Women Dont Take Debate Philosophically, They Take it Personally

Women Dont Take Debate Philosophically, They Take it Personally

I have found a unique phenomenon among how women talk about society and how men talk about society. You see, when men are debating theory or reading a woman's magazine about the faculties of male nature, we as men view the experience from an analytical and philosophical point of view. When Carrie Bradshaw writes some Sex and the City Column on some fictional magazine we philosophically reflect on the nature of men and what we are like. We distance ourselves from the philosophical points and respond accordingly.

Women on the other hand, view society debates and philosophy from an introspective and emotive perspective. They view an article about female nature or what they are like as a personal attack on them.

They respond by saying "I am not like that" or they get hurt and angry and "TRIGGERED". Unlike men, women are not able to distance themselves from a conversation about society. Their view is narcissistic not societal.

Often women have double standards in societal debates. They want equality but they dont. It is hard to be a man when you are told that 'no' means 'yes' (a woman actually told me that during sex last night); or to never pass go but you lose because you didn't collect the $200 (monopoly game reference).

Yesterday I wrote a mytake saying that there are "high quality women" out there. Yet still, a woman called me a sexist. Perhaps this woman preferred me to say there were no high quality women out there? Even if you compliment a woman she hates you for it.

Here are the most common responses a man will get when speaking about female nature in society:

1. The woman will take it personally (I am not like that!)

2. "Not All women are like that!" (That's not even relevant. The point is the majority are)

3. "You just are a loser who can't get laid." (The good old personal attack)

4. "You are just a player." (Slut shaming)

5. Woman hater! (Blanket statement without having to answer any specific point made)

Women Dont Take Debate Philosophically, They Take it Personally
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  • mrcleanmagiceraser
    In high school my group of friends started a debate club because it was what we did at lunch and we thought it was fun. At first almost the whole grade joined because everyone wants to look smart. I stupidly decided to pick the topic of abortion. I matched up with Mallory (that girl who loves disney and shops at hot topic) i was and amfor abortion. While debating i was calmly bringing up my research numbers and she burst in tears suddenly as she screamed "I was almost aborted" and there was a reign of silence over the room until the timer ran out and I won the debate 17 to 0 (not all voted at all) i know this is not very relevant but i find it funny how some people feel attacked over nothing and will use drama to their advantage
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    • Apope16

      Dude. This is probably the best and most hilarious story that I have read In several weeks. Absolutely epic. Absolutely hiliarious! Did she hate you for the rest of the year? Did she complain about the result?

  • MementoMori_
    This is totally correct. I blog about politics on other sites. I find that women usually stay out if it because they think in emotional terms and cannot stand the aggressive debate and disagreement that almost always takes place. It makes them too emotional and they get upset. 95% of the people who take part in the discussion/debate are men.
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    • Lmao you have proved your point look at your pink downvotes

    • Sure looks that way.

    • Kitz95

      If you don’t, could you telling me what sites? I like talking politics but most people on social media tend to not debate but fight. Thanks.

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  • Miss_G
    100% agree!!! Women have a lot to say but cannot take it when the tables are turned... Lots of women have forget themselves and loose their sense of "high quality".. I haven't read that post but I will.. you made a great point here though!
    • Apope16

      Sadly, my favorite philosophers are women. Simone de Beauvoir. Martha Nussbaum.

    • @Apope16 for real? Simone de Beauvoir pales in comparison to her husband Sartre, and Nussbaum is a sex-negative anti-porn crusader!

    • joeblow123


      IOW the princess mentality.

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  • Porcelaine
    Ok, I am done with your ignorant takes on women. You dont know anything about women and sound like one of those deranged feminists who hate all men as if they are all one person. Why did I even follow you?
    • Nadim171

      Funny how you both seem to take it personally.

    • Porcelaine

      @Nadim171 I dont take it personally, if I did I would respond that this take was about me. I did not. But all of his takes are basically bashing women, talking only shit of them, and saying all of them are like this

    • Apope16

      Its cool. You dont have to follow me. Most of my followers are women. I have no idea why. But i think its because I give good answers to questions about their personal problems.

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  • AlienParasite
    In my personal case this depends on if the topic is approached personally or philosophically.

    Here for example you have approached this topic based on a personal experience of a few women you know or seen on the internet, and all that filtered by your subjective view, so it's hard to follow you in any philosophical way. There's zero philosophy in your words and you only let me one option: be personal.

    Personally I don't feel represented by your depiction of women, but sure, I know some women that are like that, as well as men that have that same personality you attribute to women.

    On the other hand I don't feel I know enaugh women to make a generalization and take it as abold truth, and I might be wrong but I doubt any person does. If you are going to make generalizations is better to make a research if you are able, or share data and statics about many interesting studies based on gender rather than basing your opinion only in two or three women you've had sex with.
    • Apope16

      A well reasoned argument. You are essentially saying that because I dont know all of the 1.5 Billion women in the world then I have no right to hold an opinion on the nature of women. I would say that because we dont know a billion people that we have no right to have an opinion on anything at all in life. Its flawed logic. But I warrant that it is a good point. Except.. now we are getting closer to "not all women are like that" territory. You have made an argument solely based on my knowledge of the number of women rather than outright attacking the presumption of what female nature is like. I mean, would have maybe said that women are the oppposite and are rationale in debates and used examples of how most women are rationale. Hypergamy or "marrying up" is one example of that.

  • Zelda_5
    Even as I read this, I was taking it personally. I was relating it back to how I react when stuff like that happens and thinking, "I do that". When I am debating something with my friends that is on a completely different subject I am always taking it personally and thinking about it on a personal level. We were debating what kind of government we should have Ave what the voting age should be, hypothetically and it took hours because we all took it personally.
    • Apope16

      It might be because women are nurture people. Lemme explain. They see things from a personal family unit perspective because taking care of family and motherly instincts is their nature and innate protective thing to do.

    • Gwenhwyfar

      @zelda_5 this is not necessarily a bad thing. The political is personal.

      @Apope16 I like you and I like that you’re into Pope but you are not being nice to girls (women) in this Take. And that bothers me.

    • It's ok to take it personally if it actually reflects on you personally, but there's no need to condemn somebody for making the argument to begin with.

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  • BilyanasBeach
    Apope16: "Women make a philosophical debate personal"
    Apope16: " I had sex last night, she told me this the last night I had sex, I am a sex toy, I am a ladies man, my best friend wants to have sex with me, my fuck buddy and I had sex, I am a high quality men, yes I do think I am a high quality man, treat me like I'm Brad Pitt"
    • Yeah, he's a delusional idiot.

    • Good point.

      I'm always baffled by men and women when they generalize. It is apparent they like dealing with the women and men they distain. You are what you entertain. They see themselves as value but deal with "what they proceed" as trash so call trying to put value to. I honestly get confused with men and women that think like this. A high value man or woman will not even bother with individuals like this. The can spot BS miles away. And, if you can see the manipulation or seduction of a woman, why would you be with her? "Sex" nothing more. Nothing less. Yet, she's at fault for your shallow thinking and lack of control of your sexual desires. Go figure.

    • @YourGirlGigi Well said. People like him simply aren't intelligent, as harsh as it sounds. But it's true. Because an intelligent person is reflective enough to understand that their personal experiences are 1) not a 1:1 projection of how things are in general, and 2) subject to very heavy bias that we all have. As you said, we are what we entertain. If he was intelligent and reflective, he's see this. He'd understand the difference between the women he associates himself with, because of what he attracts, and womankind in general.

      In another post he claimed he's not a misogynist because he loves women. As if that made him less of a misogynist. "I'm not racist, I love black people!" Same nonsense. You can still be racist if you continuously generalize people based on racial stereotypes or your personal experiences with them. Stereotypical thinking, whether it's about a gender or a race, is for simpletons. The argument that stereotypes are based in truth is also just a bullshit cop-out.

      Oh, and how long will it take before some guy here accuses me of being a "white knight"? Haven't heard that in a while.

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  • MzAsh
    I think you’re a reflective guy and I enjoy reading your takes, but your notions are shaped negatively towards women sometimes and I think that’s because you surround yourself with flawed, low value women who tell you that no means yes. I wouldn’t even speak to a man who made me say no twice. You seem very preoccupied with sex like that is your main objective, so of course you will have these negative opinions of female nature. You aren’t properly filtering these ladies.
    • "You seem very preoccupied with sex like that is your main objective, so of course you will have these negative opinions of female nature"

      Damn, that's some pretty bad news for most young guys out there XD

    • " You aren’t properly filtering these ladies." That ignores the dating dynamic. Women get to select. That's how it works. Women have developed impossible expectations of men and an entitlement mentality. (no not ALL women and I'm SURE YOU are NOT one of them) but almost universally men will state this. Women, of course, reject this universal male appraisal because it is different than they prefer to believe men think. Its the same reason they think acting bitchy and high maintenance is attractive.

    • MzAsh

      Women are selecting him because he’s easily manipulated and still beta enough that he’s putting up with their drama as long as they are cute enough and put out.

  • Dutchgirl97
    Blanket statements- no matter what gender- is usually taken personally. Because its labeling someone who may be very much different than the general.

    I speak out about general male tendencies and it also offends them. Because people are different and their gender may not dictate their personality as much as people assume.

    Usually "deabtes" about gender tendencies are more of the negative aspect of their nature.
    • joeblow123


      "I speak out about general male tendencies and it also offends them."

      Are you using a misandric narrative? If so you are getting what you deserve.

    • I used to when i was younger. Then i learned that i was wrong. Everyone matures.

  • HartleyB
    Man... please, you don't have to spend all of your days on this website posting dumb shit being a wannabe philosopher or intellectual.. reading your stuff from the perspective anyone besides a lonely incel loser guy is the cringiest shit I've ever read 😂

    But let me guess, I'm taking this personally because im a woman not an intellectual 100% rational man like yourself and this totally wasn't a post to cover your ass from the legitimate observation that every woman comments on your posts that, you certainly do sound like 3. You are just a loser that can't get laid, so you try to rationalize why no one wants to become anything with you and eventually have sex with you so you post bs stories about you being successful and getting laid a lot hahaha
    • Apope16 as predicted she went with a viscous number 3. No wonder she's alone! (her eggs are dying and she's bitter)

    • HartleyB

      @dmgstarfleet pffft so you just made a personal attack to me (a shit one that not a soul would even smirk at, but still an attempt I think) what does that make you? Surely there was a deeply philosophical and intellectual meaning behind it, unless... you're not the dreaded FEMALE are you? Making personal attacks like that is exclusive to us! 🤔

    • and she switches to a #5. Right out of the playbook. She's proving your point @Apope16

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  • Broken_doll
    There are a lot of things about women you must understand. Many of us have had been subjected to gender discrimination and have been beaten down emotionally. The pain does not go away, it gets buried or transferred somewhere else. That's just a fact about abuse. So, when something else has been said that may even hint at gender discrimination, then yes, we get triggered.
    this is also true for racial discrimination. I have friends who have been at one time or more racially discriminated, so when we go out and they see somebody with a cowboy hat they automatically assume that person is a racist. of course, being a white girl, I can look at it objectivity and say not all people in cowboy hats are like that. But who am I to control somebody's emotions when they have been hurt before by somebody like that?

    I can look at things objectively and have a debate without my emotions involved because I have multiple college degrees which have sharpened my critical thinking skills which have overridden my history of emotional abuse caused by gender discrimination. But some comments being made are sexist no matter how you look at it.

    that being said, it may be helpful for you to be more specific in your opinions. When you talk about high-value women, talk about specifically what you mean by that. High value is very subjective and can mean different things to a lot of people.

    you also have to be careful about double standards. People do not respond well to that no matter how educated they are. If you are going to slut shame a woman, for instance, but give a free pass to men who sleep around a lot, that is that an example of a double standard.
  • purplepoppy
    When I see some of the questions and comments posted on this site it almost makes me ashamed of having a vagina. I ponder how these girls have managed to survive into adulthood with their lack of basic logic and reason.
    • Rangers

      I'd agree a lot more if you weren't a prime example of what you just claimed to be embarrassed of

    • Life has a way of bringing them back down. They get excited by the male attention and confuse men wanting sex with men desiring THEM. They make bad choices, squirt a few kids and no one is interested. Same with the F-boys who age and find that they now lack the ultimate aphrodisiac for women-$$$

    • joeblow123


      Logic and reason are male traits.

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    {Disclaimer. I don’t know you I have nothing against you personally I am responding to the content of what you are saying.

    whrn I refer to the author as “ you” I am referring to the subject who is authorizing what is written down. It is not meant to be an attack on your actual person. I am responding to the content. }

    I have witnessed women’s magazines. They are embarrassing and not a “profound philosophical place to perform deep analytical thinking“, it’s mental masochistic masturbation at best.

    As far as stereotypes notoriously found in and promoted by the drivel written in women’s magazines, yes they are an attack on women. Only an idiot is going to sit Their licking up poo and acting like there is something to think about.



    It seeks reasonable inference that you believe you are reading things objectively bc you feel ok about what you are reading bc there is nothing demeaning to it. And you can relate to it. Everyone can happily relate to being strong logical influential furniture direct Etc etc snd we all ARE at one point or another. Some more often than others. Some are living under circumstances that make these qualities more or less necessary and more or less accessible..

    stereotypes are like commercial astrology. In that they ubiquitously detail behaviors intentions hikes concerns and expectations that we will all experience day to day, to the point any one reading is all encompassing and fits everyone.

    we all of us, will at some point be strong/ weak courageous/ fearful direct/ passive.. in fact it would not mean a thing to say you are bets I g a certain way if you never behaved another way bc all these traits are relative and work In tandem like push / pull. You can’t do either without having done the former.

    Now the way things are set up for the moment in history, the qualities that everyone has but that are valued less, are the ones ascribed to women commonly in cheap anti Philosophical settings. Whereas the ones allotted to men in these same settings, are the qualities that are also honored in society.

    its quite simple to feel thoughtful and philosophical whilst reading and being informed that you are “ superior” and being capable of balmy mulling that over without the least strain of crisis of conscience.

    if you flip the script and if you saw the script flipped multiple times a day 375 days a year for 20 years, and you are a thinking person, you are not going to sit their and” take” it.

    No rational person will be called a slave and say “yes master give me more, this is fascinating. “ I don’t doubt there are people who are able and willing to do this, as it benefits them on some way I personally wouldn’t be familiar with but it is not rational.

    Dehumanizing a human being calling it philosophy And waiting for a reaction — That not a debate. There are only two possible responses “yes master tell me more ” or “ f*ck off”

    If you look at posts where people are or feel attached for the kist kart they will not wax philosophical. Some will maybe 5%.

    in my opinion why should they.. if someone wants to have a serious debate they will not begin by baiting the other person. Either it queue and you argue back and forth about something you can not prove and does not leave society any better off than where you found it 45 minutes prior to “ debating” or it does not work and Soviet is no more evolved than two minutes ago.

    I think debates are very useful but there should he some aim towards leaving the contenders with some higher understanding and humility and preparedness with which to tackle the worlds problems. Not aiming for an ego boost.

    As far as anyone not liking to debate with you objectively ... you need an objective Audience to judge. You yourself can not objectively judge your own objectivity.
    • VIVANT

      what I find is where you look for debates all greatly impact the quality of debate.

      I see many women debating at length on political and philosophy sites. Places like gag not as much but its still not non existent. On the surface that can look a certain way but digging deeper creates a ver differnt supposition. With some imagination you can think of all kinds of reasons that has nothing to do with competency.

      i have never debated with you so I can not say one way or the other what kind of debater you are. I won’t jump to conclusions based on this post.

    • glenns

      Duck I hate Google's underlying Android yearbook it ducking constituency!

      After the edit: "Fuck, I hate Google's virtual Android keyboard it fucking sucks!

  • 1love2hearts
    I do understand your point of veiw when referring to women as a majority regarding the majority in common traits though you have to understand This doesn't necessarily apply to ALL women. I find that I have that same issue as a man does when debating philosophical society issues regardless of gender identification. I find most people do take things personally regardless as well. I feel everyone should be allowed their opinion and most people in society these days are overly sensitive and defensive or want to push a point of view on another that differs from theirs. i find it relative to basic societal standards that men and women are culturally conditioned to act think or feel or speak in certain ways regardless of hormones and such through media and social conditioning. I think it all our responsibility to listen and speak with the people in mind listening to us. I like this topic and regardless it may get a lot of backlash from some activists. It does indeed feel like a double standard at times 😂
  • MasRus
    Just like men there are women who take it personally and some who don't.

    But it's sad when people try to generalize an entire race or sex based off of a small group that they had experiences with
  • Ámayas_20
    You complain about blanket statements a lot for a guy who relies on them heavily. I've honestly never seen you use evidence past basic biology, basic psychology, and anecdotes to justify anything you say and when you're challenged to even fully explain yourself or are presented with any kind of argument you just either stop speaking or get insulting towards the person.

    You were called sexist because your view of relationships puts the entire burden of responsibility on the woman yet complain that women don't know the meaning of equality? You think men should get away with sleeping around yet face no consequences and all round being the typical caveman stereotype because your extremely basic knowledge of the human psyche says that's okay, however, you expect women to be extremely evolved ignore their programming (Both genders should in certain circumstances) and be completely perfect while you make it clear men should offer next to nothing.

    You literally made a mytake saying you should be treated like brad pitt, the thing is honey you're nowhere near the man that deserves such treatment. Here's an idea stop being so hateful and misogynistic and you'll actually find a good woman, then you can find something to occupy your time rather than ranting about women all day.
  • Xoxocutekitty
    To respond in conjecture to your post about "high quality women" (despite not having read it), I will tell you my opinion about why blanket statements and how terms like "high quality women" are used to fuel pre-existing beliefs that benefit from pressuring women's behavior in relation to a man's perception.

    Women grow up with media sources constantly showing them that their bodies are not enough. In the early forms of dating, like short guys, are treated less favorably if they do NOT wear makeup (but not too much, that would make her shallow), perform sexually but not too soon within meeting, that would make her a slut), or be able to maintain a house (for someone who themselves does not know what that expectation entails). These are assumptions about your definitions about a "high quality woman." Of course, I could be completely off base, I am only using data from other responses about what they think is a high quality woman.

    The problem with creating "standards" for defining women, as if on a continuum, is that where there is an ideal, there is a non-ideal - ie, the slut, the bore, the one who can't cook for shit. In any sort of metric system there will be a non-ideal, but their ARE systemic problems with the way society (often men in the context of hetero dating) view and treat women who are NOT the ideal. If someone is not an or your ideal, how common is it to "justify" ghosting, or leading her on because "breaking up while still getting laid is beneficial to one party."

    I personally believe that most if not all women ARE high quality women, just for the belief that even if they are not right for you, they will be right for someone else SOME DAY. We all grow up with different ways of treating people, and yes women are just as likely to treat men disrespectfully, to lie, to deceive. When I hear "high quality woman" I think about the men going around, thinking that any woman who is not a high quality woman is not worthy of high quality treatment. So often, how people "are" is more reflective of how they are treated (are they trusted, are they being given genuine selfless love, are they only being judged on how often they disagree with you).

    I think in dating, instead of categorizing the other gender as low quality, players, high quality, we should look at whether 1) are you looking for the same thing 2) do both parties have complimentary communication styles 3) do both parties enjoy each others company 4) do both parties genuinely respect and wish the best for the other as humans, regardless of how "useful" they are to each other.
  • torgor67
    Hmm I'm interested. So there are many things I'd like to say and mainly because I can pass the time this way. So firstly I think it depends on the culture the woman was raised in as while many women such as perhaps feminists view articles of female nature as personal attacks there are many who are raised differently such as in religions were they are taught to be more reserved so not all women will have that perspective. But the ones who are exposed to the society what builds these types of females up such as being raised in todays society with social media ever present allowing access to many opinions with lots of them from feminism so sometimes if a woman views those opinions at a vulnerable or suggestible time in their life then they will adapt with it and agree with it. However not all women will fit into that mold of being offended and only those who have consumed a lot of this stuff about being offended which is not every woman as while a majority has access to stuff like social media where this spawns from others don't in certain countries. So while I agree that some women are like that its mainly due to the society we live in and the culture we also live in and the same can be said about men when it comes to stuff like pride and ego which is again due to how the world has watered us so to speak. But again to finish off not all women are like that and everybody has different experiences so each experience we have with the opposite gender could makes us view them with biased lens. Interesting article however and it was fun commenting on this!
    • GraveDoll

      If more guys would think things through. This answer is a perfect example of not pointing fingers.,

      culture does matter and where your from. and so does personalities. I can talk about anything and keep a level head. But i have males and females friends who just take everything personal. and the dude who wrote this will never acknowledge anything you say since it not saying yes i agree and that it wants/

      but with this site being mostly male. females like me to just leave because what the point of trying to express a different view when it not even consider.

    • joeblow123


      ''If more guys would think things through."

      Do you tell women the same thing?

    • GraveDoll

      not sure why you care if i like his respond.

      point I agree with him because i dont generalize people despite gender. if more people would do that we have less people taking things personal and can actual intelligent convoys where people discussion to better understand each other. These things are not always about being right or who wins.
      And if you read my responds i never take sides i just call it as i see it. This site is too bias for me to even carry out a convoy with the lot of you. The male ration is 3:1.

      end of discussion.

  • MountAverage
    Dude. You post shit like this almost everyday. You're pathologically obsessed with your resentment towards women. I mean this in the most respectful way possible - but please shut the fuck up now. We get it, you're an incel.
    • Apope16

      Its a fascination for sure. The little bubble I go to outside my normal life for free philosophical thought and expression. Exploring boundaries of societal consciousness. Internet Freedom.

    • Yeah whatever. You need professional help. And stay the fuck away from women. For their sake, not yours.

    • Apope16

      How is having an opinion somehow dangerous to society? I respect everyone. I can tell you there are many so called womens rights people that have been raping women. You can start with Joe Biden and Bill Clinton for one.

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  • destrosio
    A large part of women are unable to distinguish the subject from the object. This happens not because they are women, but because they are extremely self-centered people. If you try to have a discussion with an egocentric male you will have the same result.
    • Apope16

      Good point. But if its most women who reply this way... then its not just a few egos. Its theor nature.

    • destrosio

      The basic problem is that society rewards women who behave in an egocentric way. And for the most part this is endogenous.

  • BlckGrl
    Every post that you post has something to do with women and how bad we are... That closet is getting full you may need to come out
  • Kitz95
    I don’t think that’s true. We’re all very different some people are more emotional than others. Some get offended way too easily, but I doubt gender plays a role in this.
    • glenns

      Now how can you be so clueless? Gender doesn't play a role... Geez. Can you be any more dishonest with yourself?
      I'm already seeing this level of dishonesty in politics, with the politician claiming something that's 180* from the facts, and asserting it as truth. My great fear is that this intellectual pandemic will ultimately make its way into the scientific journals.

    • Kitz95

      @glenns Honey if you want to make a point say something more coherent. I stated my opinion, all you did was call me a liar. Just say something factual or maybe an opinion that directly responds to mine.

    • Apope16

      A well reasoned argument. BUt if you see the list above you will fall under "not all women do that". But the point I am making is the MAJORITY of women do this. And when you are speaking about the majority really we are talking about female nature in general terms.

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  • Cherokeehp
    You realize all the things you listed at the bottom also apply to men right?

    1. The man will take it personally (I am not like that!)

    2. "Not All men are like that!" (That's not even relevant. The point is the majority are)

    3. "You’re just ugly and can’t get laid." (The good old personal attack)

    4. "You are just a slut." (Slut shaming)

    5. Man hater! (Blanket statement without having to answer any specific point made)

    One perfect example of this is the MeToo movement. Women started sharing there stories of sexual assault, and immediately thousands of men all over the nation started saying “Not All Men”. That’s literally number 2 on your list.
    • joeblow123


      I would only use the term "man-hater" in response to a misandric post by a female thus it would not be a blanket statement but a specific one. Metoo is a misandric feminist terrorist organization.

    • @joeblow123 you could’ve summed up your comment by saying: “I am not like that!” See? 😉

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  • gaygod_19
    Actually, so far on this website i see men who don’t use philosophy or science to debate, most of them prefer using their hatred feelings towards women and they would become even more bitter when they have been proven wrong. When men use stats and facts, everyone bravo even if they have shit tons of loopholes that could be proven wrong, but when women post accurate stats and facts, everyone said it’s bullshit (even tho her sources are legitimate) because it doesn’t fit their women hating agenda and the thought of a woman winning an argument and actually makes sense upsets them
    • gaygod_19

      Are you being like this or not? If you want to know you just have to answer this simple question: Do you think women could be right and can you accept it if a woman wins an argument using facts against your statements?

    • gaygod_19

      And to be precise, we were talking about men's issues and I brought up some reports and facts that men are more likely to commit suicide and go into alcohol and drug abuse, also the fact that gay men and men of color struggle more (again, I use actual facts to talk about this of course) And guess what? They call it "feminist" and bullshit without any further legitimate explanation. So you tell me, are men really guilt-free from arguing using their feelings instead of philosophy and science?

    • Im not sure facts matter much in regards to philosophy. Im honestly not a huge fan of facts because they can be easily distorted and cherry picked to present any argument you want while at the same time having this facade of truth.

      Facts aren't truth or reality unless you scientifically examine every potential explanation for the facts being what they are. And that isn't possible for most kinds of debates. In fact i dont think there is a correct or incorrect answer to philosophical debates or even most debates.

      I think a lot of it comes down to opinion and perspective and the whole reason for a debate is to expose others to alternate opinion's and perspectives that they may not have considered before or perhaps explain something they have heard of but in a way that makes more sense to them.

      But what most forget when debating is that if you expect others to be receptive to your own opinions and other perspectives then you must remain open to understanding other perspectives and opinions at the very least if not converting entirely.

      I see many who claim to be debating but really its just two people arguing, where neither one will ever consider changing their mind on the issue but it isn't good enough to agree to disagree they feel like their way is the only way so they won't drop it until the other side converts and admits they were right. But when both sides do that it becomes the immovable object vs the unstopable force.

      Until one or both give up and refuse to talk to the other.

      Then you get silly divide -> echo chambers -> radicalization -> rage and conflict over silly issues -> debate which leads to arguments, rinse and repeat.

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  • LuvMeSomeBoys
    I don't. I'm a criminal defense attorney, I can't afford to personalize debate and I don't. Interestingly, I notice guys and girls both on GAG resorting to ad hominems and name-calling in a discussion. Civil discourse online seems to have gone out the window, gender immaterial. There sure is a lot of e-courage out there.
    • Sabretooth

      well, F you, then! lol, jk.

    • @Sabretooth :-) :-) :-) :-)

    • Sabretooth

      sorry, i couldn't resist myself.

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  • WhistleForTheChoir
    Yeah, women always put themselves at the center of everything. Even if it's something that doesn't have anything to do with them or women in general, suddenly their feelings or women's feelings on the situation should be everyone's primary concern.

    And it's like how many social problems (or minor annoyances) have begun to be approached like they are things that only men do to only women. Women sexually harass men all the fucking time. I hear some of these #MeToo stories and they are jokes compared to shit that's happened to me or my friends. Shit that I'm just "supposed" to be cool with, or it's my problem. I don't have a single friend who hasn't been molested by women many many many times. Of course, women wouldn't know that, because they A) don't take honest inventories of their own behavior, B) don't care about problems unless they can relate to the other person in some way and C) feel personally victimized by other people stating that a woman did something bad once, because when someone says "women" they mean that woman specifically, and their goal is to just distance themselves from the situation. They don't give a shit about the actual problem, as long as they can't be blamed for it.
  • Levin
    This website is a shiteshow, but if anything, the men are far worse and become embittered and attack you personally over nothing. The women just don't give a shite about any of this, which makes them far more intelligent.

    Not that you don't get female nutters here. There's quite a few here for certain!
    • joeblow123


      Virtue signaling is just going to get you friendship zoned.

      " the men are far worse and become embittered and attack you personally over nothing."

      When you start winning debates you will feel differently.

    • joeblow123


      "This website is a shiteshow"

      No argument there.

    • Levin

      @joeblow123 Again, bad vibes. You're just proving my point.

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  • betaTester
    I think this theory that men are more "analytical/philosophical" when they talk about society can be falsified easily by looking at political arguments on here, most people who argue about politics on this site are men, and from what I've seen their dialogues are about as philosophical as my four year old niece's homework. Generalizations tend to be taken personally, that's why there are so many insults in questions about politics. Look at questions/myTakes making negative generalizations about men. They would react the same way, from "I'm not like that", to shaming, to personal attacks, to blanket statement about feminism (take a shot whenever you read a post about feminism on these questions about "men do X" lol). Looking at the vocabulary reserved for shaming activity (cuck/simp/beta/blue pilled soyboy etc) one might be inclined to think it's mostly a men's sport.

    Of course everyone who makes these generalizations believe they are enlightened. I don't see men do significantly better than women when it comes to recognizing their blind spots.

    As for philosophy, I can only take analytic philosophy seriously, the rest is just speculation dressed up in big words with language confusion that can spawn endless debates suitable for pretentious people who want to look smart. If someone tries to talk to me "philosophically" on a site like this I would first make sure they can write down the list of their premises. Most of the time these "philosophers" aren't aware of their premises and don't even have a grasp on propositional logic.
  • sp33d
    But you are being exclusively introspective and emotive, yourself. One trouble with you is whenever someone agrees with you, you play ball, but when someone disagrees you take that as an attack and feel like you have to prove something to yourself and whomever dares disagree with you. You even say this in your list of 5, because that's all you can perceive.

    You also say "The point is the majority are". If you want to be analytical about it: what sample size are you basing this claim on? More importantly, you make this claim based on your intuition. Don't pretend even for a second that you can read minds. Consider the possibility that you may be wrong.

    Philosophy is just a buzzword, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about on that front, but I don't blame you, philosophy is difficult.
    "a woman actually told me that during sex last night"
    You sound like an 18 year old who had sex for the first time and can't wait to tell the world. You may consider this as an ad hominem mixed with observation.

    "It is hard to be a man when you are told that 'no' means 'yes'"
    Why don't you become a man and understand that no means no?
    • joeblow123


      No doesn't always mean no. I'm not suggesting using force but I am also not suggesting giving up too easily either.

  • Nadim171
    People in general, both male and female are more emotional than logical by nature even though most people wouldn't admit It. We're born that way. Usually, especially online most people aren't willing to have a real, respectful conversation. It seems like more women fit into that category
    • Apope16

      I disagree. Many men can debate without getting too emotional.

    • Nadim171

      many women can do the same. but in reality, most get angry or offended and leave.

  • itsjustlew
    I mean some do but there's men who are just like that too. It's nothing to do with gender it has to do with someones maturity level and the women you debated were very immature. I advise you to surround yourself with more intelligent and mature people and you won't find yourself in that situation.
  • StarryCrossing
    Okay. Hear me out here. I feel like both men and women have this problem.

    Like just today I commented on a question and this guy came in telling me how I am wrong and stuff and how I don’t know what I am talking about and how he’s this and that. I don’t think this is a gender-exclusive issue.

    I feel like both genders tend to take things personally and that’s the problem in our society. People, like you said, have a narcissistic view whenever people give their opinions. People have to learn to put their own views aside and to look at things objectively. And people need to learn how to debate better without making blanket statements so that people don’t take things personally.
    • Yes! I find it so annoying in both cases >.< It seeps into politics too sometimes and it sucks

    • It's a particular problem on GaG I feel. So many males with fragile egos that depend on them being right all the time.

  • archiz
    I think both gender will get get emotional if they feel attacked.
    From experience, i have had so many butthurt guys from the questions I asked on here.
    And males like females can have a huge ego 🤷🏿‍♀️
    • glenns

      ... but at least we will fight back! If hate to stereotype, but it's true that rather than walk through the gauntlet and engage in battle, the woman will always run away. The more logically rigorous the debate, the faster she runs.

    • archiz

      @glenns nope

  • CubsterShura
    I guess the dude who called me a mega bitch for rejecting him with a straight up 'no' (while I had a boyfriend) was a woman after all. Because it's only women who would do something that petty, am I right or am I right?
    • Inb4 all the 'you just took it personally' comments: not all men, right? Lmfao. Pathetic.

    • I hate it when guys act that way after a girl (politely) rejects him. It’s a different story if she’s rude though.

      Attraction isn’t a choice. Just deal with it.

    • Straight up no isn't rude though. I'd understand if I called him names or told him to get lost, I did none of that.

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  • hellacray
    Hmm well that could be why we don't have that many female leaders. I mean we did come pretty close to having a female president before.

    And the mayor in Seattle said CHAZ was more like a block party and something about having a summer of love.

    Even tho crime sore through the roof.
  • TheAfrikan
    This is a well written post. And basing on 10% rate.
    I would proudly give it 7% since some of the facts are true.
    Bt the only thing only thing I can say is, only a few ladies fall under that category.

    By I do now know why they seem to take it personally. Majority of women go by there hearts not brains.
    • joeblow123


      "This is a well written post. And basing on 10% rate.
      I would proudly give it 7% since some of the facts are true."

      As far as the stats go that depends on your area and the culture in that area. There are going to be differences between an Ugandan culture and an American culture.

  • makriks
    I would choose number two "Not All women are like that!" (That's not even relevant. The point is the majority are) and my answer is:

    The majority from what have you seen, but it really depends on many factors:
    - Culture.
    - Characters
    - Level of educations.

    May be most of the woman that you have known/met are like that. But I have really met many women who don't take it personally
    • joeblow123


      Do you have Alpha traits?

    • makriks

      @joeblow123 some Yes, but I am still working on myself.

    • joeblow123


      "some Yes, but I am still working on myself."

      That is probably why they held back in front of you. If you were a total beta they would have been more vocal.

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  • joeblow123
    That sounds like fembot bingo to me: http://masculistman.freewebspace.com/fembot%20bingo.html
    • Gawd-Fembot bingo is like reading every pink labeled opinion on GAG!! Thanks for sharing!

    • joeblow123


      That sounds like torture.

    • it just shows how predictable their responses are. Women have herd-think. Its a Hive Mind (kinda like the BORG in Star Trek)

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  • Wow. You actually view women like this? Why not just come out and say that you think they are lesser and should feel grateful for your condescension?
    • joeblow123


      "Why not just come out and say that you think they are lesser"

      Okay. Men are better than women.

      Not exactly a newsflash: http://www.menarebetterthanwomen.com/


    • What is this?

    • joeblow123


      It's a response that includes a video.

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  • Well, men and women are different and I'm damned glad about that! Would you prefer them to be just like us?
  • ryancg
    Man I've found that everyone takes everything personally. It's gotta nothing to do with gender. Like the people who cry about snowflakes are just as much of a snowflake, they're just overly sensitive about different things.
  • You hanging around people I wouldn't necessarily call my friends. There are better people (obviously) you're just not arround them. My experience has had been different regardless so can't say...
  • mikebeckers
    Honestly men are like this quite often as well. I for one know I'm guilty of occasionally taking generalisations of men personally, and I'm definitely not the only one.
  • ronaldo75
    Do this...
    Let a man say "god women are difficult" around a woman... she gets offended, makes a scene, calls you a sexist and takes it personal.

    Now Let a woman say "ugh... men are a pain in the ass"...99.99% of men won't even care.

    Women are much more self-cenetered than men.
  • Happy_44
    So you get to make a blanket statement about all women, asserting that men as a whole are better in a category, and women ate supposed to nod and agree. How could we not be upset by such a statement? It's a double-bind: agree, and you're putting yourself down, disagree and you're an emotional woman.
    • glenns

      Not only do we want you to be upset, but we want you to fight! Rather than face the problem, you will run and hide. Why? Because facing the problem is a losing proposition for the female; for it means that you will have to nod and agree if the debate is taken to it's logical conclusion. Therefore, you run from the debate. One such debate example may be, "All things considered, women are the most priveliged members of our society." Women dare not engage in this one, because in the end they know they'll have to acknowledge that they are the most priveliged (with the logical addendum that we no longer live in a patriarchial society).

  • JustAnythingAlready
    A = (That's not even relevant. The point is the majority are)

    B = The woman will take it personally (I am not like that!)

    If A is true then B can’t be used in the argument... because you’re saying B isn’t true but B would actually be the exception that is A
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    You should also put a quip in there about self-control, as Porcelaine has demonstrated.
    • joeblow123


      You mean this girl: "Ok, I am done with your ignorant takes on women. You dont know anything about women and sound like one of those deranged feminists who hate all men as if they are all one person. Why did I even follow you?"

      She is calling him a misogynist yet she followed him.

  • Twinrova
    It's fine that you want to make generalizations about women, but don't complain next time I call you out for making generalizations about white cops, which is something you have done.
  • I take it personal yeah
  • youknowbetter
    There is being right and WHAT is right.

    This is the problem with feminism. It has no solid guidelines. It’s based on “their reality” which is very different from our reality.
  • RolandCuthbert
    Haha!! That is some funny shit coming from a male at GaG.
    • joeblow123


      Funny without being false.

    • @joeblow123 Nope. It is funny and false. We have guys in here who whine about not getting able to get a date. Dudes who claim they are too ugly or unable to talk to women. There is nothing logical about such positions. And I wasted my good typing skills trying to show them that this all about confidence.

      But all I got back was emotional, weird, and illogical responses

      The premise is basically that emotions are bad. Even that statement is illogical, because everyone is emotional, even males. The issue is keeping your emotions from shielding the truth.

    • joeblow123


      Look at the culture they are in. There is institutionalized misandry. That is apparent with metoo and the fact a man's life can be ruined by a false accusation. Meanwhile, the female false accuser is never held accountable and she enjoys anonymity while his name and reputation are trashed. When you take into consideration what men have to put up with then perhaps using the word "whiners" is overkill. There is a time to use that word but not when your enemies are very real and very powerful.

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  • dantetheexplorer
    Women aren't the ones who are creating an entire movement that purports to "Go Their Own Way" and constantly harp on and on about how they are avoiding the other sex - but yet, every person in this movement still strangely, can never seem to stop talking, whining, and moaning about the other sex. For a movement that's all about avoiding the other sex, they sure do spend a lot of time talking about members belonging to that other sex :) Most famous example of someone who takes everything personally and writes supposedly scathing but unintentionally humorous comments on their Twitter? Donald Trump. Last time I checked, Mr. Trump was a man.
    • joeblow123


      We MGTOWers are full of shit? Is that what you are saying? Fine. Do you have access to pussy or are you in the friendship zone? Sure you can lie to me and if you do I won't care because it doesn't affect me but you'll also have to lie to yourself which could be taxing to your mental health.

    • @joeblow123 Excellently logical, impersonal answer, without letting any emotions or drama dictate your words 👏 [sarcasm]