots of surgery.

So what the hell is the problem Esoteric Story, can't these girls just do what makes them happy?

The problem is exactly when the fetish is posted online on say Instagram, but its not communicated. Various Instagram models may engage in bimbofication. These can be social influencers your husband, boyfriend, daughter, wife or son is looking up to!

Specifically for you, i selected the worst bimbofication image I could find!
Specifically for you, i selected the worst bimbofication image I could find!

Do you see whats the issue? Sometimes, they don't stop. On the subreddit of bimbofication a female asks how she can engage in 'training'. A male then responds with the following.

Finding other people who think the same way and try to build these women up was such a relief for me. I thought I was the only one.

We wouldn't want our daughters to unknowingly engage in these bahaviours would we? Nor would we want this to become a beauty ideal our sons are looking for in women. Especially because it involved objectification and degradation.

The most famous 'bimbo' out there that a lot of these girls are looking up to, is undoubtedly Kim Kardashian.

Kim K transformation
Kim K transformation

She herself has massive social influence on many young girls. I personally have always desired an intelligent, self respecting woman. Always. Its deeply saddening to me that a lot of girls are being influenced by bimbofication fetishism and they don't even realize it.

If you know what you are doing and you are 18. Go ahead. If you are a girl and getting weird looking implants, behave stupidly (even if its just pretending), getting extreme fake eyelashes, bleached hair, bleached... buttholes? Yikes, labiaplasty, liposuction and all the other extravagant excesses and you don't even know you are practicing a fetish. Oh boy. You might be in for some disappointments.

I am Esoteric Story and as always, I brought you esoteric knowledge unknown to the common man and woman in society. Do with this information what you want. I enjoy diving deep into these communities and seeing what these people think. Its a pastime of mine. I call it 'internet tourism'.

Anyway, have a nice day and leave a comment, thanks!

Bimbofication and why it's a threat to young women
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  • CubsterShura
    I don't know much about it as a 'fetish', but it's certainly becoming a trend. And it is certainly becoming the ideal. While being sexually expressive and all can be a part of who a person naturally is, I also feel like a lot of women with various other personalities out there no more feel secure about themselves. Tomboys, nerdy girls, traditionally feminine women... And feeling like they aren't good enough on their own without some level of bimbofication to them.

    I can kind of relate to it. I myself always feel this pressure, especially after I once got cheated on, and felt like maybe it wouldn't happen if I was also letting out my boobs and ass on display. I've been lifting weights for two years and sometimes feel like what's the point of all these weighted squats and leg presses if I don't upload a pic with my ass stuck out and some fitness-related hashtags... And then the voice in my head tells me 'no no no don't do it, remember what you believe in, you can't let this world corrupt you' and I suck up the fact that I'm craving some attention that I see everyone getting, and I just need to suck up the fact that I don't need that kind of attention, and move on with my life.

    I cover my whole body in loose clothing so I can feel the pressure. S t r o n g l y. It can even get depressing and crush your self-esteem. I choose to be upset about not being a bimbo, than actually being a bimbo.

    Just being honest with my feelings here. Yes I get the temptation, guilty as charged.
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    • Flower7

      I very much agree with the part about feeling pressure to do those things after being cheated on. That happened to me before too. After breaking up with the guy who cheated, I actually started planning to have surgery to get a more shapely body.

      I thought that if I had a perfect body, I'd never be able to get cheated on again because no one would cheat on a perfect body.

      I canceled the surgery at the last minute so never got it, but I did come very VERY close. I canceled it only a few hours before I was supposed to have it done. Even though I had driven for 2 hours to get there, since they don't do that in my city.

      But in the end I couldn't go through with it and decided to stay true to myself.

    • In my case it wasn't much about changing my body as much as it was about actually putting what I already have on display to get some praises and having some reactions from my boyfriend and normal friends. Even though I naturally have a good share via genetics and working out just added to it, I dress very modestly and wear clothes in a way that the public can't see my body shape. I used to hate getting stares from men when I hit puberty. After coming to the internet and being cheated on, now I feel like I am too prudish and I can't get ahead with this in a world where everyone is showing their body and grabbing men's attention.

      I know that once I'm married my husband will get to see my body and we're gonna have an active sex life, but I still strongly fear being cheated on by my future spouse for not just having that enticing vibe.

    • Flower7

      It does make things a lot harder when there's so much competition from women who are more "easy" and present themselves in a way that shows that. It's hard not to feel threatened by that.

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  • Anonymous
    Wauw... I knew there were some crazy people. But I checked that instagram #. Couldn't be more surprised. That there are girls with such... extreme... implants. Like... how does your back not hurt when you breath? Don't your lungs collapse from the weight? I can see your point though. The images/video's etc on social media or let's say the internet in general are sure making people insecure. And gets girls and guys into new standards like this.

    I hear girls at the age of 16 getting botox cause it will stop their wrinkles later on. Then they get other shit done at 18. Eventually they look like this. It's just crazy. But man I never knew there was this whole community. Crazy world.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • ForteExe
    Nice post dude. I couldn't agree more. I don't even find this a turn on in porn. I've actually turned shit off because the girl looked this way. Ladies who do this shit, when horny straight dudes don't want to see your naked body then you're doing something seriously wrong.
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  • Massageman
    So THAT"S why they [so many females] have all started to look the same- inflated lips and all - the "KK-look". Along with their self-esteem has gone any type of "uniqueness of self".
    Valeria Lukyanova- the human "Barbie"- after a gajillion operations.
    Valeria Lukyanova- the human "Barbie"- after a gajillion operations.
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    • Flower7

      The girl in the picture very much looks like Barbie. She really got the look down. Her skin somehow even looks like plastic. That also looks a lot like Barbie's eye makeup.

    • Massageman

      @Flower7 Airbrushed skin and oversize blue contact lenses help too!

    • Flower7

      Until you said that, I didn't even notice that her contacts are bigger than the normal size. That's probably a big part of it too.

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  • Lliam
    Artificial body transformation starts with low self esteem. And it's true that low self esteem is encouraged by advertisers in order to sell more products.

    Barbie dolls were anatomically unrealistic, but they made girls want to look as "beautiful" as Barbie, which led to anorexia. Starved, skinny, bony fashion models have the same effect on women
    Playboy magazine took beautiful, healthy women and then published airbrushed images of them. Those airbrushed images were unrealistic. Instagram models today are similar.

    Around the same time, in the 1950s, Hollywood began oversexualizing women by using push up bras and cinched waists. Jayne Mansfield was an example.

    Adult cartoons in the 1960s and 70s exaggerating boobs and asses and made "voluptuousness" seem like a desirable trait.

    Later came Kim Kardashian, who used plastic surgery to become a caricature, just like those cartoon images. As a freak, she got attention.

    I honestly don't know who would find that creature attractive or want to go near her.
    But she gave some girls with low self esteem the idea that if they modified this or that they will be attractive. Those with severe emotional issues won't ever be satisfied. I think of what Michael Jackson did to his face over time. None of the work he had done was necessary because he was already a handsome kid, but nothing was going to make him feel good about himself. So he kept whittling away until he was deformed. It was an obsession. Also, it's like an anorexic who sees fat every time she looks in a mirror even though, in reality, she is a walking skeleton. She will never be happy with herself.
    Girls who get plastic surgery on their faces so that they can look like some celebrity; who get lip injections, boob jobs; and ass implants, of all things, are mentally ill. Nothing will ever make them feel good about themselves. And what's worse is, they make themselves more grotesque and less desirable. What they tried to accomplish was counterproductive.

    I don't want to discourage women from being sexy, though. But the female body is naturally sexy. Sexy clothes and attitude, a nice hair style and a bit of makeup are all that's necessary to be the epitome of femininity. The last thing people should do, though, is to try to be someone else. Stop comparing. Just be you.
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  • Bribree18
    I don't know... I think it is whatever makes people happy, you know? I mean, nobody should be pressuring others to look one way, but unfortunately, society is shit. We should just allow people to do what they want with their body in peace AND stop putting pressure on women and men to look a certain way to reach what society deems "attractive".
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    • I addressed the happiness argument in the mytake. I said that its a problem when people start doing it but its not communicated that its a fetish. This might lead to some disappointments.

  • Screenwriter
    Fetishes are simply sex obsessions. Bimbos are like furries and fat fetishers. There are small percentages of people attracted to it. Anyone participating in fetish sex is objectifying themselves. It's unfortunate some go so far that they've turned themselves into Giant Babies, Bimbos, Costumed animals to feel sexy or attractive. But I believe these folks have deep issues that they solve by altering their exteriors, rather than working on their self esteem internally.
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    • It's almost as if our true raw selves are no more enough, and we have to turn into some graphic character whose worth is in the boners she can induce.

    • @CubsterShura And again. This is a problem about self worth... If your goal is to completely HIDE yourself under plastic surgery, a costume, layers of fat, you don't think your genuine self is worth anything.

    • Our genuine selves are no more worthy in this world. It's the sad truth. You know, people say that us mere mortals are perfect the way we are, that no matter what we will get a man who loves us. My own boyfriend who told me he loved me for resisting this ideal and guarding my modesty, he also ended up being unfaithful to me! I haven't spent a single day or a single night since then thinking that maybe if I put myself out there a bit more or if I wasn't so prudish then this wouldn't have happened to me. Men only say in words that they hate bimbos. Women like me face the harsh reality of being cheated on for not having enough boner-inducing appeal.

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  • genericname85
    it's not an issue. it will become the new norm and lose it's appeal. did you know that in ancient japan, women used to work topless in the fields? also they used to bathe in public spaces completely naked. it was completely normal and not sexualized. society adapts and readjusts the standards for what's normal or sexual.
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    • It was like that in Europe too, nudity has nothing to do with excessive breast implants and liposuction.

    • well most mentally healthy people realize that those artificial things don't even look good. it's mostly just a desparate attemt of delusional people to mee the visual standards that they have convinced themselves they must have. it's mental illnes, which i don't tink will ever become the norm. i don't even think it's a trend. i just think social media makes it more apparent than ever.

    • Chinese foot binding was also not going to become mainstream but it did.

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  • Sbgirl
    I agree with you that this is a concerning thing. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look sexy or for playing up your natural features, but turning yourself into a walking sex object is horrifying. Especially to the point that it is physically damaging and you are lowering your intelligence. I used to know a girl, who excessively bleached her hair, extensions, fake eyelashes and tan, push-up bras, etc. Basically wore everything to make herself look like a barbie to school every single day. Yeah, a lot of the boys liked her, but a lot of the boys also thought she was too much. Plus she struggled to find a real relationship, because the guys saw her as what she was showing, which was basically sex. Worst part was that she played stupid when she wasn't. Makes me sad that she was Ok with just being some sort of sick male fantasy and over-sexualised.

    This is one of the things I really hate about modern society. Women (and men) have always done all sorts to look their best, but today's world is extreme. Plastic surgery is more of a norm, filters being a cause for the rise. Excessive, what I can only describe as face-changing make-up, and everyone looking and dressing the same. It's so damaging to our mental and physical health. These 'bimbos' that you show is not even an attractive look. It is extreme and there's nothing unique about it. Just wish everyone, especially women, realised that their sexiness and beauty lies in their uniqueness.
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    • Yeah I mean "the look" is sexualized but "the act" is very important. Most girls these days you want to date them or hang out with them and they are like this:

      NORMAL GIRL: "I got a 4.0 gpa. I got a promotion at work. My goal is to conquer the world. RAWR!"

      Me: "Hey um but you didn't answer me, do you want to get Chinese food tonight?"

      LMAO Like wtf. The dumbed down simple attitude bimbos have is very attractive and makes for much easier relationships and friendships with girls. Personally I can't stand all these "intelligent" girls because they have no idea how to get along with a man, whereas bimbos do. Every girl I've ever been in a relationship with has been hella smart but they all knew to stfu about it because nobody cares about that. My girlfriend now has her own business, discusses philosophy, and is very capable, but when she's with me she is a "silly little girl" who needs a man to tell her what to do. And we get along great.

    • Sbgirl

      @bamesjond0069 Well if I'm honest it sounds like the women you dated let their intelligence get to their heads - or maybe they were insecure about something else and had to rub something in your face or wanted to dominate a man. I know plenty of really lovely girls with a good education who are smart but wouldn't talk about it unless they were asked or the topic came up, including myself. You should be able to just be silly and yourself with your partner but what I take issue with is the fact that someone has to play stupid just because they're the woman. That's so insane and degrading to yourself to play up to that.

  • DianaWest
    hmm, i've never really given a damn about the vast majority of public opinion. i respect myself. i am not desperate for attention and i don't place my worth on other people's opinions. i think more girls need to learn to be like this. i think natural is the most beautiful. there is nothing attractive about looking like several other girls who are trying too hard. what i value most in my life is: My health (mental and physical), my happiness, my success, and the people in my life whom i love and respect (i. e. my family, some mentors, teachers, professors).

    everything else is insignificant. of course i like to be stylish and girly and i like to keep my weight healthy so that i can meet a nice guy and feel beautiful and be attractive for him, but i only do it in a natural and healthy way (i. e. eat healthy, exercise. stylish clothes, some jewellery, but in moderation. too much and it looks unappealing and like desperation). it is sad that some girls feel the need to let others label their worth, but at the end of the day, it is their life, and i don't care what others do with their life.
  • kim45456
    Let people live their lifes. Nobody care about whether you go to church or not , so why do you care. Why it ok to be extrem religious, traditional etc. but not other way? Why is nuditiy shamed by society but not the conservative, extrem religious intolerant people? You either shame on both on then, or none
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    • I dont shame them, I'm saying that if they know what they are doing its fine. I think it should simply not become a beauty ideal because it involves objectification of women.

    • DianaWest

      you are right, especially for young, vulnerable teen girls. if my future daughter ever did this to herself, i would have serious issues with it. but a grown-ass woman, even one in her late teens (16, 17, 18) should know what she is doing.

  • UncleJessieRabbit
    Wearing certain fashions or acting a certain persona isn't inherently "bimbo" (whatever that term specifically means). Some are more provocative as others though, and I can see the further it goes it actually becomes less of a turn-on.

    Even though I'm single right now, I would like to have a stunning girlfriend and she shouldn't be anti-bikini.
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    • Well, tell that to the women in that fetish community.

  • Daniela1982
    Who says girls look up to a woman who has had tones of plastic surgery and whose only real claim to fame before her rise was a sex video. She, and her whole family are a bunch of freaks. I don't know a single soul who has told me Kim Kardashian was their role model. If anything she makes them puke. Even a baby would puke if Kim ever offered her fake boob nipple to it. Bimbofication and why it's a threat to young women
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    • The down voter must love Kim Kardashian's big fat ass. That's ok sweetie, you can get your butt injected with your own lipo suctioned fat so you can have one too.

  • Flower7
    I'm happy to know that this post was written by a guy. It's nice for a man to not desire for women to be this way.
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  • MzAsh
    This isn’t really new but regardless, it’s not their obligation to be role models in the eyes of whoever. Yes, the Kardashians lack substance but a child’s parents hold every bit of responsibility for teaching their kids why that is. It’s tough because society rewards women for such behavior. Even the people who claim to hate her are always talking about her and seem to know everything about her, and that’s what makes her money.
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  • bamesjond0069
    Most bimbos are extremely intelligent. If you aren't overly intelligent just know its quite painful for many. Its not comfortable its like being constantly aggravated everywhere you go with stupid people and then with flashes of depression when you realize, yes everyone is really this stupid. And then you experience anxiety that you are trapped in a world of dummies.

    So to cope with this they like to be a bimbo and shut their brains off. Alternatively they get into ddlg as a little (pretend to be a child) or pet play (pretend to be an animal). Its all the same thing, to be something that doesn't have to think much or be responsible for much.

    Its not simply a sexual fetish nor is this a new thing. This is human nature. There are types of men who facilitate this. I am one of them. My current girlfriend has never had a man who accepted and helped her be a bimbo little. I do. I dont have her dress like a slut but i allow her to be helpless and then do things for her, like buckle her seat belt so she doesn't forget and i say things like "oh you're a silly girl who had more boobs than brains" and she likes it.

    she's very smart and acted that way as a normal smart girl when we first met but has now relaxed. I noticed a tiny bit of this behavior at first and i told her about this and she instantly went gaga over it and just said it feels right. And i like that its right for her because i love having a bimbo. I've dated bimbos before and its really my favorite kind of girl, someone very smart who plays dumb. Plus the sex is amazing.
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    • ronaldo75

      "Most bimbos are extremely intelligent." - Wrong, they're extremely manipulative and conniving. There's a difference. There are a LOT of women who are geniuses when it comes to playing people and manipulating social situations but when it comes to actually building or solving a problem they have their thumbs up their asses. I've seen it a million times.

    • @ronaldo75 how are they manipulative? Because you are a retarded man who will go out of his way to do anything for these girls all while drooling over their tits? Smh.

    • DeWALTer

      @ronaldo75 Ronaldo makes a point. Nikki and the other one, Carly. These women can make your company millions but backing your product. They can manipulate by demanding, time, money, shares, anything, for their endorsement. So the company caters to their every whim. "I want 10 lbs. of M&M's in my dressing room. But all the green aphrodisiac ones taken out". A company will agree to this clause (demand) because they want Carly or Nikki's image to be associated with their product. AFTER they secure that, THEN it's the stupidity on the consumer that falls for the ploy. As Bamesjon0069 pointed out. It's usually the fake tits... or fake ass... or fake lips.

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  • Nadim171
    Aside from all of this, I don't understand how someone could find this beautiful? It certainly isn't. I wish women would give up on all of this "extremely skinny" or "extremely big boobs and butt" looks. I wish women could be as natural and as feminine as before
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    • I totally agree... This trend is a turn off!

    • Nadim171

      @arabgoddess why are you always awesome!

    • I just get on with guys easily... They don't judge me or see me as a threat or talk nasty about me behind my back!
      You're awesome for just saying that!

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  • ronaldo75
    THANK YOU. They're doing it to themselves and then screaming incel at any many who criticizes it. My fear is that in the future when men are more accomplished than women suddenly men are going to have to give up what we've earned to a generation of women who were NOT held back and simply chose to post selfies and shop at sephora while men learned technical skills.
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    • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Oh man I love humorous honest comments!

    • ronaldo75

      @arabgoddess Love you too!!! <3

  • MillenniumBill
    "Bimboification" falls just short of living life as a blooper reel from a porn movie.
    It's not art.
    It's just plain silly and depressing at the same time.
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  • GreatnessBack
    This is the female equivalent to when guys used to be in the gym, trying to get (monterously) big.
    The guys would think if they got big enough, they'd get all the bitches.
    It, unfortunately, has the opposite effect when getting girls.
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    • kim45456

      Guys with six backs are always more attractive

  • MackToday
    Those girls are not sane to begin with. Sometimes you just have to let Darwin work.
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    • With all the simping out there I don't think Darwin is gonna do anything.

    • englisc


      Mother nature always takes care of this over time. Simps are weak men. If they reproduce: weak men + dumb women = weak, dumb children. When times get hard, which they will at some point as they always do, they'll be gone.

    • @englisc The average IQ is dropping by 1 point every generation, everywhere. I don't think it's going to get better.

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  • JimRSmith
    It's driven by cripplingly poor self esteem, and is deeply unappealing.
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    • Actually bimbo sccueed its the so called smart girls that suck when it comes to getting a guy

    • JimRSmith

      @moststrangestguy No, they don't 'sccueed'. They end up with guys like you, who can't spell.

    • You mean guys like you who can.. Lamfo

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  • Investigator
    This so-called "bimbofication" is kind of like the escalation of higher and higher resolutions in graphics fidelity. Right now, more and more consumer television sets are supporting 3840x2160, i. e. 4K, but the average set top box still struggles to render such resolution, typically gearing the output more towards 1080p. There gets to be a point where adding more pixels doesn't appreciably improve the experience/output of the target image.

    In a similar fashion, sex appeal has an upper threshold. Taking away more articles of clothing or deliberately accentuating sexual elements of the body after a certain point doesn't make you "hotter" or "more sexy". Sure, you can get bigger boobs, fuller lips, a curvier body, but--as with anything--there are diminishing returns. Attraction is not an infinite, upwards progression; eventually, you enter the uncanny valley of attraction, looking more like Jessica Rabbit or a store mannequin and less like a person.
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  • jillybeanns
    I think it’s just something that a special kind of person is into, kinda like anime fanatics lolol
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