An idol, that women better take an example of


I am gonna put this here. This is gonna be a very short article because it's not gonna be a question formatted topic. Below is a response found in a Quora question...

Can we blame women for being "gold diggers"?


But of course men are not blameless either since they enabled themselves to be taken advantage of by the leeches. So don't go thinking I didn't put them on the hook. In the end the butthurt ones are the ones, that ended up not getting what they wanted (because why work for it, right?).

Needless to say I second all her words. This is how life usually works. If you want something, you work for it. If you get your things handed to you, you're lucky to be born in such an environment.

And of course I am not expecting much to change by posting this but hey, if it inspires women and powers them to move towards financial independence and claim it, then that's what counts.

An idol, that women better take an example of
An idol, that women better take an example of
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    100% backing this my take it was to short though! Where is the rest? There is absolutely more to talk about here. But in a nutshell. This is it. And yes Men do not help the situation by enabling it. Only when it goes tits up like if she leaves him for a man with even more money then he might think twice otherwise he thinks he has hit the jackpot. Little does he know. The only way he learns is that hard way. Women like this need to sort themselves out. Looking at what she can get coz of the size of his wallet rather then him as a person and who he is just isn't on.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Unit1

      There is not much else to add here.

      One successful self made man did mention however, that gold diggers do not have any assets other than their beauty and youth and once that fades away the gold diggers will be left with nothing at all. He did a remark on how he has assets such as investments or passive income or any type of revenue that gives both men and women value of their own, therefore calling it being self-made. The self made folks do not sell themselves as escorts.


      Believe me there is a WHOLE lot more to talk about here. The history and I am not just referring to feminism that is apart of it but not the full story. I am talking about real raw history. Case studies giving accurate blow for blow accounts where people can actually see themselves in that situation and relate and possibly dodge a bullet rather then waiting to get burnt. I know you said your not looking to change anything anywhere and your probably right. But of course we both hope to be wrong. You see when people know why other people do the things they do they can then trace it back to how it relates to them. a lot of men think they are blameless they don't even know they are enabling. If you tell them they are being used they will say your hating. If you deal a pack of cards and show your hands ( playing cards represent different pieces of information) this is no longer an opinion we are talking facts now. Can this person still call you a hater? They can but they would be stupid. Only an idiot wouldn't see the facts when presented.

      The self made successful gent is right. Another piece to the puzzle.

    • Unit1

      I suppose if we dig that deep into the subject, then yes, there is a lot to say and how wrong gold digging is and that working a job is vital (or being self made). Unfortunately because the cost of living is outrageous some resort to selling sex services to fund their tuition or something before landing a job, that pays enough money.

      But still. It's not a permanent solution even if. Women are best having a degree, bachelors or master AND working, so that they never have to tolerate any abuse from any toxic man or being a financial hostage due to codependency. Women should do this for themselves. You'll see toxic men being butthurt over it.

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  • MzAsh
    I agree with what this person said, but I also think a lot of women will find men who want to give them the world, and that includes money and other resources. That doesn’t mean that woman is a gold digger or that’s she’s wrong to accept what someone else wants to give her. However, she shouldn’t expect these things.
    • Unit1

      Women can be of the same class, that they are yearning for and give their man the other world 😀

    • TruthBringer

      And why are so many women entitled to the idea of a man giving them the world? I thought women were "strong and independant". What makes a woman so special that she feels like she deserves everything given to on the bases of her walking around with a vagina? It's not like pussies are made out of gold. Sounds more like parents and Hollywood pampering women with the fantasy that they deserve the world handed to them.

  • TruthBringer
    I laughed when she mentions feminists saying "women are programmed to choose the best for themselves". Okay, fair. Watch them lose their shit when I say I'll choose not to date fat/skinny girls with tattoos, dyed hair and piercings.
    • Unit1

      I'm much more entertained watching a grown woman losing her temper when i suggest to split the bill. But so far it didn't come to this. 2 girls so far, all splitted the expenses, no questions asked nor was i called cheap.

      I don't care about skinny girls or their piercings or tattoos or dyed hair but them determining our men's value by the amount of money we earn or have is something i don't tolerate.

    • TruthBringer

      Girls with dyed hair, tattoos and piercings are often visuals that say "I am damaged". I personally always stay away from such women for the sake of. But splitting the bill often gets to women, yes. That's why whenever I go on dates, I won't go on dinner dates, but do things like midget golf or 8ball pool. Which are not only cheap, but are more exciting than staring at each other eat and forcing conversation.

    • Unit1

      These cheap or free date ideas are one good way to filter out them gold diggers and free meal leeches like as a first line defense. The last line of defense is a prenuptial agreement. 😀
      In any case all this shows how many women have a value of their own beyond just their body.

  • Cherokeehp
    I don’t think gold digging is bad. I don’t think anyone deserves special treatment or are entitled to anyone’s hard earned money, but if men are just giving it away then I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to take it.
  • BeenThereLovedIt
    I think the competition between men kind of forces us to enable it. This is an interesting mytake, and I don't disagree with it, but like others have said, I think this goes far deeper than this- there's a lot of layers to this onion.
  • Dchrls78104
    Gold-diggers are reprehensible and prey on simps and other stupid men with no standards.
    • Unit1

      That is pretty accurate.

  • Tiffylove
    Loool this is the same as when women call all men cheats. Women want a provider a man who can provide for her children. Women also like men with powerful jobs because its shows the man is dominate... jobs were the man is a leader thats why a lot of celebrity women date their managers or business owners because they have authority, women like that. If women only cared for rich guys and their money no man who has average pay or below average pay would have a woman but guess what majority of men have a average incomes and guess what majority of them have wifes
  • Cryptic-Game
    Many women wants a daddy and not a husband.

    Women want to be taken care of but don't want to take care back.

    I wish all women desired a relationship where the man and woman works together at a goal.