Why Being Friendzoned Isn't Bad


I know how frustrating it can be to be friendzoned when you have your heart set on someone. In this Take, I will explain the silver linings of being the Mayor of Friendville. Since I am a straight male, this is going to focus on males getting friendzoned by females (not friends with benefits situations). Maybe a female GAGer can address females getting friendzoned by males (which is relatively rare).

Why Being Friendzoned Isnt Bad

1. You still get to enjoy her company

There is some overlap between what you do with a platonic female friend and a girlfriend. You can still hang out with her and have a good time. It's also usually much harder to develop a really good friendship with a woman than to get a girlfriend!

2. You are seen with a woman in public

Other women will notice you with your female friend(s) and that will improve your image with them, especially if your female friends are attractive and/or popular women. It will also increase your street cred with other guys- I've had other guys later congratulate me for being with a female friend and they didn't believe me when I said she was just a friend!

3. You don't get too frustrated by rejection

She didn't turn you down because she can't stand to be around you- quite to the contrary. You also learn more about how women think and communicate by being around a few.

4. You get to meet her friends

Assuming you don't already know them, you increase your own friendship circle and, who knows, maybe one of her friends is interested in you.

Why Being Friendzoned Isnt Bad
Why Being Friendzoned Isn't Bad
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Most Helpful Girls

  • kymberz
    dude! did a female angel create you for all women on the planet and then drop you out of the heavens and name you Robert Smith? like how on earth can a human male be that smart? i am gonna give you the best compliment that i can ok? here goes: if i was a guy i would want to be you - bahahahahah! oh ya! i'd be you! and i'd be surrounded by the most interesting, most beautiful women on the planet! like all the time! no wait a sec... that's me already! i have a ton of super girlfriends so i really appreciate what you just took the time to write and i hope that a lot of other people - guys and girls - read it!
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    • Avicenna

      Thank you, I'm flattered...

    • kymberz

      don't be flattered - i just call spades - well - spades! and you nailed this! and i want to support people who have clarity, ya know? and you have it! and it's beautiful that you would want to try and share that with others - so keep doing that k? yer helping people. and that is living up to your full potential. and when i see that? it just makes me want to dance and sing!

    • wtff

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  • Great take👍And very true. Sometimes you get friendzoned not because they don't like you, but because they like you that much , value your friendship that much that they'd rather have you in their life than not at all if a relationship didn't work out. And agreed that if she has single friends she'll have talked up what a great friend you are which what lady isn't looking for a man who can be her love but also her friend, so that'll be in your favour. Win/Win👍
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    • seriously? maybe your that friend that she keeps around playing like a puppet... if something goes wrong then there's a fill in... all I'm saying is this.. when its over.. its over.. its best... could only cause problems...

    • Rangers

      Backwards, as I've stated multiple times, no woman wants a guy as a friend, she has girls for that, she thinks he isn't good enough to date but wants him for attention.

    • @Rangers
      Once again assumptions. How have his become more expert on women than the actual woman. Don't presume to know me or any other female you don't personally know. Most of my friends when I was younger were platonic only Male friends. Most the girls were catty, competitive, little b's. Didn't get that from the guys. Guys and girls can be friends, well used to be able to.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • talloak
    Good points! Assuming that she wants to keep your friendship (as opposed to politely kicking you out of her life), you are much better off than losing her completely. If the guy sees the situation as an all or nothing tradeoff, he cares more about himself than her. When he is angry about her lack of romantic interest, it suggests a sense of entitlement and selfish motives behind past acts of supposed friendship. If the acts were sincere, the disappointment of rejection would not degrade to anger or bitterness.
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  • Jjpayne
    I agree I look forward to being friendzoned...
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  • --------------------Anytime I was friend zoned I immediately went Quid Pro Quo. If you aren't into me.. then who the hell do you know that would be? As soon as they see that... they all of sudden become interested.

    So Yeah being friend zoned ain't bad if you know how to take advantage of it.
    • Avicenna

      Very clever of you!

    • That's right, turn them off like a light switch. Treat them like your crush never happened. Be friendly, polite (but a bit formal), pretend they are just another person you meet on the street. Smile and say things like "well, I hope you have a great day" and keep moving.

      Women cannot stand being treated as something other than a special snowflake, so treating them as just a regular person makes them CRAZY.

  • Daniela1982
    Just the very word Friend zoned means it is bad because you don't have that term happen to you unless you were looking for, and actively seeking, more than just friends with someone. I must have been friend zoned at least a dozen times, if not more, in my dating life. I mean isn't that the point of dating, to find someone that you can live your life with until death do us part? I mean of course you are going to want to be more than friends. But it sucks and it hurts when you think you have a connection with someone and find out, no, I guess I don't. I'm not one to take on rebounds so even meeting his friends means is not always a good thing. After all, just because he has friends doesn't mean you feel anything towards them as anything but friends of a friend. In fact, you may not even like all his friends. As far as being frustrated by rejection, I find that I did. At least until after the first half dozen rejections. Then you don't even let yourself think that there may be something here than just a standard friend. Whatever happens happens. You just go with the flow as even shit rolls downhill.Why Being Friendzoned Isn't Bad
    • Aw come on you're too cute to be friendzoned!
      ... unless all your male friends happen to have been underwear models and pro athletes or something because those guys can afford to be quite picky XD

    • Avicenna

      @DonCachondo: Quite right. I thought she must be joking when she posted that.

    • Daniela you are correct.

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  • PixieDust
    Getting friendzoned sucks. I have (apologetically) done it and i have been on the receiving end too. However, i do agree on your points. For me, we started out liking each other but maybe because i am 8 years older than him, i didn't quite fit into his ideals and his interest changed. We are both attractive according to other people who have mistaken us as a couple before. We still click and we became close friends instead. The down side was, i liked him for the longest time and we hang out with our other friends often. At first, it took a lot of hurts and a lot of refreshing my mind before i finally let go of that hope that maybe someday he might like me as more than friends. Why did i not just cut ties? Because being good friends isn't all that bad either and we had a lot of fun together, travelling, sports, exploring new challenges, being there for each other through good and bad times. Along the way, we went on dates with people who interest us. That 'what if' question will pop up every now and then but because i have made the conscious choice of NOT ever wanting anything more than friendship with him, it works for me. Seriously, after years of being close friends, you know each other's faults and things that irks you about your bestfriend and you can clearly think this is not what you'd want romantically long term. Different people handle getting friendzoned differently. It turned out okay for me.
  • McKellar
    1. Being Friendzoned is always bad, it's never great.
    2. "You still get to enjoy her company",... well if I don't agree with that & I choose not to, then it's my choice. What's the point of enjoying my crush's company when she doesn't feel that way about me. That makes no sense.
    3. "You are seen with a woman in public" This may give me so called "Street Credit", but that "Street credit" will give off a shit load of misunderstanding which means I will have to straighten things out with other guys by saying "No, we are just friends". That still doesn't do anything.
    4. "You don't get too frustrated by rejection - She didn't turn you down because she can't stand to be around you" Rejection is still not a good thing no matter how you look at it. Yeah she didn't turn you down because she can't stand to be around you, it just means you are not her type at all. Go figure.
    5. "You get to meet her friends - you increase your own friendship circle and, who knows, maybe one of her friends is interested in you" - Uh you don't know that & that doesn't mean anything. I'm sure all of her friends' views will be the same as hers. No matter how you look at this, it's still going to be a No-win situation. You still lose no matter how you look at this. Nope, if I don't feel comfortable being friends with her, plain & simple it's not going to happen. That's still within my choice, & she can't do anything about that.
    • Avicenna

      LOL, well if you want to see it that way, it's your life

    • McKellar

      I've experienced much of this,... it just gets tiring on so many levels.

    • Avicenna

      Admittedly, the last time I got friendzoned was when I was 19, but I had good experiences. One friend's family members, not knowing she had friendzoned me, actually told her she should ask me out!

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  • btbc92
    The point is people don't know the difference between a friendship and their own selfishness. A partner should also be your best friend. Being friends will allowing you to really see the good and the bad of a person. You don't want to rush to date a person who your going to sabotage and ruin. There is no friendzone. Just people bitter their not having sex with YOU. Those are people you want to avoid.

    Because most people have no logical reason to just date a person. They only see surface level. They don't see the deeper stuff. Sad.
    • Avicenna

      Some people have the maturity to see things for what they are and not be bitter. I did when I was just 19.

    • btbc92

      I'm glad you did early. Most people go their entire lives not caring to know.

    • No, there is a friendzone. But its not always a bad thing.

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  • chriscdi
    now you want to know what sucks about the friendzone? when she uses you as the crying rag when some douche treats her like shit, thats why i just prefer to move on during rejection, only if i like the girl of course but if i ask them out and get rejected its obvious its cause i like her you know
    • Avicenna

      I was 19 the last time I was friendzoned and it wasn't like that

  • bangyourhead
    Lol, there's nothing good about the friendzone. The 'friendzone' implies you wish to have the girl as a romantic partner but she only wants you as a friend. This imbalance in "power" in the relationship will always end badly for the person with less power.
    • Avicenna

      There isn't if you're getting exploited, but if she's genuine about friendship it certainly can be. I speak from experience.

    • If you want her as a romantic partner and she doesn't want you as a romantic partner, your emotions are being exploited if you remain a 'friend' to her.

    • Avicenna

      In that respect, it's no different from any other situation in which you're turned down- she isn't interested in a romantic connection so you look elsewhere for that. But you must have liked her as a person as well, so that makes her a potential friend if you can handle not being able to have sex with her.

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  • Dolemite510
    You need to listen to some Patrice O’Neal Or Tom Leykis or something you need help 🤦‍♂️
    1. I really don’t believe guys and girls are genuinely “friends” if either one of them is attracted to the other. Girls generally use guy friends as more of a way to get attention, feel in demand/show their current boyfriend that they have options etc. Guys try to be friends with girls usually as a backhanded way of trying to sneak their way into her pants cuz if she sees how much of a nice guy you are maybe she’ll change her mind about u eventually 🤣🤣 If she says no then take your ball and go home don’t let them waste your time. Go look for the girl that is into you life is too short for the friendzone., If your not getting laid but have a bunch female friends complaining to you about the guys they are having sex with then you gotta rethink your strategy.
    2. I believe the proper term for what your referring to is a female acquaintance not so much a friend. You can have lots of female acquaintances from school, work, a roommate, an old ex girlfriend etc. that would beneficial to be in your social circle at a bar or party. I just think hanging out with a girl that has specifically shot you down before just looks makes a guy look desperate, especially if her friends know about it
    3. Hang around with acquaintances that haven’t shot you down before if you must or better yet hang out with guys that get laid a lot and listen to how they interact with women to see what actually works. The majority of the time, girls give guys horrible, watered down advice about hooking up with girls cuz they don’t like admitting what actually works to get in their pants cuz it makes them look bad 🤣
    4. Hook up with an acquaintance’s friend or a buddy’s sister or something. There’s an expression that water seeks its own level. If she shot you down her friends that are similar to her will prob not be into you either even if it’s just based on the fact that you are the type of guy that’s comfortable being in a girl’s friendzone.
    • Avicenna

      From the sounds if things, your perspective and/or experience is quite different than mine was.

    • why would her friends feel the same way about you? You do know every woman has different tastes as far as the guys they like. And girlfriends can have quite different men they like from each other. The pretty girl that friendzoned you, may have a friend that's just as pretty or even more so, who could find you attractive. If you're a good looking, charming guy, there's no reason you won't appeal to her friends possibly.

  • Manab
    Being actual friends and be a friendzoned guy is different. A lot of times girls know they have a crush on them sot take advantage of that. Friendship is a two way street. But in case of friendzone that girl doesn't invest anything in friendship. It's all giving from the guy. In past I have much experience of taken advantage off. In future , after rejection if someone actually makes effort to be friend , I will think about it. Otherwise it's waste of time
    • Avicenna

      I had good experiences many moons ago

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I'm guilty of "friend-zoning" a few people in my life. I had to. I took no pleasure in doing so. The guys will tell you that they never
    1. They no longer got to fully enjoy my company;
    2. They no longer got to be seen with me in public as much as they hoped;
    3. The rejection was more hurtful than they thought they can bare;
    4. My close & loyal friends rejected them too even though I told not to.
    Like I said, I took no pleasure in doing so.
  • CharlieUnicorn
    This is great stuff. I personally never had a problem with it, probably because my feelings go away so fast it feels like I only imagined there was that sort of chemistry. Sometimes though, this whole friends-after-rejection thing turned into a real mess, but because of her. So I'd follow up and also add which rules applies to her in this situation.

    1. He will be starting to look for other people to date. Don't be possessive, don't jinx him. Don't jealously stand in the way. Only, and only if you're certain this other girl really is bad news can you intervene, but check yourself.

    2. Accept he may not spend as much time with you. This ties in to the first point of course, since he is single and looking after all. However, if she is supportive and helpful of him, it might be nearly as before. So roll with it.

    3. Friendships are 50/50 equal contribution. If giving up until this point was one sided, that has to change now. He helps you move, you cook him dinner. You hear him out for 2 hours and wrestle with his problems, he buys you coffee. And so on.

    4. Physical closeness may be inappropriate now. So you used to spoon and watch Netflix, maybe even sleep together in the same bed at times. This has to be discussed now. Make certain it's still ok, because if it isn't, you won't be doing that anymore.

    5. So she figures out sometime later she actually wants him after all? There's only one way, she has to talk openly, sober, and be prepared he might've moved on now. What she can't do however is get hammered, suddenly shove her tongue down his throat and go "I don't know why I did that" in a confused back and forth.
  • Moonchild714
    All of this is very true. I counsel my clients on this all the time how when you're Friendzoned, you're still in their life, you get to still soend time with them, you don't get rejected, you can meet their other friends, and often a relationship develops out of the Friendzone...
    • Rangers

      On what planet?

    • All but your Planet I guess. smdh...

    • How much do these clients pay you for bad advice?

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  • ManOnFire
    I like this Take because of the experience and knowledge you have and can convey that in the same way I do (and I think we both have some similar thoughts from our experience with women). But on kind of a side note, I do want to say that I feel like when we keep talking about 'friendzoning,' that we actually keep entertaining women's egos with it. Basically, we inadvertently promote or subscribe to an idea that says guys are victims or at women's mercy and women have the power to "friendzone" who they want, and whether they say it or not, women actually like that this is talked about and goes around. They like that this image of having power over men is a popular thing.

    However, I do understand exactly where you're coming from in this post, and No.2 is frighteningly spot on with my own self and something even I was thinking about a while ago. I often do make friends with the women that a lot of guys try to talk to or want to fuck, and I do notice how people watch and think I'm the cool guy because I can get that close to her and be chill with her like that.

    "You also learn more about how women think and communicate by being around a few." - This is also something you learn pretty fast too, yes.
  • KrakenAttackin
    "Still get to enjoy her company"? Dude, you get to be her emotional tampon while she fucks a Chad.

    "Friend Zone" to me means I'm out. Don't call me to bitch about your man and don't expect me to fix shit or be your errand bitch. Seriously, if you have a man make him do man stuff.
    • Avicenna

      That wasn't my experience.

    • Lol, we got blocked by the “therapist”. I feel bad for any guy who gives her his hard earned money.

    • @bangyourhead We sure did. Have you ever noticed the craziest bitches study psychology?

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  • EmbraceThePain
    I agree with #2 and #4
    In both cases, you’re just using the woman to get other women. I don’t believe men and women can be platonic friends , at least not heterosexual men and women. Have some more respect for yourself as a man and leave her. Don’t be the cuck who stays because you “still get to enjoy her company” bullshit. Time is too short for that man. If you’re going to stay with her, then #2 and #4 are viable reasons. I personally don’t care about street cred with other guys, but I do care more about preselection. Preselection is when a man is surrounded by women and other women are drawn to him because they see other women are attracted to him and trust him so he must be valuable and someone that isn’t too bad if other women like him. It doesn’t have to be in-person though, showing women that other women like you via an online dating app for example, accomplishes a similar goal.
    • Avicenna

      It's a byproduct of the friendship, it doesn't have to be a matter of using her.

      A guy who has a platonic female friend is not a cuck... geez...

    • You’re still friends with a woman who rejected you... so, she’s having sex with different men and you’re a friend that wanted to be with, probably STILL do, but since you can’t you’re desperate enough to just be around her because you think that’s the best thing... Nah man, don’t lie about what this is. Every time you’re with her, you’re thinking about fucking her.

    • Avicenna

      Well, I haven't been friendzoned since I was 19, but that wasn't the case. There were so many other girls around that I was happy to just be a friend.

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    trouble with the friendzone is it can last YEARS. plus your getting blue balled by her.
    its like the promise of cake but not getting to eat it or just a small taste instead.
    • Avicenna

      You know, once I got friendzoned, I just talked to other girls and eventually got a girlfriend.

    • not always as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • GoodManDave
    This assumes that the women actually still bother to hang out with you and genuinely want to be your friend in the first place. Not "oh, you're like a brother" or "Oh, I just want to be friends" and then ghost / never bother with / ignore / act nasty to the guy.
    • and for 3) Getting to understand how women think... I have women family members. I have a few "surfacy" women friends. I still have no insight into how to ask out a woman (or a SPECIFIC woman) though I may understand partly how THESE women think. But even then, they could be lying, hiding stuff, or don't understand that situation. So gaining insight into them is useless for dating someone else. I've asked out women for years. This makes it no easier to ask out a woman. I'm still as bad at it (probably worse at it) than I was in high school and college, and I'm probably worse at talking to them.

      I can read theory, but that's not implimentation, and there are all kinds of different theories that SOUND good, but won't work.

  • EleanorRigby
    It only isn't bad if you aren't truly interested in person.
    If you havw feelings for them and you still have to be their friend ad watch them be with someone else, it's torture.
    • Avicenna

      Well, in that case you should decline the friendzone. But that seems to be like having tunnel vision. Its not like this us the only person in the world you could ever like.

  • DorkVader
    This is an interesting myTake, as most guys find the friendzone undesirable, it can be an unexpected boon to them. Mixed groups are always more interesting when going somewhere and people tend to notice you more when you're having fun and want to join the shenanigans. As a girl, idt I've ever been friendzoned. Men don't do that. I think they just reject you or you get the little sister treatment and that's it lol
  • SexyAshh
    Unless it was friends with benefits i would still take it as bad becAuse its rejection.
    • At least you get to have benefits with friends

      We have to deal with her emotions because of her stupid decisions

    • SexyAshh

      What r u talking about

    • You still get sex , we don't , we are just a shoulder to cry on

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  • foriWish
    Very good mytake! I can see both sides of why being friendzoned could be a benefit and disadvantage for those involved. I totally agree here. I kind of friendzoned my ex after we stopped dating and we're sort of still friends til this day
  • suzysuzy
    Good to see a positive take on this! I have guy friends and it's never been an issue, they have other female friends too and are perfectly fine with it but they are also very positive people in general. Positive people tend to choose to make the best out of every situation. And if you can't cope with being just friends it's very easy to say so and end the friendship, there is no one forcing you to be friends with someone if it's painful so "being stuck in the friendzone" is just a terms made up by bitter losers who wants to complain which is probably why no one's into them in the first place. Plus if you have the maturity to explain that you can't be just friends and will in that case prefer no contact that in itself is attractive in my opinion because it shows that person isn't some sad loser who sits around moping but actually makes a decision that will benefit him more than having to be around someone whom he is sad not being able to be with romantically, and move forward in life instead.
  • Guffrus
    Good points made.

    I think you might want to make sure you are infact recieving friendship though rather than being an emotional tampon while some other dude is emptying his nuts into her.

    I dont really do people, most of them are awful.
  • Knighted2170
    Very true. I found this out early on. I have a lot of females who are friends. Not only did I become more desirable by other females, I learned a lot about women and what their desires are, and their common turn-offs. Female friends can be more open to conversations and topics than what a 'girlfriend' is willing to open up about.

    On that note, a girlfriend who becomes a friend without any romantic or sexual interest can be an amazing resource to find out your shortcomings in the 'dating' department.
  • lightbulb27
    Agree, I've had various friendzones, some of which I placed there. and it can be much better due to the lack of pressures and openness.

    but the downfall is when they find their mate... and that's actually a good thing.
  • genericname85
    you don't get frustrated by rejection? in what weird universe do you live in? also how does being seen with women in public help you? if anything it keeps you from meeting girls that are actually interested in you. yeah you get to enjoy her company which will destroy you if you have romantical feelings for her but hey at least you meet her friends which will friendzone you too. been there, done that. it's all a bunch of shit. get out of the friendzone. stop being friends. you're wasting your time and hurting yourself while you're at it.
    • Avicenna

      I don't know if it would work that way now, but it did for me as a 19 year old college student. Rejection isn't the end of the world.

    • it is not the end of the world i agree but certainly the end of that relationship if you were in any way serious about your feelings towards her.

    • I don't get frustrated by rejection, either, but I sure as heck do not hang out with her afterwards.

  • producer
    This is kinda cope. Even if these are the worse things, nobody wants to stay in this situation

    But I understand why women friendzone. No one should be forced to date a person just because they are nice to them
    • Or just because a man is sexually interested in them. And that's all.

  • AniKai
    Friendzone also doesn't mean they totally "rejected" you, just that they need to for example adjust to the situation. But yea, 'friendzone' does indeed mean that she accepted you as part of her life, to live the life with here - not necessarily as a mate, but as a definite part nonetheless.
    • Ahh... you get to be on her cock bench. If the primary relationship doesn't work out she will start working her way down her cock bench of "friends". Who knows how far down the bench a given guy is, meanwhile, he has to listen to all of her shit.

      Who needs that.

    • daren0326

      @KrakenAttackin There should be an olympic event called "jumping to conclusions"

  • moststrangestguy
    Its legit the worst thing.. Why be friends with a girl who has 0 attraction too you.. Not even a litte sexual attraction
    • Avicenna

      Well, then you actually focus on the friendship rather than on trying to have sex with her.

  • DanielAppleton15
    Great take. I would 100% agree.

    If you have to be rejected by someone, then getting friend-zoned is the best way to be rejected as it's all on nice terms.

    Also, you then know that she still loves you as a friend, which you should just be grateful for and appreciate. That's a lot easier to not take personally than her not wanting to ever see you again.

    Being friends with a girl can be just as fun and enjoyable as being with her in a relationship.
    • This can all be applied to breakups where you remain friends afterwards as well.

  • aWes0MeNeSs
    I agree, I would MUCH rather be "friendzoned" than harshly rejected or told he can't stand me. When I like someone, I enjoy their presence, even in a platonic way. I can't help but feel that those who want nothing to do with someone other than to date or have sex with them only want to use them for sex and don't really like or love them, to put it honestly. Why would you pursue someone you didn't like as a person, otherwise?

    Maybe it's because dating and sex are at the very bottom of my list of priorities anyway, but I'd love to still be a guy's friend who I had interest in if the feelings were not mutual, especially since we always start out as just friends anyway. I can't develop feelings for someone I haven't gotten to know and like.

    I feel like there are much worse things than being "friendzoned". Being blocked, being told they hate you/can't stand being around you, etc. I can't imagine why any of those things would be better.
  • WalterBlack
    I really like your thoughts on the subject. You bring up some very valid points. I've had many platonic friendships with women and I can attest that your argument is valid. However, I think that a better title would be "Why Being Friendzoned Isn't ALWAYS Bad". There still will be a few women in a man's lifetime to whom he feels such a strong attraction that attempting to be platonic friends is simply torture.
  • Anoniemus
    Hmm. I like it but I don't think it's applicable to someone who is emotionally attached to someone. For that particular individual, I would advise that he cut off the friendship since he'll likely be in pain and will fool himself into possibly trying again. She still gets to enjoy him while he's thinking about only being with her romantically. Unrequited emotional attraction doesn't feel good. I do not mean that he should purposely leave the friendship in hopes that the woman will become interested in him either.

    It's rare for that to happen, in my opinion.
  • Aj619
    Truth is I just get up and walk the fuck away. I've got enough women who are friends like 6 of them. Soo yeah you ain't interested in a relationship then bye.
  • Prof_Don
    Being friend zoned sucks, but the key is to ask out lots of girls!
  • ShadowofRegret
    I never understood why being someone's friend is often considered undesirable, some women I have spoken to in real life almost act as though me not wanting to be in a relationship with them somehow means we cannot be friends anymore.
  • foxrider77
    Friend zone hang in long enough you can survive through all the bfs and when they all have burned their bridges she is finally available. Hopefully she didn’t get old, fat, or change her preference.
    • Oh Tony your like my brother it would just be wrong. Okay give it a few Netflix nights and it should work. Hopefully she still got that ass.

    • Hopefully you didn't find another woman along the way

    • @soleil2666 just a side chick

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  • DonCachondo
    Friendzone? I've never even left the FIENDZONE >:D
  • Compassiondude101
    So for the two girls I’ve asked out, I’ve been friend zoned simply because they had boyfriends. I know, it sucks and it kinda depresses me. They enjoy my company and all. I get along with them. But before I asked them out, they acted very flirtatious with me. Really got my hopes up :/
    • Welcome to the world of women, buddy. You should not have asked them out, if they were flirtatious you should have kissed them and pushed for sex right then and there. Probably a 50/50 chance you could have nailed both of them.

  • shimmeryns
    I don't see being friendzoned as a negative thing. Maybe we simply aren't meant to be and being good friends is a great thing afterall! I mean... I found the man of my dream after that 🤗
  • 4mazing
    I think those are good points, however I feel that the effort required to pretend that you are fine with the situation isn't worth it.

    Having done it before, I just feel like it is a dishonest way of living and it makes me hate myself (and her).
  • Nitnit2585
    Once I friendzoned a dude because I didn't really knew anything of him, but he was fun. Time flied and I began to develop kind of interest.
    I think he figured it out, because he began to make moves and statements to make me jealous. So we had a fight and bye bye forever.
    Moral of the story : never friendzone a hot hunk.
  • crazy8000
    And it is an opportunity to create real female's that leads to a great relationship if one of you have the gut to sacrifice just friends. it can almost always go back to just friends if it doesn't work out if both of you do it right.
  • The_man_whol_aughs
    I don't see friends Only see associates who can help in one way of another be it a man or a woman

    For me I pretend to be friends to use his connections , contacts and his resources

    For women may be with same reasons as men with the bonus of sexual satisfaction
  • CallMeGarth
    Depends how interested I am in her, plus I'm assuming in this scenario that we have gone on very few or no dates (i. e. she rejected me early on). If my interest is sky-high, I can't do the friend zone with her. If it's medium interest, I can usually stay friends with her. Most of my female friends are women I would never date in a million years, for one reason or another.
  • Browneye57
    Oops... another SIMP here. LOL
    Fuck them and their friendzone. No guy worth his salt wants to be in the friendzone.
    And if she lost the vag-tingles, or never had them, they're never going to be there anyway. EVER.
    • Exactly right, why hand over your testicles to a woman? Find a woman who wants you.

  • luvstoned4him
    OMG! Thats what I've been trying to say to people. Friendzone isn't all that
  • Majestical_Psyche
    True love is friendship.
    Lust and envy is not true love.
  • Kdude010
    So women are able to keep different men around to play a certain role in their life? No thanks. Are men just tools to be used at their disposal? One male friend as shoulder to cry on. Another male friend with benefits. Another to run errands for her. Feel sorry for those men lol
    There is literally no point.
    • I don't feel sorry for them though... they ALLOWED themselves to be used. Best thing is no more contact.. ever !!

  • Allura
    Friend zoned
    Not a bad thing you my
    Friend are lying to yourself
    About life

    The only
    Positive thing being friend zoned tells you is she isn’t dtf so she isn’t worth the effort
    • daren0326

      What do you mean?

    • Avicenna

      That presumes a guy can only date her, when we know there are plenty of other fish in the sea